Clare Journal Jan 10 1803

....... Anthony England ..... Porter and Beer for sale ........

Clare Journal Jan 17 1803

Presentation to Brigade Major Francis Sweeny
Thomas Browne            Captain Newgrove Cavalry
Henry Brady                  Captain Tuamgrany Cavalry
W. C. Purdon                Captain Killaloe Cavalry
H. D. Massy                  Captain Doonass and Broadford Cavalry
Bindon Scott                  Lieut. Kilrush Cavalry
George Studdert            Captain Kilkishen Cavalry
Jonas Studdert                Captain Ennis Cavalry
William Burton                Captain Loyal Cliften Cavalry
John O'Callaghan            Captain Kilnoe Cavalry

To be Sold
On Monday the 24th inst. on the demesne of Cappahard, about 50 ton of well
saved hay, with a large rick of Turf, the use of the house, and the
after-grass, or the after-grass will be sold separately until the 5th day of
May next. The whole of the hay will be sold together, or by the ton or the
whole will be sold or set to a good tenant - Applications to be made to
Mess. Ring. Gore and John Gore who will attend on the premises on the same
day for the aforesaid.          Jan 17 1803.

Clare Journal Jan 20 1803

To be Set
...... house in Bow-lane .... lately inhabited by Rev. Roger Hadlock,
deceased ..... Apply to Mrs. Hadlock, Arthur's Row, Ennis.

Submitted by Declan


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