Published in Cavan, county Cavan

October 5, 1849

(From a Correspondent)

An inquest was held a few days ago in Killeshandra upon the body of a boy named Doherty, aged about 16 years.

Dr. KENNY made a post-mortem examination, and the jury found a verdict to the effect, that the boy died from "want and destitution."

The body presented a wretched appearance; it was found lying in a ditch, reduced to a skeleton, and covered with vermin. The people lighted a fire near it at night, to prevent the dogs from mangling it, until an inquest would be held.

A keen and piercing winter is prematurely setting in, and instead of gentlemen talking of reducing the number of Relieving Officers, they should, in my opinion, insist upon those now employed t carry out the benevolent intentions of the law; in a full and liberal spirit. And if they earnestly endeavour to preserve human life, in the manner ordered by the legislature, they will find quite enough to do, and the Board of Guardians will also find that they have not one too many employed.

Much dissatisfaction was expressed by many persons at the inquest, at the mananer those important duties are performed here.

I enclose a copy of the seventh section of the relief act, under which these appointments have been made. It runs as follows:-

""Sec. VII. - And be it enacted. That every Relieving Officer so appointed as aforesaid shall have power to give provisional relief in any case of sudden and urgent necessity, either by an order of admission to the workhouse or fever hospital of the union, provided there be room therein respectively, and by conveying any destitute poor persons thereto if necessary, or by affording such poor person immediate and temporary relief in food, lodging, medicine, or medical attendance, until the next ordinary meeting of the board of guardians, at which meeting he shall report the case, and the nature and cost of the relief so afforded, in such form and manner as the Poor Law Commissioners shall pre4scribe, and after such report shall give no further relief, otherwise than by direction of the board of guardians in the case so reported; and the guardians of the union shall furnish the relieving officers with the necessary funds for affording relief in manner aforesaid, and for !

the relief of those destitute poor persons to whom relief shall be granted by the board of guardians, at such times and in such manner as the Poor Law Commissioners shall determine and direct."

Relief - immediate relief - in food, lodging, medicine, or medical attendance. So says the law. There is no such thing - wretched creatures, staggering along the road - a relief (?) depot is placed miles away in fields, they cannot reach it, and on they go; and although death does not often relieve them, under the appalling circumstances which occurred in this instance, still it is daily hastening, by gnawing and emaciating hunger.

A simple (and as it were self-acting) test of "Go to the workhouse," is a very convenient sop for the consciences of some, and a very simple line of duty for inefficient officers; but I insist upon it - it is not according to law.

If hungry and destitute, every man, woman, and child, have a right to food, shelter, and medicine (if sick); and in my opinion no officer employed in the administration of that law has a liberty of interpreting it as penal against the sick, the hungry, the old, or the infirm, by saying - "You must go fifteen or sixteen miles to a poorhosu7e, or else you will not be relieved."



Mrs. FINLAY, removing to Dublin, will SELL, on the 10th and 11th OCTOBER inst. without reserve, the Entire of her Household Furniture, family Car and Harness; a young Mare, ___ four years old, nearly thorough-bred, a well-bred Dairy Cow, and an excellent Jennet and Bread Cart, together with the interest in the well-known Finlay's Stores, which consists of a Wine, Spirit, and Grocery Establishment, having a Bakery attached, now in actual Business, which has for many years secured the principal trade in the Counties of Cavan, Leitrim, and Fermanagh.

This House is situate in the best business part of the Town, and there is now being made opposite a new market-square, which will add considerably to its many advantages.

Further particulars will be given at the hour of sale, the order of which is as follows:- The Household Furniture, &c., on first day; the Store on second day; sale to commence each day at 12 o'clock.

N.B.-Approved Bills will be taken at 3 and 6 months for the establishment.

Auctioneer, Cavan.
October 2, 1849.



Elisabeth GALBRAITH, and others

PURSUANT to Decree bearing date the 14th day of March, 1849, I require all Creditors and Legatees of Morgan GILBRAITH, the Testator, and persons having charges and incumbrances affecting the real and freehold estates, subsequent as well as prior to the Plaintiff's demand, to come in before me at my Chambers on the Inn's-quay before the first day of NOVEMBER next, and prove their debts and charges, and claim their legacies save such claims as are reported in the original cause of CROFTON v. GALBRAITH, otherwise they will be precluded the ____ of Decree.

