Published in Cavan, county Cavan
January 4, 1855


Dec. 18 at 10, Talbot Place, the wife of William Dunbar Esq., M.A., Principal of the Dublin University Institution, of a son.

The wife of John Spry, Esq., Collector of Inland Revenue, of three sons, the second time that this lady has given birth to three children.


January 1, at Dublin Castle, after a long and painful illness, borne with the most exemplary Christian resignation, Louisa, the beloved wife of George L'Estrange, Esq.

Dec. 5, Mr. John Woods, of Heath Lodge, in this county, deeply and sincerely regretted by his sorrowing friends.

On the 28th wit (sic), in Hesale (?), Yorkshire, aged two years and two months, John, only son of Mr. Joseph Sprang, Exe (?) Officer in this town.

January 11, 1855


On the 4th inst., at Monkstown Church,by the Rev. A. W. WEST, chancellor of Kildare Cathedral, James John YOUNG, Esq., eldest son of the late Francis Smyth YOUNG, Esq., of Lisnaymore (Lishnaymore?), County Cavan, to Louisa, third daughter of Jacob WEST, Esq., J.P., Loaghlinstown (?) House, County Dublin.


At Cootehill, on Monday last, 8th inst., Mrs. Sarah CAMPBELL, wife of John CAMPBELL, Esq., Merchant, of that town, aged 42 years.

Also, in same town, and on same day, Mrs. Mary MURPHY (well known as Mrs. Murphy of the Rocks), aged 98 years. Deceased was the oldest inhabitant in Cootehill, and during her whole life possessed and retained the respect and esteem of all classes at that town.

December 8, of cholera, whilst doing duty with this regiment in the East, William Wensley BOND, Esq., Ensign 50th Regiment, eldest son of Willoughby BOND, Esq., of Farraghron, County Longford, and grandson of the late Wm. GOSSELYN, Esq., formerly of County Cavan.

On the 7th inst., at the residence of his brother-in-law, Dr. TAYLOR, Bailieborough, County Cavan, Robert BELL, Esq., of the Money Order Office, General Post Office, London, aged 81 (51?) years, son of the late Richardson BELL, Esq., of Killymaddy, County Tyrone.


