November 7, 1863

THE CHAIRMAN OF THE COUNTY CAVAN--Joshua CLARKE, Esq., Q.C., Chairman of this County, has within the last few days received a mark of legal distinction, which his acknowledged forensic ability justly entitled him to. At a meeting of the Benchers held on Monday, Joshua CLARKE, Esq., was appointed a member of that body, in the room of Theophilus JONES, Esq., resigned. Mr. Clarke, whose appointment has met with general approval, is one of the leading members of the Munster Circuit, and holds a position at the Bar, which fully entitled him to the honor which has been conferred upon him.


November 8, at 84, Stephen's-green, the wife of John ESMONDE, Esq., M.P., of a son.


November 3, at Kilcullen Church, Hans HENDRICK, Esq., Kerdifftowns, Naas, to Jane Harrietta, daughter of the late Robert BURROWES, Esq., Gillstown, county Kildare, and granddaughter of Sir Kildare BURROWES

November 4, in this town, by the Rev. J. M'ENROE, C.C., Mr. Sylvester WALLACE, to Susan, daughter of Mr. Philip BRADY, both of this town.


On the 1st instant, aged thirty years, in the Manse, Cavan, after a lingering illness, Mary Jane, the beloved wife of the Rev. James CARSON, deeply regretted by a large circle of friends and acquaintances.

"Her latter end was peace."

November 14, 1863

In the Landed Estates Court, Ireland


In the Estate of


THE Court having ordered a Sale of the Tenement and Park in the Town of Killeshandra, containing about 6 acres, Irish measure, in the Barony of Tullyhunco, and


All parties objecting to such Sale are hereby required to make notice of such order; And all persons having claims thereon may file such claims, duly verified with the Clerk of the Records.

Dated this 12th day of November, 1863.
R. DENNY URLIN, Examiner.
WILLIAM DALTON, Solicitor for Petitioner, having carriage of sale,
No. 11, Stephens Green, Dublin.


In the Matter of Charles August BAGOT, Petitioner;
Richard John HINDS, Respondent.
And Court of Chancery, Ireland, Regulation Act, 1850, sec. 15
  PURSUANT to an Order made in this Matter, bearing date the 8th September, 1863, I will, on Monday, the 30th day of November, 1863, at the hour of One o'Clock, in the afternoon, at my Chambers, Inns quay, in the City of Dublin, Set up to be Let for the terms of seven years, pending this Matter, from the 1st day of November, 1863, ALL THAT AND THOSE the Lands of Derrawkill, alias Deramfield, containing 84a. 3r. 31p. Irish plantation measure or thereabouts; also ALL THAT AND THOSE he Lands of Gobaran, alias Rhinn, containing 112a. 3r. 35p Irish plantation measure, situate in the Barony of Lower Loughtee, and County of Cavan.
  Dated this 9th day of November, 1863.



(Before Theophilus Thompson, Esq., J.P., Chairman; Wm. Babington, Esq., J.P.; and Wm. Smith, Esq., J.P.)


A road contractor, named LEE, summoned a man named BRADY, a tenant of James FAY, Esq., of Moynehall, for refusing to allow him to take gravel and stones from a quarry or sandpit on his land.

Mr. John Armstrong, solicitor, appeared on behalf of Mr. Fay, and contended that Lee had no authority whatever to take gravel f from the sandpit or quarry on the Moynehall property. Lee lived five miles from the place,and he could procure gravel much nearer to his residence if he chose to do so.

Mr. Smith remarked that it was customary for the sandpit at Moynehall to be used for public purposes by road contractors.

Lee said he got leave from a man named GULCHAN, the tenant previous to Brady, to raise gravel from the sandpit, and that Mr. Fay, also gave him permission to do so....

The Court, on consulting the act of parliament, found that a road contractor, in order to establish a legal right to use a sandpit or quarry in the manner sought, should first obtain an order from a magistrate, and Lee not having complied with the act of parliament in this respect his complaint was "nilled", but the Court gave Lee 10s. damages against Brady, for the loss he sustained in not getting gravel and stones from the sandpit.


