Cavan Weekly News
Published in Cavan, county Cavan

May 4, 1877

COYLE - April 29, at Kilnaleck, the wife of Mr. Hugh Coyle (The Hotel), of a son.
INGRAM - April 24, at 96, Pembroke-road, Dublin, the wife of H. J. Ingram, Esq., L.R.C., Lesnamaig (sp?) House, County Cavan, of a son.

FITZGERALD and SIMPSON - Apri8l 27, at St. George's Church, Dublin, the Rev. Canon FINLEY, D.D., rector of Clones, assisted by the Rev. Samuel H. SIMPSON, incumbent of Drumakilly, brother of the bride, Francis Fitzgerald, Esq., of Cloncorn House, Clones, to Lucinda Margaret, youngest daughter of the late Rev. J. E. H. Simpson, vicar of Drumsnat, County Monaghan.

MAGUIRE - April 25, at 83, Main-street, Cavan, Margaret Charlotte, eldest daughter of Bernard Maguire, Esq., aged 17 years.
ROBINSON - April 28, at Bailieborough, the Rev. Thomas Robinson, L.L.D., late rector of Kilmainhamwood, diocese of Meath, formerly Head Master of the College Fermoy, county Cork aged 67 years.
SHERRIE - May 2, at 1, Church-street, Cavan, James P. Sherrie, Esq., Solicitor, aged 34 years.
SHERIDAN - April 10, at 775, Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, Andrew Sheridan, native of Anabarnighy, Mullagh, County Cavan, aged 28 years.


The following subscriptions (which amount to £6 13s) have been received by Miss Eliza A. PATTERSON, Railway-road, in aid of the orphans of the late Mr. Robert Walsh, gunsmith, Cavan, who died on the 30th April, 1877, after a long and painful illness:-

Sergeant-Major SHIPWAY, 3s 6d; Mr. P. TOBIN, R.I.C. 1s; Mr. J. DELAHUNTY, R.I.C., 6d; Mr. J. HEAPHY, R.I.C., 1s; Mr. John BARNVILLE, R.I.C., 1s; Mr. M. KEATING, R.I.C., 6d; Sergeant FITZGERALD, R.I.C., 6d; Mr. BELL, 6d; Mr. FUNSTON, 6d; Mr. J. FEALLY, 1s; Mr. SHERIDAN, 6 d; Mr. H. COYNE, 2s 6d; Mr. J. LEAHY, 6d; A Friend, 1s; A Friend, 6; Mr. ELLIOTT, 5s; Mr. W. H. McCUTCHEON, 1s; Miss E. A. PATTERSON, 5s; Miss J. A. PATTERSON, 2s 6d; Mr. BV. ROBINSON, 6d; Mr. C. ROBINSON, 6d; Mr. FEIFE, 6d; Mr. P. CORRY, 1s; A Friend, 6d; Mr. I. FOSTER, 1s; Mrs. J. MORRIS, 1s; Mr. A. CRAWFORD, 3s; Mr. P. MAGUIRE, 1s; Mr. P. O'REILLY, 6d; Mr. P. SMYTH, 6d; Mr. John BRADY, 6d; Mr. John M'ELNAY, 6d; Mr. T. FITZPATRICK, 6d; Mrs. S. CLERKIN, 6d; Mr. T. KIERNAN, 6d; A Friend, 1s; Mr. J. HARTLEY, 2s; A Friend, 6d; Mr. John M'MAHON, 2s; Mr. James SMITH, 6d; Mr. John MULLIGAN, 6d; A Friend, 6d; A Friend, 1s; Mr. T. DOBBIN, 6d; Mr. BURNS, 6d; Mr. MALLONEY, 6d; Mr. SMITH, 6d; a Friend, 6d; Mr. H'ALISTER, 1s; Mr. G. STEWART, 1s; Mr. P. REILLY, 6d; Mr. E. FEGAN, 2s; N. GOSSELIN, Esq., 5s; Mr. GRIER, 2s; Mr. C. HOPEWOOD, 1s; Mr. B. WEBB, 2s 6d; Major KERR, 5s; Quarter-Master Chinnery, 5s; Mrs. WALSH, 1s; Theophilus THOMPSON, Esq., 2s; Mrs. CAFFREY, 1s; Mr. S. M'CULLOM, 2s; Mr. James BROWN, 1s; A Friend, 1s; Mr. ATWELL, 1s 6d; Mr. David SLOW, 1s; Mr. P. FAY, 1s; Dr. MALCOMSON, 5s; A Friend, 2s 6d; A Friend, 1s; A Compositor, 1s; Sergeant ALLEN, 1s; Mr. A. Ellis, 2s 6d; Mr. George M'MULLEN, 6d; Mr. John BELL, 6d; A B, 1s; J. F. O'HANLON, Esq., 1s; Mr. W. MOORE, 2s; Mr. J. C. POWELL, 1s; Mr. J. SIMONS, 1s; A Friend, 6d; Captain BLEAKLEY, 1s; Mr. MURPHY, 6d; Mr. DOLAN, 6d; Mr. GRIMES, 6d; Mrs. M. CARROLL, 1s; Mr. M. CARROLL, 6d; A Friend, 6d; Mr. BREAKY, 1s; Mr. Thomas M'DOWELL, 6d; Mrs. DONNELY, 1s; A Friend, 6d; R. I C Butlersbridge, 1s 6d; A Friend, 6d; Mr. Thomas M'VEY, 6d; A Friend, 6d; A Friend, 6d; A Friend, 7d; Mr. E. S. WINSLOW, 1s; Mr. John MURPHY, 1s; A Friend, 6d; A Friend, 1s; Mr. P. GILSENAN, 1s; Mr. Richard WILSON, 2s 6d; M
r. Thomas M'MANUS, 6d; Mr. R. RAMSAY, 1s; A Friend, 6d; A Friend, 3d; Mr. Joseph PRATT, 6d; Mr. GOGGINS, 6d; Mr. O'REILLY, 6d; Mr. TWEEDIE, 1s; Mr. W. DANIEL, 1s; Mr. GRAHAM, 6d; Mr. Ralph MULLIGAN, 1s.

