Cavan Weekly News
Published in Cavan, county Cavan

December 7, 1877


GRIER - Dec. 4, at Killyvalley, Crossdoney, the wife of Mr. Henry R. Grier, of a daughter.

MALCOMSON - Dec. 1, at Corglass House, Cavan, the wife of T. R. Malcomson, of Irvinestown, of a son.


ADAMS and MONTGOMERY - Nov. 26, at the Protestant Church, Neuchatel, Switzerland, by the Rev. J. WHETLER, Benjamin Samuel ADAMS, J.P., of Shinan House, Shercock, (late of H. M. 12th Regt), to Eliza Stanley, daughter of the late George Montgomery, Esq., lM.D., of Dublin.

KENNY and SWITZER - Nov. 22, at St. Michael's Church, Limerick, by the Rev. J. H. GRIFFITHS, Charles BEATIE Kenny, of Belfast, to Letitia Mary, youngest and only surviving daughter of the late L B. Switzer, Esq., of Limerick.


BLAKELY - March 8, at Deep Water, Wellington Vale, New South Wales, of fracture of the spine, occasioned by a fall from his horse, Alexander Francis Blakely, Esq., second son of the late Jas. Blakely, Esq., Lake View, Virginia.

LYSTER - Nov. 9, the Rev. John LYSTER, curate of Kilmactrunny, diocese of Elphin, only son of the late Surgeon John Lyster, of the 7th Dragoons, aged 57.

M'CABE - On Sunday, Dec. 2, very suddenly, Matilda, the beloved wife of Edward M'Cabe, of Drumconnick, Cavan, aged 70 years. For more than 50 years a sincere and humble walker in the practical steps of Christianity.

M'CABE - On Friday, Dec. 7, after a short illness, Edward M'Cabe, of Dumconnick (sic), Cavan, aged 78 years. For over 50 years a staunch believer in the faith of the glorious Gospel of Christ. (Both funerals will leave for Kilmore on Monday morning at 10:00 o'clock).

RUTLEDGE - Dec. 6, at Killeshandra Manse, Jane JOHNSTON, infant daughter of the Rev. A. M. Rutledge, aged two weeks.


On Friday last, Dr. M'FADDEN, County coroner, assisted by Dr. CLARKE, Dr. RYAN, Dr. J. CLARKE, jun., and Dr. WILSON, held a post-mortem examination on the body of John REILLY who died from his wounds in the Bailieborough Workhouse Hospital, on the day previous. A respectable jury was formed, and the following verdict agreed to: "That deceased came by his death on the night of the 26th ult., from a contusion on the head, the effects of a blow from some blunt instrument, in the hands of some person or persons unknown." The other wounds inflicted were not from a bayonet as reported, but from a small bladed knife.

Several arrests have been made by the constabulary, who are actively engaged in the matter; and the case will be further investigated next court day.


ROBERT JAMES BURROWES, Esq., Stradone House, has been appointed to the Commission of the Peace for this county.

We understand Mr. Frederick WRENCH, has been appointed to the agency of the Lanesborough Estates.

A few days ago, a farmer named M'TEAGUE was found dead in a drain near Bawnboy. He had been drinking.

FIRE. - A fire broke out in Francis Kiernan's, of Coolbawn, Lossett, a few nights ago, when considerable damage was done.

EXPLOSIVES ACT. - At a meeting of the Bailieborough magistrates at last Petty Sessions Court, there appeared four candidates for the office of Inspector of Explosives for the Bailieboro' district. Mr. John WILSON, Bailieboro', was unanimously elected.

DOWN INFIRMARY. - At a special meeting of the Governors of the Down County Infirmary, held on Tuesday, Dr. Joseph CLARKE handed in his resignation of the office of house-surgeon and registrar to the institution, on being elected to a lucrative dispensary appointment at Bailieborough, County Cavan. The resignation was accepted, the governors present expressing their regret at losing the services of such a valuable officer. Dr. Clarke acted as house-sugeon (sic) to the infirmary for upwards of two years. The zeal, skill land attention which he manifested in the discharge of his duties commended him strongly to the confidence of the governors, who, with the surgeon of the institution, appreciated him as a young gentleman of promising ability and high personal character. He was also much esteemed by the inhabitants of Downpatrick for his urbanity of manner and kindness of disposition. He leaves Downpatrick with the good wishes of a wide circle of friends, and we are sure that in his new sphere of labour, in his native place, his career will be equally honourable and successful. - Downpatrick Records.


