Ennis Chronicle Aug 4 1827 Sat

On Tuesday evening, the Clare Liberal Club dined together at Carmody's Hotel - Nicholas P. O'Gorman in the chair .........
( Article continued on Aug 8 )
........ Mr. O'Gorman Mahon rose and gave a very luminous exposition of the principals on which the Club was founded ...

Ennis Chronicle Aug 8 1827

County Clare Meeting of the Friends of Civil and Religious Liberty
........ Mr. O'Gorman Mahon then rose and said that the resolution he had the honor to propose needed no preface to recommend it in a meeting composed as this was of Catholics and Liberal Protestants - it was a resolution praying in the Legislature for the repeal of the Corporation and Test Acts, which insult and oppress the Dissenters of England. Never again should the Catholics meet as they usually did to seek their own emancipation, but they should meet like men anxious for their liberty, and looking for the freedom of those who like them were suffering. Since the glorious era of 1782, these acts cause to disgrace the statute books of Ireland, but still continue to exist in England. It will be an important circumstance that this remote county is the first to step forward and petition for the repeal of those acts which would prevent man from worshiping his God according to the dictates of his conscience. - ( Hear ) - Mr. O'Gorman Mahon concluded amidst the applause of the  meeting by saying that as his friend Mr. O'Connell would second the resolution he would not trespass on them any longer, or deprive them of hearing him elucidate in his own masterly style the state of the Dissenters as well as the present posture of the Catholic affairs.
Mr. O'Connell then rose and was greeted with loud applause. It gave him singular pleasure, he said, to second the resolution of his young friend O'Gorman Mahon. How happy would he be if in every county of Ireland such an independent and honourable Catholic and Magistrate was to be found that of his youthful friend, if there was in a short time would Biblical bigotry relax its unholy efforts. ......
Three cheers were given for Old Ireland, and three for the Ladies who attended, after which the meeting separated.

Ennis Chronicle Aug 18 1827

At her father's house, in Dublin, Frances, daughter of Edward Blood, Esq., of Brickhill, in this county.

Ennis Chronicle Aug 21 1827

Dedication to the New Church of Feacle
... over 50 sat down to a most sumptuous entertainment ...
.... the worth of Mr. O'Gorman Mahon it is unnecessary to dwell on ....

Ennis Chronicle Aug 25 1827 Sat

    On Tuesday last, at Prospect Lodge, to the great affliction of his family, Mr. Denis Brody. He filled the Office of Baron of the fair of Spancill Hill for the last 18 years and was an affectionate husband and father, a kind neighbour and an honest man.

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