Ennis Chronicle Sept 1 1827

On Sunday last, a numerous and highly respectable meeting of the Union of the parishes of Feacle ..... The revival of the New Catholic Rent for the protection of the honest 40s. Freeholders was then determined on, the meeting pledging itself to act to unison and accordance with the principals of the Clare Liberal Club. This resolution was proposed by James O'Gorman Mahon, Esq., who in a flow of eloquence and patriotism enlarged on the important results which must follow the diffusion of these principles throughout the country. The enthusiasm excited by the energy and elocution of this patriotic Irishman showed that the sons of Feacle are worthy to be the sons of Freedom.

Ennis Chronicle Sept 8 1827

At Roxborough, county Galway, the Lady of Dudley Persse, Esq., of a daughter.

Ennis Chronicle Sept 19 1827 Wed

    On Friday evening, in Church street, Mr. Thomas Butler.
    In Gort, the wife of Mr. Taaffe, Surgeon Apothecary.

Ennis Chronicle Sept 26 1827 Wed

    On Sunday last, at his home at Dysert, at the very advanced age of 96 years, Mr. Augustine Curtin, .....

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