The morning service at Denn, and the evening service at the Cathedral were taken on last Sunday by the Bishop. The Rev. W. H. STONE taking the evening service at Garbratten School-house. The second of a course of Advent lectures will (d.v.) be delivered in Cavan Church on next Thursday evening by the Rev. W. H. Stone, Rector of Kilmore.


(Before T. THOMPSON, W. BABINGTON, and C. LESLIE, Esqrs.)

Jane BURNS was charged with disorderly conduct in Cavan Workhouse.

Sent to gaol for a week.

Con. DOLAN, Con. FEALY, and Sub-Constables HEENAN, MACKEY and QUINLAN charged Patrick DEVLIN, Edward HENNESSY, Patt GAFFNEY, Michael GAFFNEY, Francis MAGUIRE, and James SHERIDAN with drunkenness.

They were fined in small sums.

Sub-Constable DONAGHY summoned Patrick M'AQLOON for permitting his jennet to wander on the public road.

Fined 2s and costs.

There was a charge and a cross charge of assault between parties named GREENAN and REILLY.

Referred to Mr. Thompson.

Constable Dolan summoned Jane CONNOLLY for having a dangerous dog unlogged and unmuzzled.

The Constable said he was coming down the Gallows hill about four o'clock on the morning of the 30th of November, when he was attacked by defendant's dog, who was unlogged and unmuzzled; the dog is a dangerous animal/ he was not bitten. Their Worships ordered the dog to be shot.


The usual weekly meeting of the Guardians was held on Tuesday last:

Mr. BERNARD GAFFNEY in the chair.

Also present - Messrs. John A. FARIS, Henry NESBITT, Philip M'GIVNEY, Thomas FEGAN, and Philip CAHILL.

A letter was read from the Local Government Board sanctioning the appointment of Mr. George WILTON, as Relieving Officer and Sub-Sanitary Officer, at a salary of £37 10s. per year.

A letter was read from Dr. THOMSON, Belturbet, in which he stated that he differed in opinion with Mr. BRADY about the utility of the sewer in course of erection in Belturbet.

Mr.NESBITT said the matter should be postponed for the attendance of the Belturbet Guardians.

Mr. M'Givney - Postpone it for larger Board.

A letter was read from the Petty Sessions Clerk, Belturbet, informing the Board that Mr. Henry BEST had been appointed Inspector under "The Explosives Act" for Belturbet district.

December 14, 1877


JOHNSTON and RAMSEY - December 13, at Cavan Church, by Rev. Samuel SHONE, A.M., Rector, Mr. William Johnston, Drumroe, Arva, to Sarah, second daughter of late Mr. Samuel Ramsey, Edenticlare, Cavan.


CROSSON - Dec. 10, at the Depot Phoenix Park, Dublin, Sub-Constable Michael Crosson, R.I.C., son of the late Mr. Michael Crosson, Loughagannon, Co. Donegal, and brother of Sub-Constable John Crosson, Crosskeys, aged 20. American papers please copy.

MOFFAT - Dec. 12, at Danesfort, Cavan, Elizabeth Caroline, relict of Rev. George B. Moffatt, M.A., rector of Drumlane, aged 68. Interment will take place at 12 o'clock on Monday, at Drumlane.

QUINLAN - Dec. 11, at Cavan, John L. Quinlan, late Parish Clerk of Denn, aged 78 years.

WILTON - Dec. 10, at Ballyhilland, Sarah, relict of late Mr. William Wilton, aged 60.


