Published in Cavan, county Cavan
December 7, 1854


It is with more than ordinary sorrow that we have to announce the death from dysentery, after only a day's illness, of Dr. Charles BRADY, of London. The deceased, it is known was from this locality, a brother of the member for Leitrim, and of Mr. Peter BRADY of this town, and he ever cherished the recollection of the place of his nativity, with all the ardour of a true heart. Many a boon conferred on a Cavan man in the great metropolis was owing to Dr. Charles; to those of us who were not in want, his hospitality was ever ready, nay urgent, and for those who were poor, advice, assistance, and an open purse, were always prepared. Nor was it Cavan men alone that thus partook of his bounty; he was a genuine friend of every Irishman, for he loved his country with a plenitude of feeling. And now he has passed away; as generous a heart as ever dwelt in a human bosom has ceased to throb, and for the future we can only indulge in the memory of him whose living and speaking worth was often most fully evinced to us. The stroke was a severe one, but we may not murmur against Him by whom it was imparted. He knows best when to sow and when to reap; let us hope that in the present case the time was seasonable.

On the 3rd inst., at Talbot Place of bronchitis, Mary Isabella, the dearly-beloved daughter of William DUNBAR, Esq., Ex-S.T.C.D.

On the 1st instant, at Bridge Street, Cavan, Mr. James HAYES.

Saturday, December 2.

Magistrates present--S. R. MOORHEAD, Thomas JOHNSON, and Edward M'INTOSH, Esqrs.


A charge against MARKEY of retailing spirits after prohibited hours, on the 25th October last.

LANE proved finding drunken men in MARKEY's house after 11 o'clock, and the signs of drinking--as jugs, glasses, &c., there. MARKEY told him the drunken men were to stay there all night, but he subsequently found him and them on the streets, as if they were being conducted home; MARKEY was drunk as well as the men he had with him.

Cross-examined by Mr. John ARMSTRONG--MARKEY was surely drunk.

Head Constable HARRISON--He must have been, for I found him praying in the lock-up, and no sober man ever prayed there (roars of laughter).

Cross-examination contained (sic)--Was once fined a pound in this court for doing his duty; believes his wife asked MARKEY for the money to pay the fine, but did not get it.

Sub-Constable DONNELLAN partially corroborated LANE's statement.

MARKEY was then examined, in the cross cause--He swore he sold no whiskey after half past ten, but that the men in the house were drunk, and could not leave before the police came in. They were able to go afterwards, and witness was escorting them down the street, when LANE rushed out and arrested them, assaulting witness, who was a householder in the town, and could be summoned if he were really drunk. Witness did commit the offence of praying in the lock-up, and he induced his fellow prisoners to do the same. They prayed to be delivered out of the hands of their enemies (loud laughter). Witness was not drunk, but well able to transact his business.

Nancy MARKEY, sister to last witness, corroborated his evidence.

The Court dismissed both cases to the evident satisfaction of all present.

December 14, 1854

A MILL BURNED--A splendid mill of Mr. RATHBONE, at Virginia, was completely burned down on Saturday night last. We have heard no reason for thinking that the calamity even might be the result of malice.

THE CHURCH--The Lord Bishop of this diocese has appointed his chaplain, Rev. Mr. PERCIVAL, to the Parish of Denn, vacant by the death of the late Rev. Edmund NUGENT. The appointment is worth £300 a year. His Lordship has gone to this place in the House of Lords, being one of the Irish Spiritual Peers for this session.

THE QUEEN'S SPEECH--We have to express our best thanks to the "Daily Freeman" for an extraordinary edition published on Tuesday, and containing the Queen's speech, to the "Daily Express" for a similar favour, as also to "Saunder's News-Letter", and the "Evening Packet." The Messrs. SMITH and Son are entitled to equal thanks, and Messrs. Alexander JOHNSTON and Co., proved on the occasion their efficiency, for it was by the active aid of their expresses that the "Daily Freeman" published the document, and posted it some few hours after it was read in Parliament. Nor must we forget our very intelligent and discriminating London Correspondent, who was prompt in notifying the matter to us as any other could be. FIRE--We are very sorry for having to report a serious calamity arising from fire, which took place last week, on the premises of Mr. James KEITH, of Drumrockady, near Ballinagh, in this county. It appears that Mr. KEITH had flax dressing in some outhouse, connected with his dwelling, and a fire, unhappily originated there, which, extending itself, consumed two fine cows, and burned terribly three others that were in an adjacent bire. Such a loss was a serious one, but, worse than all, Mr. KEITH's son, himself a married man, having a family, advanced into the bire repeatedly, to relieve the poor animals, whose cries evoked his pity, was most severely burned about the head and shoulders, so much so, that while there is reason to hope, he will survive the effects, he must always carry the mark of them upon him. Let us take the occasion of expressing a wish, that about farm houses the different offices will be separated from each other, and the dwellinghouse, and that the haggards will not be got up in such proximity to one or the other, that a fire originating in the former must extend to the latter, or vice versa. Such records involve at the same time a history and a warning.