MYSTERIOUS DEATH NEAR SWATERAGH. - James CRILLY, a widower, 65 years of age, residing at Gortade, near Crosskeys, died on the 10th instant under very mysterious circumstances. It appears that he lived with his family, which consists of four, namely, Matilda, Eliza, Lawrence, and Robert, and for some time past has been confined to bed. The injuries found on his person leave no room to doubt that death was accelerated by violence. From the evidence given by Dr. MAGOWAN, of Maghera, at the inquest, it would appear that deceased had no less than twenty-three wounds on his body. Some of these were of recent date, and the remainder apparently inflicted some three weeks ago. Six of these were of such a character as would be produced by the prongs of a grape, and the remainder were contused wounds. A post-mortem examination was made by Dr. Magowan and Dr. Henry, and nothing was found in his stomach to indicate that he had been poisoned. The circumstances connected with the occurrence were immediately investigated by Mr. KELLY, S.I., of this district, and has resulted in the family whose names have been mentioned above being arrested, and the necessary informations sworn before Mr. J. J. CLARKE, J.P., and Mr. R. W. FORREST, J.P. The prisoners have been remanded to Magherafelt Bridewell for eight days. - Correspondent of Coleraine Constitution.

(Before Chief-Justice MORRIS, Mr. Justice KEOGH, and Mr. Justice LAWSON.)

This was an action for slander, the words complained of being, "You stole my pigs."
Mr. Colquhoun, for the defendant, applied to remit the case to the Chairman at Cavan.

Motion granted.

CUSTOM IN COURTSHIP. - When a young man admires a lady and thinks her society necessary to his happiness, it is proper, before committing himself or inducing the lady to do so, to apply to her parents or guardians for permission to address her.



Arva - James KEMP.
Ballyconnell - Robt. M'MULLEN, Wm. M'GARVEY.
Ballyhaise - James WINSLOW.
Belturbet - George INGHAM, Thomas ELLIOTT.
Ballinagh - Francis LEE.
Butlersbridge - Henry JONES.
Ballyduff - William WHYTE.
Bawnboy - Bernard DONOHOE.
Blacklion - John NIXON.
Cavan - James M'KEON, Thomas BROWN and John WILLIS.
Crossdoney - Edward BEATTY.
Killeshandra - Thomas M'AVENUE.
Kilnaleck - Arthur M'CLEAN.
Mountnugent - William FULLAR.
Redhills - Robert FREEMAN.
Stradone - C. KELLY, Thomas MONAGHAN.
Swanlinbar - Hugh KENNEDY.
Scrabby - John KILROY.


Ballyhaise - James WINSLOW.
Bailieboro - Andrew SMITH & Geo. MAHOOD.
Ballyduff - William WHYTE.
Cootehill - Farrell M'GOVERN, Peter REILLY.
Kingscourt - Thomas ARGUE.
Mullagh - John NUGENT.
Shercock - Adam BEATTY.
Stradone - Thomas MONAGHAN, Christopher KELLY.
Virginia - George M'QUAID.

