Published in Cavan, county Cavan
October 4, 1855


On the 22nd ult., the wife of the Rev. Robert HOLMES ORR , Irish Missionary College, Ballinasloe, of a daughter.

October 11, 1855


A list of applications received by the Clerk of the Peace for the County of Cavan, from persons seeking Excise Licences for the sale of Beer, Spirits, &c., by Retail, within said County, pursuant to the Acts 3rd & 4th Wm. IV., ch. 68, 6th & 7th Wm. IV., ch. 38, and 17th and 18th Vic., ch. 89, to be heard and enquired into at Cootehill, on MONDAY, the 15th day of October next, immediately after the Grand Jury is sworn.

Name Residence Parish Barony Sureties
COONEY, Philip Nolagh Shercock Clonkee Michael LENNAN, of Nolagh, and Patt TRAYNOR, of Kilcross, farmers.
CLARKE, John Carnalynch Killenkere Castleraghan Michael CLARKE, of Seeharm, and James CLARKE, of Greaghnaquinia, farmers.
GARIGAN, Peter Kingscourt Enniskeen Clonkee Murtagh CARIGAN, of Coppenagh, and Thomas CONNELL, of Coppenagh, farmers.
MAXWELL, John Bailieborough Bailieborough Clonkee George JOHNSTON and William MAHOOD, both of Pottle, farmers.
REILLY, Michael Bailieborough Bailieborough Clonkee Patrick M'MAHON and James TACKNEY, both of Coppenagh, farmers.
SMITH, Andrew Cootehill Drumgoon Tullygarvey Thomas BRADY of Lisboduff, and John FOY, of Killycreeney, farmers.
SWIFT, John Cootehill Drumgoon Tullygarvey Edward COONEY and Thomas FAY, Esqrs., Cootehill.
TERRY, George Virginia Lurgan Castleraghan David KELLET and John ARMSTRONG, both of Virginia.

GUSTAVUS TUITE DALTON, Clerk of the Peace, County Cavan
Cavan, September 25th, 1855.

Retreat House.
With 113 Statute Acres of Land Attached.
To any Gentleman having a taste for Agricultural pursuits, and wanting a Residence suitable for a Respectable Family, the above offers peculiar inducements. the HOUSE, which is built in the Cottage style, is roomy and commodious, and is in perfect repair ; and being only just not untenanted, is fit for immediate occupation. It is seated on a gentle slope on the Bank of a River, is surrounded by a fine plantation, and commands a delightful view of a richly-wooded and picturesque country. The FARM, which is laid out in Large Fields, is well sheltered, and is admirably circumstanced as regards roads ; and as the soil is peculiarly rich and deep, the whole could easily be converted into excellent meadow. For Grazing purposes especially it is admitted to be one of the best Farms in the County.

RETREAT HOUSE is situation within nine miles of Cavan and three of Cootehill.

Application for terms to be made to THOMAS FAY, Esq., of Cootehill, and, for a view of the Premises, to Mr. LUKE O'BRIEN, of Tullyvin.

In the matter of the
RICHARD JOHN HINDS, Esq., Petitioner.

The Commissioners will, on THURSDAY, the 25TH DAY OF October next, at the hour of 12, at noon, at their Court, Henrietta Street, in the City of Dublin, Sell by AUCTION, in One Lot, the following Lands, viz.:: -- The LANDS of Killatowney, situate in the parish of Killeshandra, barony of Tunnyhunce, and COUNTY OF CAVAN,
containing 137A. 0R 8P., statute measure (in which is included 35A. 0R. 23P. of Land covered with water), and producing a yearly rent of £101 16s. 6d. sterling, subject to a fee-farm rent of £12 18s. 5 1/2d. a year, and to £3 1s. 8p. a year, title rent charge, and a fine of £6 9s. 3d. payable every 21 years.
Dated this 6th day of July, 1855.
JOHN LOCKE, Auction Clerk.

These Lands (which consist mostly of excellent tillage and pasture) adjoin the town of Killeshandra, in which good corn, butter, and flax markets are held weekly, as also seven fairs in the year. The railroad now in progress, from Mullingar to Cavan, will pass within a few miles of them. A coach runs daily from Killeshandra a=to Mullingar to meet the Railway Trains, to and from Dublin, and Galway.

For Rentals and further particulars, apply at the Office of the Commissioners, No. 14, Henrietta-street Dublin, or to
THOMAS CARMICHAEL, Solicitor for the Petitioner, having the Carriage of the Sale, 7, upper Temple Street, Dublin.



