Clare Journal June 5 1820

Will be taken in the mountains of Scalpnagown .... Mr. Simon Foster, proprietor.

Clare Journal June 10 1820

To be Set
Part of the farm and lands of Granahane ...
Proposals to Messrs. James, Robert and John Crowe.

Clare Journal June 13 1820

June 13

To Be Let
....... Granahane, Situate in the Barony of Bunratty, and as late in the
possesion of Ti. Donoghoe.
Proposals to be received by Messrs. James, Richard and John Crowe.

To Be Sold
...second hand Gig, with cushions and harness.
Also a horse, perfectly gentle in harness, if required.
At Thomas Kean's Coachmaker, Causeway, Ennis.

Thomas McMahon, Esq., and others, Plaintiffs,
Henry Wilson, Esq., and others Defendants,
The sale of the lands of Clounaskeagh, Knockbeagh, and Corcass, commonly
called Rinana; as Also that part of Deerpark called Springfield .......
For particulars, as to title, apply, to Messrs. Wogan and Strddert,
Plaintiffs Solicitors, No.45, Camden Street, and to Robert D Esterre, Esq.,
Defendants Solicitor, No.5, Clarendon Street, Dublin.

Clare Journal June 29 1820

Committed by Tomkins Brew, Esq., Martin Frawley, for cow stealing. This
fellow was tenant to Mr. O'Grady, of Shorepark, and stole the two heifer
cows, for which he had been committed, from his landlord, the morning before
the fair of Spancelhill, and drove them beyong Ruan, a distance of twenty
miles, and secreted them on the lands of Rathvergin, belonging to Mr.
William Kenny. Here he supposed they were perfectly secure, and he left his
son to take care of them, until he returned from the fair, where he went and
spent some time condoling with his landlord upon the loss of his valuable
heifers. Unfortunatly for him, during his absence, William Foulow, the
herdsman of the lands, discovered the cattle ............
......... conducted the thief and the cows to Port, the seat of Hugh
O'Loughlen, Esq, who instantly sent him, in the custody of the Police
stationed at Ruan, to Mr. Brew.

Saturday last, the Rev. William Henry Stacpoole, was chosen Provost for the
Town and Borough of Ennis, for the ensuing year.

Sunday, the Lord Bishop of Killaloe, held an Ordination at the Cathedral of
Killaloe, when the Rev. Thomas Brady was admitted to Priests Order; and
Messrs. Richard Shirly Going, John Studdert, and John Lucas, to Deacons
Order. - On the occasion, an excellent sermon was preached from the 14th c.
Luke, 23d v. by the Rev. Mr. Davis, Chaplin to the Ld. Bishop.

Submitted by Declan


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