Published in Cavan, county Cavan
June 5, 1856


Mary 20, at Cootehill, the wife of James SHARPE, Esq., M.D., of a daughter.


At Philadelphia, on Wednesday, April 30, by the Rev. W. COOLEY, Mr. James A. PORTENS, of New York, to Anne, eldest daughter of the late Louis ATKINSON, Esq., of Ballymount, county Mayo.


May 28, aged sixteen years, Christina Henrietta, third daughter of James BENSON?, Esq. of - (rest is illegible on photocopy.)

June 12, 1856

A frightful accident occurred on Friday evening last. Mr. John BROWN, farmer, having been crushed to death on the railway, whilst turning his cows across the line from water between Carrick and Fiddown. The poor man being deaf and feeble did not hear the whistle, and the train passed over his body, almost separating his head and arms from the trunk and causing instantaneous death. A coroner's inquest commenced on Saturday, and was resume on Monday - verdict recording. A watchman was previously removed.





In the Matter of the ESTATE OF WILLIAM BLACHFORD and CHARLES HAMILTON, Surviving Executors of JOHN BLANCHFORD, Deceased.


Ex Parte



THE COMMISSIONERS having ordered a Sale of the LANDS of Slieverussell, otherwise the Ballyconnell Mountain, otherwise the Commons and Porturlin, situate in the Barony of Tullyhaw, and


All parties objecting to a Sale of the said Lands, or having claims thereon, are hereby required to take Notice of such order.

Dated this 4th day of June, 1856.

HENRY CAREY, Secretary (Seal)

Messrs. RICHARD MEADE and Son, Solicitors,

No. 8 Kildare-street, Dublin

MELANCHOLY ACCIDENT. - An event of most melancholy character occurred last week at Belturbet by which a young boy named KELAHER lost his life. He was fishing in the River Erne, and, having had a 'rise,' drew back for the purpose of securing the fish, when he fell into a hold that was on the other side of the bank or ledge on which he stood. His father rushed in to rescue him, but failed in this, and must have been drowned himself but for the gallantry of a Sub-constable of the Revenue Police, who plunged in to his aid. The boy's mother had a short time before risen from a bed of sickness, and has been, we learn, since the loss of her son, little, if anything at all, removed from a state of mental aberration.

CAVAN GIRLS, LOOK OUT. - An advertisement which appears in another part of this day's impression, makes it know that any Cavan labouring man, between fifteen and thirty years of age, who marries a Meath or Longford girl, aged from fifteen to forty, whose father belongs to the labouring class, can claim £6 6s., and will receive it on producing the requisite certificate. Here is an actual premium for marrying out of the county, and with such a temptation against them, our own girls must ply all their charms, or the Midians and Longfordians will rob them of their sweethearts. Look sharp, girls, look sharp; the fortresses, which you would command, are in danger of capitulation.

GREAT MEETING AT 'GREERSTOWN,' COUNTY LONDONDERRY. - A demonstration on a very extensive scale, in favour of Tenant Right, took place on Monday week, at the above place, about three miles from Londonderry. S. M. GREER, Esq., barrister at law, having recently purchased the Townland of Cloughore in the Incumbered Estates Court, and having granted perpetuity titles at low rents to the occupying tenants, the latter determined to celebrate the event, by presenting their spirited landlord with a suitable address and to Inaugurate, by a public meeting, the new name of the district, which is henceforth to be called 'Greerstown.' - Northern Whig

SPURIOUS HALF CROWNS. - It is to be stated that counterfeit half crowns are being circulated at present to a considerable extent in town. They are rather difficult of detection, as they ring like the genuine article, but they may be known by the largeness of the letters stamped upon them. - Belfast NewsLetter .

SHOCKING CASE OF INFANTICIDE. - On Thursday last an inquest was held in Ballycross, near Banbridge, before Dr. TYRRELL, coroner, on the body of a female infant, which was discovered in a well by some of the local Constabulary. The body was wrapped in a piece of calico, tied firmly round with cord, and the throat was cut by a sharp instrument. Reports had been circulated that a young woman named Margaret M'KEON, the daughter of a weaver, had given birth to a child, which was supposed to have been made away with - no doubt of her recent accouchement. Evidence having been given to lead the Jury to believe, that the unfortunate woman had destroyed her offspring, they returned a verdict of 'Infanticide' against her, and she was committed, under a coroner's warrant, to the county gaol.


June 4, at Hothfield, Kent, by the Rev. E. MOORE, Captain Thomas LESLIE, son of the late Bishop of Kilmore, to Annie, only daughter of Sir Edward HOARE, of Little Hothfield, Kent.

On the 4th instant, at Booterstown Church, by the Rev. Henry STEWART, Captain St. George M. NUGENT, 96th Regiment, second son of the late E. C. Nugent, Esq., Bobsgrove, county Cavan, to Emily Frances, daughter of Edward LITTON, Esq., late M.P. for the borough of Coleraine.




