Ennis Chronicle Jan 4 1815

Tyredagh Castle
Proposals to Thomas Browne esq., Tulla and Poole Henn, Marl Hill.

Mr. Kerin will set Ballyally

New Year's Day
.... At Barefield, within two miles of this town, some hundreds of people were also assembled for the purpose of deciding a factious quarrel. Here too the vicinage of the Chapel was fixed upon for the scene of action. The Rev. Mr. Murphy apprised of their intentions, made of every argument in his power to dissuade them from their criminal intentions and before they had sufficiently dispersed from Chapel, or had time to form their battalions into proper order for battle, our active Vice Provost John James Fitzgerald Esq., arrived with a strong detachment of the 88th Regiment accompanied by Thomas Crowe and Francis Swyny Esqs., as Magistrates who did all in their power to prevent the havock and murder which seemed to have been determined upon. They continued on the spot until a late hour in the afternoon. During all the time the adverse factions kept possession of the surrounding hills and seemed determined to carry into effect their murderous purposes - Eight or nine of the most distinguished ringleaders were taken into custody and lodged in Jail about four o'clock in the evening, on some of whom, we understand, loaded pistols were found. Notwithstanding the late hour at which the army were withdrawn some skirmishing took place, and before the sable goodness had rendered it impossible to discriminate objects many contusions were inflicted, and that too, we are induced to believe, with regard to character - but " all fellows alike at foot-ball " The day of retribution is however drawing nigh, when those misguided wretches must atone for not having taken the advice of their well intentioned and pious pastor, as the magistrates, with a laudable solicitude for the preservation of the peace, are determined to prosecute such of the parties as to them appeared most culpable.

Ennis Chronicle Jan 11 1815 Wednesday
Last Saturday morning, at Millmount, Mrs. Kenny, wife of Rev. Ardhdeacon Kenny.

Ennis Chronicle Jan 18 1815

At Gort, Ensign Swyny, 50th Regiment, to Miss Mahon, daughter of Pat Mahon, Esq.

Ennis Chronicle Jan25 1815

Reward for the murder of Edmond Shally, herdsman to Mssrs. Spellesy and Whetstone on the lands of Eribol ...
...... Bas. Davoren, 5 Gs., ...........Pat Mahon, 3 Gs., .........Wm. Hadlock, 1G. .......

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