Published in Cavan, county Cavan

July 1, 1852


At Saint George's, Hanover square, London, by the Rev. Albert ALSTON, A.M., and afterwards according to the rites of the Roman Catholic Church, at Saint Mary's Chelsea, P.M. MURPHY, Esq., Q.C., and Assistant Barrister for the county of Cavan, to Jane, widow of the late Thomas Tench VIGORS, of Erindale, Esq., J.P., and Deputy Lieutenant of the county of Carlow.


June 25, suddenly in Cavan, Mrs. James O'BRIEN, of disease of the heart. The deceased is deeply regretted by her friends and by a large circle of neighbours and acquaintances. An amiable and excellent wife, a fond mother, and a meek Christian, her memory is embalmed in the sweetest recollections of all who knew her. Death, although it came unexpectedly had no terrors for her, for her life was spent in preparations for his approach. Beloved, esteemed, and honoured, while living, her loss is the most poignantly deplored by a sorrowing husband a numerous family.


The Council of the Tenant League, at a meeting held on the 24th of June, passed the following resolution:- Resolved:

"That having read a report of a meeting held in Cootehill, in the county of Cavan on Monday the 14th inst., for the purpose of selecting Tenant-Right candidates, for that county, at which meeting Anthony O'REILLY, Esq., D. L. of Baltrasna was unanimously adopted; and having also read Mr. O'Reilly's Address, pledging himself to adopt Sharman CRAWFORD's bill in principle ad detail, and that he would oppose any Ministry who would not make said Bill a cabinet question, the council have to express their great satisfaction at the selection made by the Electors of Cavan of so staunch a supporter of Tenant Right, and earnestly recommend all the Electors of Cavan, who have the interest of the Tenantry at heart, to use all their exertions to secure Mr. O'Reilly's return."

Proposed by Richard BARNWELL, Esq.
Seconded by John C. HAY, Esq.
Edward BUTLER, Chairman

Council Rooms, June 24, 1842.

ATROCIOUS MURDER. - We are very sorry to state that an atrocious murder and robbery was committed on the street of Bailieborough between ten and eleven o'clock, night. In the early part of the day a young man named Pat REILLY, who lived at a place called Muff. Between Bailieborough and Kingscourt, was observed by some parties to have some money, about ten pounds, it is supposed; and at the hour named in the evening, on leaving Mr. GARGAN's public house, he was set upon opposite the door, by five or six ruffians who killed and robbed him in the space of a few minutes. Several parties have been arrested and lodged in Cavan gaol to stand their trial for the crime. It is astonishing how a murder could be committed, without a single person, policeman or else, being at hand to save the life of the unfortunate deceased.

Mr. WILSON the Cootehill missionary begs, on behalf of the Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Society, to thank Sir John YOUNG for £3, and the Hon. J. P. MAXWELL, for £1 subscribed to their mission fund.

The following are the names of the gentleman who constitute Sir John Young's central committee:-

Sir William HART (?), Bart, Hortland.
Sir Geo. HODSON, Bart., Dollybrook and Skeagh.
The Dean of Cashell. (Adams) Northlands.
The Archdeacon of Ardagh, (Beresford) Corovahn.
Gerald DEASE, Turbetstown.
Charles J. ADAMS, Shiren House.
John H. ADAMS, Loughbawn.
W. TATLOW, Lismore Lodge.
R. ERSKINE, Cavan.
G. P. KNIPE, Byne (?) Hill.
A. C. PALLAS, Mount Pallas.
J. FAY, Cavan.
G. FINLAY, Cortile (?)
A. BERRY, Drumtanney, Killeshandra.
M. NETTERFIELD, Ballyconnel.
T. FAY, Cootehill.
J. B. SMITH, Carrick Villa.
T. O'REILLY, Butlersbridge.

BAILIEBOROUGH DISTRICT COMMITTEE. - T. CRANSTON, of Moyer; Isiah GIBSON, Drumlin; Henry GIBSON, Lisfall; John BRADY, Bailieborough; Henry MAXWELL, Bailieborough; Doctor Dr. Magahan, M.D., Kingscourt; Samuel SIMPSON, Millmount; Hugh SIMPSON, Millmount; Thomas HALL, Crummeague; Joseph MALCOLM, Kingscourt; Gerald WILLIAMSON, Heath Lodge; Thomas LYNCH, Virginia; T. CHAMBERS; J. FITZPATRICK, Headfort Arms; Arnold PORTER, Bailyduff, &c.;