The morning Service at Denn Curch, and the evening Service at the Cathedral, were taken on last Sunday by the Bishop. The morning Service at the Cathedral, and the evening Service at Crossdoney, by the Rev. W. H. Stone.

Sermons in behalf of the Society for Irish Church Missions will (d.v.) be preached in Cavan Church on Sunday next, by the Rev. James ADAMS, A.B., deputation secretary.

The Advent lecture on Thursday evening next, in Cavan Church, will be preached by the Rev. A. G. ELLIOTT, A.M., Rector of Castleraghan.


(Before Theo. THOMPSON, Wm. BABINGTON, John FAY, John T. DILLON, and Wm. A. MOORE, Esqrs.)

A number of persons were fined for drunkenness.


William WALSH and Matthew SADDLER were brought up in custody on a charge of fowl stealing.

Sub-Constable LAVENDER deposed that on Saturday night he was on night patrol with Sub-Constable M'GARVEY. About half-past two o'clock on Sunday morning they were standing in Farnham Street, when they saw a man coming up from the direction of the Workhouse; he went over to him and recognized him to be Walsh; asked him what had him out so late; he said he was with his friends; Walsh then passed on; immediately afterwards Walsh gave a whistle, which aroused his suspicion; witness and companion then lay in ambush, when two men came up and ran along Wesley Street; witness followed them, and caught Saddler; one of them threw down a bundle; the other man got away; found the bundle, which contained a goose and some ducks.

Sub-Constable M'Garvey said there was another man walking behind who threw a bundle at a door in Farnham street and ran away; the bundle contained a goose and some ducks. After arresting Saddler they went in search of Walsh; found him concealed under a cart; his hands were bloody and there were feathers on his coat; his trousers and boots were wet.

Bernard SMITH, James M'GOVERN, Rose REHILL, Peter BRADY, and Miss LADLEY identified the fowl as having been stolen from them on the night in question. Their Worships commended the constables.

The case was sent for trial at the Quarter Sessions.

Michael LEE, road contractor, summoned Thomas FINNEGAN for refusing to allow him to use a quarry on his land.



(Before W. BABINGTON, Esq.)

Sub-Constable HEENAN summoned John BRADY for drunkenness.

Fined 5s and costs.

Owen KING processed William JOHNSTON for 8s alleged to be due for turf. Decreed.

There are now four prisoners in Cavan jail on suspicion of being concerned in the murder of John LEDDY, at Lacken Bridge, viz.: - John DILLON, Patrick REILLY, John RAHILL, and Patrick SHANNAGHY.

At Ballinagh Petty Sessions on Saturday four respectable men were charged with assaulting a farmer named Robert YOUNG in the neighbourhood of Crossdoney, when returning from the fair. The case having been proved, Patrick BRADY was sentenced to two months, Michael BERRY and James REILLY to one month's imprisonment, and Michael BERRY, sen., was ordered to pay a fine of £1 and the whole of YOUNG's costs for medical attendance, &c.

December 21, 1877


DUNBAR - Dec. 15, at her residence, 4, Upper Camden-street, Dublin, Ellen, the dearly-loved wife of William Dunbar, aged 82 years, sincerely and deservedly regretted.

MORTIMER - Dec. 10, at 25, Belmont-road, Liverpool, Abigail Eleanor Mortimer, widow of Charles Mortimer, Esq., J.P., Lakefield, Virginia.


Pursuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, made in the case of PATRICK GREENE, plaintiff; and JOHN GREENE, JAMES GREENE, MATHEW GREENE, PATRICK SHANKEY, and Mary his wife, Defendants; the Creditors of MATHEW GREENE, late of Enniskeen, Kingscourt, in the County of Cavan, farmer, who died in or about the month of July, 1875, are, on or before the 10th day of December, 1877, to send by post, pre-paid, to Mr. William R. MEREDITH, of 13, Parliament-street, in the city of Dublin, the Solicitor of John Greene, Administrator of the deceased, their Christian and surnames, addresses and descriptions, and in case of firms, the names of the partners and style and title of the firm, the full particulars of their claims, a statement of their accounts, and the nature of the securities (if any) held by them; or, in default thereof, they will be peremptorily excluded from the benefit of the said Decree. Every Creditor holding any security is to produce the same before the Master of the Rolls, at his Chambers, Four Courts, Dublin, on the 16th day of January, 1878, at Eleven of the clock in the forenoon, being the time appointed for adjudicating on the claims.

