Published in Cavan, county Cavan
November 6, 1856


From One Shilling and Upwards.

J. SCANLAN, Photographic Artist, late of the City of St. Louis, U.S., wishes respectfully to inform the Inhabitants of the Town of Cavan that he has taken Apartments for a short time,


where he is prepared


In the above line, of all those who may favour hm with a call, at the shortest notice.

Portraits taken in cloudy as well as in fair weather.

Cavan, November 5, 1856.


At Santa Cruz, of typhus fever, in the 22nd year of his age, Francis MELVILLE WHYTE KNIPE, sixth surviving son of George Marshall KNIPE, Esq., of Erne Hill, in the county of Cavan.

On Tuesday, the 4th inst., at Stradone, aged 75 years, Mr. Philip FARRELLY, of Killameehan, deservedly regretted by a large number of friends and acquaintances.

November 13, 1856

On Saturday last a deputation, consisting of Captains ROBINSON and EDWARDS, JAMES KERR, and PATK. DUFF, Esqrs., all of the late Cavan Militia, waited on Mr. PATRICK CAFFREY, of this town and presented him with a Silver Teapot, of massive materials, richly chased, and the design all together reflecting great credit on Mr. WEST of College Green, Dublin, in whose premises it was conceived and executed. The teapot has engraved upon I the following inscription – “Presented by Lieutenant-Colonel the Earl of BECTIVE, and the Officers of the 101st or Cavan Regiment of Militia, to MR. PATRICK CAFFREY, in grateful rememberance (sic) of his disinterested assistance during the embodiment of the regiment in 1855 and 1856.” The gift surely exhibited on the part of the donors that they were possessed with feelings of gratitude; for the period when Mr. CAFFREY’s assistance to them could be effective, has passed away, and there is, therefore, nothing the recollection of the past, for which to do him honour. The practical recognition of services, previously rendered, and the continuance of which is neither called for nor possible, is gratitude indeed: and they, who evince it, by the very fact entitle themselves to be looked on as men, inspired with one of the noblest feelings which dignify our nature. Hence it is that all the praise, which can be bestowed upon them for their truly magnificent present and the still more generous feelings which inspired it, is nothing more than what is due to them: but we must add that it comes most worthily from them that they have paid such a tribute to Mr. CAFFREY’s deservings. Everyone of us is aware of the exertions of that gentleman in the matter of the embodiment and sustaining of the Cavan Militia; from first to last, he was identified with the corps in heart and soul, as his acts abundantly testified. He interested himself in their origin, in the fullness of their strength; and , when they were being disbanded, as is known, the conception, the providing, and the success of the most respectable banquet, at which they were entertained, were almost entirely, owing to him. “Disinterested,” indeed, was his assistance; he had nothing to gain by the Cavan Militia, nothing in wealth, nothing in honour, for he was already rich in the approbation of all, without exception, to whom he was known. A true cosmopolitan in kindness Mr. CAFFREY has always proved himself; from the highest to the lowest in the county with whom his business or the promptings of his heart brought him in connection, he mixed himself up with the concerns of them all, participating, as if he were a real sharer in it, in the gladness, which he was a great means of bringing about, and assuaging, as far he could, the sorrows which he could not entirely dispel. If all, who have had experience of Mr. CAFFREY’s undeviating rectitude and kindness, were to pay him, in word or act, a tribute of it, there is hardly an individual in the county, from whom he could not produce a testimonial. In full sincerity we wish Mr. CAFFREY to be the recipient of many such marks of esteem as that of Saturday last, and that he may live long and happily to enjoy them all.

SUICIDE BY DROWNING. – An inquest was held this day by William POLLOCK, Esq., and an intelligent jury, on view of the body of Eliza HALL, whose death resulted in the following circumstances: - It appears that deceased who was aged 45 or thereabouts, and was from Fivemiletown, in the County Fermanagh, had been residing some time with her brother-in-law, Mr. Charles KENNY, of Tullylough, beside this town. Latterly she was under the care of Dr. ROE, for a disease of the liver, but, during the past month, she refused to take the medicine prescribed for her, and seemed very depressed. On Tuesday last, about 12 o’clock, she went out, as if to walk in the fields, having first asked her sister if her boots would keep out the damp. She had been out for some hours, when the sister, becoming uneasy, went to look for her; one of the servant-men was then sent out to look for her, and he discovered her lying on her face in a boghole at the foot of the hill, in three feet of water, and quite dead. Her boots, shawl and bonnet were got lying on the bank. The jury, after hearing the evidence brought in their verdict – “Drowned herself, while labouring under a fit of temporary in sanity.”

HIGH SHERIFFS FOR 1857. – Theophilus CLEMENTS, of Rakenny, James Arthur DEASE, of Turbotstown, and David FIELDING JONES, of Hallows, Esqrs., are returned by the judges to the Lord Lieutenant, as the persons, from whom to select one, to serve as High Sheriff in the coming year. Amongst others we see that Edward MAGUIRE, Esq, of Gortoral House, Swanlinbar, is returned for Leitrim; and Matthew O’REILLY DEASE, Esq., for Lough.

