Clare Journal  3 April 1820

Saturday last, Michael Dwyer and John Dwyer, convicted at our last Assizes for burglary and robbery at the house of a man named O'Dea, were taken from the Jail under escort of Major Warburton's Police, and the party of the 18th Hussars, to O'Callaghan's Mills, where they underwent the awful sentence of the law. The escort which accompanied the criminals from this town, was met on approaching the place of exection by the parties of the 12th regiment, stationed at Tulla and O'Callaghan's Mills and the Ross Castle Yeomanry. They died penitent and acknowledged their guilt. they were both young men, and we sincerely hope their disgraceful and untimely fate, will prove a salutary warning to the great concourse of people that witnessed it. They were the most forlorn and miserably destitute men we almost ever heard of; not a relative or friend appeared to receive their remains; and were it not for the Sheriff who humainly hired a horse and car to convey them to the burial ground, th e coffins would have remained exposed.

..... Linens, Diapers, &c. &c. left at the following Offices, shall be Bleached on as moderate terms as any other Green in Ireland. From the local advantages attending the Concerns, the Proprietor hopes as usual, to give general satisfaction.
Mr. E. O'Shaughnessy, Ennis.
Mr. John Kain, Kilrush.
Mr. Hurly, Six-mile-bridge.
Mr. Thomas Sheahan, Killaloe.
For which I will be accountable,
John Massy, Proprietor.
March 25.

Clare Journal 10 April 1820

The Assizes of Galway terminated on Saturday last. Five Captains of Ribbonmen received the sentence of death. A Mr. Rochford, who is charged with being a leader among this banditti, has put off his trial until the next assizes, and the trial of a Mr. Egan, against whom a similar charge is pending, has been postponed, at the instance of the Counsel of the Crown, a principal witness for the prosecution, who is understood to be an improver, being unable to attend, in consequence of a wound he received.

Clare Journal April 13 1820

Clonyvrassil       60 acres a few perches from the Atlantic Hotel ....

Ennis Chronicle 15 April 1820

Galway Convictions
     Michael Coughlan and Michael Finlay, for breaking into the dwelling house of William Walshe, and administering unlawful oaths, to be hanged at Gancreen - Finlay on the 12th, and Coughlan on the 17th of April.
     Charles Langley, for the same offence, to be executed on the hill of Seafin, on the 10th of April.
     Anthony Daly, for the same offence, to be executed on the hill of Seafin, on the 8th of April.
     Patrick Forde, for the same offence, to be executed at Briarsfield, on the 18th of April.
     Patrick Meahern, Peter Connolly, James Greylish, and Thomas Greylish, for the like offence, received sentence of death, but recommended to mercy.
     Peter Kelly, John Maddin, Thomas Coolahan, Thomas Preston, Patrick Goode, Michael Tully, and Malachy Egan, for administering unlawful oaths, to be transported for life.
     Patrick Goulding, Michael Donnellan, Michl. Downey, and Pat. Corbet, for demanding firearms, to be transported for seven years.
     Roger Concannon and Patrick Nestor, for appearing by night armed, and assuming the name of Ribbonmen, to be imprisoned two years, and whipped.
     Thomas Preston, for appearing by night armed, to be imprisoned two years, and to be whipped three times.
     Pat Manning, James Kelly, and Pat. Dowd, for the same offence, to be imprisoned one year.
     Thomas Hughes, Pat. White, and Pat Hughes, for the same offence, to be imprisoned one year and whipped.
     There are thirty-five more to be imprisoned two years, and whipped, for assuming the name of Ribbonmen.

Clare Journal 17 April 1820

Thursday, five of the unfortunate nineteen men found guilty at Galway Assizes for the attack on Major Place and the party of the 77th, were whipped at Tuam.
     Saturday, Anthony Daly, a man found guilty at Galway Assizes, for breaking into houses and administering oaths, was executed at Seafin Hill, near Croghwell, in that County.
     On Monday, Charles Langley, found guilty for the same offence, was executed at Castleblakeney, and on Wednesday, the other wretched man, Michael Finlay, for the same crime, was hanged at Granceen, near Ahascragh.
     A respite has been received for Pat. Meahern, Peter Conolly, Thomas Greylish, and James Greylish, who pleaded guilty at the Galway Assizes.