May 11, 1877

BRADY - May 1, at 5, Conyagham road, Dublin, Miss Anne Brady, formerly of Cavan, aged 55 years.
DALY - May 8, at St. Michael's Hospital, Kingstown, after a short illness, Thomas Daly, aged 30 years, of the Dublin Metropolitan Police, and son of John Daly, Dungrimmon, County Cavan.
ELLIOTT - May 5, at his father's residence, Robert A. Elliott, L.R.C.S.I., L. and L.M., K.Q.C.P.I. &c. youngest son of William Elliott, Esq. Arvagh, aged 23 years.
MAGUIRE - May 10, at 83, Main-street, Cavan, Bernard Joseph, son of Bernard Maguire, Esq., merchant, age 12 years.


Sub-Inspector ALLEN prosecuted John FARRELL and James FARRELL for assaulting Mr. Alexander NAYE, of Broughderg, on the evening of the 1st inst.

Mr. Naye, said he was returning from Cavan market in a cart; at Tullymongan he came up with the prisoners who without any provocation assaulted him. James struck him on the head with part of an iron tongs.

The case was sent for trial at the Quarter Sessions.

A number of persons were fined for drunkenness.

The Commissiosners met on Monday in the Courthouse.

Edward KENNEDY, Esq., J.P., in the Chair.

Also present: - Messrs. J. F. O'HANLON, W. H. NESBITT, P. CAFFREY, J. GALLIGAN, J. M'MAHON, J. COSGROVE, and J. FEGAN.

The Clerk reported that he had received ?7 14s fines from Mr. M'CABE.

A communication was read from the Dublin Corporation, requesting the Commissioners to unite with them in petitioning Lord Beaconsfield on the subject of the unjust treatment of the clergy by the Italian Government.

On the motion of Mr. O'Hanlon, seconded by Mr. Galligan, the request was granted.

An account was received from the gas Company for ?92 10s. 3d. - vis., ?17 10s. 3d. balance, and ?75 for lighting the town during last year. At the suggestion of the Clerk the matter was postponed until next meeting.

(Before the Right Hon. Judge ORMSBY.)


County of Cavan.

In re the Estate of Henry BUSSELL, and Thomas Henry PARKINSON, trustees for the sale under the will dated 8th September, 1865, of Henry HIGGINBOTHAM, deceased.

Part of the lands of Tanamaglownan, now known as Nutfield, in the barony of Tullygarvey, containing 60 acres plantation measure, and 4 acres of bog, equivalent to the 109s. 1r. 14p. including 2a 2r 20p of water, held under fee farm grant, dated 1st July, 1857; net profit rent, ?73 3s 8d. Sold for ?2,150 to Mr. Henry BROWN of Cootehill. Mr. Richard ALLEN, solicitor, had carriage of sale.

7TH May.


In this case an application was made on behalf of the plaintiff for an order to have a received appointed over the lands of Drutamon, pending the hearing of the cause, and after the matter was fully debated on all sides, the Vice-Chancellor refused the plaintiff's motion with costs.

Counsel for the plaintiff - The MacDERMOTT, and Mr. Le Poer TRENCH; Solicitor, Mr. Peter LAMBERT.

(Before the Lord Chief Justice, Mr. Justice FITZGERALD, and Mr. JUSTICE BARRY.)

Mary RAMSAY v. the Justices of Cootehill.

In this case a conditional order had been obtained for a certioirari to quash a conviction inflicting a fine of 2s. 6d. on Mary Ramsay, for breaking a gate. The act was done in the assertion of a right of way.

The complainant in the court below was John JAMESON, an adjoining occupier.

Mr. M'LOUGHLIN, Q.C., with whom was Mr. Hyacinth PLUNKETT, appeared in support of the conditional order which it was sought to make absolute. The case of Mary Ramsay was that she acted in the bona fide assertion of a right of way, and that inasmuch as the question of title was involved the jurisdiction of the magistrates was ousted.

Mr. Wm. O'BRIEN, Q.C., and Mr. HOUSTON, appeared to show cause against the order, and in support of the conviction of the justices.

The Court discharged the conditional order, sustaining the decision of the magistrates, the decision not to be used hereafter as any evidence of title.

Mr. Wm. O'BRIEN, Q.C., and Mr. HOUSTON, appeared to show cause against the order, and in support of the conviction of the justices.

The Court discharged the conditional order, sustaining the decision of the magistrates, the decision not to be used hereafter as any evidence of title.