The Committee beg to offer their thanks to the following gentlemen and freeholders in the county who have promised their vote and interest in behalf of Sir J. YOUNG, in their several districts:- John CUMMING, Crover; T. KNIPE, Byne (?) Hill; J. BENNISON, Mountpleasant; E. M'INTOSH, Cootehill; Dr. Horan James PERRY, Sandville; N. MAGUIRE, Bonebrook; E. COONEY, Cootehill; J. J. FYFE, Arva; R. BUCHANAN, Graddam; N. M'CABE, Arva;. P. M'CANN, Cavan; W. MOORE, Cavan; P. FAY, Cavan; D. FINLAY, Killeshandra; James REILLY, Lacken; Thomas LAHEY, Drummeeny; G. LAHEY, Capra; W. LAHEY, Caprah; J. LAHEY, Aghakilmore; P. Lahey, Aghakilmore; R. SHERLOCK, Kilnahard; J. PLUNKETT, Maghera; Freeman STRONG, Tawlaght; &c.;

All letters relating to the Election to be direct to G. T. DALTON, Secretary of Cavan.

The Right Rev. Dr. BROWNE. - This most estimable prelate, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Kilmore, is daily recovering his strength after the severe attack of typhus fever which he has had. All classes evince the greatest pleasure at the prospect of his lordship's speedy restoration to health.


MELANCHOLY CASE--On Monday week three bailiffs, Messrs. M'DERMOTT, M'CABE, and another, went to the neighbourhood of Ballinagh to put in force an execution obtained by and at the suite (sic) of Mr. Edward M'GAURAN, Cavan, against Rose M'GAURAN. On the bailiffs arriving at the woman's place they seized three cows for the debt, which they were about to drive away when an old man (a herd on the lands) with two others effected a rescue. Some altercation then took place and the herd ran and seized a long pitchfork, with which he inflicted a slight wound on the hand of one of the bailiffs (M'DERMOTT). The latter then seized the pitchfork and a struggle commenced between them. After some dragging and hauling they both fell, rolling down a pit or inclined plane. In the scuffle the herd received a mortal wound in the head, of which he lingered four or five days and died. A coroner's inquest was held upon his remains on Monday last, when the jury returned a verdict tantamount to homicide against M'DERMOTT, who is now in Cavan gaol awaiting his trial. We are informed that the herd, a little previous to his death, stated to the constable that he received the wound while falling. The two men who aided the herd in the rescue have been arrested, and are also lodged in Cavan gaol abiding their trial.

July 8, 1852


July 2nd, at Cootehil, the lady of James SHARPE, Esq., M.D., of a son.

On the 1st inst., at Grey abbey, the Lady Charlotte MONTGOMERY, of a daughter.


On the 2d inst., at St. George's Church, by the Rev. George A. STITT, Francis Edward, third son of Captain Francis HUDDLESTON, of Russell-street, to Nannie, daughter of William YOUNG, Esq., of Gartinardress, county Cavan, and late of Montjoy-square, Dublin.

On the 5th inst., in the Scots Church, Mary's-abbey, by the Rev. Dr. KIRKPATRICK, Mr. Joseph WILSON, Printer, later of Belfast, to Margaret, only daughter of the late Mr. BYRNE, of Dublin.

June 8, in the Island of Cerigo, William Percy PICKARD MACKESY, Assistant-surgeon, 30th Regiment, eldest son of the Rev. William Mackesy, Rector of Castletown, county Meath, to Georgina Sophria, second daughter of Major HARVEST, late 97th Regiment, Resident for his Excellency, the Lord High Commissioner for the Ionian Islands.


On Wednesday, the 30th of June, at Finglas Glebe, in the 81st year of his age, the Rev. Robert WALSH, L.L.D., Vicar of the parish of Finglas. On the 2nd inst., at his resident in Upper Merrion-street, Joseph Hunt, Esq., Barrister-at-law.


On Monday last the following members of the board met for the purpose of electing a new board for the next three years.

CHARLES HALPIN, Esq., M.D., in the Chair.

Other members present - Mathew TULLY, Esq., E. M'GAURAN, Esq., P. FAY, Esq., J. KELLY, Esq., S. SWANZY, Esq., W. HEAGUE, Esq., J. PARKER, Esq., J. M'GAURAN, Esq., a. KETTYLE, Esq., P. BRADY, Esq., and J. CLEMENGER, Esq.

