Published in Cavan, county Cavan

January 4 1850

(From the Spectator.)

The Old Year.

Closing in peace, as it opened in war, the year 1849 has witnessed events second in important only to those of 1848; though it has not brought us to that European settlement which the tumult of last year seemed to necessitate. Europe is more tranquil - on the surface - that it was at the commencement of the year. In France, Prince Louis Nepoleon (sic) has maintained his seat as President, and has thus far successfully coquetted with events and parties. If he is a puppet in the hands of others, he makes a profit out of that function. Some things indicate that he is in that state; the only view at all original which he has exhibited has been his inclination towards an associative organization of labour; but he seems free to indulge that disposition only in trifling efforts. He is reported to have promised the other day the abolition of passports; but passports are not abolished. His is indiscreet tongue receives some private castigation and correction. However, he has made both ends meet, and France is not more unsettled in December 1849, perhaps less so. Germany is not more settled, - her federal condition still a theory, Prussia and Australia still at loggerheads, Schleswig-Holstein still provisionally governed. King Frederick Williams seems just now to be stealing a march upon Austria in the mot cunning manner, by developing truly "constitutional" government in his own territories; a policy which, if carried out, must in the end compel Austria to follow his lead. Italy has been re-conquered, and is still unsettled; but here also Victor Emanuel is pursuing a similar course; he opens his Parliament under an escort of armed National Guards, and delivers a royal speech in which English commonplaces assume an aspect of startling innovation, considering the geographical point; Victor Emmanual (sic)l therefore seems to be raising up in Italy that power which is so peculiarly fitted to the age and is so much stronger than despotism - Constitutional Monarchy. Hungary is re-conquered, but sulky and evidently unsubdued in spirit. Russia helped to conquer her, but has done nothing further to consolidate Austrian power; which remains where it was, unaugmented amid growing powers. The conflict of Despotism and Constitutionism has been extended to Turkey, not as an internal, but as an external question; Russia is pressing unjustifiable demands for the betrayal or expulsion of treaty in zeal on the other side, by invading the neutral waters of the Dardanelles. Through all these conflicts Russia keeps up a prudent reserve - by some ascribed to wisdom, by more to timidity, and by others with greater reason to an astute cunning bent on ulterior projects of aggrandizement.

The British Colonies are in that disaffected condition which the year has rendered so familiar; Sir Charles Gray still shilly-shallies in Jamaica; Lord Elgin still skulks in contumacious Canada; from the Cape, this last week of the year brings us news how Sir Henry Smith still holds out against the domestic blockade of the official larder. Lord Gray is the blister of colonies - he makes them all rise, and detach themselves from the body of the empire; which is at the same time put in a state of hot water by the operation.

January 11 1850

January 9, 1850
These sessions commenced on Thursday, the 3rd instant, before P. M. Murphy, Esq., Q.C., Assistant-Barrister.
Present – John E. Vernon, Michael Phillips, Robert Erskine, Abraham Brush, A. W. Bell, A. Nixon, Wm. Humphrys, Esqrs., Js.P.; J. Wilcocks, R.M.; J. McCullagh, Esq., R.M.; and B. H. Holmes, Esq., R.M.
Crown Numbers, 69: civil bill entries, 610; ejectment entries, 121; repevin entries, 6; legacy entry, 1; applications for spirit licenses, 5 granted; registry of voters, 1 granted; appeal to convictions 4.
Grand Jury – Thomas Hartly, William Moore Black, James Fay, William Moore, Francis McCabe, Mathew Lough, Edward Kennedy, Alexander Kettyle, Patrick Fay, Peter Brady, William Carmichael, John Reatty, Richard O’Reilly; Hugh Porter, Samuel Kennedy, James Kilroy, Henry Maxwell, James Reilly, William Faris, Eugene McManus, Wm. Squire Moneypenny, and William Magee, Esqrs.
Messrs. Cochrane, Tully, and Erskine, apapeared on behalf of the inhabitants of Kilnaleck Petty Sessions district, and opposed the application to dissolve Kilnaleck Petty Sessions – when the application for the change was refused.
Mr. W. Armitage Moore brought an ejectment against a tenant of his, Mr. John Ollwell, to obtain possession of his holding. Mr. John Armstrong appeared for plaintiff, and Mr. M. Erskine for defendant. It was proved in evidence, that defendant paid plaintiff on the 11th Dec. ult., his half year’s rent due in May last, and on the 14th December plaintiff brought his notice of ejectment Defendant, who is gardener to T. Kilbee, Esq., produced a letter from plaintiff to Mrs. Delap, in which he stated that defendants plot of ground intersected his, and that he would give him a year’s rent, £9 14s. 2d. to give up possession. Defendant was willing to do this; but plaintiff now refused to give him the sum stated, and sought to eject him without giving any recompense. The barrister would not decide the case without having Mr. Moore’s evidence, and that gentleman not being forthcoming, the case was postponed until the next sessions.

