Published in Cavan, county Cavan
January 3, 1856

FRIGHTFUL ACCIDENT.. - According to established custom the inhabitants of the district repaired in large numbers on Christmas morning to the parish chapel at Maugherrow; the attendance was so great that upwards of 200 were unable to obtain admission. As offerings to the priest are always taken at Christmas, it was determined, for the convenience of collection, that entrance to the chapel should be obtained by one door only. The collection far exceeded any sum contributed for years past, as the independent farmers and indeed all the parishioners were determined to testify their thankfulness for an abundant harvest and good prices by contributing liberally to their parish priest. When prayers were about to commence the chapel was crowded to excess, and at that solemn moment, while the people were on their knees, the gallery, which was exceedingly crowded, gave a sudden crash, threatening to sink under the great weight. A scene of wild confusion followed, while the shrieks of women and shouts of men filled the entire building. Several were trampled down in the rush to get out, and, as only one door was open, few were able to get through. Instantly the windows were broken out, and men and women, in a state of frenzy, jumped through regardless of consequences. A more painful scene was never witnessed. Two poor men, who acted as collectors, were much injured, one of whom, named O'BRIEN, received serious injury of the back, as he was absolutely walked over. Several women also sustained serious injuries, but no one, providentially, was killed, although it was miraculous how all escaped. Immediately upon hearing of the accident Sir Robert Gore BOOTH sent his carriage and horses to remove the unfortunately sufferers; and O'Brien had to be rolled in flannel, humanely sent by Sir Robert, before he could be removed. The poor man is now under the care of Dr. HAMILTON, the dispensary physician, and it is hoped he will recover from his injuries. - Sligo Chronicle.

FIRE. - On Monday morning a threatening fire originated in the kitchen chimney of one of the houses of W. A. DANE, Esq., Wellington Place. - The alarm bell was wrung, and in a short time the engines of the Town Commissioners and Ordnance Department were in attendance and told effectively. The militia turned out in quick time and rendered good service. The fire was, fortunately, mastered before any very great damage was done to the premises. - Fermanagh Mail.

FROM THE SEAT OF WAR. - James BEATTY, Esq., O.E., who so successfully carried out the completion of the line of railway from Balaklava to the camp, and was frequently noticed in a manner very complimentary by the late Lord RAGLAN in his dispatches, has returned to England from the Crimea. We understand that Mr. Beatty is shortly expected in this quarter on a visit to his brother-in-law, Michael BURKE, Esq. - Ibid.

MEETING IN MONAGHAN. - At a meeting held in Monaghan on Thursday, R. H. DOLLING, J.P., in the chair, a memorial to Lord SEATON, requesting his lordship to take steps to have a military force stationed in that town, was adopted. A RAILWAY LORD. - We believe we are correct when we state that the Earl of Erne, has invested something like £105,000 in the construction of the Dundalk and Enniskillen line of railway. Of this amount of £75,000 was cash down. If he has not yet been made a railway king, we think he has made himself a railway lord. - Fermanagh Mail.

PRESENTATION. - The Wesleyan Methodist Society at Brookeborough have presented their superintendent, the Rev. Robert HAMILTON, with a horse, as a mark of their affection, and esteem, and as a small testimony to the pleasure and profit derived from his pastoral care, during a residence amongst them of nearly three years. - Ibid.


On Thursday, the 20th (?) ult., Eliza CARSILE, daughter of C. W. MOFFITT, Esq., Swellan Cottage, Cavan, aged nine months.

January 10, 1856

BELTURBET TOWN COMMISSION. - We understand that no commissioners under the new act was elected, whereas we stated that there were six. The fact is, our correspondent made a mistake; six only were found qualified for election, but the proper number, nine, not being forthcoming, none were elected. The town, therefore, is still under the operation of the old act. There was no decision that the being rated for a house and garden disqualified a person, but one, that where there was a hotel in one part of the street, and a house and garden in another, all together could not be taken as giving a qualification; in the other cases the parties were rated for "house and land."

CAVAN MILITIA. - Charles ROCHE, Esq., has been appointed a captain in this force, Humphrey MONTGOMERY, Esq., son of the Rev. Mr. Montgomery of Inismagrath, a lieutenant, and George STOREY, Esq., of Kingstown, an ensign.