On Saturday, the 2nd inst., in Carrickedmond Chapel, by Rev. Mr. M'KENNA, P.P., Peter DOLAN, Esq. of Corriga, Carrigallon, to Mary Anne, eldest daughter of John DUFF, Esq., of Carrickedmond, county Longford.


On Friday last the Rev. John M'GOURTY, P.P., of Glan, in this diocese.

On Tuesday, at Coranure, near Cavan, Mr. BRADY, brother of the Right Rev. Dr. BRADY, Bishop Perth

December 21, 1854


The usual Presentment Sessions for the barony of Tullygarvey was held in the Court house of Cootehill on Saturday last.

There was a much better attendance of magistrates and associated cess payers at these sessions than usual.

The following magistrates being on the bench-- Henry Theophilus CLEMENTS, Esq., J. P., Lieut.-Colonel of the Leitrim Militia, in the chair; Theophilus THOMPSON, Ford Lodge, Cavan, Samuel Rutherford MOOREHEAD, Fortwilliam; Theophilus CLEMENTS, Rathkenny; Thos. JOHNSTON, Retreat; and Edward M'INTOSH, Cootehill, Esqrs.


Patrick DEVINE, Killnagarbet; John ADAMS, Cullion; Thomas SMITH, Carriekalen; Owen FOY, Bunnoe; William LOWNES, Trio; and Thomas HANNIGAN, Kill.

There was no matter discussed possessed of any public interest, except to the parties concerned, save the merits of some contract roads, which Frederick GAHAN, Esq., County Surveyor, stated were not in repair, amongst which were those of John SMITH, for the Main- street of Cootehill; of John FOY, for that of Church Street; of Thos. CONNOLLY, for a portion of the road leading to Baliboy; of Michael SMITH, for a portion of that leading from Cootehill to Cavan, and that of John FOY of Bunnoe, for his contract on the road also loading from Cavan to Cootehill at Parsonage.

Thomas CONNOLLY succeeded in getting his contract broken, as in consequence of the great traffic on his road, of goods and passengers from Cavan and Cootehill and intermediate neighbourhoods, to the railway at Balliboy, and vice versa, the sum contracted for would not be at all sufficient to keep it in repair, and he has already lost between 50l. and 100l., by it. John FOY's contract was also at his pressing instance abrogated; he having also sustained considerable loss by his contract.

The magistrates and associated cess payers entered into a compromise with the assent of MR. GAHAN that John SMITH was to obtain a present- ment for forty pounds in lieu of the present, and a former one stopped, amounting together to between fifty and sixty pounds, provided he shall keep the said street of Cootehill in better repair, and keep it properly swept.

At the instance of Mr. GAHAN, a presentment was granted for again raising the road of Cortubber, leading from Cootehill to the village of Drum, in the county of Monaghan, to the great dissatisfaction and chagrin of the inhabitants of that neighbourhood who sought for a draining presentment, as they stated in a memorial that, that was the only efficacious made of remedying the evil complained of the periodical flooding of the road which rendered it at times impossible, and to assist in such draining they had subscribed twenty pounds and upwards.

RELIEF FOR DISTRESSED LABOURERS. An eloquent appeal on behalf of this class, made last Sunday by the Roman Catholic Bishop of this diocese, was nobly responded to on the following day. The ladies of the town having marked out for them (illegible) to collect, upwards of fifty pounds were obtained on the occasion.

