Published in Cavan, county Cavan

May 6, 1852


Died on Tuesday, the 27th of April, at his residence in Nappagh, near Shercock, Thomas RICE, Esq., of that townland, deeply and universally regretted by all who knew him. Mr. Rice was a Poor-law Guardian of his native (the Drumgoon) electoral division of Cootehill union, from the formation of the union, until the dissolution of that board under the sealed order of the Poor-law Commissioners in 1848, in which capacity his untiring exertions on behalf of this suffering poor endeared him to that class, whilst his judicious discrimination and economical expenditure of the rates equally endeared him to the ratepayers. As a landlord, he was kind and indulgent to his tenantry, as a son, a husband and a father, his conduct was always dutiful, affectionate, and edifying. The benevolence of his heart and the amiability of his nature won for him the respect and esteem of all his acquaintances. His tedious and lingering illness of more than two years' duration he bore with the fortitude and pious resignation of a sincere and devout Christian; and, retiring from this world for a better - for a world of eternal bliss and happiness - he left no enemy behind him. His early decease leaves in the circle of his society a void which will not soon be filled up. He leaves, too, behind him an aged father, a disconsolate mother, a sorrowing widow, and six young children to deplore his early death.

Three vessels, crowded with emigrants, left the port of Limerick this week for the United States.

A large number of the Society of Friends have arrived in Dublin to attend the May meeting. Amongst them are more than usually numerous arrivals from America.

Henry BROWN, teacher of Ballydown National School, was last week remanded from Banbridge petty sessions to Newry Bridewell, for eight days, on a charge of writing threatening notices. - Ibid.


Return of Committees of Management of Dispensary Districts in the Cootehill Union, Cootehill.


Guardians - Richard Allen MINNETT, Derrygooney; Wm. A. Williams KER, Mount Carmel; S. MOORHEAD, Fortwilliam; Charles James ADAMS, Shinan House; William RUXTON, Ardee; John M'GAHAN, Cootehill; Francis BRADY, Cootehill; J. ANDREWS, Tullybrack; W. MORROW, Pottle; Edward SHARPE, Killyclare; R. BOWDEN, Cootehill

Ratepayers - Edward M'INTOSH, Cootehill; Patrick HORAN, Cootehill; John BERRY, Keeghan; F. JOHNSTON, Mullmore; Wm. M'CLEERY, Ralaghan; E. CUMMING, Kilmacaran; Wm. WORTHY, Lisnagoan; S. BARRON, Killycloghan.


Guardians - Lord CREMORNE, Dartrey House; Chas. BOYLE, Tannagh; Andre Allen MURRAY, Glenburn; James M'CULLAGH, Corfad; Samuel MOORHEAD, Fortwilliam; Thomas COOTE, Brandrum; John MOOREHEAD, Anamakerg; Robert THOMPSON, Scarva; Artur G. LEWIS, Dublin; Wm. MILLS, Rockcorry; J. MULLEN, Cumry; James HARPER, Liseveny; William DALY, Drumary; Thomas LEARY, Cormeen.

Ratepayers - Thomas DAWSON, Drumany; John JACKSON, Cremorne Greene; R. M'CLEAN, Faltagh; Joseph CRAWFORD, Drumbrain; J. LISTER, Dundrenan.


Guardians - Lord CREMORNE, Dartrey house; Wm. HUMPHRYS, Ballyhaise Castle; Michael PHILLIPS, Glenview; Henry T. CLEMENTS, Ashfield Lodge; Robert BURROWES, Stradone House; Richard MAYNE, Newbliss; Charles James ADAMS, Shinan House; T. LEARY, Cormeen; David HOLMES, Cornaglare; Thomas BRADY, Mullacroghery; Robert BOWDEN, Cootehill; Bernard M'CABE, Drumonna; G. Porter, Mullaghboy; Wm. DALY, Drumary; Philip SMITH, Artina.

Ratepayers - William RICHEY, Racreeghan; George MANNING, Ardarnagh; John F. ELLIOTT, Lislin; Wm. ARMSTRONG, Woodlodge.


Guardians - Maxwell James BOYLE, Tullyvin; R. BURROWES, Stradone House; Charles James ADAMS, Shinan House; Samuel R. MOORHEAD, Fortwilliam; E. R. BREADEN, etreat; Robert KELLY, Dantamin; Philip Smith, Artina; Patrick O'CONNELL, Moneycass; Joseph ADAMS, Rakane; M. BRADY, Teevenanass; G. PORTER, Mullaghboy.

Ratepayers - Rev. Samuel CROOKSHANKE, Aromone; Edwards SAUNDERSON, Tullylincan; Thomas SMITH, Carrickallen; Edward BRADY, Drumgoney; Philip COONEY, Knockatagait; Mathew DOUGHTY, Cormeen; John BOYLE, Cabragh; James VOGAN, Cornassause.

May 13, 1852


The following are the names of the Irish members who voted on the second reading of this Bill:-

AGAINST (30) Viscount BERNARD, Sir Robert GORE BOOTH, Sr. Arthur B. BROOKE, Wm. M. BUNBURY, James M. CAULFIELD, Lord John CHICHESTER, Hon. S. CLEMENTS, Thomas CONOLLY, Right Hon. Corry LOWRY, Colonel DUNNE, Sir E. M'NAGHTEN, Mr. NAPIER, Sir W. SOMERVILLE, Sir William VERNER, Mr. James WHITESIDE, Hon. W. H. S. COTTON, Sir Robert FERGUSON, Hans HAMILTON, G. A. HAMILTON, Lord Claude HAMILTON, Hon. C. S. HARDINGE, Lord Edwin BILL, Captain JONES, Hon. W. KOX, Charles P. LESLIE, Lord NAAS, Sir Lucius O'BRIEN, Sir E. TENNET, Hon. Thomas VESEY, T. BATESON.