Dated this 15th of September, 1849.
Robert Jones FOX, Plaintiff's Solicitor, 91 Stephens-street, Dublin.


A List of Applications received by the Clerk of the Peace, from persons seeking Excise License for Sale of Beer, Spirits, &c., by Retail, within said County to be heard and enquired into at CAVAN, on TUESDAY, the 16th day of OCTOBER next, immediately after the Grand Jury is Sworn.

No. Name. Residence.
1 BRADY, Anne Ballyjamesduff.
2 DAILY, James Glann.
3 DUKE, Margaret Belturbet.
4 FINEGAN, Thomas Shanna.
5 FITZPATRICK, Patrick Knockanorke.
6 FITZPATRICK, Mary Belturbet.
7 GAFNEY, Anne Ballyjamesduff.
8 KEYS, William Killeshandra.
9 KENNY, M. H. Cavan.
10 M'GUINNESS, John Ballyjamesduff.
11 MAXWELL, Robert Cavan
12 M'AVEY, Philip Belturbet.
13 M'GUINNESS, William Cavan.
14 M'ENROE, Patrick Ballyheclan.
15 REILLY, Michael Ballyjamesduff.
16 REILLY, Bridget Cavan.
17 REILLY, Edward Kilnsleck.
18 SMITH, Abigail Cavan.
19 SHERIDAN, Cornelius Cavan.


Robert M'KLEAN, Rassan, Lands of Rasssan - Barony of Castleraghan - £10.

Clerk of the Peace, Co. Cavan.
Cavan, 25th September, 1849.


About 200 Acres of the Townland of ROBERTSTOWN, the property of Thomas FARRELL, Esq., will be Let from the 1st NOVEMBER next, in such Lots, and according to such conditions as may be agreed upon.

The lands are situate within 3 miles of Moynalty-3 miles of Nobber, and 5 miles of Kells.

Proposals to be addressed to THOMAS RUTHERFORD, Esq., Mooretown-house, Ardee. Application to be made to Mr. James FARRELL of Cruisetown, who will point out the lands.

August 31, 1849.

October 12, 1849


October 4, at Green Hall, county Louth, the lady of George A. ROTHERAM, Esq., of a daughter.

At Rathmines terrace, the lady of P. RYAN, Esq., of a daughter.

October 7, at Hillside, Kimscanogue, county Wicklow, the lady of W. H. JACKSON, Esq., of a son.


October 4, at Castlereach, the Rev. Clarke HUSTON, of Englishtown, to Anne, daughter of the late John WILSON, Esq., of Drumcroom, in the county of Londonderry.

October 2, in Edinburgh, John W CROWE, Esq., to Euphemia, daughter of Major MENZIES, late of 42nd Royal Highlanders.


On Saturday, the 29th September, in the 49th year of her age, after a most lingering and afflicting illness, Isabella Jane, the dearly beloved wife of John DUNBAR, Esq., late of Cavan.

August 8, at Jaulnah, of cholera, aged 40, the Hon. Captain Charles A. BUTLER, of the 21st Regiment Native Infantry, and Deputy-Assistant-Commissioner-General. He was great esteemed and deeply regretted by all who knew him.

October 6, from congestion of the brain, Mr. Edwd. RALEIGH MORAN, for more than eighteen years sub-editor of the Globe newspaper, after a fortnight's illness.

ACCIDENT TO P. M. BARRON, ESQ., Poor Law Inspector. - On Saturday evening, about nine o'clock, this estimable gentleman met with a severe accident, which was very near having a fatal result. He was returning to his residence, near Rostrevor, after having been away all the week visiting portions of his district, and was riding on an outside car. The driver, in endeavouring to pass some carts on the road, at the part where Mrs. Carter's and Mrs. Reilly's properties meet, drove the car on a heap of stones at the road side. The consequence was, the car was upset, and Mr. Barron was violently thrown off. He fell between the car and the carts, in a very dangerous position; and we regret to say, that the wheel of the car passed over his left arm, and close to his head. He was immediately conveyed to his own residence; and, medical assistance being procured, it was found that he had not sustained any serious injury, though his arm was severely hurt, and he was otherwise much shaken. We understand that the part of the road where this accident occurred is the narrowest to be found the whole way between Warrenpoint and Rostrevor; and it was, to say the least, exceedingly stupid on the part of the contractor, to place a heap of stones there. It is too bad that human life should be endangered by such carelessness. As it is, the public are deprived of the services of a most efficient and able officer - at a time, too, when his counsel and exertions were particularly required. We sincerely hope that Mr. Baron will soon be recovered so far as to resume his laborious duties, which he discharges so satisfactorily to all parties. Newry Telegraph

