Clare Journal July 12 1819

Committed by Pat Mahon, Esq., John Conyngham, of Newpark, and Martin and James Conyngham, of Moyreisk, charged with sheep stealing and other offences. Mr. Mahon succeeded in apprehending these fellows after very considerable trouble and his exertions upon the occasion of a gang of fellows, whose depredations, we understand, have been very numerous.

..... Philip H. Holland, Esq., Upper Cecil Street, Limerick.

Clare Journal July 22 1819

In Cork, Mr. Edward England to Miss Emily Nunan.

Clare Journal July 29 1819

Assizes Intelligence
Lessee Crowe v Fleming
On Tuesday ..... important case of the lessee of Crowe against Fleming, the issue was to try the validity of a marriage .... between George Crowe and a woman named Sarah O'Brien of whom the present plaintiff alleged himself to be the legitimate son, and in that right entitled to the property now in possession of the defendants , as heir of the deceased George Crowe, Esq.

Submitted by Declan


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