Elizabeth Gilson, Rebecca Gilson – rescue of cattle seized under a sessions decree at Cordounan, on 1st May last – prosecution withdrawn.
Andrew Cassidy, John Burns, John McConnell, Patrick Burns, Peter McConnell, Mark Leddy – indicted for a riot at Portacloghan on the 25th September last, a rescue of cattle seized for rent by Edward Plunket, Esq., the receiver – each a month’s hard labour.
John McConnell, Peter Martin, Thos. McConnell, John Leddy, John Quinn – like sentence.
Patrick Lynch, and Bernard Reilly – same time and place, for a like offence – each two months’ hard labour.
Wm. Kean – rescue of oats seized for rent, and arrears – prosecution withdrawn.
Charles Smith and Hugh Brady – rescue of goods seized for rent at Cavan on the 2nd Otober last – prosecution withdrawn.
John Gilchreest – having unregistered fire arms in possession – 29s. fine to fever hospital, or one month’s imprisonment.
Mary Reilly, Rose Sheridan – larceny of fowl, Mary Reilly 2 month’s hard labour – Rose Sheridan, 1 month hard labour.
Robert Leech – robbery from the person of George Lilly on the 14th November last – acquitted.
Moses Fannon – larceny of two civil bills decrees – acquitted.
Patrick Leonard, Charles Hassard – larceny – no bill.
Mary Kenedy – larceny of fowl – acquitted.
Owen O’Neil – larceny of potatoes – 24 hours imprisonment, and security for peace for 7 years; the prosecutor was also bound in court to keep the peace for seven years.
Edward Kilaher – larceny of 2s. 6d. from James Baker on 3rd November last – 1 month’s hard labour, and whipt 1st and last week.
Bernard Reilly, Andrew Boyle – larceny of bread and flour on the 23rd November last – each 3 month’s hard labour.
John Kenedy – deserting child – acquitted.
Patrick Brady, Andrew Farrelly – indicted for a riot and assault at the custom gap of Killeshandra on the 8th of November last (the fair day) – acquitted.
The Barrister asked the jury in this case did they recollect their oaths, to decide according to the sworn evidence and not on their own private opinions, and directed the jury to be discharged and the sheriff to get another jury.
John Olwill, Hugh Olvany – rescue of oats seized under a decree – prosecution withdrawn.
Bernard McDonald – assault on Patt McGirl, at Ballyjamesduff on 29th November last – one month’s hard labour.
Felix Costelloe, Anne Costelloe – rescue – no prosecution
Patt Farrell, Catherine Farrell, Edward Farrell – rescue – no prosecution
Hugh Hughes – rescue – no prosecution.
Terence McDonald, Patk. Leddy – having unregistered fire arms – each fourteen days hard labour.
James Quail, Thos. Quail – larceny of a bullock the property of Rev. Wm. McAuley, on the 18th December last; the former 10 years transportation; the latter 6 months hard labour.
Jamefs Masterson – burglary and robbery – 6 month’s hard labour, and whipt 1st and last week.
James Reilly – like offence – acquitted.
Patt McDermott, Mary McDermott – fowl stealing – acquitted.
Bernard Leddy – larceny of oats on 9th December last – 2 months’ hard labour, and whipt first and last week.
James Leddy – like offence – acquitted.
Edward Mulligan – assault on sub-inspector of the constabulary at Arva on the 21st of December last – fined 20s, and in default payment, on month’s imprisonment.
Catherine Maxwell – deserting child – one week’s imprisonment.
Mary Reilly, Margaret McMahon – larceny from Cavan workhouse – each 24 hours imprisonment.
Winney Sheanan – larceny of potatoes – no bill.
John Canagher, Patt Rudden, Anne Canagher – larceny of flax on 28th December lst at Cootehill – acquitted.
Ann M. Golrick – larcey – e months’ hard labour. Anne Kelly – larceny – no bill.
Arthur Hynds – larceny of potatoes – 1 month’s hard labour.
Miles Warrinton – rescue of goods seized for poor rate – acquitted.
Michael Dolan, Margaret Dolan, Elenor Dolan, Hugh Dolan – rescue of cattle seized under a writ of fieri facias – no prosecution
January 11, 1850

