Ennis Chronicle Jan 6 1816

In Middle Gardiner Street, Dublin, the lady of Ed. S. Hickman, of a son.

The lady of Thomas Knox Esq., M.P. of a daughter.

Ennis Chronicle Jan 10 1816

The creditors of the late Jonathan Gregg, Esq., are requested to furnish a
statement of the nature and amount of their respective demands to Mr.
William Greene, Attorney, Ennis.

On Thursday last, at Stammer Park, the lady of Lieut. Colonel Cullen, of a son.
On Friday, at Abbey View, the lady of Thomas Crowe, Esq., of a son.

Ennis Chronicle Jan 13 1816

Committed ( to jail ) by Patrick Mahon, Esq.
Patrick, John and Daniel Whelan.
Charged with robbery and abduction. Thomas Whelan was included in this
committal and given in charge to the constable and guard from whom he
escaped ... all brothers ....

Ennis Chronicle Jan 17 1816

... Pat Mahon ..... in restoring the young woman ... remote part of the
county  ..... with the Kilkenny Militia .. and in all probability would have
escaped but that Mr. Mahon happened to have been in that quarter ..... the
spirited magistrate ....

Submitted by Declan


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