Published in Cavan, county Cavan

March 4, 1852


Feb. 23, at Hotwell House, county of Meath, Mrs. Henry PURDON, of a daughter.

Feb. 29, at his residence, Blackrock, the wife of Charles Gavan DUFFY, Esq., of a son.


Jan 29, in the city of Philadelphia, by the Rev. P. T. SHERIDAN, P.P., of St. Paul's Z.C. LADD, Esq., to Mary Ellen, fifth daughter of the late Edward MacCARTHY, Esq., of Castlepollard, and Orangefield, county of Cavan.

Feb. 24, in Delgany Church, the Rev. James GODLEY, of Ashfield, Cavan, to Eliza Frances, fourth daughter of the late Peter LaTOUCHE, Esq., of Belview.

March 2, in St. Peter's Church, by the Rev. Charles Ward, Vicar of Kilmaley, brother of the bride, John TATLOW, Esq., Solicitor, York-street, to Lucie HUTCHINSON, youngest daughter of Espine WARD, Esq., Charlemont-street.


On Saturday morning, 28th February, at Killeshandra, Kate, second daughter of Mr. William SHERIDAN of that town, to the great regret of her numerous friends and acquaintances and the irreparable loss of the poor to whom she was a kind and unostentatious benefactor. The loss of this truly amiable young lady has left a blank in society that will not be easily filled up. She was a strict observer of the precepts of piety, charity, and humility, exemplary in her life, she went forth to receive from her creator the reward of a well-spent life in a happy eternity.

Feb. 23rd, at her residende, Castle Freke, county Cork, in the 86th year of her age, Catherine CHROLETTE, Baroness CARBERY, relict of the Right Hon. John Lord Carbery.

Feb. 27, at the residence of her daughter, in Hardwick street, Elizabeth, relict of the late Major James PALMER, formerly Inspector-General of Prisons in Ireland.

Feb. 25, in Albion-street, Hyde-Park, London, Maria, only daughter of the late Patrick FAGAN, Esq., of the North Abbey Cork, chief of the ancient family of Fagan, of Feltrim.

Feb. 29, at 41, Lower Mount-street, Sarah, second daughter of Mr. William ARMSTRONG, of Brookboro, aged twenty-four years.

Feb. 29, at his residence, Trumroe, Castlepollard, in the 66th year of his age, Thomas RIGGS, Esq., deeply and deservedly regretted.

Feb. 29, aged 62 years, sincerely regretted, Margaret, wife of Abraham DENROCHE, Esq., proprietor of the Kilkenny Moderator.

AMPUTATION OF LEG UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF CHLOROFORM. - We are informed that Catherine CLARKE, an inmate of The Bailieborough union workhouse, underwent amputation of a leg for cancer on Tuesday, the 24th ult., in the workhouse infirmary of that union. The interesting and serious operation was performed by James Taylour, Esq., medical officer of the Bailieborough union workhouse. Under the full and beneficial influence of chloroform the patient remained perfectly insensible to every sense of pain during every stage of the operation and is now going on well.

Near the village of Stotfield are rocks known as "Sheepie's Silver Rocks," popularly supposed to contain silver ore. Some eighty years ago a mine was actually begun there for silver, and the works were carried on for some time, though without much profit. At last a labourer was accidentally killed at the works, and operations were forthwith abandoned. In the course of last year a mining firm in London and the Isle of Man hard that lead ore was to be found in that neighbourhood of Stotfield, and they sent down a person to survey and report. He selected a sample of the ore, and on analysis it has been found to contain only a small portion of silver, but as much as seventy-five per cent of lead. - Inverness Courier.

MONAGHAN ASSIZES - Monday, March 1.

Judge PERRIN entered court thyis morning at ten o'clock.

Petit Jury: - Messrs. Mathew VALLELY, Robert KER, James MOONEY, Thomas CRAWFORD, John QUIGLEY, Patrick MORROW, Hugh McCABE, Robt. NEVIN, John ROSS, Owen O'CONNOR, Thomas LEARY, and James CUNNINGHAM. MANSLAUGHTER.

Thomas DONNARD and Mary SMITH were then indicted for the manslaughter of Margaret PLUNKETT, on the 5th October last, at Ballybay.

The prisoners were acquitted.

