From the Ennis Chronicle, Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland 26 September 1799:

We whose Names are hereunto subscribed, deeply interested in the peace and
prosperity of the Co. of Clare and Kingdom at large, APPROVE of the Measure
of a LEGISLATIVE UNION with Great Britain on equal and liberal principles,
and on a sense of mutual interests and affection, as the only means of
tranquilizing this County, and abolishing those religious distinctions which
have unhappily distracted this Kingdom.

Inchiquin, Governor Co.
Nugent Buckingham
William Killaloe
G. Studdert, High-Sheriff, Kilkishen-house
F.N. Burton, M.P. Co.
H.D. Massy,M.P. Co.
John Toler
H.D. Massy, Bart.
J.O. Vandeleur, M.P.
Ch. H. Coote, M.P.
F. M'Namara, M.P.
E. Fitzgerald, Carrigoran Magistrate
W.C. Purdon, Tinarana Magistrate
Jos. Peacocke, Bantick
P. Westropp, Fort Anne
Rob. Westropp,ditto
John Westropp, ditto
Nat. and W. Peacocke
Wm. Franks, Carrig
Cha. Mahon, Ennis Magistrate
Tho. Crowe, ditto
Walter Arthur, ditto
B. Scott Cahiracon Magistrate
Wm. Henn, Dublin
Geo. Stacpoole, England
Wm. Daxon, Fountain Magistrate
G. Studdert, Clonderlaw Magistrate
Hen. Brady, Raheens Magistrate
John Hickman, Killmore Magistrate
Wm. Burton, Clifden Magistrate
Ed. W. Burton, Dublin
Bindon Blood, ditto
Rt. Rev. Dr. M'Mahon, Tit. Bish. Killaloe
Rich. Palliser, Bunratty Magistrate
C.J. O'Brien, L. Col. C.M.
B. Vandeleur, Maj. do. Magistrate
T. Morony, Miltown-h. Magistrate
W. Ross Lewin, Carnelly Magistrate
J. Kenny, A.D. Kilfenora Magistrate
T. Studdert, Bunratty Magistrate
J. Studdert, Cahircalla Magistrate
W. Spaight, Corbally Magistrate
Rev. I. Whitty, Kilrush Magistrate
J. Fitzgerald, Derry Magistrate
Rev. W. Read, Moynow Magistrate
Rev. J. Martin, Killaloe Magistrate
Hen. Butler, Milbrook Magistrate
John Tymens, Riverston Magistrate
M. Blood, Kilishen Magistrate
G. Fitzgerald, Shepperton Magistrate
C.P. Bolton, Ennis Magistrate
Rev. M. Fitzgerald, Ennis Magistrate
Mich. Blood, Limerick Magistrate
T.D. Hunt, Kilrush Magistrate
W. Bently, Hurlstown Magistrate
And. Walsh, Newtown Magistrate
Geo. Loyd, Lemonfield Magistrate
Geo. Ivers, Mount-Ivers Magistrate
Sim. O'Donnel, Deerpark Magistrate
Wm. Munsell, Donagroge
Fran. Paterson, Dublin
E.M. Evans, Burton-I.
John Miller, Toonagh
Giles Daxon, Fountain
Rev. R. Gabbett, Leaksi
Rev. R. Fitzgerald, Tourene
W. Ivers, Sixmilebridge
F. Drew, Drewsborough
D.A. England, Cahircalla
A.A. Fitzgerald, Glenville
Rd. Barclay, Ballyartney
Rev. Fred. Blood, Roxton
R. Finch, Meelick-lodge
John Evans, Ashrue
Sober Hall, Mount-Rice
Thos. Pearce, Ross
J.O'Sullivan, Meelick
Tho. Gabbeth, Leakfield
Jonathan Gregg, Ennis
Rev. M. Studdart, do.
R. Studdart, Clonderlaw
Rich. Walsh, Newtown
G. O'Donnell, Clonmoy
Dan. Finucane, Ennis
Thos. Hewit, do.
Wm. Brampton,do.
John Molony, Miltown
Ralph Morony,do.
Thos. Ivers, Ennis
Hen. Molony, Cregg
C.Brew, Applevale
Tomkins Brew, do.
Wm. Adams, Willbrook
F.P. Hewitt, Castletown
John Chartres, Ennis
Rev. G Baker, do.
Rev. R.Weldon, do.
Rev. R.Hadlock,do.
Rev. W.H. Hadlock,do.
Andrew Kent,do.
Cha. Lucas, Darragh
B.Lucas, Loughburke
John Daxon, Strasburgh
W. Daxon, Carrindoty
Geo. Adams, Willbroke
Jos. Lucas, Darragh
Rob. Kean, Ennis
Tho.Kean, Ballyvoe
A.O'Donnell, Kildimo
John Whitestone, Ennis
Edw. Dalton, Nutfield
John Trousdale, Kilrush
John Whitty, ditto.
Irwine Whitty, ditto
Edw. Whitty,ditto
Rob. Jackson, ditto.
Rich. Hickman, Newpark
John Lucas, Kildimo
Nep. Blood, Capt. C.M.
Rob. Crowe, jun. Ennis
James P. Crowe, ditto
John W. Crowe, ditto
Jas.Walcot, England
R.Drew, Drewsborough
P.Banks, M.D. Ennis
J.Hewitt, Snugborough
St. J. Bridgeman, Rahloba
M. Bolton, M.D. Ennis
John Brady, Bellfield
F.Drew,jun. Drewsboro'
John Jackson, Kilrush
Rob. Parkinson, ditto.
Rob. Dowling,Ennis
John Baker, Dromore
Hugh M'Closkey, Ennis
Jas. Channon, Cragaknock
John Gorman, Craggane
Jas. M'Mahon, Kilmurry
John Dwyer, Annagh
Wm. Dwyer, Doonogan
Rich. Rumley, Kilrush
Jos. Cox, Mount Pleasant
R. Fitzpatrick, P.P. Kilrush
John Scott, jun, Carhacon
John Woulfe, Cahirush
D. Shannon, Kildimo
Hervey Kelly, Cragknock
John Kelly, ditto
D.Gorman, Moloskey
Pat. Kenny, Knocknahily
David Kenny, Leirrim
Thos. Shannon, Ennis
Fran. Shannon, Miltown
T. Shannon, Cragaknock
R.O'Donnell, Doonmore
Arthur Huxley, Darragh
Wm. Huxley,ditto
Foster Parsons, Ennis
F.Swyney, Cappahard
Wm. Emerson, Ennis
Chas. Read, Moynee
Mat. Williams, Ennis
Chas. Read, Moynee
Mat. Williams, Ennis
Rich. Janns, ditto
Chas. Janns, ditto
James O'Connor,ditto
Rich Wilson
Wm. Miller V. Kilsiley
Hen. Whitestone, C.M.I.
Henry Greene, Ennis
Wm. Greene,ditto
Thos. Griffith,ditto
Sam. Sims, Clonroad
Thos. Blake, Loughwood
John Brody, Coolbane
J. Shaughnessy, Crusheen
Tim. Coffey
M.Cullinan, Kilnacally
Simon O'Neal, Crusheen
Denis Toolhy, P.P.
James Spellissy,P.P.
Dan. Carrigg, Crusheen
Denis Toohy, P.P.
James Spellissy,P.P.
Dan. Carrigg, Crusheen
John Hogan, P.P.
Hugh Hogan, Crusheen
Edmond Tamplin
Jas. Hickey,Ennis
John Spelissy,P.P.
Henry Thynne
Rev. John O'Neal,P.P.
W. Franks
John M'Mahon

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