Published in Cavan, county Cavan
January 6, 1853

In the Matter of the
James Hunter and William Shaw, Petitioners.

All parties interested are hereby required to take Notice that the Commissioners have sold the Lands of Lurgan, Curraghmore, and Curraghkeel, situate in the Barony of Castle Ragan(sic), and part of the Lands of Drung, in the Barony of Tullaghgarvey(sic). all situate in the COUNTY OF CAVAN, and that the draft Schedule of Incumbrances is now lodged in the office of the general Clerk of this Court, and if any person have a claim not therein inserted, admitted on any objection to said Schedule, either on account of the amount or priority of any charge therein mentioned, as due to him or any other person, or because he claims any lien on the purchase money or otherwise, and particularly if any person have a claim on foot of the deeds, Annuities, or Order in the Schedule hereto on foot of which respectively nothing is admitted to be due, notice is hereby given, that a statement duly verified of the particulars of such claim, objection, or lien, must be lodged by such person with the general Clerk of said Court, on or before the 4th day of February, 1853, and on the following Tuesday, the 8th day of February, 1853, at the hour of 11 o'clock, A.M., the Right Hon. the chief Commissioner, will give directions for the final settlement of said Schedule, and all parties interested are hereby further required to take Notice, that within the time aforesaid any person may file an objection to any demand of any other person contained in the said Draft Schedule.

Dated this 30th day of December, 1852.
Tighe and Mecredy, Solicitors, having the carriage of the proceedings,
7, Inns' Quay, Dublin.

Schedule referred to in foregoing Notice. Agreement dated 24th August, 1779, between George NIXON, Jane JOHNSTON, Elizabeth JOHNSTON, Humphrey NIXON, and James KING, creating a power to charge £1200 in favour of the children of the marriage between said George and Elizabeth NIXON.

Annuities of £40, £80, and £40, late currency, under said Deed, in favour of Jane JOHNSTON, otherwise NIXON, Elizabeth JOHNSON, and A.M. NIXON, all since deceased.

Schedule Debts of Rev. P. O'REILLY, James BRISTOW, Henry SWANZY, Ralph SCOTT, Thomas WOODS, Captain FINNEY, John FINLEY, Alexander CLEMINGER, Laurence FARLEY, George PRICKENS, Jonathan RICHARDSON, Henry SARGENT, Robert MORROW, Robert WHITE, John IRWIN, and Richard DEMPSEY, under Deed of 11th June, 1805.

Deed of Assignment of Anny of £36, late currency, to which Elizabeth NIXON was entitled from Adelbert DOISY, her administrator to Jonothan (sic) RICHARDSON, Dated 18th January, 1846. HENRY CAREY.
Tighe and Macredy, Solicitors, having the carriage of the proceedings, 7, Inns' Quay, Dublin.


On the 4th inst., in this town, at the residence of her son, Mrs. James KELLY, Lisnaskea, county Fermanagh, aged 62 years. At New York, on the 4th of December last, Charles James, only child of Mr. John MONTGOMERY, late of Cavan.

A New Work edited by the Rev. J. HARRIS, D.D.
Now Ready 64 pages, Demy Quarto, price 1s., Part 1., of
a Series of Services for Domestic Worship, for every Morning and Evening in the year, Select Portions of Holy writ, and Prayers and Thanksgivings for Particular Occasions, with an address to Heads of Families. Edited by the Rev. John HARRIS, D.D., Principal of New College, St. John's Wood, London; Author of "The Great Teacher," "Mammon," "Pre-Adamite Earth," &c., &c., assisted by Eminent Contributors, amongst whom are the following: -- The Rev. J. SHERMAN, London; the Rev. W. URWICK, D.D., Dublin; the Rev. Professor LORIMER, University of London; the Rev. Newman HALL, B.A., Hull; the Rev. B. S. HOLLIS, Islington; the Rev. R. FERGUSON, L.L.D., Ryde, Isle of Wight; the Rev. Dr. BEAUMONT, Bristol; the Rev. William LEASK, London; the Rev. W. CHALMERS, A.M., London; the Rev. George Smith POPLAR, the Rev. William M. BANTING, London; the Rev. Charles WILLIAMS, London; the Rev. W. W. EWBANK, M.A., Liverpool; the Rev. J. STOUGHTON, Kensington; the Rev. W. REID, Edinburgh; the Rev. Samuel MARTIN, Westminster; the Rev. William BROCK, London; the Rev. John KENNEDY, A.M., London.