His Lordship having sentenced the priseners (sic), adverted to the state of the county, expressed his satisfaction at the absence of any wanton outrages, and having called up the high constables, cautioned them with regard to the jurors' lists.

An application for the discharge of the KELLY's charged with the murder of Mr. BATESON was refused.

The prisoner MURPHY was admitted to bail - himself in £50. and two sureties in £25. each.

The result of the recent examinations of direct cadets for the East Indian Company's service, under the newly-established regulations, is, that one third of the number have been sent back for further preparation. At the Horse Guards, we are informed, the proportion of rejected candidates is at least one half. - Home News.


The following resolution, which was adopted by the grand jury of this county, has been forwarded to us for publication:-

Resolved - "That a proposed bill for a line of railway between Kells and Cavan is disapproved of by this grand jury, and that a petition be prepared and lodged against it."


CROWN COURT--Friday, February 27

Baron PENNEFATHER entered the court at ten o'clock this morning..

Anne MAGUIRE arraigned for stealing a suit of clothes from Cavan workhouse. Pleaded guilty. Sentenced to two calendar months with hard labour.

Anne GOLDRICH arraigned for stealing a quantity of wearing apparel and some oatmeal from H. HUNT. Pleaded guilty. Sentenced to two calendar months with hard labour.

Margaret PRIOR arraigned for having in her possession several articles of wearing apparel stolen from Philip REILLY. Pleaded guilty. Sentenced to two months imprisonment and labour.

James FAGAN arraigned for having on the night of the 13th January, stolen a quantity of oats, the property of Thomas M'PARTLAND. Pleaded not guilty.

The following jury were then sworn.

Chas. KENNY (foreman), Hugh BRADY, W. BROWN, Rea FOSTER, Thomas GALLOONEY, James KELLET, James KELLY, John MATCHET, Alexander M'DONNEL, James MAGUIRE, John MOORE, John M'COLLUM.

The trial of James FAGAN was then proceeded with. [Witnesses Thomas M'PARTLAND, and James MORRIS] Baron Pennefather having given a brief summary of the evidence to the jury, a verdict of not guilty was immediately returned.

Prisoner was then accused of stealing a cart-wheel in Longford, and a pocket containing 15s. silver, and 3s. copper. {One witness - Anne SMITH] Verdict guilty. Sentenced to be imprisoned for six calendar months with hard labour.

James MURPHY indicted for having on the night of the 1st January caused the death of Patrick O'BRIEN, by striking him with a hammer. [Details in previous issue] After a short consultation the jury gave in their verdict. Not guilty.

Bernard M'QUILLAN indicted for having in his possession a goat stolen from W. SNODDEN. Pleaded guilty. Sentenced to six months with hard labour.

John M'ARDLE indicted for waylaying and assaulting James Caulfield on the 10th February.....The jury remained some time in consultation The Clerk of the Crown called over the names of jurors, and asked them if they had agreed to their verdict in the case of John M'ARDLE. The foreman answered "yes" and handed in the verdict--Not Guilty.

James REILLY, James GORMAN, and Patrick M'CABE, all young boys, were indicted for breaking into the shop of John BRADY, Cavan, with felonious intention. Verdict--Guilty. Sentenced to be transported for ten years.

Andrew SAVAGE, indicted for having a gun in his possession, not being duly qualified by law to have one. Prisoner pleaded guilty, but owing to very strong extenuating circumstances he was sentenced to but one hour's imprisonment.

John M'LOUGHLIN indicted for having in his possession a coat that was stolen from John MONAGHAN.....Guilty. Sentenced to be imprisoned for six calendar months.

Thos. DELANEY indicted for having in his possession fire-arms not being authorised by law. Pleaded guilty and was discharged on account of extenuating circumstances.

John SMITH and John HEARY indicted for having stolen from Charles KIERNAN, a quantity of muslin, the property of his father, Michael KIERNAN...Guilty. Sentenced to be transported 10 years.

Anne COMER was indicted for having stolen a quantity of wearing apparel from John KEEGAN and John CONYERS. Pleaded guilty. Had been formerly imprisoned in Sligo for stealing. Sentenced to be transported for 10 years.

Felix CURREN indicated for stealing a hay-knife, the property of Thos FINEGAN. Guilty. Sentenced to 3 calendar months imprisonment.

