Ennis Chronicle Mar 2 1811 

To be Set   
The House lately occupied by Thomas Hewitt Esq., in Church Street. proposals to Rev. Michael Fitzgerald and Thomas Ievers Esqs., Ennis.

Ennis Chronicle Mar 9 1811 

Appointed as replevengers ........ John O'Callaghan, Maryfort ; Thomas Morony, Miltown ; Andrew Perry, Atterbury and Poole Hickman, Kilmore.

Ennis Chronicle Mar 27 1811 

Catholic meeting .... Councellor James O'Gorman ....... " individually Ld. O'Bryen, the members of our county and the Hon. Col. Burton. Some of them, he said, had the hardihood to advocate our claims, when it was political heresy to utter a sentiment favourable to a Catholic ; but it was a different task to select the most zealous or praiseworthy. It was surely a proud day for Clare when the first men belonging to it had evinced such attachment to Catholic Emancipation ........"

Ennis Chronicle Mar 30 1811 

Meeting of freeholders and Gentlemen convened by Thady McNamara, High Sheriff. ........ just claims of our Roman Catholic brethern ........ total and unqualified repeal of the Penal and disabling laws and restrictions under which our Roman Catholic fellow subjects of Ireland labour and are oppressed.

Edmond Haire, Plaintiff v James Perry, Defendant. ...... to be sold defendants interest in the lands of Cloverhill ......

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