Clare Journal April 18 1836

At Carhuedota, on Thursday, the wife of Richard Daxon, Esq.

Submitted by Declan B.

Clare Journal and Ennis Advertiser, Published 21 April 1836

Dear Sir - I was favoured with your letter of the 23d of March. The 
numerous communications I have received on the same subject caused many 
of them to lie over longer than I should have wished without being 
replied to. I feel much gratified in your acknowledgement of confidence 
in my desire to procure practical means of relief for my suffering 
fellow creatures, under the circumstances you mention. The statement in 
your letter affords me additional proof of the necessity of legislative 
interference for these objects, which can only be effected by an 
enactment of poor laws, founded, in my opinion, on the principle of the 
43d of Elizabeth, aided by an amendment of the law of landlord and 
tenant, such as contained in the bill now brought before the house.

I conceive, Sir, these two measures would at once alter the face of 
Ireland, would give the unfortunate peasantry some legal rights, some 
claim to practical protection, under laws which hitherto, under the 
delusion of civil liberty, have kept the great body of the people in the 
most abject slavery, both of mind and body, under the iron hand of an 
heartless aristocracy.

I exceedingly regret that many of the friends of Ireland do not view the 
necessity of poor laws in the same degree that I do. I think, however, 
that public opinion, in both countries, is progressing this measure with 
irresistible power.

I have the honour to be, dear Sir, your obedient servant,


to the Rev. J. Vaughan.

Submitted by David K.

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