FOR (44) Sir A. ARMSTRONG, (King's Co.), Sir H. Winston BARON, Richard MONTESQUIEU BELLEW, Martin J. BLAKE, Sir Thomas John BURKE, Pierse SOMERSET BUTLER, Viscount CASTLEREAGH, William Henry Ford COGAN, Matthew Elias CORBALLY, John Thomas DEVEREUX, Richard M. FOX, (Longford), Fitzstephen FRENCH, Wyndham GOOLD, Oliver D. J. GRACE, Henry GRATTAN, John GREENE, (Kilkenny), John Isaac HEARD, G. G. O. HIGGINS, Sir Ralph HOWARD, (Wicklow), Robert KEATING, William KEOGH, Hon. Cecil LAWLESS, W. T. M'CULLAGH, Wm. Henry MAGAN, N. V. MAHER, (Tipperary), Thomas MEAGHER, (Waterford city), The O'GORMAN MAHON, William MONSELL, George Henry MOORE, Francis Stack MURPHY, Sir D. J. NORREYS, Sir Percy NUGENT, J. O'BRIEN, (Limerick city), Sir T. O'BRIEN, (CashelP), Morgan John O'CONNELL, (Kerry), Anthony O'FLAHERTY, Nicholas POWER, Colonel RAWDON, John REYNOLDS, Jon SADLIER, Francis SCULLY, (Tipperary), Vincent SCULLY, (Cork Co.), Michael SULLIVAN, Robert J. TENNENT, (Belfast.)

A large number of Irish members were shut out accidentally from the division.

May 20, 1852

ATTEMPT TO UPSET THE RAILWAY TRAIN. - A diabolical attempt to upset the carriages on the Midland Great Western Railway, was made on Thursday near Athenry, by placing large stones to such a position on the line as would render it impossible for the train to have escaped; but, fortunately, the villain was detected almost in the act, and the obstruction removed before the arrival of the train. The fellow acknowledged the offence, but stated in extenuation that he was starving, and was anxious to et into jail. - Galway Vindicator.


THE LAND QUESTION. - We regret to learn that upon Saturday evening an attempt was made to murder a man named Hugh LEONARD, who lives on the property of Lord Enniskillen, in the vicinity of Crum, and between that place and Enniskillen. The particulars of the case, as the (sic) have reached u, are shortly these:-

A man of the name of LUNNY, who died some twelve months ago, occupied a farm of twenty acres on Lord Enniskillen's estate, at a place called Cornans; Lunny's own life was the last in his lease, and after his death his widow made an arrangement with the agent to continue in possession. Subsequently, a demand was made upon her to give up three acres of the best of the land; this she refused to do. The agent then took proceedings against her and, obtained a decree ejecting her altogether from the farm which ejection he executed on the Wednesday before last Easter Sunday. The agent would allow no compensation although Lunny had built a good house on the farm with suitable offices, standing him in upwards of £300; and the widow had the rent paid up punctually. This harsh conduct naturally gave great offence to the people of the neighbourhood. The farm was then given to Hugh LEONARD, the person whose life was assailed. On the evening named he was "taking up a gap," when a tall man of sallow complexion and without whiskers came to him and asked if he wanted a servant "boy;" Leonard replied in the negative. The man next asked him to point out Mr. Ferguson's house; while Leonard was in the act of doing so, with his arm raised, the man fired a pistol at him, shattering his right shoulder, from which two balls have since been extracted. The man then coolly asked where did a Mr. Hanna live, as he had to pay him a "friendly visit also: gut Leonard fled without waiting for further "discourse." The assassin then walked down to the edge of Lough Erne, where some parties were waiting for him in a boat and who ferried him across.

Several persons have been arrested on suspicion and lodged in Enniskillen gaol.

FATAL RESLT OF A SET FIGHT--On Monday evening, in the neighbourhood of Belfast, a young man named CARABINE died from the effect of injuries which he had received in a fight from another man named Peter KENNEDY; The father of CARABINE acted as his son's second, and stimulated him to fight. He has been arrested. KENNEDY, who is also a young man is very badly beaten, so bad, in fact that it is considered he will scarcely survive. The police, however, were looking for him, but could not make off his whereabouts.

On the 6th inst., at Killdallon, the wife of George REA, Esq., of a son

May 27, 1852


May 18, at Freffans, county of Meath, the lady of Arthur BATTERSBY, of a daughter.


The Queen at the prosecution of E. FRENCH v. J. BIRCH.

Mr. FITZGIBBON, Q.C., applied in this case that the defendant, who had pleaded guilty to an indictment for a libel published in the WORLD newspaper, might be brought up to receive sentence on a day to be named by the court.

Judge CRAMPTON inquired for whom counsel appeared. Mr. FITZGIBBON replied for the prosecutrix.

Judge CRAMPTON--Are affidavits filed on either side, or are they to be filed?

Mr. FITZGIBBON said he believed not. He could not state whether any might not be filed, but if their lordships fixed a day for passing sentence that did not interfere with the filing of affidavits.

Judge CRAMPTON wished to know if the application was not premature, for was there not given a time within which affidavits might be filed, either in mitigation or aggravation.

The Clerk of the Crown mentioned, that the rule itself would specify that the party had power to put in an affidavit if so advised.

Mr. FITZGIBBON observed that the plea of guilty had been recorded, and the course was now to fix a day for the defendant to attend and receive sentence.

The court then named Monday next for that purpose.

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