Published in Cavan, county Cavan
March 6, 1856


On Friday, February 29th, at Erskine Terrace, ___?, Maria, the beloved wife of William SMITH, Esq., J.P., aged 47 years.

On Monday, March 3, Mr. James M'GAURAN, proprietor of the Globe Hotel, Cavan, aged 63 years. Many knew the deceased and all respected him. Poor James M'Gauran he had few equals and no superiors.

On same day, at Kendue Cottage, Cavan, aged 62 years, Mr. Peter O'REILLY, father of James O'Reilly, Esq., of the Journal. He followed Mr. M'Gauran, his friend and acquaintance of forty yars standing, in a few hours, and left ___? Nearly altogether deprived of every relic of its old street (?).

On the 29th February, at her residence in Ashfield, ___? Relict of the late Mr. Robert Graham, in the full and ___? Hope of a resurrection to eternal life, aged 68 years.

March 1, at Eccles Street, Dublin, aged 72, A___? Deane, Esq., formerly Captain in the 96th Regiment, son of the late Colonel Deane, of TTorenure, co Dublin, and of ___ Forest, county Wexford.

March 13, 1856


On the 8th instant, the wife of Philip SMITH, Esq., of Artins, of a daughter.


March 10, in Castlebar, the Hon. Frederick CAVENDISH, son of the Right Hon. Sir Henry Cavendish and Sarah, Baroness of Waterpark. He was in the 79th year of his age.



At Cavan, on the 3rd instant, in the 63rd year of his age, Mr. James McGAURAN, a devoted and affectionate husband and father, and a sincerely attached friend, whom no ignoble impulses attended while living, and in whose bosom, when the test was applied, no guile was found. Bidding his family farewell with Christian fortitude, he calmly resigned his spirit to that God who gave it; fully nerved for the conflict, he fearlessly encountered his last energy, and, conquering, expired. Faith and Hope illuminating his pathway through the dark portals of Death, and the Grave, and pointing him to a home beyond the Sky, he bequeathed to his mourning family, who encircled his bed, a sad and deep affliction in the contemplation of his loss, but a rich consolation in the memory and imitation of his virtues. To his family and friends his death is a pain which the chastening comforts of religion alone can render endurable. As soon as his death became known every shop in the town was instantly closed, business was suspended, and grief was depleted in the countenance of all the inhabitants. Mourning was not confined to class or sect - it overleaped the barrier of creed. At ten o'clock High Mass was chaunted (sic) in the Cathedral by the Reverend Patrick MAGINNESS; his Lordship, the Right Rev. Dr. BROWNE, presided, attended by more than twenty of his Priests. At two the melancholy cortege proceeded from the house of the lamented deceased - composed, as it was, of all religious sects - bearing testimony how much all parties deplored his loss and appreciated his worth. The Town Commissioners, as a mark of respect, walked two and two after the coffin, followed by all the inhabitants of the town. The tears of a sorrowing people will bedew his hearse - the sighs of all the recipients of his charity will embalm his corpse, and the prayer of the poor, the widow and the orphan, will waft his pure spirit to the Throne of the Divine Master, whom, living, he served so faithfully and so long. At the entrance to the Cathedral the mournful procession was met by the Bishop and Priests; the "Misarere" was recited, the "De Profundus," that awe inspiring hymn, was pronounced. The Dies Irae was sung in sad, deep, harmonious tones. This is one of the grandest productions of the middles ages, rendered impressive and terrible in its sublime and profound conception; all that the genius of Italy was able to produce by the aid of harmony was put into requisition to adapt the most sublime and touching strains to this awful poem. The Right Rev. Dr. Browne ascended the altar and pronounced the Funeral Oration in one of the most sublime and eloquent discourses I ever heard, and his Lordship was listened to with the most profound attention. When he adverted to the virtues of the deceased, his bland and engaging manners, his affability of disposition in happy coalition with a stern honesty of purpose, the entire congregation was moved to tears. After the conclusion of his Lordship's beautiful discourse, the procession re-formed, and the mortal remains of James M'Gauran were consigned to their last resting place, in the family vault in the Chapel Yard, amidst the lamentations of thousands, the Venerated and Venerable Bishop and Priests offering up their prayers to the Throne of God, begging of the Saviour of the World to have Mercy upon his Soul. May the virtues and goodness of his life be requited by the bliss of that better world to which his soul has ascended, and may his memory be ever cherished.

March 27, 1856


In Belfast, a few days since, Mr. John HAY, to Anna Maria, youngest daughter of the later Mr. Robert BROWNLOW, Lisdarn, near this town.


March 14, in Enniskillen, sincerely regretted by all classes, after a protracted illness of many years, Mr. Jas. INGOLDSBY, aged 28 years, son of our respected townsman, Mr. Terence Ingoldsby, Merchant.

March 17, aged 32, David, youngest son of the later Mr. David BROWN of Latt, near Cavan. His unassuming, generous disposition endeared him to all who knew him; his acts of kindness will be long remembered by many of the poor who mourn his death.



A list of Applications received by the Clerk of the Peace from Persons seeking EXCISE LICENSES ...

No. Name Residence Barony
1 Fry, Henry Conclavid Clonmahon
2 Farrelly, Owen    
3 Queale, Charles Cavan Upper Loughtree
4 Smith, Peter Do. Do.
5 Smith, John Main-street, Cavan Do


No Name Residence Parish Barony
1 Dickson, William Cootehill Drumgoon Tullygarvey
2 Reilly, Michael Market-Square Baillieborough Clonkee


No Name Residence Parish Barony
1 Bell, Robert Belturbet Annagh Lower Loughtee

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