A young man named John Reilly, summoned two boys named RAHILL and FLEMING for assaulting him, and breaking one of his arms.

Reilly proved that on the night of the 4th inst., he was trying to get into Mr. WALLACE's public-house when the defendants assaulted him; Rahill first struck him; Fleming tripped him up and lifted him off his feet, when on the ground he was kicked by both the defendants, and his arm broken........

Mr. Terence BRADY, deposed that he saw Reilly lying on the ground, and Rahill and Fleming kicking at him; considered Reilly drunk and the others sober.

Mr. Thompson--The evidence of the prosecutor has been corroborated by the testimony of a respectable young man, Mr. Brady. The accused are of that class of ruffians who frequently disturb the peace of the town. There can be no doubt that they are the parties who committed the assault with which they are charged. Rahill appears to have commenced the row, which was followed up by Fleming, who seems to have administered the kicks that broke the prosecutor's arm. The sentence of the Court is that Rahill be imprisoned for one month, and Fleming for two, with hard labour.

The Court then rose.


Nov. 11, at 40 Queen-street, Dublin, in the 75th year of her age, Mrs. Catherine FARRELL, late of Cavan.

THE FIFTH OF NOVEMBER--The anniversary of the discovery of the Gunpowder Plot and King William's arrival in England, which fell on Thursday, was not forgotten in Derry. According to custom an orange flag waved on the top of Nelson's pillar, and the Cathedral joy-bells tolled forth merry peals at intervals during the day.--SENTINEL


Judge DOBBS yesterday disposed of the following properties:--


Estate of J. M'DONNELL; J. CLOSE, petitioner.

Life estate of the owner, aged 50, in part of townland of Killyneal, containing 72a. 0r. 6p., held for the residue of 21 years from 1858. Messrs. J. M'DONNELL and George RENNY purchased for 250.

Mr. Thomas JOHNSTON, solicitor, had carriage of sale.

Estate of Allan ARMSTRONG, deceased, continued


in the name of S. C. ARMSTRONG, a Minor; his Guardian, petitioner.

Lot 1. Lands of Ardvarny, held in fee, containing 254a 2r 4p, statute measure; yearly rent, 102l. 9s. 6d; sold to Mr. E. ATHILL for 2,000l.

4. Lands of Ednagee, held in fee simple, containing 58a. 3r. 12p.; yearly rent, £33 4s 8d. Mr. B. MAGUIRE purchased for 920l. The other lots not sold.

Mr. Johnston TEVAN, solicitor, had the carriage of sale.


Estate of Patrick J. BLAKE, owner and petitioner.

Lot 1. Ballybrittas, Tullabane, Graigaverna, and both Ballyaddis, Queen's County, held in fee farm, containing 601a 2r 28p; annual profit rent, 120l 2s 1d. Mr. HOGAN purchased (in trust) for 3,550l.

Lot 2. House and premises, 30, North Great George's street, Dublin; lease for 885 years, from 1803; profit rent, 18l. 9s 2½d; sold to Mr. KELLY (in trust) for 310l.

Lot 3. House and premises, 26 Dame street, fee farm; yearly profit rent, 48l. 18s 6d. Same purchaser (in trust) for 710l.

Lot 4. No. 33, Hardwicke-street; lease for 994 years, from 1807; yearly profit rent, 24l. 1s., same purchaser (in trust for 160l.

Lot 5. Gort and Killaghan, county Roscommon, fee simple, containing 753a 2r 3p; yearly profit rent, 587 19s 4d. Mr. BLAKE purchased (in trust) for the owner for 12,250l.

Lot 6. Cronin, same county, fee simple, containing 201a 0r 21p; yearly profit rent, 79l 6s 4d. The same purchaser (in trust) for owner for 1,260.

Lot 7. Lisphelun and part of Cartron, same county, lease for lives renewable, containing 889a 1r 27p; yearly profit rent, 210l. 3s 3d. Same purchaser (in trust for owner) for 2,000.

Lot 8. Gortmulask, same county, and under lease mentioned in the last lot, containing 161a 0r 30p; yearly profit rent, 87l. 1s 9d. Same purchaser (in trust for the owner) for 1,720l.

