Ennis Chronicle July 12 1817

Mark Browne, Esq., v Martin Joseph Blake
......action of Trespass .....
Witness for plaintiff .... Daniel McNevin, Esq., .....

Ennis Chronicle July 19 1817

Death of Robert Crowe Senior Esq.
... in Church Street, on Thursday evening ..... In 1797 he was elected Member of Parliament for the Borough of Philipstown ..... 1799 vacated seat ...... cheerfull in his temper .... kind in his disposition ... was incapable of offending ....

Ennis Chronicle July 23 1817

Catholic Board meeting at 17 Fowne's Street
... Mr. O'Gorman ably supported Mr. Mashon's motion and Richard O'Gorman and Mr. Hughes followed on the same side ....

Ennis Chronicle July 26 1817

The late Mr. Crowe .... that he was educated for the bar, and was called in 1770, he was then 30 years of age ..... educated principally in England and graduated at Oxford ......

Ennis Chronicle July 30 1817

In George's Street, Dublin, Thomas Wilson, Esq., of Thorndale, county Dublin, to Margaret, only daughter of Robert Stevelly, Esq.

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