Published in Cavan, county Cavan

November 4, 1852


The total number of prisoners in gaols in Ireland, amounted in 1851, January 1, 9,081; in 1852, to the same date, 8,803, showing a diminution of 1,181.

Denis RYAN, a young man of quiet and respectably appearance, and a private soldier in the 17th Regiment, has been convicted of the manslaughter of one William SAVAGE, on the 7th of August last, at the Linen Hall Barrocks (sic). - Sentence deferred.

Mark FLAHERTY, an urchin scarcely over twelve years old, concealed himself and committed a robbery in the shop of Mr. James O'BRIEN, grocer, 33 Lower Ship-street. The only mode by which the culprit could have contrived to secret himself in the palace was by stealing in unobserved sometime during the business hours on the evening before, and stowing himself away amongst the casks and tea chests, thus remained concealed until the family had gone to rest. He was sentenced to be privately whipped and imprisoned for two months with hard labour.

NEW POOR LAW INSPECTORS. - Eleven temporary Inspectors have been dispensed with, and from the following gentlemen have been selected to fill the offices of additional Second Class Permanent Inspectors at Salaries of $500, per annum. Captain HAMILTON, R. HAMILTON, John HALL, W. H. LUCAS, W. P. O'BRIEN, H. ROBINSON, and S. HORNSBY, Esqs.

HOSTILE RECONTRE. - At the Royal Dublin Society, on Monday afternoon, an encounter of a most disagreeable nature took place. Major Fairfield had just entered the hall of the Society in company with one or two gentlemen, and was proceeding to the lawn, when Mr. Henry Mac Dermott, barrister at law, walked rapidly after him, and on coming up with him uttered some very strong epithets, adding, "I have caught you at last;" and on Major Fairfield turning hastily round, Mr. Mac Dermott struck him two or three severe blows with a heavy horsewhip. Major Fairfield, on finding himself assaulted, hastily retreated, calling loudly for the interference of the police, several of whom were stationed at the door and about the premises. They with several gentlemen interfered, and prevented any further assault. Mr. Mac Dermott exclaimed, "That's Major Fairfield, and I have whipped the _______ for insulting my wife." The police in a short time suffered the assailant to withdraw, and the matter has so far terminated.

THE FRACAS AT THE ROYAL DUBLIN SOCIETY - In consequences of what took place between Mr. Henry M'DERMOTT and Major FAIRFIELD, on Monday last, these gentlemen proceeded yesterday morning to St. Catherine's, near Lucan. Major Fairfield was attended by Captain J. A. O'NEILL, and Mr. M'DERMOT by Captain Robinson. Mr. M'Dermott received Major Fairfield's fire, and discharged his pistol in the air. Explanations then took place, which proved perfectly satisfactory to all parties. Major Fairfield and Mr. M'Dermott having shaken hands, the affair terminated.

Several curious antique coins have been recently discovered by workmen employed in the excavations now progressing in the bed of the Galway river. The material of the metal is brass; the inscriptions are an obliterated figure of an old style of ship, and the date 1530.

The Rev. Charles O'REILLY, for many years the able, indefatigable and exemplary CC of Milltown has been removed from thence to Cootehill by his bishop, the Rt. Rev. Dr. Browne. The Rev. Mr. O'Reilly's address at present is Drumgoon, Cootehill.


On the 3rd inst., the wife of Edward KENNEDY of a son.


It is our painful duty this week to record the death of Henry Theophilus KILBEE, Esq. J.P., which took place at his residence, Drumkeen House, late last night. Mr. Kilbee's demise will be severely felt in the neighbourhood, as he was an encouraging landlord and an excellent employer.

November 11, 1852


Mr. J. D. FITZGERALD, &c., on the part of the relatives of the people who had been shot at Sixmile Bridge, applied that the Crown Solicitor be directed to furnish Mr. Wm. Henry McGRATH, Solicitor, for his (the learned counsel's) clients, with two copies of the depositions taken at the investigation, to enable him to instruct counsel to show cause against the conditional order obtained in this court on the 2nd instant, for quashing the depositions; and that the time for showing case against said order be extended to such a period as the court should direct, or for such other order as the court may think fit. The learned counsel stated that, immediately on being served with the conditional order, Mr. M'GRATH had served notice on the relatives, who authorized him to act on their behalf; but, as the parties belonged to an humble class of life, they would be unable to pay the expenses of taking out copies of the depositions, which ran to a thousand sheets, and the cost of a single copy of which would be about £33. From the affidavit of Mr. M'Grath, it appeared that two applications had been made to Sir M. Barrington, the Crown Solicitior, to furnish copies. But no answer to that application had been received. A copy being indispensably necessary for his (the learned counsel's) clients, the present motion was unavoidable. If they were furnished with even a single copy they would be ready to show cause on Monday.

