Clare Journal Mar 2 1818

On Saturday, Miss Deborah Swyny, daughter of Francis Swyny, Esq., of Church Street.

Clare Journal Mar 9 1818

In Brussells, of a fever, Mr. James Canny, formerly Woolen Draper in Limerick, and of Ballycasey, in this county.

Clare Journal Mar 12 1818

To be Let
Faunrusk          70 acres
Proposals to Charles Henry Tottenham, Esq., 104 Stephens Green or Richard Scott, No.19 North Earl Street, Dublin.

Clare Journal Mar 23 1818

To Be Let
.... house and demesne .... as late in the possesion of Richard Gregg, Esq.,  ..... containing about 81 acres ...
Proposals in writing to Robert Gregg, No.15 Lower Sackville Street, Dublin.
Mat Higgins, on the lands, will show the same.

Clare Journal Mar 26 1818

About the hour of two o'clock this morning two men demanded shelter in the house of Mr. Powell, residing on the lands of Cappahard and on his hesitating to admit them at such an unreasonable hour, stated that they were tenants to Mr. O'Connell of Kilgoory, and that it were a shame to allow them to remain out at that time under such heavy rain. This representation induced Mr. Powell to order his son to admit them, and he no sooner did so, than they demanded two guns which they said they knew to be in his possession and should get ; being thus taken unawares they were necessitated to comply. No violence was offered by the two that came in ; they were however both armed and without disguise. There were several others outside. After this they proceeded to the house of a man named Cosgrove, and after knocking him down, robbed him of a gun and sixteen guinees in notes. Both these outrages have been committed within less than a mile of this town, and will not, we hope, be suffered to pass without serious investigation by the Majestry. Mr. Powell does not, we understand, know either of the men who came into his house.

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