Mr. Patrick J. BLAKE, solicitor, had carriage of sale.

The following sale took place on November 6, before Judge HARGREAVE:--


In the Matter of the Estate of Martha GWYNNE, a Minor; J. CONNOR and others, petitioners.

Parts of the lands of South Kildallen, situate in the barony of Tullyhunco, containing 108 statute acres. The life estate of the owner, now aged 42 years, in the above lands was sold to Mr. Robert JACKSON (in trust) at 350l., the net annual rent being 96l.; the Ordnance valuation, 76l.

Mr. John COWLEY, solicitor, had carriage of sale.

AGED BRIDE AND BRIDEGROOM--In the DUBLIN GAZETTE, 8th February, 1731, the following curious particulars are given:--"Yesterday morning the Rev. Mr. TAYLOR, Curate of St. Peters [Dublin], married, in that church, James THOMPSON, of Kevin's-street, shoemaker, and Agnes ROBERTS, of the same street; both their ages added together make above 176 years. The Bridegroom averred, and convinced by several good circumstances the minister, that he was 90 odd years of age, and the bride that she was above 86 years old; they said they were both married before; and the bride appealed to the whole street for the truth of her age, it being well known to them all that she had been a great-grandmother some years. The concourse on the occasion was so great that the church and churchyard could not contain the people; some pews were broke down, and a great number of persons hurt; the new married couple were obliged to be locked up in the vestry until three o'clock in the afternoon, when the mob dispersed." ABHABA.--Notes and Queries.

November 21, 1863

FIRING INTO A DWELLING--The dwelling-house of James WILSON, bailiff on the Knappa estate, in this county, was fired into between one and two o'clock on the morning of Tuesday last. Five panes of glass were broken, and several things knocked down from the wall in the room in which Wilson and his wife were in bid. The agent was to attend the next day to receive rent. Informations were sworn on Thursday by the bailiff, that he believed the shot was fired into his dwelling for the purpose of intimidating him in the performance of his duty. The informations have been lodged with Mr. FAUSSETT, sub-inspector.--ARMAGH GUARDIAN

LANDED ESTATES COURT--COUNTY CAVAN--In the matter of the estate of Richard PRATT, owner; William PRATT, petitioner. One divided eight part of the lands of Colps, situate in the barony of Clonkee, held under fee farm grant, containing 53 statute acres, and producing an annual profit rent of £35 14s. There being no offer, the sale was adjourned. Mr. Thomas JAMESON, solicitor.



Before Theophilus Thompson, Esq., J.P. (Chairman); William Babington, Esq., J.P., Captain Erskine, J.P., Charles Treston, Esq., J.P., and J. O. Tatlow, Esq., J.P.


Mr. LONSDALE, a butter buyer, from near Armagh, was summoned by Head Constable MOORE, inspector of weights and measures, for illegally deducting the price of 2lb. of butter from a man named BENNETT, contrary to the provisions of the act.....

Bennett deposed the Mr. Lonsdale purchased a firkin of butter from him at 3l. 3s., in the Cavan market, on the previous Tuesday; the firkin was put in the scale and weighed 75lbs; when he went to get paid Mr. Lonsdale offered him 3l., then 3l. 1s. and again 3l. 2s 6d.; told him he would not take less than 3l. 2s. 11½d., and demanded the crane note from Mr. Lonsdale.....

The complaint was "nilled" but we understand the Inspector of Weights and Measures will proceed for the alteration of the crane note.


Daniel LEDDY, a bailiff, summoned a man named Edward BRADY, who resided in the County Leitrim for an assault by attempting to strike him with a shovel.

Mr. TULLY, who appeared for the defendant, contended that the present Court had no jurisdiction, and that the case should be tried in the county were the defendant resided. The Court could find no clause in the Petty Sessions Act which precluded their trying the case, and accordingly overruled Mr. Tully's objection.

Leddy proved that he went to execute a barrister's decree against Brady; the decree was for his person, and when he attempted to arrest him, he raised a shovel, with which he made a blow at him.