REPRESENTATION OF CORK. - The Repealers are busily engaged in the selection of a candidate to succeed Mr. CALLAGHAN in the representation of Cork. Mr. Alexander M'CARTHY (Old Irelander), Mr. Denny LANE (Young), Mr. Sergeant MURPHY (Liberal), Mr. A. F. WALSH (advocate of progressive reform), and others, are spoken of. The contest will be a very curious one, as sit afford the first opportunity of testing the state of parties since the break-up of the agitation system. The Conservatives, it is stated, are determined to start a candidate, but as yet they have made no move. Mr. WALSH is the only candidate who has actually addressed the electors. He is Professor of Law in the new Queen's College at Cork. Mr. Butt, Q.C., has, however, declared his intention of presenting himself as a candidate for the vacant representation.


This Sessions commenced on Tuesday, the 9th instant, before P. M. MURPHY, Esq., Q.C., Assistant Barrister.

JUSTICES PRESENT - Sir John YOUNG, Bart., Very Rev. Dean ADAMS, Theophilus Lucas CLEMENTS, Esq., John WILCOCKS, Esq.

Spirit applications granted, 6: civil bill entries, 370; ejectment entries, 18; legacy entries, 3; replevin entries, 3;; crown numbers, 106.

GRAND JURY - 1. Patrick HORAN, Esq., Foreman; 2. Richard BROWN, Esq. 3. Thomas FAY, Esq.; 4. John SHERA, Esq.; 5. Edward M'NULTY, Esq., 6; John JOHNSTON, Esq. 7. John RUSK, Esq. 8. Edwd. BELL, Esq. 9. Edward SHARPE, Esq.10. Henry REBURN, Esq.; 11. Thomas HALL, Esq.; 12. John BERRY, Esq.; 13. William STENSON, Esq. 14. George PORTER, Esq. 15. John ADAMS, Esq. 16. Joseph WHITELY, Esq. 17. William WORTHY, Esq.


James GINETY - assault on constables HARRISON and M'GIVERIN, in discharge of duty - two months' hard labour.

John PRUNTY - larceny from Cootehill workhouse - not guilty.

James TRAYNOR - perjury - not guilty.

Owen REILLY - assault and rescue of cattle seized for poor rate - prosecution withdrawn.

Patrick WELDON and John WELDON - like - like.

Patrick FAY - obtaining goods under false pretences - no bill.

Philip ROCK - larceny from Bailieborough workhouse - one month hard labour.

Patrick CAROLAN - like - not guilty.

Harris KELLETT - like - like.

Patrick M'MAHON - like - no bill.

Mathew CLARKE - like - one months'hard labour.

Anne M'CAGH, Bridget SMITH, Margaret FARRELLY, Catherine RAFFERTY, Mary CLARKE, and Mary FITSIMMONS - like - no bill.

Philip FARRELLY - like - 24 hours' imprisonment.

John MULLEN - Larceny of cabbage, the property of Cartney JAMES - two months hard labour.

Mary SMITH - larceny from the house of Owen MARKEY - 24 hours' imprisonment.

Patrick CURTES - burglary and robbery from the house of Anne GOGARTY - 10 years' transportation.

Bridget MAGOVERN - larceny of potatoes - 24 hours.

Bridget M'CABE - larceny of stuff from William GRAHAM - 4 months' hard labour.

Margaret COYLE - larceny of a gown from Hannah M'CAGH - 2 months' hard labour.

Robert LENNON - larceny from house of Rev. Wm. BELL - 9 months' hard labour.

Rose LENNON - larceny of butter - 5 months' from committal.

Hugh CAROLAN - larceny from Cootehill workhouse - 24 hours.

John GORMAN - like - acquitted.

Sarah GORMAN - like - one month hard labour.

James OAKES and Margaret OAKES - like - acquitted.

David CONNELLY - like - like.

Mary CONNELLY - like - one week.

Anne MASTERSON - like - one fortnight.

Catherine MURTHA - larceny of a hen from James NOLAN - one month's hard labour.

Robert Hicks - cattle stealing - 15 years; transportation.

Eleanor COONEY - larceny of potatoes the property of Hugh LUCAS - one month's hard labour.

