Ennis Chronicle May 3 1815

To be Let
For 3 lives or 31 years
in the whole or in divisions
36 acres of the lands of Garus
As lately held by the Rev. Michael Fitzgerald, situate within one mile and a quarter of the town of Ennis, and consists of good meadow and tillage land. Considerable encouragment will be given to resident tenants. No promise of a preference has been or will be given. Proposals in writing only will be received by E. S. Hickman, Esq., 17 Middle Gardiner Street, Dublin and Mr. Pat Marshall, Ennis.           May 1st 1815.
July 15

Meeting of Catholics in Chapel
   " ..... We have to regret the non attendance of Mr. James O'Gorman on the above occasion as the temper and moderation of that gentleman has frequently served to chasten and qualify the propositions of the less cool and moderate ... "

Submitted by Declan


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