Mr. TULLY submitted that the form of sheriff's warrant at the bottom of the decree was not in accordance with the form specified by law....Mr. Armstrong said it was not legally necessary that any specified number of bailiffs should be inserted in the warrant--there might be one or twelve............

Mr. Thompson to Leddy--Did you show Brady the decree.

Leddy--No, your Worship. I hadn't time to take the decree out of my pocket before Brady raised the shovel......

Mr. Thompson--You have no right to arrest a man without telling him, or showing your authority. In this case, it appears to the Court that you have not acted correctly, and we dismiss the complaint.


Head Constable MOORE charged a young boy named SMITH with striking a young man named Patrick BRADY with a stick, on the fair night.

Brady proved that on the fair night, when standing outside GALLIGAN's public house, when he received a blow of a stick from behind; could not say who struck him.

Head Constable Moore deposed that he was standing at the market-house when he hear the blow of a stick. Saw the prisoner run away and arrested him, assisted by Mr. John REILLY; on inquiry, he heard that Brady had received a blow of a stick; when arrested the prisoner had a stick in his hand.

The prisoner said he was drunk and did not know what he was doing. If he hit Brady it was out of no harm. The prisoner's master gave him a good character.

The Court fined Smith 2s 6d and costs.

The Court then rose.


(From Our Special Reporter)

(Before Judge Lynch)

In re John RONALDSON.--The Insolvent was a gentleman residing in Bailieboro, County of Cavan and the estate had paid 20s. in the pound. The matter had been before the Court for a considerable time.

Mr. KIERNAN, Q.C., now appeared on behalf of the Mr. CUMMIN, and stated that John RONALDSON was possessed of certain property in the County of Cavan, and amongst the rest certain lands called Lattycrossan. He became insolvent many years ago; but in 1834 he disposed of his lands and the surplus proceeds from the sale of the lands of Lattycrossan, about £700 was now claimed by his Client, Mr. CUMIN (sic). The debts had been all paid--20s. in the pound. Mr. Ronaldson made his will on the 1st of July, 1824, and by that will he bequeath certain chattels, which he was then possessed of to his then wife, and to her children, she being his second wife. He gave to the use of his wife and three children all the goods and chattels, to be divided amongst them, so long as the wife should remain unmarried, but if she married, the chattels should then go to the children, have and share alike. The will then went on to dispose of the lands of Lattycrossan, in precisely the same terms as the disposition of the chattels, and under the same conditions. At the time of Mr. Ronaldson's death, he left four children by the first wife, and three by the second, of the children of the first marriage, George Ronaldson was the eldest, heir at law, and grandfather of Mr. Cummin. He left his real estate undisbursed of, and under the circumstances, counsel submitted, there was a clear case of heirship at law established for Mr. Cummin.

Mr. GRAVES said he appeared for Mr. George TRAYNER, who was married to another sister of Mr. Cummin.

Mr. John M'NALLY's said he appeared for the assignees, but as they had paid 20s. in the pound, they had no interest, and consequently he only appeared "pro forma".

Mr. Graves said his client had been before the Court as an insolvent, arising out of this matter.

Mr. Traynor (illegible) the assignee of Mr. John Ronaldson, and it was through his exertions that the large fund of £600 now lay in the Landed Estates Court. Some years ago, Mr. Traynor was called for an account, he was found to be £300 or £400 short, and was made an insolvent of. The claim was pending since 1857, and the heir at law was willing that Mr. Traynor should not be pressed in the matter.

The Court decided that Mr. Cummin was entitled to the surplus.


Mr. Justice FITZGERALD sat this morning, at half past ten o'clock, to dispose of motions of course.


This was an action for an alleged assault and false imprisonment. Mr. M'MAHON, on behalf of the defendant, applied for liberty to plead double--first, a denial of the trespass, and secondly a justification of the act. Damages were laid at 500l..The circumstances of the case, as given in the defendant's affidavit, are as follows:--At about midday on the 12th July last, the plaintiff, Anne HUMPHRIES, was walking through the streets of Swanlinbar, County Cavan, having an orange lily in her breast, which he thought was calculated to create animosity between several of her Majesty's subjects, and a number of persons threatened her with actual violence. The defendant, who is Sub-Inspector of Constabulary, stated in his affidavit that he, with the view of protecting her from outrage, asked her to take the orange lily off her breast, which she refused to do, whereupon he, in order to preserve the public peace, which was then likely to be broken, and to protect her from violence, removed the emblem, and in so doing committed the assault, but he did so merely to preserve order, and to protect her from being half killed.