To the Electors of the County of Clare
I beg you leave to offer myself to your consideration, for the Coronership, vacant by the death of Mr. Carroll. If I shall be elected to fill that Office, I shall by a faithful discharge of its duties, endeavour to justify your choice.
I have the honour to be,
Gentlemen, your obe-
dient humble servant,
Robert G. Greene.
Ennis, 17th April, 1820.

To Be Let
......... House, Offices and Extensive Garden, in Mill Street, wherein Mr. Thomas Hare at present resides.
Application to be made to Pat. McMahon, Esq., Ennis. .......

To Be Let
..... The Shop & Back Room, formerly held by James Butler, deceased, now in the possession of Mr. McGrath, with the cellar underneath the Shop, situate in Church Street, in the town of Ennis. - Also The Malt House, lately held by Mr. Anthony England, situate halfway between the New Bridge and the Infirmary.
Proposals in writing to Mr. Dulhunty, Ennis.
15th April 1820.

Ennis Chronicle 19 April 1820

     On Sunday last, aged 71, Mrs. Burton, wife of Edward William Burton, Esq., of Clifden. .......
     Sunday morning, in Jail Street, Mrs. Canny, relict of Mr. Michael Canny.

To Be Let
For Seven Years
From the First Day of May Next
In Jain Street, now occupied by the Representatives of Mr. Michael Canny,
Containing ..........
Application to Boyle Vandeleur, Esq., Ennis, or Robert Kean, Esq., Hermitage. ......

To Be Set
The House, Offices, and Lands of
Containing about 100 acres, now in the occupation of John Bentley, Esq., situate one mile from Broadford ......
Proposals in writing to be made ...... Mr. Richard Davies, Lahynch, Ennistymon, or to Mr. William Greeves, Attorney, Ennis.
14th April 1820.

To Be Let
For the Term of 21 years, and one life concurrent, from the first day of May next, the property of J. C. O'Brien, Esq., the Farm and Lands of
As lately in the possession of Jas. Lysaght, Esq., and his under-tennants, containing 118A 2R 3P, with an excellent dwelling house, offices, and gardens, situate within three miles of the Post Town of Ennistymon, and within twenty perches of the Atlantic Ocean. The land is remarkable for dairy, tillage and meadowing, and will be set together or in convenient divisions for resident tenants.
Also 42A 0R 0P of the lands of
immediately near Sandfield, as lately in the possession of Mr. Connor Lysaght, with a comfortable dwelling house and offices.
Proposals to be made to Mr. John O'Brien, Barntick, Ennis, who will close with solvent Tenants, as soon as the value is offered.
Barntick April 10th 1820.

Sheriff's Sale
Richard O'Donnell, Plaintiff.
John Johnson, Defendant.
By virtue of his Majesty's Writ of Fiers Facias, in this Cause to me directed, I will, on Friday, the 21sr of April, inst, Set up and Sell, by Public Cant, in the town of Kilrush, the Defendant's interest in the dwelling house in said town, wherein the Defendant lives, being a term of years
Dated this 10th April 1820.
John McDonnell, Sheriff.

Committed - To our Jail, by Thomas Crowe, Esq., James Mara, a suspicious character, and having in his possession a number of Bank of England and other notes, of which he appears to have come improperly by.
     By Francis Swyny, Esq., Wm. Dillon, charged with committing rape on the body of Ellen Ryan, of Newmarket.
     By the same Magistrate, John Keane charged on oath with having committed rape on the body of Ann Degidan; also, by same Magistrate, Pat. Keane, charged with committing a rape on the body of Judith Mooney.
     By Tompkins Brew, Esq., Patrick Hasset, being an idle and disorderly man, and a stranger who can give no satisfactory account of himself.
     By Walter Butler, Esq., James Keaby, charged with cutting down four ash and two mountain ash trees, the property of Christopher Lopdell, Esq.
     By Peter Comyn, Esq., Bartholomew Kelly and James Williams, for stealing three yards of cloth, from the shop of Jn. Hynes, of New Quay.
     By D. B. Bourchier, Esq., George Strien and John White, for pig stealing.

Clare Journal April 20 1820

Murder at King's Wood, on the Nass Road,  ........... Mary Pidgeon alarmed the neighbourhood .......

Clare Journal April 24 1820

To be Let
The Malt House lately held by Mr. Anthony England, situate about midway between the new bridge and the Infirmary.
Proposals to Mr. Dulhunty, Ennis.

Trinity College ........ distinguished themselves. Master Gregg, one for general answering ... educated at Mr. O'Halloran's Classical School in this town.

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