Published in Cavan, county Cavan
January 8, 1857


On the 21st ultimo, after a protracted illness, which she bore with Christian patience, and fortified by all the consolations of religion, Miss Susan M'CABE, niece of the Rev. Hugh DE LACY, P.P., Kiltinagh, and sister of Terence M'CABE, Esq., proprietor of the Carlisle Hotel, Dublin. She was kind to all, and benevolent to the poor ; and her worth was attested by her remains being attended to their last resting place by the gentry and people of the country, with 13 clergymen, and the Vicar-General of the Diocese. There were thirteen Masses, and a High Mass offered on the day of interment, for the repose of her soul. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord," "from henceforth saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours, for their works follow them." Requiescent in pace.


NOTICE is hereby given, that Rates have been duly made on the Property situated in the undermention Electoral Divisions of the above Union, rateable under the provisions of the Acts for the Relief of the Destitute Poor in Ireland.

The Rates for the ordinary Expenditures of the several Electoral Divisions, are as follows: --

Electoral Division Rate per Pound s d
Bailieborough 0 10
Carnagarve 0 8
Crossbane 1 4
Drumanespick 0 8
Enniskeen 0 10
Killenkere 0 10
Kingscourt 0 10
Lisagoan 1 0
Shercock 1 0
Skeagh 1 2
Taghart 0 8
Termon 1 0

The Rate Books are now in my custody, and may be inspected by any person affected thereby, at the Board-Room, in the Workhouse, on any day except Sunday, between the hours of 10 o'Clock in the forenoon and 4 o'Clock in the afternoon, and the said Rates will be payable from and after the publication of this Notice.

Signed this 5th day of January, 1857.


Clerk of the Union

January 15, 1857


At Warwick-terrace, Belgravia, the wife of John BRADY, Esq., M.P., prematurely, of a son, still-born.

DEATH FROM SUFFOCATION. -- An inquest was held on Thursday last, by William POLLOCK, Esq., one of the coroners for this county, on view of the body of Patrick DALTON, a Railway Constable at Cullaboy crossing, who was found dead in his sentry-box. It appeared from the evidence that, another constable, named M'CORMICK, seeing the box on fire shouted to him, who was inside, and, receiving no answer, he broke the door and found Dalton dead, as well as a dog, which he kept with him. The box was full of smoke, and it turned out that the deceased had brought some coals into it, to protect him against the severity of the weather, and these, in the closeness of the box, had generated the cause of his death. The jury found that the deceased died of suffocation, and they added, that it would be better if the railway regulations allowed to watchmen the use of fire. Dalton had been several years in the employment of the company and was always noted as a sober, steady man.

CAVAN TOWN COMMISSIONERS. -- A few of the members of this body assembled on Monday last, and met in the Bar room in the Courthouse. Dr. BABINGTON was in the chair, but owing to the number requisite to form a board not attending, they adjourned until Saturday next, to meet at one o'clock for the transaction of business. We have learned that some important business was to have come before the Commissioners relative to the town and Income Tax, and trust, therefore, that there will be a sufficient attendance upon Saturday to dispose of it. We shall give a report in our next issue of the proceedings.

January 22, 1857


On the 23rd ult., at the Cathedral, in the city of St. John, Antigua, by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of the diocese, William Mercer, Esq., to Mary Anne Haynes, eldest daughter of Mr. Edward Fegan, of Cavan.


On Tuesday, the 20th instant, at Killegary, near Cavan, Mr. Michael Olwill, an old and much esteemed inhabitant of this locality. To-day his remains were accompanied to Annageliffe by such a number from all parts as showed well the universal esteem in which he was held.

Jan 8, at Bracklow, in this county, Jane, eldest daughter of the late Captain Mark Kerr.

January 29, 1857


On Tuesday, the 27th instant, at Creehan, Cavan, in the 26th year of his age, the Rev. John Smith. Mr. Smith completed his studies in Maynooth at the end of the last ecclesiastical year, and was ordained at Pentecost for this diocese, but, owing to bad health he was unable to commence missionary duties. All who knew him were his admirers, for a heart more replete with charity or a character more marked for modesty never beat. He died as he lived, full of resignation to God's will ; and it will be permitted us to say, that he showed himself, during his short career, a good man, and one who, as a priest, would be zealous and useful.

To M-------E.
The golden beam of even' lay
Upon a lyre, amid whose strings
The fragrant breath of eve did stray,
In breezy wanderings '
Then woke a strain as sweetly rare
As Angel's whisper stirr'd the air !
My heart is that Aolian lyre,
And Love makes music of each sign,
That fans its chords with breath of fire,
Beneath thy kindly eye !
And if at times my numbers glow,
Oh, blame the found from which they flow.

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