Arva James Kempt
Ballyconnell William Maginn
Ballyhaise Francis Mulligan
Bailieborough Andarew Smith, George Mahood
Belturbet George Ingham, Wm. Andrews
Ballyduff Thomas Smith
Aallinagh Pat Rabbi
Crossdoney Edward Beatty
Cavan Daniel Leddy, Edward McCabe and William Fegan
Cootehill Farrel McGovern, Peter Reilly
Killishandra Graham Rosemond, C. Cowan
Kingscourt Thomas Elliot
Kilnaleck Arthur McClean
Mountnngent John Smith
Mullagh Michael Farrelly, jun.
Redlion John Nixon
Bawnboy Launcelet Fife
Shercock James Beatty
Stradone John Kelly, Pat Monaghan
Swanlinbur John Kennedy, Hugh Kennedy

January 18, 1850

(The Newry Examiner)

"THE BUFFALO GALS" - gives a letter from a young woman in Buffalo to her mother. The damsel says: "I would advise all the handsomest girls in Courthane to come here, as it makes no matter here whether they have money or not. The boys here do not look for a fortune, but every boy for a handsome wife. The boys here are very fond of Irish girls, as the yankee girls are like the old horses at home, high in the bone, but low in flesh, and the colour of a duck's foot."


The guardians of this union held their weekly meeting on Saturday, the 12th instant; the Marquis of HEADFORT in the chair. Other guardians present - George Cusack, Thomas Barnes, John Farrell, Patrick J. Kearney, Samuel Smith, Charles Battersby, Richard Chaloner, Richd. Rothwell, Thomas Rotheram, Charles Mortimer, William Garnett, James N. Waller, Js.P.; Michael O'Brien, Richard Flood, Thomas Flood, John Radcliffe, Thomas Finegan, Thomas Conlan, Peter O'Reilly, James Flood, John Bradley, John Christie, Patarick Guilsenan, James Masterson, Thomas Tully, Patrick Reilly, Thomas Connell, Patrick McDermott, Hugh Clarke, and John Daly, Esqrs.

The minutes of last meeting were read and signed.


Burning of a Workhouse and loss of Life - Fall of Another - Twenty-seven Girls and Two Women Killed

Killarney, Jan. 19, 1850. - This town was last night the theatre of a melancholy series of events involving the destruction of human life to a very serious and deplorable extent. The capacious and beautiful building, formerly know as "The College," but for months in the possession of the guardians of the poor as an hospital, was found to be on fire at ten o'clock. So effectually did the devouring element grapple with every crevice of the edifice as to leave it a blackened heap of ruins in about two hours after the alarm was first given. It contained 162 patients in the morning and this day leaves, it is said, 15 of them missing. No exertion that humanity could suggest was omitted on the part of the artisans to save life, and no aid could be more efficient than that afforded by Mr. McLean, the superintendent of the lunatic asylum, who placed a body of his most active and courageous masons at a ladder, saying to one of the Catholic priests, Rev. Mr. McDonald - "I believe you have influence here Sir; hold by this ladder and depend your life on Madden," and well this Madden did his work.

