Ennis Chronicle Jan 1 1814

Councellor O'Gorman has been the ardent, the zealous, and the steadfast
friend of the Catholics of Ireland

Ennis Chronicle Jan 8 1814
to be Set for 3 lives
From the 25th March or 1st May next
The House, offices and 23 acres of choice meadow
part of the lands of Capahard
The land is well banked and drained, and the house and offices in excellent
repair, and fit for the reception of a large family.
Proposals to be made to Mr. Michael Swyny, Capahard, Ennis.
Immediate possession will be given.    Jan 7 1814.

Ennis Chronicle Jan 26 1814

.... Thomas Mahon, Esq., Counsellor at Law and his brother Capt. Charles
Mahon, Paymaster of the Clare Regiment, both sons of Charles Mahon Esq.,
Chairman of this county. ....

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