His Lordship inquired if that was a defence under some recent statute. Mr. M'Mahon replied that it was a defence under common law.

His Lordship asked what right had the defendant, at common law, to take an orange lily, or any other emblem from her. Mr. M'Mahon was of opinion that if the peace were about being broken, the defendant, as a public officer, would act as he had done.

His Lordship said he would allow the defendant to plead these defences, but it would be at his own peril.


The Judges have met, and returned to the Government the names of the gentlemen whom they recommend as High Sheriffs for 1864:--

CAVAN COUNTY--John Edward Vernon, Esq., Erne Hill, Belturbet; Richard Coote, Esq., Bellamont Forest, Cootehill; George de law Poer Beresford, Esq., Aubawn, Killeshandra.

FERMANAGH COUNTY--Viscount Crichton, Crom Castle, Newtownbutler; John Brady, Esq., Clones; Alexander W. Bailey, Esq., Mulladuff.

COUNTY LEITRIM--William R. La Touche, Esq., Bellevue, Delgany; Richard R. Peyton, Esq., Loughscur, Cashcarrigan; Arthur Loftus Tottenham, Esq., Glenfarm Hall, Enniskillen.

LONGFORD COUNTY--James Wilson, Esq., Longford-terrace, Monkstown; James W. Bond, Esq., Farra, Longford; John E. Thompson, Esq., Clonfin, Granard.

LOUTH COUNTY--St. Clair K. Mulholland, Esq., Mount Bagnel, Carlingford; E. Singleton, Esq., Belpatrick, Collon; Henry St. George Smith, Esq., Piperstown, Drogheda

MEATH COUNTY--The Hon. Jerico Preston, Gormanstown Castle, Gormanstown; William S. Garnett, Esq., Williamstown, Kells; Patrick J. Kearney, Esq., Milltown House, Clonmellon.

MONAGHAN COUNTY--Sir T. B. Lennard, Bart., Clones; Dacre Hamilton, Esq., Clones; William Francis De Vismo Kane, Esq., Drumcanleak, Monaghan.

ROSCOMMON COUNTY--Captain Thos. Goff, Oakport, Boyle; D. M. O'Conor, Esq., Clonalis, Castlerea; Captain R. Irwin, Rathmile, Tulsk.

WESTMEATH COUNTY--James A. Dease, Esq., Turbotstown, Coole; John Wilson, Esq., Donamonna House, Street; Hon. G. Mostyn, Rossmeads, Dilvin.

MURDER IN A CAB--The adjourned inquest on the bodies of Mrs. HUNT and her two children terminated on Tuesday evening. The jury gave the verdict that the deceased had died from the effects of Prussic acid, feloniously and maliciously administered to them by Samuel William HUNT, the husband and father, to deprive them of life.

November 28, 1863


SALE OF HOUSE PROPERTY IN CAVAN--Mr. George GRAHAM, sold by public auction in the Court house of this town, on Monday last, the interest of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur MAGUIRE in the lease of all that dwelling-house,and extensive premises, with garden attached, situate in the Main-street, in the town of Cavan, now occupied by Mr. James FAY, and in which he carries on business as cloth merchant and tobacco manufacturer; subject to a yearly rent of £4 12s 9d, and producing a clear yearly profit rent of £41 10s 4d. Mr. LEGHORA, of Clones, was declared the purchaser at £910. Mr. William MOORE, solicitor, Clones, had the carriage of the sale.

THE CONSTABULARY--Constable M'CARTHY, of the Stradone station, has been appointed Head Constable, and removed to Donegal.

ULSTER BANK--We understand that Mr. A. J. BURNSIDE is about being transferred from the Cootehill branch of the Ulster Bank to a more important appointment in the Dublin office of that establishment. Mr. BURNSIDE has already served in the several branches of Armagh, Londonderry, Cookstown, Donegal, and Portadown, as well as at the chief office, Belfast, in each of which situations he gained the good wishes of the customers of the establishment.