MAJOR MALAN writes from France:- "Two days ago, in a mining district in the centre of France, I preached to an assembly of some 200 miners and their wives. They had left their work at four o'clock. At six they were washed and cleanly dressed, and many men and women stood for an hour and a half, and listened most attentively to the testimony of Jesus. Not many months ago these were all ignorant Romanists. Many now rejoice in the knowledge of salvation. In many parts of France the people invite the Protestant pastors to preach the Gospel to them. This country needs the prayers and help of English Christians."

May 18, 1877

TATLOW - May 15, at Knockrunny, Carrick-on-Shannon, the wife of Tissington Tatlow, Esq., of a daughter.

ROBINS - May 14, at h is residence, Canal Street, Newry, John Robins, Esq., Supervisor of Inland Revenue.


The following subscriptions have been collected by Mr. Charles STUART, in behalf of the family of the late Mr. R. Walsh, (whitesmith): - Mr. DEVERELL, 1s.; Mr. M'ALISTER, 1sl; Mr. BANNON, 1s;=.; Mr. ARMSTRONG, 1s.; Mr. REID, (Wesley-street), 2s.; Mr. REA, 1s.; Mr. WILLIS, 1s.; Mr. STUART, 1s.; Mr. T. Smith (grocer), 1s.; Mr. M. LOUGH, jun., 3s; a friend, 6d.; Mr. MORRIS, 1s.; Mr. DANIEL, 6d.; Major CUMMING, J.P., 10s.; Mr.O'REILLY (Globe Hotel), 1s.; Mr. ARCHIBALD, 2s. 6d.; Mr. MOORE, 6d.; M. LOUGH and Son, 2s. 6d.

(Before Wm. BABINGTON, Esq., and Capt. GOSSELIN.)

Sub-Constable MAXWELL summoned Patrick Donohoe for drunkenness.
Fined 5s. and costs.

Same v. James BRADY for attempting to rescue Donohoe.
Fined 5s.

Ellen M'DERMOTT and Patt NEWMAN were fined 1s. each for having unregistered dogs.

Constable DOLAN summoned Thomas NOLAN for trespass of cattle.
Fined 1s.

Same v. John FARRELL for drunkenness.
Fined 5s. and costs.

Sub-Constable HEENAN summoned Pat BRADY for drunkenness.
Fined 5s.

Sub-Constable FUNSTON summoned Wm. BENNETT for like.
Fined 5s.

Michael COLLINS summoned Mr. Richard NESBITT for 12s. alleged to be due for work.
Decreed for 10s.

Same v. Thomas KENNYT for 14s. alleged to be due for horse hire.
Decreed for full amount.

Owen BRADY, Patrick M'DONNELL, and Patrick LEDDY were committed to jail for two months, one month, and a fortnight respectively, for a serious assault on Mr. Charles GAFFNEY, at Pollakeel, some time since, the prosecutor not being able to attend until to-day.


The Earl of Lanesborough v. Rathborne.

This was a bill to restrain the defendants, RATHBORNE, Sons and Co., from pulling down certain buildings adjacent to a distillery held by them near Belturbet, under a lease which would expire in about five years. The defendants having become arranging traders, the assignees in bankruptcy had been made co-defendants. It was complained that the defendants had pulled down a kiln. After the case had proceeded some time it was arranged that the kiln should be rebuilt within a year.

Messrs. LITTON, Q.C., and George FOLEY, instructed by Mr. John ARMSTRONG, were for the plaintiff; and Mr. H. PLUNKET was for the defendant, Mr. Rathborne.


The Rev. James Arthur POOLE, late curate of St. John's, Miles Platting, has resigned his curacy, and been received into the Roman Catholic Church. The rev. gentleman belonged to the High Church party, the services at St. John's being conducted on Ritualistic principles. (Mr. Poole was for a short time second master at the Royal School, Cavan. - Ed. C.W.N.)

The official declaration of the poll for County Tipperary was made on Wednesday. Mr. Gray, proprietor of the Dublin Freeman's Journal, was returned by a majority of 2,508 over his Nationalist opponent, Mr. CASEY.


On Friday a boy was singing a ballad in praise of Mr. John SARSFIELD CASEY in the streets of Clonmel, when the Rev. Mr. FLAVIN, Roman Catholic Administrator of SS. Peter and Paul's Church, assaulted him by cuffing and kicking him along the streets, and pushing him up Cooper-street, until the boy was rescued by the people and the police, who came to his assistance. The rev. gentlemen (sic) appeared very excited. Mr. Casey's friends woud not give Father Flavin a hearing on Saturday last when he attempted to introduce Mr. Gray. There is great indignation felt at the usage the ballad singer received.