Dated this 10th day of November, 1877.

B. E. WHITESTONE, Chief Clerk

WILLIAM MAHAFFY, Plaintiff's Solicitor, 8, Eden-quay, Dublin.


In the Goods of


Late of Ballinagh, in the County of Cavan, surgeon, deceased.

TAKE NOTICE that, pursuant to the 22nd and 23rd Victoria, cap. 35, all persons claiming to be creditors or otherwise to have any claim or demand against the assets of the late Thomas Sheridan O'REILLY, deceased, who died on the 30th day of June, 1877, are hereby required, on or before the 31st day of December , 1877, to furnish (in writing) the particulars of such claims or demands to Rose Anne S. O'REILLY, of Ballinagh, in the County of Cavan, widow, the administratrix of the deceased, and

to whom administration with the will annexed of said deceased has been granted forth of the Principal Registry of Her Majesty's Court of Probate in Ireland, on the 24th day of September, 1877, or to the undersigned respectively, solicitor for the said administratrix, and in default thereof and same administratrix will proceed to distribute the assets of the said Testator, having regard only to the claims of which notice and particulars shall have been given as above required.

Dated this 7th day of November, 1877.

JOHN KILKELLY, Solicitor for the said Administratrix,

46, Upper Mount-street, Dublin.


Yesterday evening Mr. E. N. POWER, Coroner for Waterford, held an inquest at the Leper hospital on the body of a young man named MURPHY, who died that morning in the institute. It appeared from the evidence that deceased and a young man named BARRY had a dispute, when Barry flung a tone at deceased, which struck him on the head. Erysipelas set in, and the deceased died from it. A verdict in accordance with the above facts was returned. Barry, who was under arrest, was then removed.


A serious stabbing case occurred in Drogheda on Saturday night, at about midnight on the public thoroughfare at James-street. A man named M'EVER, an employee in the iron works, got into an altercation with a man named M'LOUGHLIN, of no particular occupation. M'Loughlin drew a penknife and stabbed M'Ever, the blade penetrating deeply just above the groin. McLoughlin was secured by the police. M'Ever made a deposition on Sunday before Alderman CASEY, J.P., and Dr. MURTAGH, who was in attendance on the wounded man, not being able to certify that his life was not in danger, the prisoner was remanded. The dispute arose about a woman.

CAVAN MILITIA - Lieutenant SAUNDERS having passed the required examination and obtained a certificate of qualification, has been recommended for a commission in the army.

December 28, 1877


ARCHIBALD and STUART - On the 26th inst., at Cavan Church, by the Rev. S. SHONE, A.M., Vicar, Hugh HOPE Archibald, to Emma Sarah, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Charles Stuart, of Cavan.


O'HARA - Dec. 21, at Drumlaney, Castlesaunderson, Mr. Patrick O'Hara, aged 70. His remains was removed for Interment in the family burial place, Drumuley, followed by a large and respectable concourse of people, and sorrowing friends. R.I.P.


The Lord Bishop of Kilmore held an Ordination in Kilmore Cathedral on last Sunday, the 23rd inst., when the following were admitted to Holy Orders: - Deacons - Mr. Alma Percy Lionel TYDD, A.B., Oxon, for Killegar; and Mr. Joseph CHAPMAN, T.C.D., for Killasnet, Diocese of Kilmore. Mr. James TRESHAM COOKE, T.C.D., for Union of Killashee and Ballymacormack; and Dr. Charles Robert COONEY, T.C.D., for Clongish, Diocese of Ardagh. Priests - Rev. Samuel ATKINSON ADAMS, A.B., T.C.D., for Mohill; and Rev. John BLACK, A.B., t.C.D., for Kiltoghart, Diocese of Ardagh. The sermon at the ordination service was preached by the very Rev. the Dean of Kilmore, and the candidates were presented by the Venerable the archdeacon of Ardagh. The previous examinations was conducted by the Bishop, the Archdeacon of Ardagh, the Rev. S. SHONE, the Rev. W. STONE, and the Rev. W. HUTCHINSON.


