Published in Cavan, county Cavan
February 2, 1854

Magistrate Present--Theophilus THOMPSON, Esq.


A claim of 19s. for wages due for the plaintiff's services.

Plaintiff sworn--Was engaged from the November fair of Cavan to May for 19s--served some time with defendant, when his son got married, and she was ordered away--defendant sent her 3s. 1d.

Defendant--I did 5s.
Plaintiff--You did not.
Defendant--Oh, my God!
Defendant sworn--Did not put plaintiff away, but she would not stop in the house with the new bride, he went to some tailor's houses to chat a while, a settlement was there made, when she was to get 4s.

MR. THOMPSON to plaintiff--Will you go back to your service?
Plaintiff--I will if the boy that own's the bride lets me alone.
Mr. THOMPSON--How long were you there in defendant's services?
Plaintiff--A month.
MR. THOMPSON--And you got 4s. Dismiss the case.

Honor FOY v. Richard TUBMAN

A charge of assault by defendant, who went to plaintiff to leave with it's mother a child, belonging to the defendant's servant girl, which she had first brought to the Cootehill Board of Guardians at the mother's request, because she thought that complainant had interest with that body.

Mr. THOMPSON--A nice set of gentlemen the board must be with which you had interest.
Complainant--When I went to TUBMAN's to leave the child there, he pulled and dragged me and tore my clothes.

TUBMAN stated that he used no more exertion than was necessary to prevent the child being left about his house.

Mr. THOMPSON--There appears to be no assault here. To complainant-- As you know the mother swear informations against her and she must either go with the child into the poor-house or support it.

Richard SALVAGE v. CONNOLY and another

The accused, two decent looking girls, were indicted for trespassing on the demesne of Kilmore Palace, and gathering some rotten sticks there.

Mr. SALVAGE said they had not been warned before, nor had they broken the fences. There were both fined 6d. each, with costs.

MR. SALVAGE--The Bishop merely wants to give a public warning, so I will pay for them the fine and costs. We often give liberty to them to gather firewood, but there must be one there to see they do no harm. At such time and no other will it be allowed them to go there.

MR. BURROWES here entered, but all the cases being disposed of, the Court was adjourned.

There was nothing of interest during the day.


January 27, at the residence of his father in Curfeybone, near Belturbet, James GLEESON, Esq., aged 27 years. Mr. GLEESON, who was a Medical Student, studied in the Kilmore Academy, in this town, with very considerable success and was held by all who knew him in an esteem which of our knowledge we can say was well deserved. He was a young man of rare promise; gifted but unassuming, fitted to head converse with any circle, yet to the humblest affable, and appearing humble as themselves.

Same day, at Killeshandra, Terence KEIRNAN, Esq., aged 70 years.

Same day, at his residence in Lower Larah, Berd. SMITH, Brother to Rev. P. SMITH, the respected Catholic Curate of Crossdoney.

January 28, at the residence of her son, Owen DONEGAN, Esq., in Aughalane, near Belturbet, MR. DONEGAN, mother of Rev. Francis DONEGAN of Virginia, and niece of the Most Rev. Ferrell O'REILLY, late Roman Catholic Bishop of this diocese.

January 30, at his residence, near Belturbet, Rev. Philip DONEGAN, P.P. of Drumlane.

Feb. 1 at Edermin, near Cavan, Eliza, the beloved wife of Thomas KEMP, Esq., of Edermin, aged 50 years

February 9, 1854


On the 6th September at Gnarkeel, Wardy Yallock, by the Rev. John GOW, Humphry GRATTAN, Esq., late of Sylvan Park, county Meath, Ireland, to Sophia, fifth daughter of the late Francis BEGGS, Esq., of Grange, county Dublin.

On the 7th inst., at Durnakish Church, Samuel FISHER, Esq., Cootehill, to Elizabeth, relict of the late Richard WRIGHT, Esq., of Newbliss.


At his residence, Driney House, Co. Leitrim, on the evening of the 6th ultimo, deeply lamented by his family, G. H. C. PAYTON, Esq., J.P., D.L.

February 16, 1854


Magistrates present--William Smith, Esq., (in the chair), Robert BURROWES, Esq., John DOPPING, Esq., R.M., Theophilus THOMPSON, Esq., and Robert ERSKINE, Esq.

William MAGUIRE of Corlateeran, poor's-rate collector, summoned Mr. John MATCHETT of Poles for 12s 2d. poor's rate, made June 2nd, 1852, against defendant's holding at Cuttragh. Defendant alleged he had no such holding; and the complaint was ordered to stand over until the next petty sessions, in order to give time for reference to be made to the revising valuator, Mr. PAGET.

The same collector against Bernard BRADY of Killygrogan, for 4s. poor's- rate. The defendant produced a receipt from plaintiff on plain paper for the amount. Plaintiff admitted the receipt to have been written by him, but could not recollect anything about it.

The magistrates reproved MAGUIRE severely for his negligence, and ordered the complaint to be adjourned to next petty sessions, and in the event of plaintiff not coming into court then and accounting satis- factorily for the receipt for the 4s. which he had given, the complaint to be dismissed on the merits with costs.