The Lord Chief Justice - Perhaps there would be no objection to Sir Mathew Barrington furnishing a copy.

The Solicitor-General said he was not disposed to put Mr. Fitzgerald's clients to any unnecessary expense, and that he would furnish them with one copy.

Mr. Fitzgerald, Q.C. - Then we will meet you on Monday morning.


At the recent term examinations in Trinity College, Dublin, Mr. John KENNEDY, who was last year elected a Queen's Scholar on the foundation of the Royal School, Cavan, obtained a prize in classics on very distinguished answering. Mr. Kennedy's success is the more creditable as, till very recently, his attention had been principally devoted to science. Mr. Kennedy was also recommended for honours in science and at the catechetical examinations. There are five Queen's Scholarships of £25 each, tenable for five years, attached to the above school.


Dublin Castle, November 5, 1852. - Names of Gentlemen returned by the Judges of Assize to serve the office of High Sheriff for the ensuing year.

ANTRIM - The Earl of Belfast, Ormeau, Belfast; R. SHAFFTO, Adair, Esq., Ballymean; James E. LESLIE, Esq., Leslie BILL, Ballymoney.

ARMAGH - Viscount MANDEVILLE, M.P., Tanderagree; Maxwell CLOSE, jun. Esq. Drumbanagher, Newry; County Fane DeSALIS, Tanderagree.

CARLOW - Colonel Kane BUNBURY, Moyle, Carlow; Peter FITZGERALD, Esq., Knigh of Kerry, Ballinruddery, Valentia; William DUCKETT, jun., Esq., Duckett's Grove, Carlow.

CARRIGFERGUS TOWN - Charles Arthur Wellesley STEWART, Esq., Carrigfergus; William KIRK, Esq., Thornfield, Carrickfergus; James BARNETT, Esq., Carrickfergus.

CAVAN - William RUXTON, Esq., Ardes House, Ardes; Fulk SOUTHWELL, Greville, Esq., Clonyn, Castletowndelvin; Joseph STOREY, Esq., Bingfield, Cavan.

CLARE - William Armstrong, Esq., Newhall, Ennis; Perceval WESTBY Esq., Kilballyowen; O'Gorman MAHON, Esq., Mahoonburg, Ennis.

CORK - Richard TONSON, Esq., Ryecourt, Crookstown; John M'CARTHY O'LEARY, Esq., Coomlegane, Mill street; Mountifort LONGFIELD, Esq., Castlemartyr, Cloyne.

CORK CITY - Andrew J. WOODS, Esq., Woodlands, Cork; Francis LYONS, Esq., Cork; Ebenezer PIKE, Esq., Cork.

DONEGAL - Alexander R. STEWART, Esq., Ards House, Dunfanaghy; William SINCLAIR, Esq., Inver and Broomfield, Strabane; J. WOOD, Esq., Castlegrove, Letterkenny.

DOWN - Hon. Dudley DeROS, Strangford; Aubrey Willis BEAUCLERK, Esq., Castle, Ardglass; William B. FORDE, Esq., Sanforde, Clough.

DROGHEDA TOWN - Patrick Mathews, Esq., Annagor, Duleek; John GRADWELL, Esq., Drogheda; Ralph SMITH, Esq., Greenhills, Drogheda.

DUBLIN - Viscount ST. LAWRENCE, Howth Catle, Hoth; Hans H. WOODS, Esq., Whitestown; Hon. St. John BUTLER (?), Walshestown, and Merrion-street, Dublin.

DUBLIN CITY - Valentine O'BRIEN O'CONNOR, Esq., Sackville-street; William LONG, Esq., Mary-street; James Thomas BARLOW, Esq., Sybil Hill, Howth Road.

FERMANAGH - John RICHARDSON, Esq., Summerhill, Clones; James HAIRE, Esq., Slennick, The Manor, Clones; Sir William HORT, Bart, Woodlands, Kildare.

