Clare Journal July 10 1820

To the Editor
" .... of what occurred at Ballycoree ....... races ..... observed the police dressed with orange lilies ....... I requested of such of them as I met to put away those emblems of civil discord ........... a riot was in progress .... indiscreet conduct of the police .....
I am Sir, yours &c,
James O'Gorman
Ennis 18th July 1820 "

A wanton and shameful outrage was perpetrated upon the property of Mr. John
R. McGrath, at his fields at Cahercalla, on Friday night, sixteen young ash
trees being cut down and taken away.

An inquisition was taken before Robert G. Greene, Esq., Coroner, on Friday
last at Carhuenlogane, in the west of this county, upon the body of Patrick
Darcy. From the evidence it appeared that the death of the desceased was
caused by a beating he received at the bog of dereen, on the Wednesday
before, from Michael and John Killeen. The former of those ruffians gave him
a blow of a pitchfork upon the head, that knocked him down, and the latter,
with inhuman barbarity, gave him, whilst lying senseless, a second blow
which terminated his existance. The verdict of the Jury was to this effect.
Both murderers have fled.

On Thursday se'night, two men named Wm. Hickey and Matthew Culligan having
had some difference, whilst engaged in a hurling match, at Cappakea, near
O'Brien's bridge, in this county, Culligan gave Hickey fourteen cuts on the
head, and broke both his arms, which occasioned his death in a few days. The
Jury on the Inquest returned a Verdict of Wilful Murder against Callinan
(sic), who has been apprehended.

Mr. Charles Trousdell, of this town, has been appointed a Commissioner for
receiving Affidavits in the Court of Exchequer in Ireland.

Yesterday, a young boy, having gone to swim in the lake at Ballycoree, was
unfortunately drowned.

Submitted by Declan


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