Ennis Chronicle Feb 3 1808

.... announce the death of William Greene, Esq., Surgeon of His Majesty's
Packet Amelia ...... a son of Anthony Greene ...... he was 23 years of age

Ennis Chronicle Feb 13 1808

Col. the Hon F.N. Burton appoints Charles Creage., Esq., Lieut. in the 12th
Light Dragoons, Major in the Clare Militia, vice W.N. McNamara, Esq.,

Ennis Chronicle Feb 17 1808

Catholic meeting, William Butler, Bunahow in the Chair ....
" thanks to those distinguished and benevolent noblemen and gentlemen of the
Established Church, who have expressed their willingness to impart to their
Roman Catholic brethern the blessings of equal laws and equal liberty "
Signed William Butler.

Ennis Chronicle Feb 20 1808

... murder .... William Foley, late of Shepperton,
John Foley, heir at law, Timothy, Cornelius, Catherine Brew otherwise Foley,
Honora Foley - brothers and sisters of William.

Ennis Chronicle Feb 27 1808

House and Demise of Marino between Miltown and Kilrush, on the Atlantic ...
Apply to Mr. Thomas D'Arcy or Lieut O'Gorman, Ennis.

Richard Gregg, of Cappa ..... a serious misfortune to the indigent of his
neighbourhood, who daily participated in his bounty.

Submitted by Declan


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