GALWAY - James Daly, Esq., Castle Daly, Longbrea; Sir Thomas N. REDINGTON, K.C.P., Kilcornan, Oranmoer; Martin KIRWAN, Esq., Blindwell, Tuam.

GALWAY TOWN - Edmund O'FLAHERTY, Esq., Knockbane, Moycullen; Edward E. MAUNSELL, Esq., Fort Eyre, Galway; Edward C. BURKE, Esq., Dominick street, Galway.

KERRY - Richard MAHONEY, Esq., Dromore Castle, Kenmare; Wm. HICKLE, Esq. Killester, Ballylongford; Robert E. HICKSON, Esq., Fermoyle.

KILDARE - Charles COLTHURST, Esq., Lucan House, Lucan; Gerald G. AYLMER, Esq., Donadea Csatle, Donadea; Edward OFERRALL, Esq., Kidangan, Monasterevan.

KILKENEY - Robert LANGRISHE, Esq., Ballyduff, Knocktopher; PUrefoy POE, Esq., Ballyline, Callan; James Charles KEARNEY, Esq., Blancheville.

KILKENNY CITY - John WADE, Esq., St. Canice Cottage, Kilkenny; Henry POTTER, Esq., Drakeland House, Kilkenny; Thomas HART, Esq., Windglass Cottage, Kilkenny.

KING'S COUNTY - John WAKELY, Esq., Ballyburley Edenderry; Francis Val BENNETT, Esq., Thomastown House, Fankford; Ambrose COX, Esq., Clara House, Clara.

LEITRIM - Viscount CLEMENTS, Lough Rhynn, Mohil; Wm. Arthur LAWDER, Esq., Bonnybeg, Drumsna; Colonel John WHITE, Newtown Drumshair.

LIMERICK - Hugh Massy, Esq., Riverdale, Galbally; Frederick Trench GASCOIGNE, Esq., Kilfinane; Sir Richard DeBURGHO, The Island, Castlecounell.

LIMERICK CITY - Stephen ROCHE, Esq., George's-street, Limerick; James SPAIGHT Esq., George's-street, Limerick; Major George GAVIN, Killpeacon, Limerick.

LONDONDERRY CITY AND COUNTY - James Murray, Esq., Caw, Londonderry; Robert Leslie OGILBY, Esq., Dungiven; Sir Frederick HEYGATE, Bart, Bellosna, Newtownlimavady.

LONGFORD - Arthur G. Lewis, Esq., Bonlahy, and Fitzwilliam-square, Dublin; John Horwood JESSOP, Esq., Carricmacross, and 31, Upper Mount street, Dublin; Thomas GOSSELIN, Esq., Fernsborough, Granard.

LOUTH - Edw. TIPPING, Esq., Bellingan Park, Dundalk; Richard MACAN, Esq., Greenmount, Castlebeilingham; the Hon. Edward BELLEW, Barmeath, Dunleer.

MAYO - James Howe BROWNE, Esq., Claremont, Caremorris; Lord John BROWNE, Westport, H___ Westport; John Christopher GARVEY, Esq., Murrick Abbey, Westport.

MEATH - Wm. E. GRANGER, Esq., Causetown, Navan; Sir Arthur Dillon, Bart, Lismullen, Dunshaughlin; James NAPER, jun., Esq., Loughcrew, Oldcastle.

MONAGHAN - Robert C. FRENCH, Esq., Ballybay House, Ballybay; Wm. BROWNLOW, Esq., Knapton, Abbeylaix; C. SHIRLEY, Esq., Farney, Carrickmacross.

QUEEN'S COUNTY - Robt. STAPLES, Esq., Dumore, Durrow; Gerrald FITZGERALD, Esq., Ballyragget Lodge, Ballyragget; John Allen Johnston WALSH, Esq., Ballykilcavan, Stradbally.

ROSCOMMON - Charles FRENCH, Esq., Caher, Frenchpark; Patrick O'CONNOR, Esq., Dundermot, Ballymoe; Thomas Johnston BARTOU, Esq., Merrion-square, Dublin.

SLIGO - Harry J. LYNCH, Esq., Rathfarmon, Boyle; Joseph A. HULMES (?), ESq., Clogher House, Ballaghandeteen; John W. FLANAGAN, Esq., Drumdoe, Boyle.

TIPPERARY - The Hon. George O'CALLAGHAN, Shanbally Castle, Clogheen; Captain G. M. DAWSON, Ballinscounty, Tipperary; Thomas Butler STONEY, Esq., Portland, R___kane.