On commissioner examining the collector's arrear sheet, they found a number of the ratepayers in default. The collector was then ordered to take proper steps to recover the arrears.

The Chairman then called on Mr. TULLY (solicitor to the commissioners) for the precept for the election, when the following gentlemen were proposed and seconded:-

Robert ERSKINE, Esq., Theophilus THOMPSON, Esq., James FAY, Esq., Mathew TULLY, Esq., S. SWANZY, Esq., Bernard COYNE, Esq., M. D., James ARMSTRONG, Esq., Patrick FAY, Esq., Wm. MOORE, Esq., James M'GAURAN, Esq., Wm. HEAGUE, Esq., E. KENNEDY, Esq., John CLEMENGER, Esq., James PARKER, Esq., Peter BRADY, Esq., James KELLY, Esq., A. KETTYLE, Esq., James REILY, Esq., James O'BRIEN, Esq., M. LOUGH, Esq., T. W. MATTHEWS, Esq.

After the election was over, the clerk (Mr. Edward SMITH ) asked the chairman what day the new commissioners would be sworn in upon; the clerk also informed the chairman that there should be an advertisement published three times in some newspapers, according to the act of Parliament.

The Chairman asked could there be time to have three insertions published in the Anglo-Celt newspaper before the time mentioned.

The Clerk said they should be sworn in in fourteen days after the election, and the Anglo-Celt was published but once a week, so that there could not be time to have three insertions published.

Some of the commissioners thought that two insertions might do, and to have it published in the Anglo-Celt.

The Chairman said it would be better to comply with the Act and not to be running risks.

The clerk was then ordered to have three insertions published in the Newry Telegraph.

The board then adjourned.

(The Commissioners, in not publishing the advertisement in this journal are acting contrary to the letter and spirit of the act, which expressly secies (sic) that the advertisement must appear in the local paper. It could have been published once or twice in this journal, and the remainder of the times in any other paper published in an adjoining county. - Ed. C.A.)

CAVAN UNION - Tuesday, July 5.

The board of guardians of this union met to-day at their usual hour. WM. SMITH, Esq., J.P., in the chair.

Other guardians present - Robert BURROWES, J.P., Thos. JOHNSTON, J.P., G. H. ESTRANGE, J.P., J. E. VERNON, J.P., J. NAYLOR, Wm. FOSTER, jun., J. ROGERS, Thos. HARTLEY, James M'CAFFREY, E. REA, James DONNELLY, O. DONEGAN, H. FARIS, J. SHERIDAN, G. W. BELL, Wm. PRATT, Esqs.

The chairman read a communication from Daniel LEDDY to say that he had seized on the fixture and bottles of the dispensary by order of the landlord, Mr. FITZPATRICK, for the sum of five pounds due for rent.

Mr. BURROWES said if the house was occupied by them (the guardians) they had a right to pay the rent.

Chairmen - We have not occupied the house.

The clerk said Dr. COYNE occupied it since he was appointed to be the dispensary doctor.

Chairman - If Dr. COYNE wishes to occupy every house in town that is no reason why we should pay for them.

Some of the guardians wished to know if the goods seized upon was worth £5.

Mr. M'GAURAN - I was told what was in the house was not worth a shilling.

The chairman recommended the guardians not to interfere, but allow the things to be sold and to provide others in their place. This rule was adopted.

The chairman wished to know what was going to be cone with the securities of FITZPATRICK, the late collector.

Mr. KELLY, the person that was appointed to collect the arrears, came before the board to explain how the uncollected rate stood, which did not appear quite satisfactory.

Mr. VERNON then moved that the securities be written to come forward and pay in the amount that FITZPATRICK was in default, and if they did not comply with this notice that the solicitors be written to take legal proceedings without any further delay.

Mr. DONEGAN - I think they should get a little time longer before legal proceedings would be taken, it being a great hardship for them to have to pay another man's debt, together with law costs also.

Mr. ROGERS - If Mr. Bernard FITZPATRICK, one of the securities, comes forward and pays his half, will the board protect him from the law costs.

Mr. VERNON - I am quite sure Mr. FITZPATRICK is a very honest man, and would pay his part, but the law does not provide for that. The board must sue both securities.

Mr. ROGERS - I never would have interfered in the matter at all were it not that I knew Mr. FITZPATRICK's intention to act honourable and pay his half of the debt, wherein the other security could not be got to acknowledge the payment of any part of it at all.

Mr. VERNON asked why Mr. KELLY did not serve notices on the parties in default.