MASTERS AND SERVANTS. – This day was hiring day for the winter and spring half-year, in Cavan, and the streets were crowded with employers and persons seeking to be employed. Servants are asking and getting fully double as much wages as they could obtain two years ago.


On the 9th inst., at 46, Upper Dominick-street, Dublin, the wife of Michael PLUNKETT, Esq., of a son.

November 7, the wife of Francis M’CABE, Esq., of this town, of a son.


In Maynooth, Thomas CARR, Esq., late of Maynooth College to Catherine, relict of Thomas MAGEE, Esq., Leinster Arms Hotel, Maynooth.


On the 3rd instant, at Paris, Elizabeth, second daugaher of the Right Hon. and Very Rev. Lord Fitzgerald and Vesey, Dean of Kilmore.

November 3, at the residence of his father, in Swanlinbar, Mr. George WILLIS, 36, Bride Street, in the city of Dublin.

On the 10th inst., at Swellan, in the 23rd year of her age, Eliza, second daughter of Robert FEGAN, Esq. The universal closing of windows through Cavan in the Interval between Miss Fegan’s decease and interment –a fact not common where the deceased was resident outside the town – gives proof abundant of the esteem in which she was held.

November 20, 1856

GAME CERTIFICATES. A List of Persons to whom Certificates to kill Game have been granted, in Drogheda Collection, for the year ending 5th July, 1856. (Includes list Game Keepers as well - ed.)

THE CONSTABULARY. - Head-Constable, Mr. John STEWART, is about to retire, after upwards of twenty-five years' service, the last five of which he has been stationed at Baillieborough, in this county. He leaves that town deeply regretted by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance; to the highest moral character and gentlemanly bearing to all, he united the most untiring zeal in the faithful discharge of his official duties - thus securing the respect and esteem of all capable of appreciating real merit. He retires on a handsome pension.

DEATH OF THE REV. JAMES BRADY, P.P. - It is with sorrow we announce the death of the Rev. James BRADY, for many years P.P. of Denn, in this county, and previously C.C. in this town. The health of the rev. gentleman had been failing for a long time, and he went to Dublin some months ago, and stopped at the hotel of Mr. FEGAN, in High-street, until Monday last, when he died. On Tuesday an inquest was held on the body, at the special instance of Mr. Fegan, and after the examination of several witnesses and a post mortem examination, the jury bought in a verdict that the deceased died, as the Dr. expressed it, from rupture of the aorta and consequent effusion of blood into the pericardium.

COURSING APPOINTMENT. - The Westmeath hounds meet in November. Tuesday, 18th, at Crooked Wood Friday, 21st, Middleton Park, Tuesday, 25th, at Killynon Gate, Friday, 28th, at Newcastle; always at eleven o'clock.

FATAL RAILWAY ACCIDENT. - We regret having to state that an accident occurred on Saturday evening last, on the Cavan Branch of the Midland Great Western Railway, which terminated in the death of a man. It appears that, as the six o'clock. p.m., up train from Cavan was leaving the station at Float Road, and had got on some forty perches from it, four men were walking on the line, and along the rails upon which the carriages were proceeding, there being but one set laid down. Three of them left, when they heard the noise; but one, whether overcome by terror, or being under the influence of whiskey, was not so fortunate. He was knocked down, and the wheels passed over his legs at the knees, and over one of his arms, at the wrist; and he expired after a few convulsive breathings. No blame attaches to the engine-driver; the train was not going at even ordinary speed, being only at so short a distance from the station. An inquest was held on the remains on Monday, and such a verdict, as the facts would suggest, returned.

November 27, 1856


On the 21st inst., in Bridge Street, Cavan, the wife of Mr. Charles MAGUIRE, senior, of a son.


On Tuesday, the 25th instant, in Cavan, in the 66th year of her age, Dorothy, relict of the late Mr. Patrick GALLAGHER, of this town, and mother of the late worthy P.P. of Killesher, in the diocese of Kilmore. Mrs. Gallagher's life was marked by its practical exhibition of many virtues, pre-eminent above all of which was her wonderful charity to the poor, who always found in her a ready and increasing benefactress. Of a truth, all to whom simplicity of manners, unostentatious piety, benevolence of heart, and entire uprightness of life would commend themselves, admired her when living, and mourn her loss now that she is no more.

On same day, at Cavan, James, only surviving son of Mr. James SMITH, Inn-keeper.

November 21, at Upper Pembroke Street, aged 85 years, Mrs. WHITTELL, sister of the late James SANDERSON, Esq., of Clover Hill, in this county.

At Bracklow, in this county, Hugh, fifth son of the late Captain Mark KERR, of the Royal Longford Militia.

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