James M'CABE - receiving stolen goods - 2 months' hard labour.

John ROCK - larceny from house of Hugh COX - 12 months' hard labour.

Michael LYNCH and Patt FARRELLY - cattle stealing - each six months' hard labour.

Mary MARTIN - larceny of a shawl - one month of hard labour.

Michael M'CLUSKEY - larceny of a shirt from Farrel KERNAGHAN - like

Michael M'CABE, sen., and Michael M'CABE, jun. - larceny of bere (sic), property of Wm. Patterson - no bill.

Elizabeth M'DANIEL - sheep stealing - not guilty.

John M'DERMOTT - larceny of a spade the property of William M'CONNELL - one month's hard labour.

Robert TAYLOR, Edward TAYLOR, William TAYLOR - assault and rescue of flax seized under a decree - no prosecution.

Henry ARGUE and Thomas ARGUE - assault - like.

Thomas DONOHOE - having in possession unregistered fire arms - acquitted.

Michael MURTHA - rescue and assault on James TULLY - acquitted.

Patrick M'ENTEE, Mary M'ENTEE, and Anne M'ENTEE - rescue and assault on Thomas M'CABE - no prosecution.

Thomas M. MINN - arson - no bill.

Bridget ROCK, Jane CUNNINGHAM, Mary CUNNINGHAM, and Catherine CUNNINGHAM - larceny from the dwelling of Rev. William Bell - each 7 years transportation.

Catherine M'GIVNEY - larceny of cabbage - 24 hours.

Francis RICE - larceny from Bailieborough workhouse - one month's hard labour, and whipt first week.

John HEERY - like - like.

Patrick SHORT - larceny of potatoes the property of Patrick CASSERLY - one month's hard labour.

Thomas M'CABE, Patrick Thomas DERMOTT - assault on Martha BLACK - no prosecution.

James COONEY - assault - no bill.

James O'HARA - larceny from Lex national schoolhouse - 6 months' hard labour.

Patrick O'HARA - like - 3 month's hard labour.

James WALLER, Rebecca WALLER, Isabella WALLER, Eleanor WALLER - assault - no prosecution.

Patrick O'Brien - sheep stealing - not guilty.

Anne ADAMS - larceny of turnips - 48 hours.

Michael CLARKE - larceny from Bailieborough workhouse - 24 hours.

Mr. Robert BOWDEN was appointed High Constable and Collector of Grand Jury Cess for the Barony of Tullygarvey, and entered into the necessary security.

Mr. William BARTLEY was appointed High Constable and Collector of Grand Jury Cess for he Barony of Clonkee, and entered into the necessary security.

October 19, 1849


These sessions commenced on Tuesday, the 16th inst., before P. J. MURPHY, Esq., Q.C., Assistant-Barrister.

Magistrates present: - G. M. KNIPE, Esq., John WILCOCKS, Esq., R. JM., Wm. HUMPHRYS, Esq., John E. VERNON, Esq., Major BAILIE, Abraham BRUSH, Esq., William SMITH, Esq., John GUMLEY, Esq., Robt. ERSKINE, Esq., Theophilus THOMPSON, Esq., J. B. M'CULLAGH, Esq., R.M.

The following gentlemen were sworn on the grand jury :- Thomas HARTLY, Esq., foreman; Wm. MOORE BLACK, Henry HUMPHRYS, William FARIS, John Alexander FARIS, Mathew LOUGH, Peter BRADY, James GILROY, Francis M'CABE, John MOORE, Alexander KETTYLE, Christopher MALCOMSTON, John BEATTY, Hugh PORTER, Samuel KENNEDY, Esquires.

The Assistant Barrister briefly addressed the grand jury, complimenting them on the lightness of the calendar, notwithstanding the length of time that had elapsed since the last session. His Worship remarked that a case of larceny from the gaol would come before them, in which the goods stolen were not mentioned as the property of any person. Formerly, it was usual and necessary, when articles were abstracted from any public institution to mention the name of some one in the bill of indictment as the owner of the property, - for instance, the Queen, - but by a recent act of parliament that difficulty was obviated. The grand jury would therefore consider the bill as formal without the name.

The grand jury then retired.


