Cavan Observer
Published in Cavan, county Cavan

October 2, 1858


The attention of the commercial classes in this country has been again directed to the feasibility of a railroad across the Continent of North America. The discovery of gold on the Pacific coast, the formation of the new colony of British Columbia, the almost certain abolition of the Hudson's Bay Company's exclusive privileges, and the enterprise of the people of Canada, are all circumstances which have a direct and powerful tendency to promote an undertaking which will permanently keep in the hands of England the most valuable carrying trade in the world.

On this subject a writer in a French journal recently remarked:--"England and the United States are both of them fully sensible that the time has arrived when the sceptre of the commercial world must be grasped and held by the hand of that power which shall be able to maintain the most certain and rapid communication between Europe and Asia..."

HORRIBLE DEATH.--A woman named WHELAN, a pauper inmate of the Roscrea Workhouse, when engaged attending to a boiler of water in that establishment on Saturday last, fell into the water when it was at boiling point, and was scalded to death. At a coroner's inquest subsequently held by T. O'MEARA, Esq., a verdict of accidental death was returned.

SUICIDE--In the forenoon of Friday, the 24th inst., an old woman named COULTER, residing at Woodburn, near Carrickfergus, committed suicide under the following conditions:--Her daughter, who works in Woodburn mill, left her in her usual health and spirits at ten o'clock on Friday morning, and when she came back to her dinner she found her suspended from a rafter of the house quite dead and cold. An inquest was held on the body on Saturday, before Mr. JACKSON, coroner, when a verdict of "suicide during temporary insanity" was returned. Nothing could be elicited to show why she committed the rash act.

THE MAGISTRACY.--The Lord Chancellor, on the recommendation of the Lord Lieutenant of the County, has been pleased to appoint John ROGERS, Esq., of Belturbet, to the commission of the peace for the county of Cavan. This appointment will give satisfaction to the public generally, and particularly throughout the extensive estates in this county which Mr. ROGERS so judiciously manages.

BRUTAL ASSAULT AND THREATENING NOTICE.--On Sunday night last, as Mr. William M'INDOE, steward and gardener to the Earl of Lanesborough, was proceeding from the lodge to his cottage (about fifty or sixty perches), three fellows, armed with bludgeons rushed out of the plantation, and attacked him in a most savage manner--inflicting very severe wounds on his head, arms, and hands. The coachman, who was going to bed at the time, heard the shouts of Mr. M'INDOE, and, raising his window, called out to know what was the matter. Upon this the fellows decamped, taking Mr. M'INDOE's hat, and he succeeded in wresting a stick from one of them. Next morning Lord Lanesborough received a threatening letter, through the Newtownbutler post office, demanding that Mr. M'INDOE should be discharged in a month, or the consequences would be worse. No reason can be assigned for this outrage, as Mr. M'INDOE bears a high character with the county people.

THE EARL OF ERNE.--This popular nobleman, accompanied by James RUTLEDGE, Esq., his lordship's agent, arrived at Gibbon's Hotel, Castlebar, on Monday last, and proceeded on the next morning to visit his tenantry in the neighbourhood.


GALWAY, WEDNESDAY--The Propeller (s.s.) Captain THATCHER, from St. Johns, Newfoundland, arrived at over six days, having left St. Johns on the night of the 22nd inst., and bringing news to that date, which is now on the way to Dublin--the passage from port to port being one hundred and fifty-five hours!!!


On the 29th ult., Elizabeth, wife of Adam PETTIGRUE, Esq., third daughter of the Rev. William HAMILTON, Ballina, and sister of H. J. HAMILTON, Esq., of the Provincial Bank, Cavan.

DEATH FROM DRUNKENNESS--On Wednesday last Mr. Thomas KERR, a publican, carrying on an extensive trade in the town of Keady, died from excessive drinking.--"Armagh Guardian."

THE LATE ACCIDENT ON THE LONDONDERRY AND ENNISKILLEN RAILWAY.--We are happy to learn that Fanny AIKEN, the little girl who was injured near Newtownstewart last week, is gradually recovering from the effects of the severe bruises which she received.--"Tyrone Constitution."

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