Ennis Chronicle May 16 1827

County Clare Liberal Club
The Club met at Carmody's Hotel, Church street, on Wednesday last the 9th, to transact business .....
On the Clare Liberal Club being drank, Mr. O'Gorman Mahon was called on from all sides of the room. He spoke with considerable effect on the necessity that existed for such an association in the county of Clare - on the advantages which even at that early period were resulting from it - mentioned the baronial and parochial Clubs now forming to act in concert throughout the county, and concluded by congratulating the Society on the rapid increase of members, a fact which tended to confirm the favourable opinion entertained of the principals which it was founded. Mr. McNamara, of Moher, contrasted the former with the present state of the county arguing the most favourable results from such a union of men of every religious denomination.

Ennis Chronicle May 30 1827

Richard Adams, of Drumelton House, in the county of Cavan, Esq.

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