Collected in the Parishes of Anna and Drumlane

  £ s d
Rev. Hugh FITZSIMMONS 1 0 0
Rev. P. GILROY 0 10 0
Mr. Thomas CLARKE 0 10 10
Mr. Thomas PALMER 2 0 0
Mr. Alex LANG 1 0 0
Mr. John DONEGAN 0 10 0
Mr. Charles NEILL 0 10 0
Mrs. MAGENNIS 0 10 0
Mr. P. O'BRIEN 0 10 0
Mr. James MAGENNIS 0 5 0
Mr. Thomas DUFFY 0 5 0
Mar. CONATY 0 5 0
Dr. O'DONAVON 0 5 0
Mr. Thomas PHILLIPS 0 5 0
Mrs. ATKINSON 0 5 0
Mrs. WINSLOW 0 5 0
Mr. DONNELLY 0 5 0
Rev. Mr. JAMIESON 0 5 0
Mr. John MORTON, junr. 0 5 0
Mr. John Ellis MORTON 0 5 0
Mr. Terence SMALL 0 5 0
Mr. James FOLLIS 0 5 0
Mr. James M'CARDLE 0 5 0
Mr. H. A. JAMIESON 0 5 0
Mr. Andrew ROGERS 0 10 0
Mr. William BRODIE 0 5 0
Mr. Owen REILLY 0 5 0
Mr. John GIBSON 0 5 0
Wm, SHERIFF, Esq. 0 10 0
John DENNIS, Esq. 0 5 0
Rev. Thomas ASHE 0 5 0
Mrs. GARVIN 0 3 0
Mr. Thomas M'AVEY 0 2 6
Mr. Abraham BROWN 0 2 6
Mr. James LOVETT 0 2 6
Mr. Luke FITZPATRICK 0 2 6
Mr. John FITZPATRICK 0 2 6
Mr. T. SMALL, junr. 0 2 6
Mr. James GRIFFITH 0 2 6
Mr. Patt SHARKEY 0 2 6
Mr. James WILLIAMS 0 2 6
Mr. James CAMPBELL 0 2 6
Mr. William COSGROVE 0 2 6
Mr. Patt O'DONAVIN 0 2 6
Mr. CROSS (?) 0 2 6
Mrs. KANE 0 2 6
Mr. Bernard M'MAHON 0 2 6
Mr. Bernard M'PARTLAN 0 2 6
Mr. A. B. MURROW 0 3 0
Mr. BRENNAN 0 2 6
Mr. JOYCE 0 10 0
Mr. John MORTON, sen. 0 5 0
Mr. GREEN 0 5 0
Mr. James WALSH 0 2 6
Mr. William H. KELLY 0 2 6
Mr. George REILLY 0 2 6
Mr. David JONES 0 2 6
Mr. Robert HINKSON 0 5 0
Lieut. HEARNE, H.P., 60th Rifles 1 0 0
Captain BOWAN, late 41st regiment 1 0 0
Mrs. GUMLY 1 0 0
Rev. G. B. MOFFATT 1 0 0
Thos. MULVANY, Esq., C.E. 1 0 0
John D. THOMPSON, Esq. 1 0 0
John ARMSTRONG, Esq. 1 0 0
John GUMLEY, Esq., J.P. 1 0 0
Miss GUMLEY 1 0 0
Captain PHILLIPS 1 0 0
Mrs. PHILLIPS 0 10 0
Mr. T. G. J. PHILLIPS 0 10 0
Mr. PINCHIN, Constabulary 0 5 0
Mrs. PINCHIN 0 5 0
Mr. David VEITCH 0 16 0
Tiergormley Orange Lodge 0 10 0
Mr. John YAW 0 2 6
Mr. Alex. M'CLEAN 0 2 6
Miss E. LITTLE 0 2 0
Mr. John LANG 0 2 6
Mr. ROBINSON 0 2 6
Mr. Francis EBBITT 0 2 6
Mrs. GRIFFITH 0 5 6
Mr. William PARKER 0 2 6
Mr. Robert HARMON 0 2 6
Mrs. M'ELGAAN 0 2 6
Widow M'DONALD 0 2 6
Mr. John V. GERRARD 0 2 6
J. A. NESBITT, Esq., J.P. 1 0 0
Anne DAVEY 0 2 6
Per Mr. Robert FOSTER (Cloverhill) 2 6 6
Mr. John FLANAGAN 0 6 6
Thomas F. KNIPE, Esq., J.P. 1 0 6
Mr. Luke REILLY 0 2 6
Mr. Henry MERVYN 0 2 6
Mr. D. GANNON 0 2 6
Mr. David GLEESON 0 2 6
Mr. Thomas LATOURNELL 0 2 6
Sergeant Charles BELL 0 2 6
Mr. Andrew GROGAN 0 2 6
D. F. JONES, Esq. 5 0 0
Children of D. F. JONES 0 14 0
Workmen of do. 1 14 10
Cook, (Mrs. GRAHAM) 0 5 6
Mr. James MAXWELL 0 3 0
Mr. George MORTON 0 2 6
Mr. Joseph MORTON 0 2 6
Small sums from sundries 10 14 4
Mr. Henry COOPER 0 2 6
Mr. Hugh HINKSON 0 2 6
Mr. William MAGUIRE 0 2 6
Small suns from sundries 0 5 0
Mr. Elias JONES 0 2 6
Small suns per same 0 11 6
Do. per Mr. John MAYAGHEAN 0 5 0
Rev. P. O'REILLY, P.P. 1 0 0
Mrs. HERRON 0 2 6
Townland of Artidowny 0 2 0
Belturbet List 62 7 0
The Expenses 0 10 0
Mr. STONE 1 0 0
  62 17 0

January 18, 1855


These Sessions commenced in Bailieborough to-day at about 11 o'clock, before P.M. MURPHY, Esq., Q.C. Assistant Barrister, for this county, and John VEEVERS, Esq., R.M., Bailieborough. The business thereat is extremely light, as usual, there being only two prisoners in custody, for trial, for larceny, 28 crown numbers in all, two of them being for having unregistered arms in their possession; 182 civil bills, 10 ejectments, and one replevin.

Shortly after the sitting of the Court, the following persons were empanelled and sworn on THE GRAND JURY.

Messrs. Richard CLARKE, foreman, Thomas CHAMBERS, Stuart CHAMBERS, Henry JAMES, Robert SMALL, Henry GIBSON John GILMER, Moses COX, James CRANSTON, Thomas CRANSTON, Joseph REILLY, Gerald WILLIAMSON, James Henry WILSON, Michael CONNOR, Patrick REILLY, John RUSH, Charles M'COMB, James M'CULLOGH, Thomas HALL, and Edward BROOKER.

His Worship briefly addressed them, congratulating them upon the lightness of the calendar. They then retired, and having disposed of the two bills sent up to them, they were discharged before 12 o'clock.


A petty jury having been empanelled and sworn, the following criminal trials were proceeded with.

Bridget GARVEY, aged 28 years, an unfortunate prostitute was indicted for having at Kingscourt, on the 2nd January, the fair day of that town, stolen £5 in bank notes, £1 in gold, and some silver, from the person of John CASSIDY, son of a farmer of that name, residing at Kilmainham wood, in the county of Meath.