Mr. KELLY - I would have done so but there could be nothing got from them, and it would be only putting the securities to additional expense; but if the guardians will allow time enough to have notices served on the landlords and agents, I have no doubt I will be able to get some of it.

Several of the guardians said it was a great hardship for Mr. Fitzpatrick to be put to additional expense.

The chairman and Mr. VERNON said it would be well for Mr. Fitzpatrick to pay in his part; however, in the mean time, the motion should be adopted.

After the admission of some paupers the board adjourned.


At a Public Meeting of the Ratepayers of this Borough, held on MONDAY, the 5th day of July instant, in the TOWN-HALL, BELTURBET, (due notice of the same having been given), for the purpose of electing Commissioners for said Borough, under an Act passed in the 9th year of the Reign of King George the Fourth, chapter 82, for the three years next succeeding, the following persons were duly elected:-

  1. George Marshal KNIPE.
  2. John GUMLEY.
  3. Andrew M'CREIGHT.
  4. Thomas J. MULVANY.
  5. William MAXWELL WADE.
  6. Thomas PALMER.
  7. Alexander LANG.
  8. Bernard FITZPATRICK.
  9. Charles NEILL.
  10. John ROGERS.
  11. Edmond WINSLOW.
  12. Luke REILLY.
  13. Thomas PHILLIPS.
  14. Richard W. O'DONOVAN.
  15. Alexander DICKSON.

I hereby give notice, that the first meeting of said Commissioners will be held on SATURDAY, the 17th day of July, inst., at the hour of Two o'Clock, afternoon, in the TOWN-HALL, Belturbet, aforesaid.


July 15, 1852


July 7, at Newcastle, at an advanced age, Elouise, second daughter of the late Reverend JAMES, rector of Moore & Drum, and incumbent of St. Peter's, Athlone.

On the 5th inst., after thirty-three years residence in Newry, at No. 5, Corry Square, Marianne, widow of the late Rev. Josiah ERSKINE, Rector of Knockbride parish, in the diocese of Kilmore, deeply regretted by her family and friends.


On Friday last, July th 9th, at three o'clock, p.m., Mr. Justice TORRENS entered the Crown Court and opened it with the usual formalities. The Grand Jury having been re-sworn, his lordship addressed them briefly,....The Grand July then retired, and the court proceeded to arraign the prisoners.--Adjourned until next day.


At 10 o'clock Judge TORRENS took his seat on the bench and the following jury were sworn:--

Thomas Wm. MATHEWS, John DOBSON, Ralph FOSTER, Thomas GILLULEY, Alexander HAMILTON, Joseph JOHNSTON, Thomas KELLY, John M'COLLUM, Wm. PRATT, Samuel PRATT, Samuel RAMSAY, and Joseph TREVOR.

Anne M'DONALD was put forward, charged with having in her possession a roll of tobacco, stolen from Edward KENNEDY, Esq., Cavan....The jury found a verdict of guilty, and the prisoner was sentenced to be imprisoned six months from time of committal.

Michael SHEEL, James CARTY, and Edward REILLY were charged with having assaulted Wm. FRANCIS, an overseer under the board of works, and also for being at the same time armed with pistols. The prisoners pleaded not guilty....

The judge charged the jury, and after a short deliberation returned a verdict of not guilty of the assault.

Andrew SMITH, a boy of about fifteen years of age, was charged with having, on the night of the 6th of July, entered the rag store of Mr. Patrick GALLAGHER and taken therefrom a quantity of rags and hair.

The jury found the prisoner guilty. The judge sentenced him to six months' imprisonment and to be kept at school during the time also to be whipt getting out.


Edward M'DERMOTT was put forward charged with the murder of Patrick SMITH, near Ballinagh, on the 27th of June last....After the judge charging the jury, they returned to their room, and after about an hour returned with a verdict of guilty, with a recommendation to mercy. Sentence--7 years' transportation.

July 22, 1852

It is estimated that more than 50,000 lbs. changed hands in betting on the results of the Liverpool election.

WOMAN EXECUTED BY BURNING AT DUBLIN. - A gentleman is still alive, or was so very recently, who saw the last woman who was burned, in Dublin, at the place of public execution, which was where the handsome line of feshionable (sic) street, called Fitzwilliam Street, now is; and I am acquainted with a gentleman whose kitchen fire-place was as nearly as possible on the spot. - Notes and Querries.