Child after child descended amid cheers. On the other side, the south of the building, extraordinary exertions were made on behalf of the poor sufferers with astonishing success. With the exception of ane (sic) girl, who fell accidentally, all who could be reached landed safely. Mr. Murphy, the medical officer of the poorhouse, had a narrow escape in his successful exertions to save a child. The police, under their very efficient Sub-Inspector, Dubardieu, were most useful. The medical men of every grade, and also the Catholic and Protestant clergy were assiduous in their attention to the poor sufferers. Meantime as the burning advanced, an alarm was raised in a second auxiliary workhouse, the brewery, tenanted by nurses and girls. They could see the fire distinctly, both buildings being only a few hundred yards apart. They became clamorous that the doors of the dormitories should be unlocked, and as the person in charge was in the set of doing so, a portion of the flooring on which they stood gave way, hurrying to instant destruction twenty-seven growing girls and two nurses. In the present instance, and giving every credit to the humane body of guardian of this union, I fear much sufficient care was not observed with regard to this portion of the brewery - because being the common passage from the dormitory to the open air, it should be inferred that a constant yet successive pressure would be upon it, and this ought to have been provided for. I believe this accident, as well as the fire at the college, was unforeseen - unlooked for - one of those casualties which might have been prevented but was never anticipated. - Evening Freeman


The judges met on Wednesday, in Chamber - the following are the respective circuits which their lordships are to go at the ensuing spring assizes:-

HOME CIRCUIT. - The Right Hon. The Lord Chief Justice. The Right Honourable the Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas.

NORTH WEST. - The Right Hon. The Lord Chief Baron. The Hon. Baron Pennefather.

NORTH EAST. - The Hon. Judge Crampton. The Right Hon. Judge Perrin.

LEINSTER. - The Hon. Judge Torreas. The Right Hon. Judge Ball.

CONNAUGHT. - The Right Hon. Baron Lefroy. The Right Hon. Judge Moore.

MUNSTER. - The Hon. Judge Jackson. Baron Richards being the chief of the encumbered estates commissioners will not go circuit, and it is presumed that Sergeant Stock, as the senior sergeant, will accompany Judge Jackson on the Munster circuit.


January 12, at Ardmore, Galway, Emily, the wife of Samue U. Roberts, Esq., of a son.

On the 10th instant, at Haglewood Castle, Yorkshire, the Hon. Mrs. Vavasour, of a son.


January 5, at the parish church of Killincere, the Rev. Harcourt Busfeild, Cairness, Lonmay, Aberdeenshire, to Catherine, eldest daughter of John Morgan, Dsq., late 52nd Light Infantry, Carnavin, county Cavan.

On the 10th instant, at Friends' Meeting House, Clonmel, Thomas Shannon, Esq., to Anne, second daughter of the late George Grubb, Esq.


January 13, at his residence, Bognor, Sussex, Alexander Wilmot Schomberg, Admiral of the Blue, in his 76th year.

On the 13th instant, at Belmont, King's County, Ellen, relict of Robert Baker, Esq., aged 75 years.

On the 12th instant, at his residence, Tomona House, county Roscommon, Jeffery M. French, Esq., in his 79th year and 57 years J.P. of that county.

January 25, 1850




PURSUANT to the order made in this cause, bearing date the 15th day of May last, I will on WEDNESDAY the 1st day of August next, at the hour of One o'Clock in the Afternoon, at my Chambers, Inns' Quay, Dublin, Set up and Let for Seven Years, pending this cause, ALL THAT AND THOSE, the Dwelling House and Offices and that part of the Lands of ROCKVILLE, situate in the county of Cavan, in the pleadings in this cause mentioned, now in the occupation of the said Defendant.