By the prosecutor's account of the transaction, and his admissions on his cross-examination by Mr. John ARMSTRONG, who appeared for the prisoner, his moral character did not appear to be of a very high order. Mr. Armstrong made a very eloquent and affecting appeal to the court and jury on behalf of the prisoner which elicited the admiration and approbation of the auditory and the bench, but notwithstanding, the jury after considerable deliberation returned a verdict of guilty.

The prisoner was sentenced to four months imprisonment with hard labour suitable to her sex.

We cannot give the details of this trial, as they are inadmissible into the columns of any respectable journal.


Patrick SLEVIN, aged 23 years, an old offender, was indicted for having at Cortubber (sic), near Cootehill, on the 6th November last, stolen 3 1/2 lbs. of bacon, the property of Wm. REID.

The principal witness was Susan FLOOD, a female of bad repute, who, it appeared, upon her cross examination by the prisoner, peached (sic) against him, at the instance of John KNOX, constable, a member of the Constabulary force stationed in Cootehill.

The learned barrister denounced the conduct of Sergeant KNOX, for resorting to such sinister means to procure the conviction of the prisoner, notwithstanding his antecedents, as it was contrary to the spirit of the laws and constitution of these realms so to do.

The prisoner was acquitted.

The prisoner we understand has since his enlargement committed another robbery in Cootehill, and been recommitted to the Bridewell of that town for the offense.


On the 10th instant, at Hill House, near Bridgewater, the Countess of Cavan, of a son.


On the 9th instant, at Ballibay, by the Rev. Mr. CARNEY P.O., James BAKER, Esq., T.C. Enniskillen, to E. A. HUGHES, only daughter of John James HUGHES, Esq., of Ballibay.

At Anghavea Church, by the Rev. Joseph CALDWELL, Letitia Maria, youngest daughter of Robert L. CARTER, Esq., of Curraghall House, county Fermanagh, to Armour MATTHEWS, Esq., of Doogary Cottage, county Tyrone.


At Cootehill, on Monday evening, the 8th instant, Sarah, the beloved wife of Mr. John CAMPBELL. Her amiable character, and naturally loving heart, endeared her to many, very many valued friends, who now deeply sympathise with her bereaved husband and family, whose great consolation is the knowledge of her peaceful, happy, and triumphant end.

January 25, 1855


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that Recruiting Parties will attend at the following Towns, on the undermentioned days, for the purpose of Enrolling Volunteers for the above Light Infantry Regiment. BOUNTY £6 0s. 0d.

Arvagh -- FRIDAY, 26th January

Ballyconnell -- TUESDAY, 13th February

Ballimagh -- SATURDAY, 10th February

Ballyjamesduff -- SATURDAY, 3rd February

Bailieborough -- MONDAY, 19th February.

Belturbet -- WEDNESDAY, 21st February

Cootehill -- FRIDAY, 9th February

Killeshandra -- SATURDAY, 27th January

Stradone -- WEDNESDAY, 7th February

Virginia -- WEDNESDAY, 24th January.

An Office will be opened daily at the Head Quarters, Cavan Barracks, where Volunteers can be Enrolled, and at once received into Barracks. (By Order) N. GOSSELIN, Captain& Adjutant


On Saturday, the 20th inst., at the residence of the Bride's father, by the Rev. John O'REILLY, P.O., Mr. Phil BAXTER, of Ballynagh, to Anne, eldest daughter of Mr. Richard REILLY, of Dernacross, near Killeshandra.



Under "The Court of Chancery (Ireland) Regulation Act, 1850.", Sect. 15.

In the Matter of SAMUEL MOORE, Petitioner. WILLIAM POLLOCK and FREEMAN STRONGE, Respondents.

PURSUANT to the Order bearing date the 19th DECEMBER, 1854, I require all Persons having Charges or Incumbrances affecting all That and THOSE the Lands of Gortullaghan, otherwise Thomena, and the Lands of Munaghan, otherwise Lenicain, the Barony of Tullyhaw, and COUNTY OF CAVAN, in the Petition in this Matter mentioned, being the Real and Freehold Estate of the Respondent, William POLLOCK, and All That and Those the Town and Lands of Toulagh, otherwise Towlagh, in the Barony of Clonmahan, and COUNTY OF CAVAN, in the Petition in this Matter mentioned, being the Real and Freehold Estate of the Respondent, Freeman STRONGE, to come in before me, at my Chambers, Inns' Quay, in the City of Dublin, on or before the 20th day of February next, and proceed to prove the same.

Dated this 16th day of January 1855
J.J. Murphy, Master in Chancery.
James and John Armstrong, Solicitor for said Petitioner, No. 9, Lower Abbey Street.

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