THE BAR. - We see that the gentlemen to be called to the bar in the ensuing term are James, son of our respected townsman, Samuel SWANZY, Esq., Clerk of the Crown, and Arthur ROTHERAM, Esq., of Crossdrum, Oldcastle, son of the High Sheriff for this county in the last year. Both gentlemen write A.B., T.C.D., after their name.

BAILIEBORO SESSIONS. - At those sessions, which commenced on the 7th instant, there were 196 civil bills, 8 ejectments, and 5 crown cases for trial. The application for spirit licenses were eleven in number, and four were granted. The other applications were refused, chiefly because the applicants did not se forth in their notice the street or part of the town for which they claimed to be licensed, as the act requires.

January 17, 1856


MURDER OF MRS. HINDS. - There are eight or nine persons in gaol here, charged with committing or conspiring to have committed and abetting this outrage. Thomas DUNNE, a person who lived respectably as a farmer, is charged with having paid four pounds to the assassin, and James MURPHY, a county Loitrim (sic) man, is charged with having fired the two pistol shots which terminated the life of the unfortunate lady. The prisoners are kept in solitary confinement, the Roman Catholic Chaplain has been denied access to them, and they were prevented from attending Mass on Sunday, a matter which has been reported to the Government. Mr. S. N. KNIPE, Solicitor, on behalf of Dunne, applied for copies of the informations, but found that none had been sworn, the parties being merely committed for further examination. In reference to a report, which was prevalent here, to the effect that Murphy was on his keeping since the murder, and was arrested in concealment, we are in a position of stating that he has been regularly at his work, near the public road, during the winter, and was taken by the police in his own house.

PROMOTION. - We understand that St. George WILLIAMS, Esq., who lately returned from the Crimea, has been appointed to a Staff Surgeoney (?) in the Turkish Contingent on the most flattering terms, and with every prospect of further promotion. We congratulate the gentleman on this elevation, which his professional ability, as well as his active services, so well merited, and hope that the prospect may be speedily and largely realized.

CAVAN DISPENSARY DISTRICT. - Dr. HALPIN was on yesterday unanimously appointed Medical Officer OF Cavan Dispensary District, in the room of the late Bernard COYNE, Esq., deceased. There was a full attendance of the Committee and Lord FARNHAM presided.


January 7, at Ballyjamesduff, the wife of Blennerhassett PINCHIN, Esq., Sub-Inspector of Constabulary, of a son.

January 11, at Mount Erris, near Boyle, the wife of Wm. DUCKWORTH, Esq., of the 93rd Roscommon regiment of Militia, of a daughter.


On this day, at Derryheen Church, by the Rev. Thomas JACKSON, Mr. William KELLY, of Coratubber, to Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr. Wm. TILSON, Derryheen.


January 12, at his resident, Mountgrove, Randalstown, Samuel Kerr BUTLER, Esq., regretted by a large circle of friends.

On Wednesday, the 9th instant, Mary, the beloved wife of Mr. Charles M'ENROE, of Cootehill. The deceased was much esteemed in life, and her death was heard of with universal regret.

January 24, 1856


On the 17th instant, at Baillibay, the wife of James BAKER, Esq., T.C., Enniskillen, of a daughter. MARRIED. On the 19th instant, in Ballieborough Catholic Church, by the Rev. M. M'QUAID, P.P., Mr. James DUNNE, Mer. (?), Carrickmacross, to Miss Catherine BRADY, youngest daughter of Mr. John BRADY, Merchant, Baillieborough.

On the 22nd instant, in the First Presbyterian Church, Drum, by the Rev. J. D. CRAWFORD, assisted by the Rev. M. M'AULEY, Cabans, the Rev. Robert JAMIESON, Belturbet, now Missionary to Canada, to Lizzie, third daughter of the late Mr. James GARVEN, Belturbet.

DEATH OF LIEUTENANT-COLONEL CLARKE, LATE POOR LAW INSPECTOR. - Intelligence of the above sad event, which took place on Thursday, the 10th inst., at Ghent, where the gallant colonel resided since his superannuation, reached Dublin on Wednesday last.