TYRONE, Joseph GOFF, Esq., Hale House, Wiltshire; Alexander George STEWART, Esq., Dromespil and Hergert-street, Dublin; Daniel BAIRD, Esq., Newtownstewart, Londonderry.

WATERFORD - James Barry, Esq., Mocollop, Fermoy; Patrick William POWER, Esq., Tramore; John USHER, Esq., Ballysaggartmore, Lismore.

WATERFORD CITY - George MEARS, Esq., Maypark, Waterford; James ANDERSON, Esq., Ballindee, Waterford, M. Dobvuy HASARD, Esq., Gleantle, Waterford.

WESTMEATH - Sir Francis HOPKINS, Bart, Rochfort, Mellingar; Charels Bromley MANLY, Esq., Belvidere, Mullingar; John James NUGENT, Esq., Clonlost Killucan.

WEXFORD - Soloman Augustus RICHARDS, Esq., Andamine House, Gorey; John MAHER, Esq., Ballinkeel, Enniscorthy; the Hon. S. CAREW, Boro, Enniscorthy.

WICKLOW - Viscount Roseborough, Rossborough, Blessingtown; Charles John TOTTENHAM, Esq., Woodstock, Newtown-mountkennedy; Sir Ralph HOWARD, Bart, Enniscorthy.

November 18, 1852

THE DROGHEDA STEAM-BOATS. - The Leinster Lass steamer, Captain TOKER, with a full cargo, sailed from our quay on Wednesday evening last, and, after encountering the severe easterly gale of that night, arrived all safe at Liverpool on Thursday evening. The Faugh-a-Ballagh, Captain JOHNSTON, sailed from Liverpool on Thursday evening last, and, after nobly braving the disastrous gale of that night, arrived all safe at our quay on yesterday morning - thus giving a further proof of the excellence of our superior steamers. - Drogheda Argus.


Further Particulars.

BALBRIGGAN, Nov. 15. - About six o'clock last night signals, as if from a vessel at sea in distress, were heard. Mr. BARRET, R.N., the coast guard officer at this station, sent one of his men to look out and on learning that there was a large vessel near the harbour in distress, he and his men immediately proceeded along the coast, lighted a fire, and at intervals, for several hours, set up rockets.

The vessel proved to be the barque Young England, belonging to Mr. Wright of Kinderkaine, bound from Singapore to Liverpool with a cargo of rice, sago, Gambia blocks of gutta percha, &c.;

From five to one o'clock in the morning no boat would venture out to her relief, from the heavy sea breaking along the coast. At that hour the Rev. A. SYNGE, rector of Arran, Mr. Barret, R. N., his son, Mr. W. Barrett, and some of the coat guard, put off for the wreck in Mr. H. A. HAMILTON's boat. They succeeded in reaching it and bringing of the captain and 8 of the crew. A second attempt to reach the wreck failed. There were seven men in the rigging. At about six o'clock in the morning, Mr. Barret, his son, and four of the coast guard put off in the boat belonging to the service, and after about two hours succeeded in reaching the vessel and taking off the seven who remained. Thus making sixteen persons rescued from a watery grave.

Wm. SUDBURY, royal marines, of H. M. steamer Armese, was a passenger, and died on deck in the evening from fatigue. Edward JACKSON of Catham, foolishly persisted in leaving the wreck in one of her boats, and very soon went down. His body was found and awaits the coroner's inquest.

The captain, W. ROBERTSON, states that they were knocking about the channel for the last week, and that being short of provisions he endeavoured to reach Dublin, but was unable to do so from the violent state of the weather and the heavy sea which was running. Mistaking this place for Howth he endeavoured to reach it, but the heavy sea along the coast soon drove them aground.

Too much praise cannot be given to Mr. Barret and those who accompanied him, for their courage in venturing out in such a heavy surf, and for the successful way in which they rescued the men from their perilous position.

(within one mile of Killeshandra.)
Rev. R. D. ALLEN, A.B., Master.

The following high honors have been obtained in Trinity College, Dublin, during the present year, by young Gentlemen educated exclusively at this School:-


Mr. J. C. MARTIN - A Science Honor - First of the Second Rank.
Mr. R. L. Martin - A Science Honor, First of the First Rank.
Mr. T. G. J. Phillips - A Science Honor, First of the First Rank.
Mr. T. G. J. Phillips - A Classical Honor of the First Rank.


