Published in Cavan, county Cavan
April 3, 1856


March 26, at Dublin, after a painful and protracted illness, Charles H. R. M'CLINTOCK, youngest surviving son of the late Captain James M'Clintock, of her Majesty's _8th (?) Regiment (Connaught Rangers,) and for many years Adjutant of the Londonderry Regiment of Militia.

On Friday, the 28th ult., aged six years, Edmund, eldest surviving child of Mr. WINSLOW of the Hotel, Belturbet. Poor little Eddie! He was a truly interesting and intelligent child, the favourite of all who knew him, and the large and respectable cortège which accompanied his remains on Sunday last to the romantic (??) old graveyard of Drurylane, gave abundant evidence of the feelings which his early death and the bereavement of his most estimable parents evoked.


Friday, April 4.

His Worship, P. M. MURPHY, Esq., came into Court at ten o'clock, attended by Theophilis THOMPSON, Esq., J.P.

There also appeared on the Bench, during the day, W. M. HICKSON, Esq., R.M., Captain PHILLIPS, J.P., Robert ERSKINE, J.P., and Abraham BRUSH, J.P., Esqrs.

The following gentlemen were sworn on the Grand Jury:
Thomas HARTLEY, Countenao.
Edward KENNEDY, Cavan.
Francis M'CABE, Cavan.
Matthew LOUGH, Cavan.
William MOORE, Cavan.
Wm. Moore BLACK, Cavan.
Henry DOUGLAS, Cavan.
James HARTLEY, Cavan.
John GANUEN, Cavan,
Alexander KETTYLE, Cavan.
James MORROW, Deerpark Lodge.
Hugh PORTER. Cloddagh.
Samuel KENNEDY, Springrove.
James KILROY, Turin.
John PRINTY, Ballyhaise.
Thomas TEEVAN, Drumullig.
John WARREN, Drumullig.
John WARREN, Brucehall.
Thomas MALCOMSON, Toher.

His Worship congratulated them on the lightness of the calendar, after which they retired to their room.

Five insolvent cases, none of them involving anything important, were disposed of, and the applications for spirit licenses considered.

There was one appeal against a conviction for assault, but the respondent declared that he forgave "that gentleman" who, to say the truth, looked seedy - nay, shattered, and so the case ended.


The following petty jury was constituted and sworn: - John BEATTY, William RAMSEY, Robert RAMSEY, Thomas RUDDY, James TEEVAN, Patrick SMYTH, John MAGINNESS, Samuel PRATT, John HAMILTON, Bernard GAFFNEY, John M'CORMICK, Ralph FOSTER.

Eleanor GOLRICK pleaded guilty to stealing ducks and a variety of articles of wearing apparel, near Butlersbridge, in March last. She was sentenced to be imprisoned for six months with a gentle caution, to the effect, that she should be transported if she came before the court again.

Anne M'BOVERAN, for stealing ducks at Ballyhaise, submitted, and was sentenced to four months confinement, at hard labour.

Margaret THOMPSON, for stealing a mantle in July last, at Drumkeeran, also submitted, and had a similar sentence pronouced (sic) upon her.

Mary RORKE and Maryanne REILLY, for larceny of goods, at Drumcrow, submitted, and Rorke, an old offender, was sentenced to six months, and Reilly to one month's imprisonment at hard labour.

Roseanne MONTGOMERY, an old and idiotic woman, for larceny of goods, at Creeny.
Guilty - To be imprisoned and kept to hard labour for three months.

April 10, 1856

In the Matter of the

All Parties interested are hereby required to take Notice, that the Commissioners have sold the Lands of Garrynoror; otherwise Garrynover, otherwise Garranorougher, otherwise Garrynogher, being part of Derrylea, situate in the Parish of Crosherlough, Barony of Castlerahan, and
Held in fee, and that the Draft of the Schedule of Incumbrances, is now lodged in the Office of the General Clerk of this Court, and if any Person have a Claim not therein inserted and admitted, or any objection to said Schedule, either on account of the amount priority of any charge therein mentioned as due to him or any other person, or because he claims any lien on the purchase money or otherwise, and particularly on foot; of any of the Mortgages, Settlement and Judgment referred to in the Schedule hereunto annexed, on foot of which respectively no sum is admitted to be due.