January 31, 1856

THE SHRIEVALTY. - Robert John CUMMIKNG, Esq., of Grover, near Ballyjamesduff, is High Sheriff, for this county for the following year, and has appointed Ralph HARMAN, Esq., of Virginia, his deputy, Mr. BELL, who held the office so many years with credit to himself and unvarying satisfaction to the people, having retired.

THE ARMY. - Nicholas GOSSELIN, Esq., of the Cavan Militia, has been appointed to an Ensigney in the 29th Regiment. We understand that, the requisite number having volunteered into the line, another officer from the force will shortly get a commission in the regular army.

CAVAN UNION - Tuesday, January 29.

Theophilus THOMPSON, Esq., J.P., in the chair.

Other guardians present - Messrs. William SMYTH, J.P., Thomas HARTLEY, Thomas REILLY, John LYONS, Wm FOSTER, sen, Peter BRADY, Peter DONNELLY, John LATOURNALL, William WHITE, Bernard GAFFNEY, John NAYLOR, James KILROY, Hugh BRADY, William HUMPHREYS, J.P., D.L., John ROGERS, James HAMILTON, J.P., James M'GRURAN (?), J. A. FARIS, Henry FARIS, Thomas STAFFORD, the Hon. Richard J. T. MAXWELL, Alexander BERRY, and Anthony KILROY.

A letter was read from the Secretary of the Committee of Stradone Dispensary District, requesting that a Medical Officer for the district be advertised for in the Anglo-Celt, General Advertiser, and Evening Mail newspapers.

Mr. SMITH thought that it would be quite enough to advertise in the Ango-Celt and General Advertiser; he proposed, therefore, that Mr. HARTLEY should strike out the names of the other papers.

Mr. Hartley said he only expressed the sentiments of the Committee, and would strike out nothing without their consent.

Mr. THOMPSON suggested that he should strike out the clause which requires that the Medical Officer must reside in the district; they could not get a doctor to reside in Stradone at fifty pounds a year.

Mr. Smith, thought it most desirable that, if they have a doctor at all, he should be resident, and it was worth trying to see if such a one could be got.

Mr. Hartley refused to accede to the suggestion of the chairman; the matter had been decided at a full meeting of the committee, and he could alter nothing without their approbatyoin.

Mr. Peter BRADY remarked that, when a sum of fifty pounds was allowed for a doctor in Stradone, much sickness prevailed in the district, a thing which now, happily, endured no longer.

The Clerk was ordered to advertise in the form prescribed by Mr. Hartley and in the four newspapers.

A notice of marriage, to take place between Wm. PIKE, a private in the Monaghan militia, stationed here, and Ann Jane M'MULLEN of Cavan, was read a first time.

The clerk stated he had a letter from Mr. PIKE when in America, stating that he was married. He wondered how he could style himself a bachelor in the circumstances.

Mr. Henry FARIS pointed out that in the list of medicines supplied to Killeshandra Dispensary, Quinine was charged 13s. an ounce, whereas it was proposed in the tender to supply it at six shillings and six pence.

The chairman stated that a committee would be appointed to look into the matter before the bills of the contractors, the Messrs. LESLIE were paid.

Dr. HALPIN declared that medicines, which were not included in those contracted for, were supplied at an enormous price. He suggested that these medicines be advertised for, and an infinite saving would be made.

It was ordered that all the doctors of the union send in a list of all the medicines they require, and for which there is no contract. Those could be advertised for then.


January 25, in the Cathedral Church of this town, by the Rev. Thomas MULVANNY, C.C., Mr. John SMITH, to Eleanor, daughter of Mr. Patrick REILLY, both of this town.


On Wednesday, the 80th instant, at Fenagh near Ballinamore, Mrs. KILBEE, relict of the late Henry Theophilus Kilbee, Esq., of Drurnkeen, in this county.

On Monday the 28th instant, at his residence, Aughalane, near Belturbet, Owen DONEGAN, Esq., a worthy member of an old and respected family.

On Wednesday, 23rd inst., at Cavan, Mr. Henry HAUGHTON, aged 46 years.

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