The desirableness of such a publication is too obvious to need remark. Even amongst those in whose hearts the spirit of devotion is pure and ardent, a difficulty of expression, or a desire to avoid day after day the repetition of the same phrases while referring to common occurrences, acknowledging "every-day blessings," or praying for their daily renewal -- frequently produces considerable embarrassment; while others as, for instance, females in the absence of the head of the family -- in consequence of nervousness or timidity, are prevented from leading the devotions of the household. To such persons, THE ALTAR OF THE HOUSEHOLD will prove a valuable boon, whether used in the precise form in which it appears, or as suggesting a suitable train of thoughts and expressions. In these respects it may also greatly aid the private devotions of the closet.

It will be seen that, in addition to the distinguished editor, numerous Ministers are engaged in the preparation of this Work. This may be regarded as a guarantee for its Scriptural character, and for its acceptableness to all sections of the Christian Church -- to "all who love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity." At the same time, this provides for a rich variety in the modes of expression, whether of adoration, thanksgiving, or petition. Thus, languor and formality will be prevented, while the moderate length of each service will be security against "weariness of spirit" in any of the worshippers.

The publisher, therefore, confidently promises, as the result, a work of singular ability, adapted to every Family where such aid in Domestic Worship is occasionally or regularly desirable.

The Work will be completed in Twelve Parts, one to appear on the first day of each successive month; the whole to form one Splendid Volume; with frontispiece engraved on steel by a first-rate Artist.

London: J. CASSELE, Ludgate hill; and all Booksellers.


The Rev. John Rolleston and another, Plaintiffs,
Pierce Morton, and others, Defendants.

Same, Plaintiffs,
P.E. Morton, and others, Defendants.

PURSUANT to my report made in these causes bearing date the 23rd of December, 1852, George Wm. THOMPSON, the receiver in these cases, will receive, up to and including the 17th day of January next, proposals from persons intending to become tenants from the 1st day of November, 1852, for seven years pending these causes, subject to redemption, within six months for all that the House and Demesne lands of Drumrora, situate in the Barony of Castleraghan, and COUNTY OF CAVAN.

Such proposals to be submitted to me for my approval.
Dated this 24th day of December, 1852.

The above lands contain 46a. 2R. 13p. late Irish Plantation Measure, surrounded by plantations not included in such measurement. The house commands the most beautiful view of Lough Sheels(sic), and is situate within two miles of both Mountnugent and Ballyjamesduff.

Proposals to be forwarded to George William THOMPSON, Esq., No. 9, Hume-street, Dublin.

I, Samuel WINTER, Esq., Sheriff of said County, having received her Majesty's Writ, under the Great Seal of Ireland, commanding me to cause to be Elected One KNIGHT to serve for this County in the present Parliament summoned to be holden at the City of Westminster, on the 20th day of August, 1852, and from thence by several Writs prorogued until the 4th day of November last past, in place of Sir JOHN YOUNG, Bart, who hath, since his Election for the said County, accepted the Office of Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. In obedience to the said Writ, and to the several Statues made in that case and provided, hereby proclaim and give Public Notice that, at a Special County Court, which will be holden in the Court-house at Cavan, in and for the said County, on the 10th day of JANUARY next, at the hour of Ten o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of such Election only, I will proceed to such Election, when and where all persons concerned are to give attendance.
Dated this 30th day of December, 1852.
SAMUEL WINTER, Sheriff for said County

Just Published: Price Two-Pence,
a letter to the Roman Catholic Clergy of the Diocese of Kilmore, by the Rev. Wm. PRIOR MOORE, A.M. To be had at Mr. JAMES O'BRIEN's, Printer and Stationer, Main-street, Cavan.