Notice is hereby given that a statement, duly verified, of the particulars of such claim, objection, or lien, must be lodged by such person with the General Clerk of this Court, on or before the 9th day of May next, and on the following Friday, the 16th day of May, 1856, at the hour of 11 o'Clock, the Right Hon. Haron RICHARDS, the Chief Commissioner will give directions for the final settlement of said Schedule. And all parties interested are hereby further required to take Notice, that within the time aforesaid any person may file an objection to any demand contained in said Schedule.

Dated this 20th day of March, 1856.

ROBERT K. PIERS, Notice Clerk.
Solicitors, having Carriage of Sale,
23, Upper Gloucester-street.

Schedule referred to in the foregoing Notice: -
Mortgages, dated 24th March, 1789 - Owen REILLY to John CHAMNEY, for £412 9s. 1d. late currency.
Mortgages, dated 10th July, 1812 - Eugene O'REILLY to George HATCHELL, for £800.
Mortgages, dated 14th October, 1829 - John N. NUNN, to Joshua NUNN, for £998 15s. 0d. late currency.
Settlement, dated 12th March, 1832 - On marriage of Robert J. GILLESPIE, with Miss Susanna H. NUNN, creating charge of £500 for Mrs. Susanna H. GILLESPIE, otherwise NUNN, for life, and after her decease for the issue of said marriage.
Judgment obtained by Capt. James STEWART against John NIXON NUNN in Exchequer Hilary term 1840 for £1000 penalty.

THE HOMICIDE AT BALLYCONNELL. - The Grand Jury have found a true bill against Thomas REILLY for the murder of John GALLAGHER at Ballyconnell on the 17th March last, and against him O'DONNELL, and M'NAMA for riot and assault there. They will be tried when Miss Hinds' case is over.

TESTIMONIAL TO WM. DUNBAR, ESQ., - On Saturday last the senior pupils in the University and Military Institutions, Talbot-place, Dublin, presented a magnificent gold watch, chain, and appendages of the value of twenty-two guineas, to Mr. Dunbar, on the completion of his 31st year, in token of their warm appreciation of Mr. Dunbar's ability as a teacher, and the strong anxiety evinced by him, on every occasion, to promote the progress and best interests of his pupils. The watch, which bore a suitable inscription, was presented on behalf of the pupils by Mr. George B. JOHNSTON, Gentleman Cadet, H.E.I.C.S., and an address, very complimentary to Mr. Dunbar, was read by Mr. James T. HUDSON, Gentleman Cadet, H.E.I.C.S. The junior pupils also presented a valuable ring to Mr. Dunbar, and an address on their behalf was read by Mr. Kenlis STEVENSON, nephew of the Marquis of Headfort, to both of which addresses Mr. Dunbar returned appropriate replies.

FATAL ACCIDENT. - Early this morning, Mr. WILSON, Whitesemith, died in our County Infirmary from the effects of Lockjaw. His death was caused by a singular fatality. A few days ago he had been drawing the charge from a pistol, and the above disease unfortunately followed, and Mr. Wilson is now numbered amongst those who have been. He was highly and deservedly respected by those who knew him.


On 31st March, at Talbot Place, Dublin, the wife of Wm. DUNBAR, Esq., ex-S.T.C.D., of a son.

