Clare Journal Nov 16 1807

Yesterday morning at Cahircalla, the seat of her son ( D.A. England ) Mrs. England, relict of the late Joseph England Esq.

Clare Journal Nov 24 1807

George Vincent, Plaintiff.
Richard Henn, Defendant.
Sell by public cant.
.....Cappahard ......
Apply Andrew Sexton, Edward Tierney, Richard Henn and Thomas Henn.

Ennis Chronicle 28 Nov 1807

The last London papers state, that " the troops made prisoners in Buenos Ayres, who have returned to England, relate, that the finest feelings of humanity were shown by any of the inhabitants towards them, particularly the ecclesiastics. - The influence of the Bishops was very serviceable to all, and Dr. O'Gorman was extremely attentive. "
     Dr. O'Gorman, whose humanity and benevolence were so nobly exercised to the sick and wounded of our army at Buenos Ayres, is a native of this County - he left his own country young, and settled in Spanish America, where he was promoted to the rank of State physician, the first place in the medical department, and one of high consideration. A long residence in this sequestered part of the world did not render him unpractised in all the generous qualities of an Irishman - he is in the highest estimation with persons of all ranks in the Spanish part of South America, for his manliness and virtue. When his countrymen wanted the offices of humanity, every man found a friend in Dr. O'Gorman, whose munificence could not be exceeded by any thing but his charity and philanthropy.

George Vincent, Esq., surviving Executor of Ed. Morony, Esq., deceased, Plainfiff.
Richard Henn, Esq., and others, Defendants.
Pursuant to the Decree of his Majesty's Court of Chancery of Ireland, bearing the date of 23rd day of July, 1807 .............. sell by public cant ........... the town and lands of Rosscleave, Effernane, Cannons Island, Ennisdadrum, otherwise Conny Island, Ballymaley, Knockballycorey, and Cappahard, situate in the Baronies of Clonderalaw and Bunratty ..........
For further particulars apply to Andrew Sexton, Esq., Plaintiff's solicitor ; Edw. Tierney, Esq., No.1, Chatham Street, Dublin ; Rich. Henn, Esq., Paradice, Kildysart, (who will send a person to show the lands) ; or to Thomas Henn, Esq., Westland Row, Dublin ; in whose hands the deeds are respecting the title, and who will give every satisfactory information as to same.

To Be Set
From the first day of May next
For such term as may be agreed on
The lands of Dromquin, together with the islands of Van and Innishaughmerra, containing about 170 acres of good ground.
Proposals, only in writing, will be received by Mrs. Armstrong, Willowbank, Ennis, who will declare the tenant or tenants, when the value is offered. ......

Submitted by Declan


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