July 17, at No. 1, Park-lane, Viscountess SEAHAM, of a son and heir.

July 14, at Woolwich, the wife of Captain NEDHAM, Royal Artillery, of a daughter.


July 17, at St. Peter's Church, by the Rev. Mr. Wallis, John Joseph LYONS, Esq., of Gloucester-street, to Emily, daughter of the late James MOORE, Esq.

July 15, in Newry, William IRWIN, Esq., son of the late Rev. B. IRWIN, rector of Laracoe, county Meath, to Bit___ (?), daughter of the late George GLENNY, Esq., of Moore___ (?) county Armagh.


July 18, at Proby-square, Blackrock, James ROE, Esq., age 72 years. July 18, Selina, relict of the Rev. H. L. BAYLY, of Rally___ (?), county Wicklow.

July 29, 1852


July 22, at Springfield, Mohill, the lady of the Rev. Samuel EVANS HOOPS, of a son.

July 22, Lady MURRAY, Dublin, of a daughter.

July 24, at Upper Dorset-street, Dublin, the wife of the Rev. David R. BLEAKLY, of a daughter.


July 23, at Annan, Dumfries, by the Rev. W. N. FERGUSON, Thomas H. CHRISTIAN, Esq., of Dublin, to Kate, youngest daughter of John ABERNETHY, Esq., of Ballougher, in the county of Tipperary.

July 22, at Claygate, Surrey, by the Rev. Thomas SEDGER, Thomas Frederick YEO, Esq., of Kingstown, county of Dublin, to Matilda, second daughter of Colonel Robert DOUGLAS, C.B., late Royal Artillery. DEATHS.

On the 24th July inst., Mr. John REILLY, butcher, Cavan.

July 26, in Longford, aged sixty years, Mr. Michael KENNA.

July 23, in North Great George's-street, Ellen Mary, second daughter of Bryan O'DONNELL, Esq., of Hill Cottage Kilmallock.

MONAGHAN PRESBYTERY. - This Presbytery, at its meeting on the 7th inst., licensed Mr. W. WHITE, son to the Rev. W. WHITE of Stonebridge, Clones, to preach the gospel.


The Military Called Out - Loss of Life. Reporter Office, Thursday, July 22d, 4 o'Clock, p.m. - We deplore to state that blood - innocent blood - the blood of men in the prime of manhood - of men who, as far as we have heard, gave no cause for the guilty deed - was this day shed at Six-mile-bridge, one of the polling places in Clare for the election now being carried on for that county, and within about seven miles of this city.

It appears that so early as 11 o'clock, a.m., to-day, a company of the 31st Regiment of Foot, under the command of Captain ______, and accompanied by Mr. Christopher DELMEGE, jun., J.P., was proceeding through the village above mentioned escorting voters on the property of the Marquis of Conyngham. As they were passing through the village, the Court-house was occupied by a great number of persons, including several magistrates of the county, several clergymen, and several freeholders. The people in the village hissed and hooted Lord Conyngham's voters, and some state that stones were thrown, but we have not heard the fact on sufficient authority to render it positive. Others allege that it was not until a second attempt was made to rescue the voters, and the gun of one of the soldiers smashed with a stone, that the officers gave orders to fire. It would appear that a murderous fire was at once opened on the people, and that the volley was discharged in two directions - one towards the chapel - the other down the street of the village, where a large police force, consisting of 40 men, were stationed at the time. The noise of the firing withdrew the occupants of the courthouse from the building. They rushed into the street, and to their inexpressible horror they found five of their fellow-countrymen shot dead, and several others wounded. We have heard that the number of dead exceeds eight, and the number of wounded had not been ascertained when our informant left.

Those who were recognised are:

Thomas RYAN, Castleerine, not married, dead.
James FRAWLEY, New-park, not married, dead.
Michael COLEMAN, Tradee, not married dead.
Michael COLEMAN, Tradee, not married dead. (repeated)
Jeremiah FRAWLEY, Newmarket, not married, dead.
John REILLY, Bunatty, married, and large family.

The majority of these were voters, and nearly all were men in comfortable circumstances, and farmers. The rumour, as we have stated, in Sixmile-ridge, was, that the order to fire had been given by the officer. It is impossible to describe the excitement which prevailed. The people were unarmed; in fact, it is believed that in the entire barony there are not two stand of arms!

Mr. James FROST, of Bunker's Hill, presided in the Courthouse and he was peremptorily called upon to stop the polling while so many of the people lay dead in the street.

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