Published in Cavan, county Cavan
February 3, 1853


On February 2, 1853, of a still-born child, the lady of Z. Wallace Esq., Proprietor of the Anglo-Celt, Cavan.

At 35, Brook-street, the Marchioness of Blandford, of a daughter.

At Roafad (Ronfad?), on Friday, 28th January, the lady of Nicholas Archdall, Esq., of a son and hair(sic!).

At Corfu, the Hon. Mrs. Monteith Hamilton, wife of Capt. Monteith Hamilton, 92nd Highlanders, and daughter of Viscount Gort, of a son and heir.


January 31, at St. James's, Westminster, London, by the Rev. Mackenzie Walcot, M.A., Bevan Slator, Esq.., J.P., of Clinan, in the county of Longford, to Anne, fourth daughter of John Robinson, Esq., Sandymount, county of Dublin.

February 1, at Bray Church, by the Rev. Thomas Tomlison, Matt H. Sankey, Esq., of Brookeborough, County Fermanagh, to Mehetabel, youngest daughter of the late John Rockwell, county Tipperary.


In the town of Cavan, on the 31st January, 1853, Mr. Patrick GALLAGHER, jun., was called to a better life. The deceased was so well known for his kindness, benevolence, and Christian charity that any remarks we could offer would be superfluous, indeed. He is poignantly regretted by, not only his relatives and immediate friends, but by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance.

Died on the 30th. ult., at his paternal residence, Killicare (midway between Cootehill and Bailieboro) aged 24 years, Robert SHARPE, Esq., M.A., youngest brother of Dr. SHARPE, Cootehill, deeply and much regretted by his relations and friends.

January 21, at Drumsna , Edward CROZIER, Esqr., solicitor, eighth son of the late John CROZIER, Esq., J.P., of Gortra House, county Fermanagh.

January 27, at Smithstown House, Jullenstown. Sarah Dowager Lady DILLON, aged seventy-four years, relict of the late Sir Charles DILLON, Bart., of Lismullen Park, county of Meath.

January 29, at No. 2, Gardiner's Place, Elizabeth Meledan (Meleefna?)(Malcolm?)(Mcleehan?), aged 62 years, relict of the late Henry M'CLINTOCK, Esq., of Dundalk, county of Louth.

January 27, universally regretted, at her house in Blessington-street, in the 78th year of her age, Eliza Frances, relict of Thomas Richard BABINGTON, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, and formerly one of the magistrates at the Head Police College, Dublin.

January 29, at 70, Queen-street, Anne, the beloved wife of Mr. Patrick DELANY.

January 26, at Kiplin, Yorkshire, John DELAVAL, Earl of Tyrconnell, G C.H., in his 63rd year.

January 27, at Westfield, Harold's Cross, Jennlan(?) (Jenalaan?), the beloved wife of Mr. W. JACKSON, aged 82 (32?) years.

February 10, 1853

A meeting of the tenantry on Colonel Greville's Coronary estate in this county was held at M'Breen's cross-roads, adjacent to the Coronary Police Station, on Tuesday last, 8th inst. Shortly after two o'clock, Mr. William MORROW, P.L.G., was called to the chair, and Mr. Patrick CUSACK, of Kilnacrew, was requested to act as secretary.

The chairman, on taking his seat, explained the object and nature of the meeting, which was, he said, for the purpose of adopting an address to Colonel Greville by his grateful tenantry on his Coronary estate, without his knowledge or that of his agent, deputy or bailiff, as he was certain that an appropriate address, coming as it would, from them spontaneously, without their prompting assistance of interference, or of any other person on their behalf, would be more acceptable, and appreciated by their excellent landlord, than if gotten up at the instance or suggestion of his agents or bailiff ; for it was a well known fact that the worst and most tyrannical landlords in the country -- and God knows there are too many of them (laughter, and that is true), could, through the instrumentality of their agents and bailiffs, get all their tenants to meet en masse, and adopt as many addresses to them as would fill a creel (laughter), through fear of being distrained and then ejected if they did not do so ; but this would not be done on Colonel Greville's estate, at least since he found out the oppression and tyranny of his late agent over them, and for which he dismissed him (cheers), and remedied the evils he perpetrated, as much as in him lay. Mr. Morrow then eulogised Colonel Greville for his fostering care and indulgence to them, and concluded by thanking the meeting for the honour conferred upon him in selecting him as their chairman (cheers).

Mr. P. CUSACK then addressed the meeting, and also returned thanks for having been appointed to the onerous office of secretary to the meeting, which he would not undertake, being unaccustomed to the discharge of its duties, were he not promised the able assistance of Mr. M. W. REDDY, who kindly attended the meeting from Cootehill for that purpose. The object of the meeting (said, Mr. Cusack) was of a two-fold nature, to assist in complimenting Col. Greville as a patriotic and independent Tenant Right M.P., and a good landlord, with the view and expectation that other neighbouring landlords might be induced to follow Col. Greville's example, and go and do likewise (cheers). Mr. Cusack then enumerated several benefits which Col. Greville conferred upon his tenants, amongst which were the forgiving them all arrears of rent which had accumulated during the years of famine, happily past, payment of poor rates, county cess, draining, &c., after which he resumed his seat amid cheers.