CAPTURE OF A "SEA ELEPHANT" AT WARRENSPOINT. - In the house of Mr. John KING, birdstuffer, of Warrenpoint, there is at present to be seen alive a remarkable-looking creature, which was caught in the sea a few days ago at the "Point." The animal is one foot in length, of a light flesh colour, has four legs, "feelers," and a trunk, the general appearance being somewhat similar to a young elephant. A peculiar characteristic of the creature is that it spouts a small stream of water out of each of its ears. - Newry Telegraph.

May 25, 1877


Mrs. Rosa BRADY, died at the residence of her son, in Mew York, on the 8th instant, at the age of 103. Mrs. Brady was born in the county of Cavan in 1774, and during the early part of her life she resided in the parish of Lavey in this county. At the age of 20 she married Patrick Brady, and had several children, three of whom survive. Three of her children emigrated to the United States in 1845, and in 1852 they succeeded in inducing the old lady - she was then 78 years old - to join them, her husband having died in the interval. Since then Mrs. Brady has continued to reside in New York. During the last four or five years the old lady had relapsed into a sort of second childhood, but previous to that she used to entertain her friends with reminiscences of the revolutionary attempts in Ireland during 1798 and 1803. Mrs. Brady leaves three sons, 13 grand-children, and five great-grand-children.


At the Billis Day Schools, Virginia (belonging to Mrs. Drummond DUNLOP), a Spelling Bee was held on the 18th inst. There were a large number of children present, about twenty of whom competed for three prizes, given by Mrs. PEYTON. They all did well; but after a long struggle their number was reduced to five, whose spelling was so excellent that, when in the end it was decided who were to get the three prizes, the Rev Mr. ELLIOTT (Rector of Monterconnaught who kindly conducted the Spelling Bee) insisted upon himself giving two supplemental premiums. The successful competitors were Phoebe MULLIGAN, 1st prize; Lizzie WILSON, 2nd prize; Kate WILSON, 3 rd prize; Isabella SPINKS and Sarah M'ILWAINE, supplemental premiums.

The master, Mr. Henry DIOLIN, and the mistress, Miss CANDLER, deserve credit for the way they are working up these schools since they have become the teachers. A hymn having been sung, and prayer offered up by the Incumbent, the Rev. W. C. PEYTON, the schools were closed for the day.


Mr. KENNEDY, J.P., Cavan, has addressed the following letter to the Editor of the Freeman.

Sir - It is with sincere regret I learn that disunion still exists in the ranks of the noble constituency of Tipperary. We in the central North have regarded the pending election with the utmost concern, for we cannot conceal the fact that in its result some of our most previous interests are involved - our right of self-government, readjustment of the land laws, religious education, and other measures alike vital to the peace as they are to the prosperity of our native land, as against a line of policy which at this juncture is as inopportune as it is chimerical.

Edmund Dwyer GRAY, one of Ireland's ablest sons would reflect credit on any constituency fortunate enough to be represented by him.

I deny the right of any small section of a people to designate themselves National. It is Dwyer Gray who in the true sense of the term is a Nationalist; he has proved himself to be one by his untiring and fearless efforts to obtain for us our just rights; it is he who by his powerful advocacy in the cause of Home Rule, Land Reform, and Religious Education has done more towards making "Ireland a nation" than the factious opposition which has fruitlessly endeavoured to create and foster dissension in our midst.

This election should not be allowed to cost Mr. Gray one shilling. I feel strongly that he will not confine his representation to any one county or province, but that he will represent the National feeling of our country; and I regarding him so, will consider myself one of his constituents, and beg to forward my subscription towards his election expenses.

Edward Kennedy

I enclose cheque for £10.

(From the National Toronto).

Teach them self-reliance.
Teach them to make bread.
Teach them to make shirts.
Teach them not to wear false hair.
Teach them not to paint or powder.
Teach them to wear thick, warm shoes.
Teach them to wash and iron clothes.
Teach them how to make their own dresses.
Teach them how to make a good meal.
Teach them how to wear calico dresses - and do it like a queen.
Teach them to say "no" and mean it.
Teach them how to darn stockings and sew on buttons.
Teach them to regard the morals, not the money, of beaux.
Give them a good, substantial, common school education.
Teach them that a good, round, rosy romp is worth fifty delicate consumptives.
Teach them accomplishments - music, painting, drawing - if you have time and money to do it with.
Teach them to cultivate a garden.
Teach them to have nothing to do with dissolute young men.
Teach them that God made them in His own image, and that no amount of tight lacing will improve that model.
Teach them the essentials of life - truth, honesty, uprightness - and at a suitable time let them marry.

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