Magistrates present:--Theophilus Thompson, Esq., J.P. (Chairman); William Babington, J.P.; and Capt. Phillips, J.P.


Mr. Thomas LONSDALE, a butter buyer, residing convenient to Armagh, was charged by Head Constable MOORE, Inspector of Weights and Measures, for "that he on the 10th of November, at Cavan, did alter a certain crane ticket with intent to defraud one Joseph BENNETT, and the defendant then and there did use or was privy to the using of said altered crane note with intent to defraud the said Joseph BENNETT."

Counsellor HARRIS, of Armagh, and Mr. John ARMSTRONG, solicitor, appeared for Mr. Lonsdale.

Bennett's wife proved that the crane ticket now produced, was the one she got from Mr. REILLY, the weighmaster; gave the ticket to her husband who handed it to Mr. Lonsdale's clerk.........The court could see no necessity for producing evidence as to character, when it was admitted on all sides that Mr. Lonsdale was a very respectable man.

Mr. William HALLIGAN deposed that he was a farmer holding upwards of 100 acres; knew the Brothers Lonsdale to be very extensive butter merchants; the defendant, Thomas Lonsdale, he knew from his childhood; there was not a young man in the county Armagh bore a better character, and the nobility and gentry of the county would say the same for him.

The case here closed, and the Court retired to consider their decision. After some deliberation, they wished to have Mr. Reilly re-examined. In reply to the Chairman, Mr. Reilly said he could not swear beyond the best of his belief that the ticket had been tampered with. The Court again consulted, when the Chairman remarked that the case was clouded with a great deal of suspicion; but as they were bound to give the accused the benefit of any doubt they entertained, the Court were unanimous in dismissing the complaint.


A respectably attired young man, named Bernard REILLY, who had evidently but recently returned from America, charged a boy named BRADY with assaulting him.

Reilly deposed that on the evening of the 17th last, he went in company with some friends to Mr. Charles MAGUIRE's public house in Bridge street; when going up stairs his sister-in-law was roughly handled by some young men who were in the passage, when witness remonstrated with them about their conduct; in a short time after when coming down stairs witness received a blow on the head which broke his hat; there were three or four persons at the bottom of the stairs who made blows at him with sticks; when the parties were put out of the house, and taken into custody by the police; witness identified the prisoner, Brady, as one of the persons who struck him.

The witness, in answer to the prisoner, denied that he pulled him about or tore his shirt.

Mr. Thompson (to the prisoner)--Have you any of the persons who were with you at Maguire's here?

The prisoner said he did not know any of them.

Mr. Thompson--I don't believe you; but you would not bring them before the Court for fear they would be identified. There is no doubt that you have committed an unprovoked assault, and the sentence of the Court is that you be fined 1l. and 1l. compensation to the prosecutor, or one month's imprisonment with hard labour.

After disposing of a few trespass cases, the Court rose.


(Before the Hon. Judge Hargreave.)


In the matter of the estate of Alicia BELL, Owner and Petitioner.

Part of the lands of Ballinliss, situate in the Barony of Upper Orier, containing 246 acres, held in fee simple, and producing a net annual rental of 124l. 10s. Mr. WELDON bought this (in trust) at 3,250l. Messrs. WALLACE & Co., had the carriage of the sale.


In the matter of the estate of the Rev. Maurice M'KEY and others, owners and petitioners.

The townlands of Kilaneel and Kilancelbeg, held in fee simple, containing 219 statute acres; net yearly rent, 205l. 4s. 11d. Bought by Mr. B. WADDEL at 5,600l. Mr. OLDHAM had the carriage of the sale.


In the matter of the estate of Richard KELLETT, owner and petitioner.

Parts of the town and of Ballindrimna, held in fee farm, containing 121 statute acres; net profit rent 80l 13s. 8d. This was sold to Mr. F. KIERNAN at 3,510l. Mr. Thomas HINDS, solicitor, had the carriage of the sale.