Published in Cavan, county Cavan
August 7, 1856

THE MILITIA DINNER. - The dinner to be given to the Cavan rigiment (sic), previous to their disembodiment, will come off on Monday next, and promises to come off splendidly. The most noble the Marquis of Headford, Lord Lieutenant of the county, is to take the chair on the occasion, and a large concourse of the gentry is expected. The officers are to dine with the men, and the dinner, which will take place in the court-house, is left to the catering of Mr. Robert REID.

SUDDEN DEATH. - We regret having to state that Mrs. GAHAN, wife of Frederick Gahan, Esq., County Surveyor, died suddenly on yesterday at Daredis (?), near this town. The lady, who was in the very prime of life, had been ailing for a short time, but no fears of so premature a death were entertained. Dr. HALPIN was in attendance shortly after she was attacked, but all his science and practical skill failed to save her life.

DEATH BY DROWNING. - A powerful young man named Edward REILLY was drowned on Sunday morning, in Coppany Lake, near Ballyhaise in this county, where he had gone to bathe. He was unable to swim, and although there were some persons near him, they gave him no assistance - perhaps they could not. But a man BRADY hearing the cries that were raised, rushed down to the water, and, plunging in, did all he cold to extricate him. He did not succeed, however, as Reilly was too firmly fixed in the mud. Two other young men, both named SMITH, were drowned on Saturday, one at Arvagh, the other in Lough Gowna, while out bathing; and we have also heard that a fourth was drowed (sic) at Stradone, and a fifth at Tullyvin, within this week.

DIED. On Sunday, the 3rd instant, at Dalkey, Patrick, youngest son of James FAY, Esq., aged seven years.

August 14, 1856

ARCHERY FETE. - An archery fete is coming off to-day at Glenview, Belturbet, the seat of Captain PHILIPS, J.P. It was expected that a large and distinguished party would assemble, to participate in the sport and enjoy the hospitality or Captain and Mrs. Philips. The officers and band of the Cavan regiment have gone there. We hope that we will be able to give the particulars next week.

COMMUTATION OF PUNISHMENT. - Honora Brien, convicted at last assizes of instigating to the murder of her husband, and against wherein sentence of death was recorded, has been removed from Cavan Gaol to pass the remainder of her life in penal servitude.

CONSECRATION OF QUIVEY CHURCH. - The beautiful church lately erected at Quivey, the seat of the Earl of Lanesboro at his Lordship's expense, was consecrated on Tuesday last, by the Right Rev., the Bishop of this Diocese. A large number of clergymen, and of the rank and fashion of the county, was present on the occasion, and everything passed off magnificently.

VIRGINIA BOAT RACES. - We beg to call attention to the programme of these races, which appears in our advertising columns. It is expected that there will be considerable competition, and the presence of the Cavan Band will considerably enhance the day's amusements.


At Cavan, on Tuesday, the 2th inst., Lucy, the beloved wife of Mr. William FAGAN, aged 68 years.

On Thursday, the 7th inst., near Shere (?), in this county, Mr. SMITH, father of the Rev. Thomas Smith, Chaplain to the Workhouse of Cavan Union.

August 21, 1856


On Monday, the 11th instant, in Cootehill, the wife of Robert M'PARLAN, Esq., of the Cremorne Arms Commercial Hotel, of a son.


August 8, at Boulogne-sur-Mer, Lucy, widow of Sir Wm. YOUNG, Bart., of Baillieborough Castle, in this county.

August 28, 1856


This corps was finally disembodied on Monday last. The names of the non-commissioned officers and men having been called out, by Captain ROBINSON.

Lieutenant-Colonel the Right Hon. the Earl of Bactive, appeared.before them, and when he had told them in feeling language, how much he regretted the dissolution of a corps which he had so much reason to esteem, and assured them how fully their conduct, since he became connected with them, had deserved and gained his best approbation, he expressed himself confident that, as civilians, they would never forfeit the character they had gained for themselves as soldiers. His Lordship concluded by invoking all blessings and comforts for every member of the force, and declared himself satisfied that, in the abundant harvest, with which the Almighty had endowed the land, they would all find employment and the means of a decent subsistence. He then read the official order for their disembodiment; after which the officers stepped from the ranks, saluted their Lieutenant-Colonel, and broke off. The men went through an evolution or two, and in a moment were scattered about through the yard.

Each one was allowed his shell jacket, forage cap and trousers, and had ten shillings bounty and a penny a mile, travelling expenses, allowed him; he who had a wife and children was allowed an additional three halfpence per mile.