Mary REILLY of Garrymore summoned Robert WILSON of Cavan, for the balance of 3s. 6d., wages for sprigging work done in January last at the request of defendant. Defendant alleged that the work was not properly finished; the magistrates thought otherwise, and ordered him to pay 2s. and costs.

Mary BRADY of Legaweel against same defendant for balance of 2s., wages for sprigging.--Defendant to pay 1s. and costs.

Margaret GOFF of Garrymore against same, for the balance of 3s. 10d., wages for sprigging.--Defendant to pay 2s. and costs.

James BRADFORD of Denn, labourer, summoned Hugh FEGAN of Glancurran, for 16s., balance of wages.--Defendant was ordered to pay 8s., including costs.

Michael REILLY of Ballyhaise appeared to prosecute William BROWNE of Oakwood, for trespass on his (plaintiff's) townparks at Ballyhaise. Thomas TOPHAM, for the defendant, proved that REILLY, previous to the alleged trespass, had given up possession of the townparks to the landlord, Mr. HUMPHRYS, D.L., J.P., and that defendant was working, according to orders on the land.--Complaint dismissed on on the merits.

William KELLS of Deggan charged Michael SMITH of same place with having assaulted him on the 8th of February instant.--Defendant to pay 5s. and costs.

William CARPENTER and John ADDERLEY, constables, Ballyhaise, summoned Messrs. Patrick GILLICE and George ARMSTRONG for allowing their pigs to wander about the roads.--Each defendant was fined 6d. and costs.

Daniel LEDDY, bailiff, summoned John BROWN of Latt, near Cavan, for assaulting him on the 11th instant, and preventing him executing a civil bill decree at the suit of Messrs. C. Stuart MOORE and Samuel Stuart MOORE, against David BROWN.

On defendant presenting himself, it appeared that he was not the person who had committed the assault.

The court dismissed the case on the merits.

The same plaintiff against David BROWN for encouraging the aforesaid John BROWN to assault him.--Case dismissed on merits, and plaintiff to pay 6s. 6d. costs.

Patrick CONNATTY appeared to prosecute E. VICKER, Thomas WHEELAN, John MEEHAN, and Patrick MEEHAN for robbing him, at the fair of Cavan, of the sum of 5l. 2s.6d. Plaintiff failed to identify the prisoners and they were discharged.

James BROWN of Latt prosecuted Robert ROONEY for stealing turnips. ROONEY, who is an old offender, was sentenced to one month's hard labour, and DEMPSEY was discharged.

The court then adjourned.


In the Matter of the

Whereas, Moses NETTERFIELD, late of Ballyconnell, in the county of Cavan, gentleman, obtained a Judgment against Morgan GALBRAITH, described in said Judgment as of the City of Dublin, Esq., but otherwise resident at Macken, in the County of Cavan, in or as of Easter Term, 1829, for the principal sum of £1,000, which was confessed to said Moses NETTERFIELD, as a Trustee to secure certain debts charged upon MACKEN and other LANDS, purchased in the cause of ARMSTRONG v. FARIS and others, in the year 1827, and in respect of which Judgment there is now invested in Government Three-and-a-Quarter per Cent. Stock, the Sum of £472 14s. 8d., transferred to the separate credit of Moses NETTERFIELD, in this matter, TAKE NOTICE, that all persons having claims upon said Judgment are hereby required, under an order of the Chief Commissioner, bearing date the 1st day of February instant, to come in and shew their rights thereto by statement or affidavit, to be lodged in the General Clerk's office, on or before the 31st day of March next, and proceed to prove the same; and TAKE NOTICE, that in default there, the claims of all parties upon said Judgment will be barred, and the said sum of £472 14s 8d. will be paid out without regard to said Judgment.

Dated this 13th day of February, 1854.
HENRY CAREY, Secretary
ROBERT JONES FOX, Solicitor for Petitioner,
having the Carriage of Proceedings,
91, Stephen's-green, Dublin

On such terms as may be agreed upon,
near Crossdoney

with (if required) a Garden, lately the residence of the Rev. Mr. MAC DONALD. The House and Concerns are in excellent order, finely situate in a beautiful neighbourhood, and close to the line of railway now being constructed by MR. DARGAN, between Cavan, Mullingar, &c.;

Application to be made to the proprietor, Robert BUCHANAN, Carrig,
Carrig, Feb. 15th 1854


On the 10th inst., at the residence of her father, Mr. John MORTON, Lainsboro Arms Hotel, Belturbet, Matilda, aged 14 years.

February 23, 1854


Feb. 9, at Kingstown, in the 75th year of her age, Mary, relict of the Rev. George CRAWFORD, L.L.D., Rector of Clongish, and Vicar General of Ardagh, late of St. Anne's, Newtownforbes, county of Longford.

Feb. 22nd, at the residence of her brother, Mr. E. FEGAN, Mrs. Isabella DALY; her many amiable qualities endeared her to all who knew her; she rejoiced in God her Saviour; her end was perfect peace.

Feb. 16, after a long and painful illness, borne with Christian resignation, Mr. Thomas KANE, of Ballyconnell, sincerely and deservedly regretted.

Feb. 13, at Rostrevor, Francis CARVILL, Esq., of Newry.

Feb. 12, of decline, Mary, eldest child of Mr. David CARTER, proprietor of the "Ballyshannon Herald", aged 19. She was beloved, and is regretted by all who knew her.

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