John GILROY, Belturbet, (illegible), holding a Meeting of his Creditors on SATURDAY, the 15th instant, at Mr. JAMES M'GAURAN's, Globe Hotel, Cavan, for the purpose of settling his liabilities. Belturbet, 6th January, 1853.


PERSONS now commencing to Subscribe to TALLIS'S LONDON WEEKLY PAPER, Price fourpence, will be entitled to the Splendid Steel Engraving, 'Liberty and Captivity,' measuring 22 inches by 18 1/2 inches, proofs of which are worth Two Guineas.

In the number for next Saturday will appear the early chapters of an historical novel by a writer of eminence, entitled "Templebar, or, the "Romance of Reality."

TALLIS'S LONDON WEEKLY PAPER (conducted by WM. JERDAN, Esq., late editor of the Literary Gazette) is of the full size, containing sixty-four columns of letter press. It is of Liberal Politics, of sound Protestant Principles, and the best Family Paper issued from the London Press.

Orders will be attended to by all Newsvendors throughout the United Kingdom; or, the Publisher will send it direct from the Office upon the receipt of a quarter's or half-year's subscription, viz., 4s 4J., or 8s 8d. Money orders to be made payable to FREDERICK TALLIS, J (?), Crane-court, Fleet-street, London.



Now ready, price 3s, bound in cloth, or in extra cloth, gilt edges, 3s, 6d. UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; with Twenty seven superior Engravings from Designs by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK, Esq., together with an excellent Portrait of Mrs. HARRIET BEECHER STOWE; and an original introduction, Notice of the Authoress, &c., &c.;

In a few days, a superb Drawing room Edition, in Demy Octavo, in extra cloth, gilt edges, 4s, 6d.

Price 10s. 6d. elegantly bound in cloth, gilt edges.

This Volume contains upwards of Thirty magnificent Engravings, with Sixty-four pages of appropriate Text. Also, One Hundred and Four pages of full directions for working in Crotchet, Point-lace, Embroidery, &c., with explanatory Engravings, consisting of nearly 100 patterns in every department of Ladies' Work.

January 13, 1853

In the Matter of JOHN O'REILLY, an Insolvent.

The several Creditors of JOHN O'REILLY, formerly of Lonaghs, in the COUNTY OF CAVAN, Farmer, are hereby informed that a Meeting will be held before the Chief Clerk, at his office, No., 3, Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin, on Friday, the 21st day of January, 1853, at the hour of Twelve o'clock, for the purpose of examining the Assignees accounts, in this Matter; and, if necessary, for correcting and ascertaining the list of Creditors entitled to receive Dividends in this Matter; and for enquiring into all other proper and necessary matters, in order to a Dividend in this Matter.

Dated this 30th day of December, 1852.
Theodore CRONHELM, Attorney for
Edward O'REILLY, the Assignee,
No. 74, Dame Street, Dublin. -


Splendid fleet of first class Steam Ships, Sail regularly between
With or without Pilots.
Friday, 14th, at 1 o'clock Afternoon.
Saturday, 15th, at 2 o'clock, do.
Monday, 17th, at 4 o'clock, do.
Tuesday, 18th, at 4 o'clock, do.
Saturday, 22nd, at 8 o'clock, Evening.
Tuesday, 25th, at 10 o'clock, Night.
Saturday, 29th, at 12 o'clock, do.

Thursday, 13th, at 1 o'clock, Afternoon.
Monday, 17th, at 3 o'clock, do.
Thursday, 20th, at 6 o'clock, Evening.
Monday, 24th, at 9 o'clock, Night.
Thursday, 27th, at 12 o'clock, Noon.
Monday, 31st, at 2 o'clock, Afternoon.