Mr. J. C. Martin - A Science Honor, First of the Second Rank.
Mr. R. L. Martin - A Science Honor, Second of the First Rank.

On both of the above occasions Mr. J. C. Martin was recommended in Classics.

Mr. R. L. Martin - A Science Honor, First of the First Rank.
Mr. T. G. J. Phillips - A Science Honor of the First Rank.

At the Little-Go, Mr. R. L. Martin had the high distinction of being placed Second in the First Grade. This School is beautifully and healthfully situated, and kept, in the strictest sense, select - number of Pupils very limited.

Mr. Allen has permission to refer to the Rev. J. C. MARTIN, D.D., Ex-Fellow T.C.D., Rector of Killeshandra, whose sons are at the school; the Rev. F. SAUNDERSON, Rector of Kildallon; and to the several Parents of the Pupils.

We see by the papers of this week that the 31st Regiment are ordered for foreign service.


Notice is hereby given to the Inhabitants of Cavan, that at a Meeting of the Commissioners of the Borough of Cavan, held in the Court-house of Cavan, on Monday the 8th of Nov., 1852, it was unanimously resolved, that, pursuant to the powers vested in the Commissioners, for that purpose, by the 56 sec., 9th Geo. 4, chap. 82, the Inhabitants of Cavan do, and they are hereby required, to sweep the Footpaths opposite their respective houses each morning (Sundays excepted,) before 10 o'Clock, under the following penalties:-

First offence - 0s. 6d.
Second Offence - 1s. 0d.
Third Offence - 2s. 0d.

(By Order),
Cavan, 8th November, 1852.

Abstract, 9th Geo. IV. Chap. 82, Sec 59.

And be it enacted, That it shall and may be lawful for the Commissioners acting in Execution of this Act, in any City, Borough or Town, if they shall so think fit, to direct and require the respective Owners and Occupiers of all Houses, or other Buildings, or Premises, abutting upon any of the Streets, Squares, Lanes, or passages, within such City, Borough, or Town, so often, and at such times, and at, and under any such Penalty, as to the said Commissioners shall seem meet, not exceeding Two Shillings for each default, to cause the Foot-ways, or Foot-pavements to be well and sufficiently swept and cleansed before, behind, and on the sides of the same, as the situation thereof shall require, and the Dirt and Soil arising from such Sweeping and Cleansing to be collected and put together in such place and manner, as to the said Commissioners shall seem meet, and the said Commissioners, if they shall think fit to establish such Order and Regulation, shall cause the same to be publicly Notified, in manner herein-before appointed, for the Notification of the Election of Commissioners under this Act.

November 25, 1852


The O'Gorman MAHON has, it is said lodged a petition against Mr. J. D. FITZGERALD; and is alleged to have commenced an action at law against the Very Rev. J. KENNY, P.P., Ennis for language uttered about his political character previous to the election.

DETERMINED SUICIDE--We regret to record the very determined suicide of Sergeant James M'GLOIN, a pensioner from the 33rd Regiment, and also Sergeant in the Sligo militia staff, enjoying pension and staff pay 3s. 10d a day, who hanged himself from the post of his bed on Sunday last, between ten and eleven o'clock. The post was so low that the unhappy man was obliged to slide his legs out to bring sufficient pressure on his throat, and could at any moment, while conscionsness remained, have resumed his feet.--Sligo Journal.

EVICTIONS--V. BROWNE, relieving officer, has had notice served upon him of the eviction of twenty-five families, off the lands of Langan and Moyne, in the electoral division of Moyne, and now in Chancery in re GREVILLE v. BROWN. The unfortunate creatures were turned out of their homes on Monday and Tuesday last.--Tuam Herald.

COUNTY LEITRIM--The County Leitrim, so long a mere bog, inferior and behind every other county in the province, is going ahead very fast indeed. The Crevela Iron Works--now fast coming into work--the coal mines, now also coming into estimation, and the enterprise of Mr. CULLEN in stocking hitherto black unprofitable hills with flocks of Scotch sheep are indications of advance most gratifying.


Died at his residence, Kilduff, near Belturbet, on the 21st inst., Mr. Edward REA, deeply and deservedly regretted.

MURDER OF MR. MANIFOLD. A head-constable and sixteen additional policemen are about to be located on the townland where the murder of Mr. MANIFOLD was perpetrated.

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