THE MILITIA--Mr. George ANDERSON, eldest son of the manager of the Provincial Bank here, has been named by the Marquis of Headfort, Lord Lieutenant of this county, to the senior ensigacy in this force. The courtesy and unobtrusive character of the young gentleman himself, and the spirit and highmindedness of his father which contributed vastly to the property of this town, made him worthy of even a higher appointment and this, we hope to see conferred upon him when the fitting time comes. During the fortnight they have been recruiting upwards of a hundred men have been enrolled for the force.

SUDDEN DEATH--A young man named BOYLAN, a cobler (sic), residing in this town, was found dead in his bed on yesterday morning. The deceased was very much given to intemperance but we believe there is no reason to think that intoxication was the immediate cause of his death. His father was found dead in the same way some years ago.

To the Editor of the "ANGLO-CELT"
Virginia, Co. Cavan, Dec. 12, 1854

Dear Sir--I send you a list of the names and donations of those who have kindly assisted me to finish the Church of Billises, Diocese of Kilmore, county Cavan, which church remained so long in an unfinished state, I hope you will be good enough to publish it in the next number of your paper--

Lord Farnham - £5
Mrs. Drummond DELAP - £5
Foster DELAP, Esq. - £2
Henry T. RATHBORNE, Esq. - £2
Rev. W. C. PEYTON - £6 10s.
MR. F. JENNINGS - £2 10s.
Mr. Wm. JENNINGS - £1
Mesdames WILSON, Drumgoland - £1
Mr. David PRATT - £1
Mr. SMITH of MOGHER - 10s.
MR. Abraham PRATT - 10s.
MR. Henry ELLIOTT - 10s.
MR. George M'QUAID - 10s.
Mr. William RAYBORNE - 10s
Mr. Matthew ROE - 10s.
Mr. John JENNINGS, Lurgan Lodge - 10s.
MR. Joseph WILSON - 10s.

Sums from 5s to 2s. 6d. to 1s. 6d.

Yours obediently,
W. C. PETTON, Incumbent of Billises

December 28, 1854


A LIST of Applications received by the Clerk of the Peace from Persons seeking Excise Licences for the Sale of Beer, Spirits, &c., by Retail within said County....Enquired into at CAVAN, on Monday, the 8th day of January, 1855, immediately after the Grand Jury is sworn.

No. Name Residence Parish Barony Sureties
1. BRADY, Thomas Corrarod Annagh Tullygarvey John LATOURNELLE, Esq., of Dromalee, and Connor REILLY, of Castlesaunderson, farmers.
2. BRAY, Bernard Cormeen Castleraghan Castlereghan William WHITE, of Cornacrave, and James BRAY, of Cormeen, farmers.
3. BRADY, Patrick Cavan Annagelliffe Upper Loughtee Patrick SMITH of Cavan, Baker, and Charles MAGUIRE, of Cavan, Pawnbroker.
4. FLANAGAN, Patrick Carraquigley Killinagh Tullyhaw Anthony CASSIDY and Patt CASSIDY, both of Monesk, farmers.
5. GLEESON, David Belturbet Annagh Lower Loughtee Darby GANNON, of Corrarod, and Patt M'DONALD, Clonosey, farmers.
6. KIERNAN, Thomas Ballyconnell Tomregan Tullyhaw Thomas WYNNE, of Slievebrieken, and Bernard REILLY, of Mullaghduff, farmers.
7. M'PARTLAN, Michael Dowra Killinagh Tullyhaw Thomas CURNIN and Hugh CHRISTY, both of Kilduff, farmers.
8. M'CAFFREY, John Belturbet Annagh Lower Loughtee Thomas M'CAFFREY and Cornelius M'CAFFREY of Killyfauna, farmers.
9. MULLIGAN, William Arva Killeshandra Tullyhunco Robert VANCE, of Arva, Shopkeeper, and Henry M'KNIGHT, of Arva, farmer.
10. M'DERMOTT, Eliza Arva Killeshandra Tullyhunco Farrel SHERIDAN, Drumhalvy, and James CAFFREY, of Arva, farmers.
11. PATTERSON, Alexander Killeshandra Killeshandra Tullyhunco Henry FARIS and Bernard FLOOD, both of Killeshandra, Shopkeepers.
12. REILLY, Cornelius Stradone Laragh Upper Loughtee Mathew CONNELL of Druminick, and James NAYE, of Edergole, farmers.
Cavan, December 18, 1854 Gustavus Tuite DALTON
Clerk of the Peace,
County of Cavan

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