Fares: -- Cabin (including Steward's Fee), 12s; Steerage and Deck, 2s, 6d. Return Cabin Tickets, available for 14 days, but not transferable, 18s. Goods and Cattle to be alongside Four Hours before the time of Sailing. The Company will not be responsible for loss or damage sustained by Live Stock. For further particulars, apply tot he Agents,
JAMES METGE, 35, Water-street, Liverpool,
Wm. M'MASTER, Steam Packet, Quay, Dundalk.
Dundalk, 1st January, 1853


On the 25th ult., at sea, on board the ship Child Harold, Robert James M'CLINTOCK, Esquire, deeply and deservedly regretted.

January 20, 1853

HENRY GEORGE BURNELL (from London) begs to inform the Trade that he has now in Stock, direct from the Growers in KENT and SUSSEX, a large quantity of TURNIP, CARROT, MANGEL WURZEL, PARSNIP, and other Agricultural Seeds; also Garden and Flower Seeds, in fine condition, having bought largely and early in the season is enabled to supply Seeds, Genuine and Fine Samples, at London Wholesale Prices.
Priced Catalogues on application,
10, Victoria Buildings, Victoria-street, Belfast.

Imported Devon Horned Cattle, Sheep, Horses, Carriages, Harness, Saddlery, with articles of Husbandry, the Property of the late H. T. KILBEE, Esq.

To be sold by Auction, without the least reserve, on Saturday, the 29th of January, inst. Twenty-six head of the above stock, in which are Sixteen young Cows and Heifers, all springing for April and May; Two superior Plough Bullocks, two years and a half old; Two young Bulls, one four years old and the other six months; the remainder are fine promising Heifers, all New Devons. The Dams and Bull have been specially imported by Mr. KILBEE, and chosen by the late celebrated judge, JOHN CREIGHTON, Esq., in North Devonshire.

Sale to commence at 12 o'clock with Crops and articles of husbandry; the stock of cattle precisely at 1 o'clock.
Terms - Cash purchasers to pay auction fees.
Cavan, January 17th, 1853.


In the Matter of ESTATE OF ROBERT STRATFORD, deceased, continued in the name of MARY ANNE STRATFORD, Widow and Administratrix of the said ROBERT STRATFORD, Owner.

The Commissioners will, on THURSDAY, the .... day of MARCH, 1853, at the hour of Twelve o'Clock at Noon, at their Court, Henrietta-street, Dublin,
the estate of the late Robert STRATFORD, situate in the Baronies of Castleraghan, Clonmahon, and Tullyhunco, in the COUNTY OF CAVAN, in the following Lots, viz. --

LOT 1. Part of the Lands of KILDRUMFARTEN and KILNALECK, containing 307a. 0n, 50r, (transcriber's note: measures difficult to read and may not be accurate), statute measure, together with an individual moiety of the denominations, known as the Fair Green, containing 3A.,, 1R,,, 0P., and Kill Burying Ground, containing 26P., situate in the Baronies of Castleraghan and Clonmahon, and COUNTY OF CAVAN, held under the See of Kilmore, producing £274 10s. 5d. per annum, subject to £8 1s. 6 1/2d. crown rent, and £8 2s. 5d. tithe rent charge. One moiety of the renewal fine, including fees and expenses of leases, has for several years previous to the last renewal, amounted to £23 7s. 5 1/2d. The last renewal bears date the 5th of January, 1847, and is for 21 years from 1st November, 1846.

LOT 2. Part of the Lands of SHANCOR, held for the residue of a term of 999 years, from the 2nd of MAY, 1694, containing 65a. 0n. 33r., statute measure, producing £43 0s. 7d. per annum. The head rent is payable out of a different part of the Lands.

Dated this 14th day of January, 1853.
HENRY CAREY, Secretary,

Lot 1 is situate within three miles of Ballyjamesduff and Purnea(Furnea?), on the Mall Coach Road from Killeshandra to Navan. There is a good Market held in the Village once a week, and nine fairs during the year.

Lot 2 is within three miles of the Post Town of Crossdoney.

