Clare Journal,
Co Clare, Ireland
Thursday, 5th May, 1803

Whereas on the night of Wednesday 27 Day of April last in the absence of
Michael Canny of Ennis, Notary Public, when at the Sessions at Milltown,
some villains attempted to break into and plunder his House and on the night
preceeding the shop of Mrs. Gorman of Mill Street in said town was broke
open and plundered of several articles of value and the shop of Mrs.
Macnamara of Church Street was also attempted in like manner... and on the
night of the 1st inst. the shop of Mrs. White in Church Street was also
broke open... and several other Houses and Shops in the town of Ennis within
these few Nights last past. We, the Inhabitants of the said town of Ennis,
do hereby offer the several Sums to our Names respectively annexed as a
Reward to any Persons who shall within Three Calendar Months from the date
hereof apprehend and prosecute to conviction any of the Persons Concerned...
Given under our Hands this 5th Day of May 1803.

Charles Mahon, 5 Gs; James Kinnane, 1, Luke M'Grath, 1; William Arthur, 1;
James Hickey, 1; James Gallery, 1; Francis Swyny, 1; Rich. England,1;
Mich.M'Namara, 1; Wm. Fitzgerald, 2; Michael Hickey, 1; John Leary, 1;
Francis Daly, 2; John Tierney, 1; Edward Mallon, 1; Robert Kean, Chas, 2;
Anne White, 1; John England,1; William Greene, 2; John O'Neill, 1; James
O'Connor, 1; John Carroll, 1; Michael Hillard, 1; Luke Thomas, 1; William
Emerson, 2; James O'Neill,1; George Lardner, 1; Mat.Williams, 2; James
Sexton, 1; Dan. M'Mahon, 1; Hugh M'Loughlin, 2; James O'Brien, 1; Thomas
Roughan, 1; Thomas Butler, 2; Pat. Kean, 1; Daniel Roughan, 1; Michael
Canny, 2; Wm. McGrath, 1; Edm. Donnellan, 1; James M'Loughlin, 2; Mich.
Danagher, 1; George Edwards, 1; Thomas Darcy, 2; John R M'Grath, 1; James P
Crowe, 1; Catherine Gorman, 2; J. O'Neill, tobacconist, 1; John O'Donnell,
2; Richard Floyd, 2; William Kenny, 1; Daniel Finucane, 2; Anth. Horahan, 2;
John E Kenny, 1; J. M'Cullen, 11s. 4 1/2d.; Edw. Haire, 1; Mich. Walsh, 1;
M. O'Dea, 11s.4 1/2d.; Richard Baker, 1; Sylvester O'Gorman, 1; Ellen Hogan,
11s. 4 1/2d.; Joseph Haire, 1; Edmond Lynch, 1; Walter Nevian, 1; Andrew
Joynt, 1; Daniel O'Keeffe, 1

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Clare Journal May 2 1803

Defense of Captain McNamara in the Old Bailey London April 29

Submitted by Declan


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