Pat. FLOOD charged with stealing and having in his possession two pieces of cloth, the property of Alx. SMALL....The Judge summed up the evidence and explained to the jury the difference between larceny and felony. A verdict of guilty was immediately returned. Sentence--to be imprisoned 12 months from date of committal.

Owen CAFFREY indicted for sheep-stealing. .The jury not being able to come to an agreement retired to their room to consult.

A second petit jury was then empanneled.....

Thomas GREY and Peter DALY indicted for having in their possession a spade stolen from the Bailieborough Workhouse....Guilty--sentenced to be imprisoned four calendar months with hard labour.

Pat REYNOLDS indicted for obtaining on false pretences money due to John REILLY, Butlersbridge. Pleaded guilty. Sentenced to 6 months imprisonment, with hard labour.......

The jury in the case of Owen CAFFREY were then called into court, and having answered to their names, the clerk asked them if they had agreed on their verdict. The Foreman handed in the verdict--Guilty. Sentenced to be transported for ten years.

Saturday, Feb. 28

The... petit jury were finally sworn...

Hugh BYRNE and Michael M'CABE were indicted for entering the house of Philip GOUGH armed, demanding arms, and administering unlawful oaths......Chief Baron PIGOT then analysed the evidence for the jury...and having concluded the jury retired to their room to consult.

Mr. DOHERTY then made application to the court for leave to postpone till next assizes the trial of Thomas JONES, sen., Thomas JONES, jun., and Humphrey JONES, who were indicted for writing and sending threatening letters. The Court decided to postpone it, but directed that they should be admitted to bail....[This terminated the business of the crown court....]

March 11, 1852


At Cootehill, on the 8th inst., aged 48 years, Catherine, the beloved wife of John M. NALLY, of that town, grocer, after a long and painful illness, which she bore with exemplary Christian patience. In the relative situations of wife, daughter and mother, she was superior to many and inferior to none.


The following letter has been received by Mr. Vere FOSTER, and is deserving of all consideration by those who believe in remedying the grievances of the country by draining it of the population:-

"Emigration Office, Toronto, Feb. 5, 1852."

"Sir - I have read with much interest your address to persons intending to emigrate to North America. It contains valuable information, and if emigrants could be induced to follow your advice, they would escape much suffering as well as imposition.

The additional information which I am able to impart with respect to Upper Canada is important to a numerous class in Ireland. Unskilled labour is much required at present and will be still more in demand as the season advances. Common labourers on the Great Western Railway Line from Hamilton to Windsor, opposite Detroit, and on the Northern Lines leading from this city to Lake Huron, obtain 6 to 7 York shillings (3s. 1-1/2d. to 3s. 8d. sterling) per day, and many thousands will, I feel confident, be sure of steady employment on these or other routes now under survey at a dollar a day throughout the ensuing summer.

The construction of such works always creates a demand for mechanics, and a considerable number of carpenters, masons, and bricklayers will be wanted, and may depend on getting from 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 dollars per day, if they understand their business. You will, no doubt, see by the newspapers that the Imperial Government has offered its aid to construct a grand trunk railway line from Halifax to Quebec, and that the work will in all probability commence in June or July. Should our expectations be fulfilled, not only thousands but tens of thousands of our suffering able-bodied poor will be sure of employment at good wages, if able to reach the localities where their work will be required.

With reference to the 61,000 young women whom you mention as being employed in the unions, I can only say that if your local authorities think proper to send, say 1,500 healthy, decent young women, in parties of 500 each, to Canada, I would find place for that number in this section of the province. Their passages should be paid from Quebec to this city; and the amount, say 2-1/4 dollars each, remitted to A. C. Buchanan, Esq., (Governor Emigration Agent), at Quebec, who will see it properly applied. In addition to this, each girl should get a dollar more (4s. 2d. sterling), as they require many little necessaries on arrival at Toronto; besides, some little time must necessarily occur before they get into work, and rough it like young men. The remittance should be made by the mail line steamers on or before the embarkation of the young women, via New York or Boston, so as to be sure of its reaching Quebec before their arrival, to afford time to Mr. Buchanan to make arrangements for receiving and forwarding them without delay. The parties should embark so as to reach Quebec in June, July, and August.

(Signed) "A. B. HAWKE,
"Chief Emigrant Agent for Upper Canada.

