Ennis Chronicle June 2 1810

On Thursday last, in Mill Street, in the meridian of life, Francis McMahon,
Esq. His remains were taken this day for internment in his burial place in
Kilraghtis, attended by the Ennis Corps of Cavalry and infantry ( of the
former of which he was a serjeant ) and, being a mason, by his brethern of
Lodges No. 51 and 60, of this town, and that of the Lietrim Militia in their
proper costume the whole of which formed a procession solemn and impressive.
He had been frequently appointed Vice-Provost of this borough, the duties of
which office he discharged with general satisfaction ; he possessed a
good-natured sincere disposition, and was much esteemed by all who knew him.

Ennis Chronicle June 20 1810

.... by Archdeacon Kenny .... William Daxon Finucane to Miss Sitrid ....fortune of 10,000 .....

Ennis Chronicle June 27 1810

On Saturday last, Thomas Hickman, Esq., son of Richard Hickman, Esq of Newpark.

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