The Committee of Management of the above District will, at their Meeting to be held on the 27th Instant, at the Committee Rooms, Scrabby, receive Proposals from duly Qualified Persons to fill the Situation now Vacant by the Resignation of the former Medical Officer.

The Salary is fixed at £75 per Annum, and the Person Appointed must reside at Scrabby or in the immediate Vicinity. Candidates to be in attendance on the day of Appointment, and to be prepared to produce such Testimonials as the regulation of the Committee require.

Applications to be addressed to JOHN BEATTY, Hon. Secretary of the Committee, and which will be received on any day up to 12 o'clock on Saturday the 27th Instant.

Hon. Secretary
October 10th 1855

October 18, 1855


Oct 12, at Wilmer, in Kent, the wife of Captain Law (Lew?), 81st (51st?) Regiment, of a son.

Oct. 16, at Wood Park near Kingstown, Mrs. L'Estrange, of a daughter.


All persons having Claims on the late Mr. MICHAEL MULDOON are requested to furnish their Accounts on or before the 1st of November next to Miss CATHERINE MULDOON, the Administratrix of the late Mr. MICHAEL MULDOON, and all persons standing indebted to him are requested to settle the same.

Please to direct (post-paid) to Miss CATHERINE MULDOON, Oldcastle, County Meath

9, Exeter Change, Strand,
Supplies Stamped Copies of the Times, Post and Herald, posted the Afternoon of Publication at 20s. per Quarter; Chronicle, Advertiser, and Daily News, at 18s., second day 14s.; the Globe and Sun, second day, 10s. ; the Illustrated London News, 6s. Post Office Orders payable to H. Smith, Strand Branch, London.


A list of applications received by the Clerk of the Peace for the County of Cavan, from persons seeking Excise Licences for the sale of Beer, Spirits, &c., by Retail, within said County, pursuant to the Acts 3rd & 4th Wm. IV., ch. 68, 6th & 7th Wm. IV., ch. 38, and 17th and 18th Vic., ch. 89, to be heard and enquired into at Ballyconnell, on THURSDAY, the 25th day of October next, immediately after the Grand Jury is sworn.
Name Residence Parish Barony Sureties
DOLAN, Margaret Gub Templeport Tullyhaw Terence M'GAURAN of Legnagrown, and Patrick DOLAN of Tullyternan.
FARIS, Henry Killeshandra Killeshandra Tullyhunco Randal Young KENNEDY, Esq.., M.D., and Denis M'GRATH of Killeshandra.
FARRELLY, John Gortaquill Drumlane Lr. Loughtree William SHERIDAN of Gortaquill, and John FITZPATRICK of Gortraghan.
FARRELLY, Hugh Belturbet Annagh Lr. Loughtree John FITZPATRICK of Drumcase, and Peter FITZPATRICK of Drummullagh.
HEARNE, Michael Swanlinbar Kinawley Tullyhaw John M'NALLY, and John KEANE, both of Ballyconnell.
M'MANUS, Patrick Ballyconnell Tomregan Tullyhaw Patrick MURRAY of Kilnavart and Felix ROARKE of Killacleggan.
SEATON, Edward Ballyconnell Tomregan Tullyhaw William COSGROVE, and William M'MAHON, both of Belturbet.
WHITE, William Doura Killinagh Tullyhaw Jason LITTON of Coradevnad, and Edward LITTLE of Killaglasson.

GUSTAVUS TUITE DALTON, Clerk of the Peace, County Cavan Cavan, September 25th, 1855.

MELANCHOLY OCCURRENCE.-- On Sunday last a young girl named Margaret FORBES, and a boy named Richard KELAGHER, were drowned near Ballyhaise, in this county. It appears from the evidence adduced at the coroner's inquest that the girl, with her mother, was returning from Sunday School, and was about to pass over a plank laid across a stream where a bridge is being erected. The mother crossed over, and, the girl being timorous, the boy who was on the far side went over to meet her and take her hand. The plank, being a fourteen-foot one, had a spring in the centre, and the girl became nervous when she got so far, while the boy, who wished to encourage her, commenced swaying to and fro upon it. She grasped at him and lost her balance' he caught at her and was dragged into the stream, which was rapid in the place. Though there were only two feet of water in the spot both lost their lives, having been carried away by the stream into a depth of four feet, which was at hand. The frantic mother rushed to save her child, but was withheld from immediate destruction by some persons standing near. A man named KEOGHEY, who was present, made every effort to save one or both but unfortunately without success. What makes the think more melancholy is that a pass across which horses could be brought was not more than five or six perches distant from the plank. Wishing to save the journey to it, two lives were lost.