April 17, 1856

DANIEL O'CONNELL AS HE APPEARED AT THE BAR 1825:- Mr. O'CONNELL is in particular request in jury cases. There he is in his element. Next to the "harp of his country," an Irish Jury is the instrument on which he delights to play; and no one better understands its quality and compass. I have already glanced at his versality. (sic.) It is here that it is displayed. His powers as a nisi prius advocate consists not so much in the perfection of any of the qualities necessary to the art of persuasion, as in the number of them that he has at command, and the skill with which he selects and adopts them to the exigency of each particular case. He has a thorough knowledge of human nature, as it prevails in the class of man whom he has to mould, to his purposes. I know of no one that exhibits a more quick and accurate perception of this essential peculiarities of the Irish character. It is not merely with reference to their passions that he understands them; though !

here he is pre-eminently adroit. He can cajole a dozen of miserable hacks into the persuasion that the honor of their country is concentrated in their persons. His mere acting on such occasions is admirable; no matter how base and stupid, and how poisoned to political antipathy to himself he may believe them to be, he affects the most complimentary ignorance of their characters. He hides his scorn and contempt under a cloak of unbounded reliance. He addressed them with all the deference due to upright and high-minded jurors. He talks to them of "the eyes of all Europe," and the present gratitude of Ireland, and the residuary blessings of integrity, with the most perfidious command of countenance. In short, by dint to unmerited commendations, he labours them into the belief that, after all, they have more reputation to sustain, and sets them chuckling with anticipated exultation, at the honours with which a verdict according to the evidence is to consecrate their names.!

" - Curran's Sketches of the Irish Bar.

FATAL ACCIDENT:;- On the evening of Thurday, 27th March, between seven and eight o'clock, as Mr. Irvine MOFFITT, of Kilemallen, accompanied by his son, Mr. James MOFFITT, of Lask, and two others, was returning from a funeral at Derg Bridge, a horseman rode furiously up behind the car on which Mr. Moffitt sat, and struck against the car with such violence, that the old man was thrown off, and so seriously injured that he was taken up in a state of insensibility. He lingered until the morning of the 2nd of April, when he expired. An inquest was held on Thursday, before Charles FAUSETT, Esq., and evidence as above having been offered by Mr. J. Moffitt, son of deceased, and Mr. Francis KEYS of Lack, who was also on the car, a verdict of manslaughter was returned against Irving LAW, who rode the horse which caused the catastrophe. He was accordingly lodged in the gaol of this town (Enniskillen) on Friday morning, on the coroner's warrant. - Fermanagh Mail.

ATHLONE ELECTION:- The nomination has been fixed for Thursday, and the polling will take place on Saturday next.

A Project for a submarine tunnel between Birkenhead and Liverpool has been submitted to several influential gentlemen for private consideration. The plan is a modification of the tunnel proposed by Mr. W. Austin, for a passage under the sea from Dover to Calais. The Mersey tunnel would, as at present proposed and arranged, be two miles in length.


JOHN SMITH, of Cootehill, begs leave to announce to the Public of Cavan and the neighbouring Counties that he has taken out License as an Auctioneer, and is prepared to Transact all Business that may be entrusted to him with integrity and dispatch.

April 24, 1856

MISS HINDS'S CASE. - Application will be made, in the Law Courts, some of those days, for a new trial, in the case of Thomas DUNN, who was convicted at the Special Commission, of inciting the murder, and lies under sentence of death in Cavan gaol. The grounds of the application are not rightly stated in the Dublin papers. It is not because the prisoner was not called on to exercise his right of challenge in the case of Mr. EDGERS, added to the jury, when Mr. TEEVAN retired, that it is sought to set aside the verdict, for, in truth, Dunn was called on to challenge at that time, but the fact is simply this, when Mr. Edgers was added, all the other jurors, from the foreman down were sworn anew and previously to the last getting the book in his hand, no invitation to challenge was addressed to Dunn or his counsel. Now, it is contended that the jury was virtually a new one - the fact of their being resworn is adduced in proof and that the challenge should have commenced with the first and extended over all instead of being confined to the last. As to the other ground that the new juror did not hear the Attorney General's statement after he was sworn, there is clearly nothing in this, for it is quite competent to a prosecutor to address the jury at first, or to proceed at once with the evidence as he pleases. On the first point, however, the knowing ones are decidedly of opinion that the verdict will be set aside.

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