Published in Cavan, county Cavan

April 2, 1857

DIED. At Newtownbutler, county Fermanagh, on Thursday, the 26th ult., Mr. James Gifford BROWN, Primitive Methodist Preacher, aged 62 years. He was a member of the Conference for nearly 40 years, and laboured faithfully in the Lord's vineyard, until he was compelled by ill-health and debility to relinquish his labour as a traveling preacher. He died in the enjoyment of a sure and certain hope of a resurrection to everlasting life through the merits of his Redeemer

April 16, 1857

DEATH. On the 11st inst., in the 56th year of his age, and the 30th of his ministry, after a few hours illness, brought on by apoplexy, the Rev. Thomas O'REILLY, P.P., of Mullagh. On the 13th the office of High Mass for the dead was celebrated, at which the Lord Bishop of Perth presided, assisted by priests from the neighbouring parishes. Immediately after the High Mass, the Very Rev. M. M'Quaid, P.P., of Bailieborough, ascended the altar, and, in a short by touching discourse, administered consolation to the surrounding flock, who were almost frantic with grief for the loss of their beloved pastor. Few, even amongst the Irish priests, had as great a hold on the affections of his parishioners as the deceased. The greater part of an active and energetic life was devoted to their service, and his untiring exertions to advance their spiritual and temporal welfare secured for him their unbounded gratitude and love. This was manifest from the loud cries that drowned the preachers voice, and the sad and bitter tears that flowed from thousands during the entire day. His remains were interred in the parish Chapel, amid the wailings and lamentations of those to whom he was endeared by the ties of priest, friend and father. May he rest in peace.

April 23, 1857

BELTURBET PETTY SESSIONS. These Sessions were held on Saturday last, and the magistrates presiding were: -- Captain PHILIPS (Chairman); John GUMLEY, T. F. KNIPE, and J. A. NESBITT, Esqrs.

CASE OF DRUNKENNESS. Sub-Constable Robert LUCY prosecuted P. CORRY for being drunk and disorderly in the streets of Belturbet. Corry's appearance at once depicted his character as being a drunkard. The case having been proved against the delinquent, the magistrates directed that he should pay a fine of 5s., or to be imprisoned for forty-eight hours.

ASSAULT. Thomas LEDDY prosecuted Francis MAGUIRE for an assault on the 8th instant. The assault arose out of the fact, that Maguire had trespassed upon the lands of Leddy ; and after it was heard the magistrates directed that the matter should be left to Mr. JOHNSTON, the agent over the property, for him to settle.

RIOTS IN BELTURBET. Sub-Inspector M'KINSTRY (M'KIUSTRY?), of Belturbet, addressed the Bench, and said that he had to tell their worships that a gross and wanton outrage took place in Belturbet the week previously, by a fellow who had been hired to ring out the names of certain voters who had voted for Hon. Col. MAXWELL, and Hon. Captain ANNESLEY, cautioning the public not to deal with them, owing to them having voted for the above-named gentlemen. He was not a position, at present, to bring the charge fully home to the guilty parties, but should their worships let the case stand over, until that day fortnight, he would then have the parties made amenable.

Captain PHILIPS -- We shall carry out the law against the parties. Exclusive dealing as a system which should be checked, and put an end to ; and whoever the parties were that were guilty of such base designs, he could designate them by no milder appellation, than saying that they were cowards in their hearts ; and more so, inasmuch as they engaged children to do what they themselves were afraid of doing.

Mr. M'KIUSTRY -- The law in such cases should be brought to bear upon characters of this kid, and he would do all in his power to have it fully vindicated.

Captain PHILIPS -- The act, as I said before was a most cowardly and dastardly one ; and, although the guilty parties may show a fair outside, yet they were nothing but cowards in their hearts. The case was consequently adjourned to that day fortnight.

STATE OF THE STREETS IN BELTURBET. J. A. Nesbitt, Esq., spoke of the state of the streets in Belturbet. The road-contractor, whoever he was, was putting in patch of stones here and there, whereas he should have the streets properly sheeted with stones. After the disposal of some petty ejectment and trespass cases, the Court adjourned.

Carrick-on-Shannon, Monday, April 20 -- Shortly after ten o'clock this morning the High Sheriff, Major W. R. Ormsby Gore, took his position at the Court-house, accompanied by Arthur Harrison, Esq., his deputy, and immediately after the respective candidates appeared on the hustings, viz., Hugh Lyons(?) Montgomery Esq., accompanied by Colonel (Grey?), G. R. Peton, Esq. ; W. Lawder, J. Kane, ? Peyton, J.R. Dixon, John Johnston, W. Beresford Burrowes, Alexander Pringle, Esqs, &c. Doctor John Brady, accompanied by Edward Maguire, Esq, J.P. P.P.?), barrister-at-law ; Very Rev. Dr. Dawson, ____ M'Mahon, barrister-at-law ; Rev. Peter Curran, J.P. (P.P.?), Ballinamore ; Rev. Thomas Fitzgerald, C.C., Carrick-on-Shannon ; James M'Loughlin, Esq., Whiterock, &c. Edward King Tenison, Esq., was accompanied by Captain G. W. White, Gortconlan, Dramsna(?) ; Charles Rolleston, Esq., Q.C. ; Hugh M'Dermott, Edward Jones, W. A. Lawder, J. Johnston, ? O'Donnell, and J. Reilly, Esqrs.

The Sheriff having read the writ of election, called upon any elector to propose a candidate or candidates to represent the county of Leitrim in the Imperial Parliament, and at the same time expressed a hope that every person who had a candidate to propose or second would receive a fair and patient hearing.