For Rentals, and further particulars, apply at the Office of the Commissioners, No. 14, Henrietta-street, Dublin, or to
JAMES DILLON MELDON, Solicitor for the Petitioner, having the conduct of the Sale, No. 14, Upper Ormond-quay; or to
MARK DOWLING, Solicitor for the Owner, No. 74, Dame-street; or to RICHARD B. FALKINER, Solicitor for Thomas TUITE, NO. 45, Lower Dominick-street.

We understand that the marriage of the Marquis of Headford with Lady Macnaughton, will be solemnised about the middle of February, on which occasion a series of festivals will take place in Headford, and among the tenantry of the noble lord.

A woman, named Polly DIAMOND, died lately --- Greenlough, near Portlegone, on the 102d year of ....... age. She was born in 1750, in the reign of George the Second, and consequently lived in the reign of five British Sovereigns. She was never married which she much regretted in the evening of ...........
Coleraine Chronicle

Among the passengers on board the Star, Grave... end steamer, which left Blackwall at half past ....... o'clock last Saturday, was a young man, accompanied by his sister, who had seated themselves near the ......... gangway on the starboard side, and appeared to pass their time pleasantly in conversation, until the steamer got into Long Reach, and here, as her course was changed, the paddle-box party shut out from view a large ship towing down the river, and the young man, not being able to see what he desired, leant over the bulwark; while in this position, and directing the attention of his sister by pointing at the ship, he fell overboard, and never rose again above water. The ship he was pointing out was the one on which he would have sailed next day, and their object in going down the river was to go on board her.

DEATH OF A VOLUNTEER. -- Died, at his residence near Kells, a few days since, a gentleman named HILL, at the extraordinaary age of 100 years and some days. It is well to remark that Mr. Hill was one of the Volunteers of 1782.


On Thursday, 20th inst., in Cavan Church, byt he Rev. W. WILKINS, Sergeant John M'CURDY, to Elleanor, youngest daughter of Mr. R. SMITH of this town, late excise officer.


January 8, at Ardee, aged 80 years, Frances, relict of the late N.MILLING, Esq.

January 7, at Carrickmacross, Surgeon DANIEL, after a lingering illness which he bore with christian resignation. The deceased was highly respected by all who knew him.

On the 15th inst., at her residence, Bedford Lodge, Clontarf, Elly Eliza, relict of the late George PLANKETT(sic)., of Mount Plunkett(sic), county Roscommon, and mother to John J. PLUNKETT, Attorney-General of New South Wales.

January 27, 1853



On Monday John Elliott HYNDMAN, Esq., city coroner, held an inquest at the house 30, Church-street, on the body of Mary-Anne Foster, aged 22 years.

Mary KIRWAN deposed that she (witness) lived in the room in which the inquest was being then held; deceased was her sister-in-law, and had resided at 28, Moneck-place, Phibsborough; the husband of deceased was a millwright fitter, and was engaged on the Midland Great Western Railway ; in August last deceased's husband received a sum of 400£., being a legacy bequeathed to his wife by her father, the last Mr. L'ESTRANGE, of Smithfield; ever since he got that money he and she had been continually drinking; the husband died on Friday morning last from the effects of drink; the wife continued drinking throughout the entire of that Friday, and the following Saturday; he was buried on yesterday (Sunday) morning; she (deceased) was unable to attend the funeral, and said she would come to this room to her sister-in-law and go to bed there; she came at about eight o'clock on Sunday morning on a car, and was taken with a fit on the way; as soon as she arrived, she went to bed, and never rose again; at six in the afternoon she had a fit in which she worked violently, and had to be held for ten minutes' at nine, the same evening she was seized with shivering, and expired in a few minutes. Deceased left one child, a girl aged three years.

Surgeon George Porter stated that he had examined the body -- there was a slight scratch on the right breast; the pupils of the eyes were dilated; he believed that she died in a fit of epilepsy, caused by intemperance, and probably hastened by a shock from the death of her husband.

The jury found a verdict of death from epilepsy, probably caused by intemperance.

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