KILDARE ELECTION. - Upon the close of our publication, we have been informed upon the authority of a gentleman who was shown the letter, that the Duke of Leinster has written to Mr. Connor HENCHY, stating that in the event of his becoming a candidate for Kildare, he should have his Grace's support. It remains now to be seen how the cards will turn up - what game Mr. COGAN will play - and if he will retire in favour of Mr. Henchy. - Leinster Express.

On Thursday morning, 26th ult., the Rev. Eugene TROY, Roman Catholic Curate of Armagh, was found dead in his bed, at the residence of Doctor CULLEN. During the last summer the reverend gentleman was seized with fever contracted in discharge of his duties as a chaplain of the workhouse. The attack was of a severe character, and the reverend gentleman never completely rallied. The immediate cause of his death was, however, an attack of gout.

Mr. KING is about to erect a spinning manufactory of 500 spindles in Ballyshannon.


(Before Baron LEFROY.)

Francis DEVINE and John DEVINE were indicted for a malicious assault on James HOPKINS. Found guilty.

Patrick LLOYD, Patrick GUNSHENAN, and Michael QUINN were indicted for having in their possession ammunition in a proclaimed district. Pleaded guilty. Sentenced to be each imprisoned for two years.

Thomas DARCY indicted for the wilful murder of Thomas GILHEENY, by stabbing him with a knife on the left side of the chest and lung. The prisoner was acquitted.

The civil business was very light, and when disposed of the assizes terminated.


It has become our melancholy duty to record the decease of the amiable and much esteemed lady of Bernard COYNE, Esq., M.D. The sphere of society in which she moved, has lot one of its most exemplary members, and the charity and goodness of disposition, for which she was distinguished have caused many to lament her death. She died on the 5th inst., in perfect peace, resting only on the merits of our blessed redeemer. Her remains, on Monday last, were accompanied by a very large and most respectable concourse of friends and neighbours, to their final resting-place in the burial ground of Ballintemple.

EARLY POTATOES--Mr. DOYLE of Castle-street has forwarded to us a sample of new potatoes perfectly sound and healthy looking. The species is that known as "Pupurt's Early France." They were planted on the 21st December 1851.--Newry Telegraph.

At the County Down assizes a deaf mute, named Thomas DUNLOP was found guilty of manslaughter for stabbing his brother with a knife.

March 18, 1852


On Tuesday the 16th, the lady of William THOMPSON, Esq., Manger of the Ulster Bank, of a son.


On the 11th inst. in the First Presbyterian Church, Markethill, by the Rev. A. G. ROSS, brother-in-law to the bride, Mr. John CORMIER, eldest son of the late Robert S. Cormier, Lisburn, to Jane, fourth daughter of Daniel C. M'CLURE, Millmount, Markethill.


A LIST OF APPLICATIONS received by the Clerk of the Peace, from Persons seeking Excise Licenses, for the sale of Beer, Spirits, &c., COOTEHILL, on Monday, the 29th of March Instant, immediately, after the Grand Jury is Sworn.

No.   Name   Residence   Barony
1.   CLEARKEN, John   Cootehill   Tullygarvey
2.   CARROLL, Philip   Bailieborough   Clonkee
3.   GERMAIN, John   Cootehill   Tullygarvey
4.   MARKEY, Bernd   do.   do.
5.   O'BRIEN, Joseph   Kingscourt   Clonkee

Clerk of the Peace
Cavan, March 10th, 1852

March 25, 1852


On the 3rd inst., the wife of Mr. R. MULLIGAN, Master of the Cavan Workhouse, of a son.


A LIST OF APPLICATIONS received by the Clerk of the Peace, from Persons seeking Excise Licenses, for the Sale of Beer, Spirits, &c., be heard and inquired into at CAVAN, on Saturday, the 31 of April next, immediately, after the Grand Jury is Sworn.

No.   Name   Residence   Barony
1.   BOYLAN, Mathew   Kilnaleck   Castlerahan
2.   FLOOD, John, jun.   Cavan   Up. Loughtee
3.   GAFFNEY, James   Crosskeys   do.
4.   O'HAGAN, John   Arva   Tullyhunco
5.   OWENS, Mary   Oldtown   Up. Loughtee
6.   REILLY, Hugh   Ballyjamesduff   Castlerahan
7.   REILLY, John   Ballyjamesduff   Tullyhunco
8.   SMITH, Peter   Ballyjamesduff   Castlerahan

Clerk of the Peace
Cavan, March 15th, 1852

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