At this time the Court-house was densely thronged in every part, when

Colonel Storey presented himself, and in a brief address proposed Hugh Lyons Montgomery, Esq., as a fit and proper person to represent the independent electors of the county of Leitrim in the Imperial parliament of Great Britain and Ireland.

Robert Reyton, Esq., Drinagh House, Castleraghan, seconded his nomination.

Edward Maguire, Esq., J.P., barrister-at-law, of Swanlinbar, proposed Dr. John Brady, the late representative for the county of Leitrim, as a fit and proper person to again represent it in the Commons House of Parliament (cheers).

The Very Rev. Dr. Dawson, P.P., Carrick-on-Shannon, in seconding the nomination of Dr. Brady, said Mr. Tenison wrote to the Right Rev. Dr. Kilduff eliciting him to support him at the present election.

Magistrates presiding - Wm. Babington, and Wm. N. Nickson, R.M., Esqrs.

John REA claimed 8s. of Income-Tax from Pat Smith.

Constable M'ELNAY prosecuted Patrick LYNCH for drunkenness.

Lynch pleaded the commisseration(sic) of the Bench, promising that he would not again be found guilty of an infringement of the law. On this ground the Court acceded to his request.

Jane REILLY summoned John SMITH for compelling her to do some work in his service, by making her carry heavy creels of turf on her back.

Smith -- Your Worships, I only required her to do what I had often done myself.

The Bench -- But you are doing more than that -- you are making her do the work of an ass -- in fact she appears to be a regular "beast of burden" for you.

Mr. Smith -- I don't want her to do anything that I would not expect another servant to do.

The Bench -- Let the girl go back and put in her service with you ; but if she summon you, we will certainly punish you for any inhumanity you may exercise towards her.

Ann MULLIGAN summoned Thomas CRAWFORD for wages, which were due and owing to her.

This case was one which created much laughter in Court, owing to the humorousness of the prosecutrix. The defendant stated that he had repeatedly found eggs in her possession, which were his property. The defendant also stated that he had been cautioned to watch her, on the ground that he had understood she was "light-fingered."

Mr. FINLAY, of the workhouse, corroborated the fact of the complainant being "light-fingered." The Bench allowed the prosecutrix only half of what she claimed -- 3s.

Mathew TULLY, Esq., complained that the cattle of A. SMITH trespassed on his meadow. The wife of Smith paid the costs of the Court, with a caution that if the trespass were repeated, she would be fined the full amount.

James GILCHRIST summoned James BURROWS for not performing his duties as a servant. Burrowes was directed to go back, and put in his specified time, or undergo a month's imprisonment. Burrowes preferred the former course, rather than be in the "stone gug" for four weeks.

Constable Thomas HUESTON prosecuted Henry M'NALLY for being drunk and disorderly in Ballyhaise on Saturday eight-days.

Fined 1s 6d and costs.

The Constabulary of Stradone also had several parties summoned for like offences, and convictions were obtained in every instance.

Mr. FINLAY, the efficient Porter of the Workhouse, prosecuted a man named GARRETT, for having his wife and four children in the Workhouse, and also for using abusive and insulting language to Mr. P. BRADY, a Poor Law Guardian.

The Bench decided that Garrett's earnings would not be sufficient to more than support himself, and recommended the Workhouse still to be the receptacle for the wife and children, as if they were now taken from it they would only become street pests. It, at the same time cautioned Garrett against using insolent language towards any respectable man in public society.

After a few other unimportant cases were disposed of, the Bench rose to meet again upon that day fort-night.


Capt. PHILLIPS, in the Chair:

Other Guardians present -- Messrs. D. F. JONES, J. ROGERS, Wm. ROGERS, James KILROY, Thomas SMITH, John LYONS, B. GAFFNEY, John PRATT, Hugh BRADY, and Robert FEGAN.

The Clerk submitted lists of the rates apportioned upon each electoral division, which appeared to give perfect satisfaction to all present.

The minutes of last meeting were read, but nothing of importance arose out of them.

The report of the medical officer was then read, which was of a most satisfactory nature.

The admission of paupers then took place, after which the Board adjourned. State of the Workhouse, ending Saturday, April 18


Collected and lodged during the week,          
Paid during the week   £37 14   0
Balance in favor of the union   £25 18   7
Cost of provisions consumed   £31 9   3
General average cost   £0 1   0 1/4
Ditto, in infirmary   £0 2   2 1/2
Ditto, in fever hospital   £0 3   2 1/4
Average cost of a healthy pauper   £0 1   8


Remaining last week   277
Born   0
Admitted last week   22
Discharged   22
Died   2

Total Remaining   275

April 30, 1857

On the 15th instant, in Knockbride Church, by the Rev. J. R. POPHAM, Mr. W. WHITE, of Kiffa House, to Elizabeth, second daughter of Mr. William MAHAFFY, Arnmore, Knockbride.

On Saturday, the 26th instant, after a long illness of consumption, Mr. M. GLEESON, of the Kilnaleck Constabulary, expired in perfect resignation to the will of his Divine Master. The deceased was a native of the county Tipperary, and served in this county for the last four years. {He was of] very temperate habits and exemplary morality. His remains were interred on Tuesday in Crosserlough, and followed to the grave by a large number of persons from the town and adjacent localities ; also by M. C. ELRINGTON, Esq., the officer of the district, and most of the men under his command.

On Sunday, the 10th instant, at the house of E. Maralde(?), Esq., R.E. department, Dundalk, of water on the brain, Rebecca, only child of Mr. Samuel GAMBLE, merchant, Enniskillen, aged seven years.

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