GALLAGHER IN CAVAN.-- Is not the heading enough? Need we invite our readers to attend upon him tomorrow evening, when he is to take from the budget of his inimitably drollery for their amusement? It is a long time since we had him before in Cavan, but we are all old enough to remember how he amused us when we had him last; and those who never heard him, know him by his fame, which is world-wide. Mr. Gallagher may be expected in Mullingar in the course of a few days.

THE MILITIA.-- There is no word of the removal of this force as yet, and it may be hoped that they will be left to winter here. The General of the district is to be here on tomorrow (Friday) to inspect them.

HORRIBLE OUTRAGE.-- As Miss Charlotte Hinds of Tubberlion Duffin, near Ballyconnell, in this county, was coming home on a jaunting car, from the market of that town, on Friday the 12th inst., she was set upon by two ruffians, in the avenue leading to her own house, and after being severely beaten on the head with sticks, and her thumb, forefinger and wrist being broken, as she put up her hand to save herself, two pistol bullets were lodged in her skull. She was living when the last account reached us, but her medical attendants declare that her recover is hopeless. At intervals she has been insensible, but she was able to swear against, at least one of the two villains, named Pat. BANNON, a deserter, we have heard, from the Cavan Militia. The servant who drove her, however, declares that the parties are completely unknown to him. The perpetrators, whoever they were, are as yet at large, though the Lord Lieutenant has offered a reward of £100 for an arrest, payable on conviction. Everything goes ... now that the dreadful offence had an agrarian........... Miss Hinds dispossessed some parties in ........ to manage their farms herself, and she had ....... under ejectments pending for the coming sessions. She was warned that her life would be taken, more than a; year ago, and had damages off the county for salacious burning of some property of hers, at last spring (?) assizes for this county. But there is no reason whatever for connecting the rest of our population with the atrocious act' everywhere it was heard of with feelings of unmitigated horror, not with those of exultation, as some correspondents of the Dublin ........ with a malice hardly less than that of the ............ in heart, and we fear, in act, have written...... Surely a county is not to be stigmatized because it retains(?) black-guards. Does this need proof? One veracious fellow states that it is publicly known that murders by wholesale are to be perpetrated this.......... We utterly deny that such a thing is public.............. talked of. Another statesman in embryo recommends to the government to take the collection of rents into their hands and to eject every soul off the .......... where a murder has been committed! Poor fellow! IT is to be feared that his madness is a ............... one. To find the guilty punish the innocent; of course they could not prove for themselves their non-complicity, nor can another do this for them since they might be connected with the matter unknown to every one in the kingdom. What, if a murder was committed in a townland wholly in the hands of the landlord, should he be ejected out of his fee-simple. The character of a newspaper, in which such idiosyncrasies are inserted without repudiation, stands wonderfully committed. Let every energy be employed in find out the perpetrators, but, for every sake, let no ........... be paid to the diplomacy of the madhouse.

CAVAN UNION TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION ON SATURDAY, the 25th instant, at TWELVE O'CLOCK, A Large Quantity of EXCELLENT MANGEL WURTZEL, BY THE TON, On the Workhouse Premises. By Order, BLAYNEY GRIER, Clerk of the Union. Board Room, 16th Oct. 1855.

OBITUARY. It grieves us deeply that we have to record this day the death of John Baptist SMITH, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, of 4, Garden Court, Temple, London. The melancholy event took place at the residence of his brother, Philip SMYTH, Esq. (transcriber's note - the two spellings of SMITH/SMYTH are exactly as they were in the newspaper), Carrickvilla, Stradone, at three o'clock on Wednesday, the 10th instant, and is as much deplored by all, who knew the deceased, as it was untimely, he being yet in the very prime of life, having only attained his 27th year. Mr. SMYTH was a member of the English Bar, and during the few years of his forensic career gave ample proof of the possession of powers, which must have distinguished him in after life. Alas, they are now extinguished, but such is life -- young hopes blasted, young promise unfulfilled. Living in England, he was to the heart's core an Irishman, and in him his country has lost a true, devoted and most eloquent son. A feeling of universal sorrow prevailed throughout the neighborhood where he died, from the hour of his death to that of his interment, and he was accompanied to his last resting place on Friday by as large and respectable an assemblage as ever met in the county on a similar occasion. If genuine and largely expressed sympathy with them in their distress could console his afflicted relatives, they have had and still have consolation, indeed.

October 25, 1855


On the 23rd instant, at 10, Lower Dominick-street, the wife of George Carmichael, Esq., of a son.


Oct 17, at the Copse, county Cavan, of consumption, deeply regretted, Miss Margaret LALOR, niece of the late Right Hon. Richard LALOR SHEIL.

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