The Primitive Wesleyan tea meeting was held in the Wesleyan Church, Corlespratten, on Wednesday, the 19th inst. This diversion from the usual custom was owing to the schoolroom at Arva being placed under the National Board, and the friends considered - were led to understand - that the schoolroom could not be obtained this year, so the Wesleyan Church was placed at the disposal of the committee. The meeting was therefore a union meeting, and was a great success. Upwards of 180 persons were present, fully one-third of whom belong to the Wesleyan body. The meeting throughout was cordial and cheerful, evidently exhibiting a spirit of affinity and brotherly love. After partaking of a liberal supply of tea and cake the audience was addressed by Revs. A. M. RUTLEDGE and W. MORROW; Messrs. W. MONTGOMERY, R. STORY, and Revs. W. C. DOONAN and G. COULTER. The speeches were to the point, especially that delivered by Mr. Doonan. He clearly demonstrated Methodist Union to be the work of Providence, illustrated the moral expediency, and wound up by showing that the union would not interfere with existing associations; that every man was at perfect liberty to make his choice for general worship. He pointed out clearly that being a Methodist did not interfere with any man worshipping regularly in other churches, and that this was really practised by numerous Wesleyan families on the Longford and other circuits. In a word, the address was just what is much needed at the present moment - people want to be enlightened. Mr. Doonan has the thanks of many for his straightforward, manly address on this union subject. Mr. Coulter followed in a ready practical speech which confirms the impression that he is a thorough-going minister either on platform in the pulpit.

The Corlespratten Flute Band was in attendance, and occasionally rendered some pieces of sacred music to the delight of the audience. In due time the meeting separated profited and pleased with the evening's entertainment.


On the night of the 24th December, inst., a young man named Thomas CLARKE, of Doone, was seriously assaulted when returning from the fair of Ballyjamesduff in the townland of Corocloughan. He was followed out of the town by a party of six men who passed him on the road and then waited in an old lane till he came up on them; they then fell on him and beat him in a brutal manner with sticks. Constable YOUNG having heard of the occurrence after he had returned from the fair at Ballyjamesduff, where he was doing duty that day, turned out with a party of men, and, having scoured the country in all directions, succeeded in arresting five of the delinquents a few hours after the occurrence. As the parties charged live in different directions the constable and his party deserve a great deal of credit for the promptitude of the arrests which they made. On Christmas Day Mr. Allen, S.I.R.I.C., visited the residence of the injured man, and having seen the state he was in immediately sent for Captain WARING, R.M.. who returned with him to Clarke's house about six o'clock in the evening, and took his (Clarke's) depositions in presence of the accused whom he identified. The prisoners were committed to take their trial at Virginia Petty Sessions on the 3rd of January, 1878, bail being refused. Assaults of this kind have become very numerous lately about the town of Virginia, but in every case Constable Young has succeeded in making arrests, and not only in making arrests, but also in fixing guilt upon the offenders



IMPORTANT TO TIMBER MERCHANTS. I have been instructed to



Situate about 1 mile from BAWNBOY.

The Wood contains 11 Irish Acres of Larch, Oak, Ash, Spruce, &c. Principal part of the Larch is suited for railway purposes. The whole is marked in sections.

Proposals will be received by subscriber up to January 10th, 1878, for any one or all the sections. Purchaser, on being declared the buyer, will require to pay a deposit of £100, with Commission at 5 per cent. The balance to be paid when in agreement with the usual conditions is drawn up by the Vendor's Solicitor. The Bailiff, Thomas JOHNSTON will show the wood.

Two years will be given for cutting and removing the timer.

For further particulars apply to

D. H. CRAWFORD, Auctioneer, and Valuator,


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