Pursuant to Decree, bearing date 8th November, 1855

The Right Honourable the Attorney-General,

at the relation of the Reverend James W. Charlton, and others,


The Charitable Trustees of the Estates of THOMAS CHARLETON, Esquire,

Deceased, and others,


WHEREAS the late Thomas CHARLETON, being seized and possessed of certain Estates situate in the Counties of Meath and Longford, by his Will, bearing date the 28th day of August 1792, bequeathed said Estates to form a MARRIAGE PORTION FUND OF SIX POUNDS SIX SHILLINGS (present currency) to any Day Labourer's Son of said, or other adjacent Counties, in case no residents were to be found in the said Counties of Meath and Longford, being such before and at the time of marriage, from fifteen to thirty years of age, who should marry with consent of her parents any Day Labourer's Daughter of said Counties, from fifteen to forty years of age, producing a certificate of such marriage, solemnized in presence of, and signed by the Minister and Church Wardens of the Parish where said girl lives, to their personal knowledge, or best information of reputable neighbours to the girls parents. Provided that no Day Labourer's family have more than one daughter portioned by the Fund until all the Day Labourers' families in said Counties of Meath and Longford should be first once served; and which said Will was duly confirmed and established by Act of Parliament, passed in the 40th year of the reign of Geo. III, sec. 35, in pursuance of which the said funds were for some years distributed; but abuses have arisen in the management thereof, an information was filed in the High Court of Chancery in Ireland, in the month of March, 1834, for the purpose of having a Receiver appointed, and said property and funds duly administered under the order and directions of said Court, since when, after payment of all claimants who appeared in said Counties of Meath and Longford, there has been a considerable accumulation of said Funds; and this Cause having been set down to be heard before the Right Honourable the Lord High Chancellor of Ireland, for further directions as to the distribution and future management of the said surplus and accruing funds, having regard to the said will and Act of Parliament, and the Report of Master Murphy, dated 10th July, 1855, his Lordship was pleased to Order, that until further order, the said Bounty, or Marriage Portion Fund of Six Pounds Six Shillings, after providing for all duly qualified Claimants in the said Counties of Meath and Longford, should be extended to Mail Claimants, sons of Resident Day Labourers of the Counties of Cavan, Monaghan, Louth, Dublin, Kildare, King's County and Westmeath, as being adjacent to the said County of Meath, and to the said Counties of Cavan, Westmeath, Roscommon, and Leitrim, as being adjacent to the County of Longford, who should intermarry with the daughters of Resident Day Labourers of the said Counties of Meath and Longford, subject to the restrictions of the Will, and Act of Parliament, and his Lordship was also pleased to approve of an amended form of Certificate (and which is set out in said decree) to be used in the future distribution and management of said Charitable Funds, and to order that a Notice embodying extracts from the Will and Act of Parliament, and of said Decree, should be printed and circulated in the Counties to which said Bounty is extended, and also inserted in the Newspapers published in said Counties, in pursuance of which direction this Notice is given to the Sons of Resident Day Labourers of the foregoing Counties, who may become Claimants for said Bounty by intermarrying with duly qualified Day Labourers' Daughters, of either of said Counties of Meath or Longford; and they are also informed that they must obtain a Certificate from a Magistrate of the County, or the Minister of the Parish, wherein such Claimant's Father resides, as to his age, residence, and business in life, which certificate is to be forwarded to the Minister of the Parish where the Girl resides, and after the Marriage Ceremony, to be then sent forward, with the Certificate of Marriage, on which the Bounty is claimed to


14, Fitzwilliam Square, East, Dublin.

June 19, 1856


On yesterday, at Carr Hill Crossdoney, Charlotte, eldest daughter of J. H. FARIS, Esq., aged seven years.


On the 12th instant, the Rev. Walter CONYNGHAM PEYTON, Incumbent of Billis, in this county, to Margaret, fourth daughter of the Rev. James M'CREIGHT, Rector of Keady.

June 26, 1856

SUDDEN DEATH. - We regret having to announce the sudden demise on Monday last, of the Rev. Philip SMYTH, C.C., of Castletara, in this county. Mr. Smyth had been somewhat affected in his health of late, but was not worse than usual a few hours before his decease. He had taken some medicine on that day, drank some cold water afterwards, was suddenly taken ill and expired in a short time, the last rites of his church having first been administered to him. - We believe that he was affected with a disease of the heart and that there was a tendency to a flow of blood to the head, from one or other of which causes, or both combined, he died in the very flower of his age. A large and sorrowing procession of most respectable persons accompained (sic) his remains on yesterday to the family burial ground in Kille.

VISITATIONS. - The Lord Bishop of this diocese will hold his visitation for Kilmore, in Cavan, on the 31st July, for Ardagh, in Longford, on the 1st of August, and in Elphin, for Elphin, on the 2d of the same month.

DEPUTY LIEUTENANCY. - The Lord Lieutenant has been pleased, on the recommendation of the most noble the Marquis of Headfort, to appoint James HAMILTN, Esq., J.P., of Castle Hamilton, Killishandra, to a Deputy Lieutenancy in this county.

CAVAN MILITIA. - This force has received orders to proceed to Cavan, it may be supposed for the purpose of being disbanded. They may be expected in a few days, and, while we cannot refrain from saying that they will be heartily welcomed by us, we must add, at the same time, that, during their stay here, the MONAGHANS have entitled themselves to our respect and admiration. A more orderly, well behaved body of men has never been seen, to our knowledge, in this locality, and they bear back to their native county the high character, which they brought with them from it.

OPENING OF THE CAVAN BRANCH RAILWAY. - The day has not been yet named, but, since our last a letter has been received from Mr. BEAUSIRE, stating that he had laid the invitation for the Cavan Town Commissioners before the Directors and that they accepted it. The deputation, therefore, and Mr. DARGAN will be entertained at a public dinner here, which, for so far, promises to go off magnificently. - The Government Engineer is expected to be on the line in a day or too (sic), and then no time will be lost in opening it for traffic.


June 23, in Upper Fitzwilliam street, the wife of Doctor MEASE of a son. June 20, at Nahilla Cottage, Belturbet, the wife of David F. JONES, Esq., of a daughter.

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