Ennis Chronicle Jan 18 1817

     Last Tuesday night, at so early a period as between nine and ten o'clock a numerous cavalcade appeared at Cappa, the seat of Richard Gregg, Esq. They may be said to consist of between forty and fifty at the least ; two mounted on each horse. A party of ruffians entered the Gate-keeper's Lodge to search for arms. - They were equally mischievous as insolent and injured every article in their way, until they discovered a fouling piece which they took with them. We learn they traversed a very considerable part of the county .......
     Richard Gregg, Esq., with commendable zeal and manly spirit, pursued the course which he understood the above banditti had taken and having with him two or three resolute men, it is much to be lamented that he had not been able to fall in with them. Had Mr. Gregg been timely advised of the circumstance they would not have escaped, but the trepidation of the gate-keeper prevented him from venturing out, more timely, apprize his master of the outrage and plunder which had been committed by these unpleasant visitors.

Ennis Chronicle Jan 29 1817

Quarter Sessions
.... persons who receive the custom at fairs have lately assumed to themselves a right of increasing the toll at their pleasure ....
It appeared by the evidence of Pat Mahon and Tompkins Brew Esqs., that the old and established Custom of 4d. only had been always paid, and that they never paid more ...
.... for plaintiff - the proprietors of fairs had no right whatever to raise the toll.

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