The whole process of disembodiment took place without the manifestation of any kind of feeling. There were only a few of the townspeople present in the yard; and the men themselves evinced neither gratification nor dissatisfaction.

The following will comprise the permanent Staff of the corps: - Adjutant N. GOSSELIN (late Captain 46th Foot); Quartermaster P. DUFF (late 68th); Sergeant-Major William CHINNERY (late 66th, good conduct medal); Quartermaster-Sergeant George THOMPSON (late 27th, good conduct medal); Colour-Sergeant David DONALDSON (late 72nd Highlanders; Colour-Sergeant James SHERIDAN (late 48th); Colour-Sergeeant John RUGGLES (late 16th, good conduct medal); Colour-Sergeant John CONNOLLY (late 14th); Colour-Sergeant Edmund WITHERS (late Grenadier Guards, Crimean medal and clasp for Inkermann); Colour-Sergeant James M'KRAGUE; Colour-Sergeant Hugh ROURKE (late 47th); Sergeant Robert WALSH; Drum-Major Charles MORGAN (late Royal Marine (?); Sergeant William ELLIOTT (late 27th, good conduct medal); Sergeant Hewitt LAWRENCE; Sergeant Francis ANTHONY (late Constabulary Force); Sergeant James O'BRIEN; Sergeant John FERGUSON; Sergeant John MORGAN; Sergeant William BOWLES (late 14th) ; Drummers - Miles SWEENY (late 24th, three (?) medals); Robert WILSEN, Denis BRADY, Joseph LOGAN, Henry BABINGTON, Thomas SMITH, James WILSON, and Peter M'GOVERN.


August 26th (?), at St. Thomas's Church, Dublin, by the Rev. Theobald BATTLER, A. R. John WARREN, Esq., of Bruce Hall, in the county of Cavan, to Isabella, eldest daughter of Captain James BLAKELY, of Lake View, in the same county.


On Monday, the 18th instant, in this county, in the fullness of vigour and of life, after a few days' illness, John GOGARTY, Esq., deeply and deservedly deplored by all who knew him. A man of enterprise, of active business habits, and of of retiring and persevering application to his temporal pursuits, he amassed a large and Independent fortune in a straightforward, upright and honourable contest with the world. Sprung from the people, he identified himself on all occasions with the poeple, and his generous heart was always prompt, and his purse was ever open to relieve them in their _r_mities; and hundreds - say, thousands now survive him, who enjoy the advantages of his philanthropic, li beral and truly Christian benevolence. On the ocasion of a recent contested election for the Parliamentary representative of this county, all the tenantry upon a certain estate who voted for the Tenant Right candidate were distrained set of the usual course for rent, whereupon the lamented deposed advanced to each of them, who required it, by way of loan, until the following harvest, the amount for which he was distrained, and thus saved them from the vengenance moditated upon them by a hrash, cold-blooded and illiberal landlord. having himself become lately the owner by purchase of considerable property, when receiving the first gala of rent due to him by the tenatry at May last, he allowed them their proportions of poor rates, although not legally bound to do so until November next, and he gave them receipts in full of all demands after releasing them from the payment of a remission of twenty per sent, made to them in 1849 by his then predessor in the ownership of the property, which was held over them with the view of being claimed when their improved circumstances would enable them to discharge it, and entered their names in his rent-roll to be continued at the reduced rent. His affable and sheering disposition affected for him friends whereever he was known, as was well evidenced by the large number of strangers who attended his funeral, and accompanied it from Kingscourt to Cruisetown on Wednesday last, numbers of whom came from Cootehill, Baillieborough, Carrickmacross, Castleblayney, Dundalk, Drogheda, Dublin and elsewhere, to pay the last sad tribute of respect to their departed friend. During his last illness the deceased had the consolation of being surrounded by his own affectionate mother, his disconselate widow, and his sad but amiable and interesting family, and enjoyed all the comforst which their unremitting attention, as well as medical skill and clerical ministrations could afford: but, nevertheless, the unrelenting messenger of death would not be diverted from his prey or appeased without the derated sacrifice. Mr. GOGARTY's untimely decease has left a vacuum at Kingscourt, and in the circle of his society, which will not ever - if ever - be supplied. As perfect in every relation of life as it is possible for human nature to be - as son, husband and father - an example for imitation in each he has left behind him few to equal and none to surpass his sucessful career and exemplary life: and no higher evidence of this appreciation of his worth, and of the estimation in which he was held, could be adduced than in the immense number of weeping neighbors and sorrowing friends who, on carriages and cars, on horseback and on foot, accompanied his remains to their last resting place at Cruisetown on the 10th instant.

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