Ennis Chronicle May 7 1814

At his home, Harcourt Place, Dublin, the lady of Nicholas Purcell O'Gorman,
Esq., Barrister at Law, of a son.

Clare Journal May 19 1814

Law Report
Court of King's Bench May 10
Lessee of Gregg v. Gregg
........ William Brigdale was seized in and previous to the year 1743 of the lands of Inch, Nuaffe East, Inchbeg and Lissard, which he devised by will to his eldest son, William Brigdale, as tennant for life, and in default of issue with remainder to his second son Hugh Brigdale, under similar restrictions, with the remainder to his brother-in-law, Richard Gregg, in event of Hugh Brigdale's death without male issue. In the same year the testator, William Brigdale, died and his eldest son William, suceeded to the property under the will. He died in 1760 without issue, and the second son, Hugh came into posession. This Hugh died in 1803, also without issue. The property then devolved to Richard Gregg, who was the remainder man under the will. This Richard, however died in the year 1776, during the lifetime of old Hugh Brigdale. Previous to his decease he made a will, by the first of which he left the land of Cappa and all his estate real and personel, and all his freehold interests to Issac Ambrose Eccles, in trust for certain purposes named in the will. The lands of Cappa were to be appropriated to the use of the wife of the testator, until that she would die or marry, and in event of either of these contingencies happening the trustee was to make over the whole property to Richard Gregg, the youngest son of the testator, and his heirs forever. ........ for the use of the other 3 children of the testator viz Jonathan, the eldest son, and another son and daughter. ..............
Judgement fot the Plaintiff.

Submitted by Declan


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