The first resolution was proposed by Mr. IRWIN, and seconded by Mr. John TACKNEY, which was to the effect, that the tenantry of the Coronary estate do present their landlord, Col. Greville, with a spontaneous and appropriate address for his kind and fostering care of them since the removal of their late agent, as they have since that period greatly improved in their social and moral condition, and when aided by their own industry, exertion, and self-reliance, they entertain sanguine hopes of ultimate success. The second resolution was proposed by Mr. Peter COONEY, and seconded by Mr. Thomas WHITE, which was in substance, that they hailed with pride and pleasure the return of their landlord to parliament for the county of Longford upon Tenant Right principles, as they conceive that Ireland cannot be either prosperous or happy, until the relations between landlord and tenant be settled and arranged by legislative enactment upon equitable principles. Mr. Reddy here addressed the meeting at great length on this subject, and during the delivery of his speech was much cheered by the meeting. The third resolution was proposed by Mr. John FRANCIS, and seconded by Mr. Patrick BRADY of Coronary, which eulogised Colonel Greville for his non-interference with his tenantry in the exercise of the elective franchise. Mr. Brady addressed the meeting in very eloquent terms upon this subject and Tenant Right. He also eulogised Col. Greville as a good landlord and a faithful and patriotic Tenant Right M.P. The address which was an echo of the resolutions then having been read, was adopted amid great cheering. It is a rather lengthy document which, together with Col. G's reply thereto (when obtained) shall be published in extenso. Thanks having been voted to the chairman and secretary, as well as to Mr. Reddy for his very efficient assistance, the meeting separated, cheering for Col. Greville and Tenant Right. We are precluded from giving more than a mere outline of the proceedings in consequence of the late hour at which the report arrived, and want of space.


On the 4th inst., at 103, Eaton Place, London, the Countess of Enniskillen, of a daughter.

Feb. 2, at Ardenode, county of Kildare, the lady of George White WEST, Esq., of a son.

At Swanlinbar, at the 4th inst., the lady of Capt. JOHNSTON, of a son.


January 18, at Grace Church, Brooklyn-heights, New York, by the Rev. Dr. Vinton, Isaiah DECK, Esq., of Sullivan County, State of New York, to Louisa, youngest daughter of the late Rev. N. J. HALPIN, of Seville-place, Dublin.

Feb 5, in this town, by the Rev. Thomas Mulvany, C.C., Mr. Patrick Dowling, to Miss Mary Anee Connell, both of this town.

Feb. 5, in St. Thomas's Church, by the Rev. Mr. I zimell(?), Henry HARDEN, Esq., Cork, Civil Engineer, to Anne, (...ninth?) daughter of the late Robert USHER, Rock Abbey, Cashel.

February 17, 1853

FIRE IN ARVA. At half-past three o'clock on Saturday morning last a fire broke out at the rere(sic) of the premises occupied by Mr. Daniel BIGGER, which threatened at one time to consume one side of the street ; but owing to the exertions of Sub-Inspector M'CLINTOCK, and the men under his command, it was got under, but not until the whole of Mr. Bigger's office houses were consumed. To much credit cannot be given to Mr. M'Clintock and his men for their arduous and unceasing exertions on the occasion.


In Ballybay Church, on the 14th instant, by the Rev. John DUNBAR, John STRATTON, Esq., Drumkerrin, county Leitrim, to Margaret Jane, daughter of S. GRAY, Esq., late sub-sherriff(sic) of the county. The parochial church was densely crowded during the ceremony, the bride being a general favourite especially amongst the poor, to whom her constant kindness had endeared her. After the ceremony the bridal couple left on a wedding tour.


Feb 13, at the residence of Mr. John Ousely Bonsall(?), Eldon Terrace, Dublin, aged ninety-two years, Harriet, the widow of the Rev. Gideon OUSELY.

Feburary 16, in Ballinagh, Mrs. LEE, sincerely and deservedly regretted by all who had the pleasure of her acquaintance.

Feburary 11, at Blair's College, Aberdeen, John Henry HALY, fourth son of Francis COPPINGER, Esq., of Rutland-square, in this city, aged 18 years.

February 24, 1853

LIVERPOOL or any other Port,
On the 28th of February, 1853.

This very elegant Packet Ship is now on the berth, and will be found in every way worthy of the character of this line. She is fitted up in the best style, and possesses every accommodation for the convenience and comfort of passengers. This fine vessel is lofty between decks, ahs most comfortable berths perfectly ventilated, and a very swift sailer. Separate State Rooms for private families to suit any number.

Each Passenger will be supplied with 2 1/2 of Biscuit, 1 lb. of Wheaten Flour, 5 lbs. of Oatmeal, 2 lbs of Rice, 2 oz. Tea, 1/2 lb. Sugar, 2 oz. Salt and 21 quarts of Water weekly, with a Supply of Fuel, and Medicines free of expense.

Capt. WILSON is one of the most experienced Masters on the trade whose kindness and attention are well known.

These Packets afford all the advantages of direct embarkation, particularly to respectable parties who have much extra Luggage, any quantity of which will be taken WITHOUT ANY CHARGE, besides avoiding the wear and tear, expense, &c., of transhipment.

Parties in the Country can secure their berths by remitting £1, and the remainder not to be paid till their arrival at the Ship. For all further information apply to JAMES MILEY, 22, Eden-Quay, Dublin.

In consequence of the severity of the weather, the sailing of the Ganges has been postponed to the 28th.


On the 21st instant, at Clover Hill, near Drum, county Monaghan, the wife of the Rev. James CARSON, Presbyterian Minister, Cavan, of a daughter.

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