Dated this 6th day of July, 1849


William VERNER, of Churchill, High Sheriff of the county of Monaghan, for the ensuing year, has appointed Edmund P. MURPHY, Esq., of Rowantry, Monaghan, to be his deputy sheriff.


A requisition was issued a few days ago calling a parochial meeting at Kingscourt, in this county, on Wednesday last, the 23rd instant, "to consider the land question, also the subject of Protection, and to ascertain the sentiments of the people in order to have them embodied in a petition to be forwarded to Parliament." The requisition (which arrived too late for our last publication) was signed by two Roman Catholic clergymen, and others. The meeting was accordingly held, and our reporter attended; but we ourselves were deprived of that gratification, which we very much regret, by an untoward circumstance.

Upwards of 5,000 people were present; when free-trade and tenant-right resolutions were carried unanimously. Our reporter states the meeting was a highly important one, and that it comprised almost all the farming classes in a district of eight or ten miles. Our space to-day would only admit of a sketch of the speeches, we therefore think it better to hold them over until nest week, when we shall give them in "extenso."

ROBBERY--On the night of Tuesday, or early on the morning of Wednesday last, the barn of Mr. John CLEMENGER, of Cavan, was forcibly entered, and three sacks of wheat, cleaned on the day previous, stolen therefrom; the barn is situated in Mr. CLEMENGER's garden, on the road leading to Killeshandra, and the audacity of the housebreakers may be imagined from the fact, that they emptied the three sacks of rye with which they were filled, and replace it with the wheat gathered from the floor. This is in the very vicinity of the police barrack; our tea, sugar, bread, tobacco, and clothing are taxed for the support of that force--from sixteen to twenty men, including half a dozen sergeants are stationed here. Do they do anything? Is there a night patrol? Echo answers--what and where?


Henry George HUGHES, Esq., Q.C., 22 Lower Fitzwilliam-street, Dublin, having lately purchased a portion of the estate of the Rev. Francis EDGEWORTH in this county, has just now received his first gale of rent; although the lands are let on unusually low terms, varying from fifteen to twenty shillings per annum, he has most praiseworthily considered his tenantry, as, out of two years' rent up to May, 1849, he has accepted of one, and abated the other altogeher, refunding the two gales of poor-rates, besides other advances, to enable them to meet their several wants, and has also expressed his determination of paying all future taxes which may accrue on his property.

A GOOD LANDLORD.--Doctor BABINGTON, (Fortview, Cavan) who has property in this county, has, we learn, reduced his rents 35 per cent, and in many instances, forgiven the arrears that had accumulated in these hard times. We believe few can excel the Doctor in decided active benevolence and deep sympathy with his tenants.--Fermanagh Reporter.

THE ASSISTANT BARRISTER AND MR. JOHN REA.--The Assistant Barrister has rescinded the order pronounced by him last sessions, suspending Mr. John REA from practising in the civil bill courts of this county. The reason is, that the order did not contain a statement of the reason upon which it was founded, and therefore, gave Mr. REA no opportunity of appealing to the next going judge of assize.--Banner of Ulster.


At Belturbet on the 22nd instant, the lady of Richard White O'DONOVAN, Esq., of a daughter.


On the 16th instant, by the Rev. James LANDON, Frederick C. TRENCH, Esq., grandson of the first Lord Ashtown, to Mary Isabella GASCOIGNE, eldest daughter and co-heiress of the late R. O. GASCOIGNE, Esq., Parlington, Yorkshire, and Castle Oliver, Ireland.


On the 17th instant, at Dunkerrin Glebe, aged 84 years, the Very Rev. Thomas Hugh HAWKINS, D.D., Rector of Dunkerrin, and Dean of Clonfert.

In this town, on Wednesday last, after a lingering illness, caused by paralysis, Mr. Michael FARRELLY, aged 64, sincerely regretted.

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