Clare Journal March 16 1807

..... appointed as replevengers ...
John Hickman - Fenloe.
C. O'Callaghan - Coolready.
Francis Swyny - Fairy Hill.
John Perry - Crusheen.

This morning, the wife of John Murphy, brogue-maker, of three daughters, who with the mother are doing well.

This morning in Chapel Lane, Mr. Jeremiah Daly, victualler, a man who sustained through life a fair and unsullied character.

Clare Journal March 26 1807

To be Set
House and offices of Viewmont
not more than 3 years built .... with 17 acres ..... Ennis 6 miles, Gort 8, and a few minutes walk from Crusheen.
Proposals to Mr. Perry at Viewmont.

Submitted by Declan


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