Mr. S. N. KNIPE appeared for Mr. Patrick GILROY of the Belturbet electoral division, to sustain an appeal against the rate levied on him for land in the occupation of his sister-in-law, Amelia, FITZPATRICK. Gilroy was rated for and paid the rate on a small holding belonging to his sister-in-law, although she has been in possession for the last twenty years, paying her rent separately, and recognized as a tenant of John LITTON, Esq., agent to the Earl of Lanesborough.

Mr. John ARMSTRONG, for the respondent, proved that Fitzpatrick has been living with her brother-in-law since January, 1848, and that she relinquished the benefits of the land for her support, Gilroy cultivating the farm and applying the products to his own use.

His worship affirmed the decree for the rate with costs.

Another appeal affirmed the decree for the rate with costs.

Another appeal against a decision given by the magistrates at petty sessions, in which Mr. John Armstrong appeared for the appellant, and Mr. E M'G for the respondent. On the order of the magistrates being handed up, the Assistant Barrister quashed it on the ground of informality, it having been signed by only one magistrate instead of two.


John CULLEN - receiving stolen goods. The prosecutor did not attend, and the prisoner was discharged.

Patrick MORGAN - convicted of maliciously and feloniously assaulting James ATKIN at Killafinia, on the 16th of July, with intent to rob him of his money. Sentenced to twelve months' hard labour.

Mary CROTTY, Margaret BOWS, Elenor REILLY, and Mary CORRY - highway robbery on Anne M'ATEER at Kilconny on the 14th of August. Adjourned to Ballyconnell sessions.

Bernard HANNIGAN, charged with burglary and robbery from the house of Owen CLARKE at Tullinchen on the 16th of September. The prosecutor did not attend; the prisoner was discharged.

Patrick MAGUIRE, larceny from Cavan workhouse. To be imprisoned one week.

Philip M'GINNELL,like offence - sentenced to eight months' hard labour.

Margaret and Elenor M'DONNELL, like offence - not guilty.

Patrick BEATTY, like offence - 14 days' imprisonment.

Patrick DOLAN, larceny of bere - no attendance of prosecutor.

Patrick SMITH, larceny of oats - no bill.

James FITZPATRICK, larceny of a £10 note the property of Mr. John HAYES, Cavan, on the 7th September. Sentenced to twelve months' hard labour.

Thomas BOYLAN, larceny of oats - 14 days' imprisonment.

Thomas STAFFORD, larceny of potatoes - imprisoned one week.

Hugh BURNS, larceny of a duck - three months' hard labour.

Anne SHERICAN, larceny of turf - one month from committal.

Honora MOONEY, larceny of flannel from the shop of Richard O'REILLY of Ballyjamesduff. Guilty, seven years' transportation.

William DAILY and John M'GRATH pleaded guilty to ste3aling one lamb, the property of William KEMP, Tyrorkahn, on the 27th of July last. Sentenced to eight months' hard labour each.

Jane ELLIS, larceny of a hen - 24 hours' imprisonment.

Michael CONNOR, larceny of wearing apparel - not guilty.

Oliver TURBOT, larceny of geese - imprisoned one week.

William HIGGINS, horse stealing - no bill.

John REILLY, charged with kid stealing from John M'ELROY at Mullinars - not guilty.

Daniel MAGAGHRAN, stealing a beehive and honey - no attendance of the prosecutor.

John REILLY, larceny from the garden of Dr. ROE of CAVAN, twelve months' hard labour.

Andrew GILHOOLY, larceny of a pistol - three months' hard labour.

Patrick M'PADDEN, larceny of a shawl - adjourned to Ballyconnell sessions.

Charles WHITE, stealing meal, &c. - six months' hard labor.

Richard and Robert GIBSON, assault and rescue - not guilty.

Edward REILLY, like offence - not guilty.

James M'CORMICK, assault with intent to violate Eliza GRAHAM an infant under 10 years of age, 2 years' hard labour.

M. and J. REILLY, rescue of goods seized for grand jury cess, no prosecution.

Henry CRANSTON, assault, prosecution withdrawn.

John REILLY and Peter CASSIDY, assault on sub-inspector, G. F W. CLINTOCK, one week's imprisonment each.

Henry CONNOR and Thomas REILLY, rescue of two sows seized for rent, three months' hard labour.

Bridget M'ENERNY, larceny form (sic) the person of Bridget BRENNIN, 14 days' imprisonment.

Matthew FARRELLY, rescue of goods seized under a decree, 24 hours' imprisonment.

John NIXON, rescue, no bill.

Bernard GALLEGAN, Pat M'PHILLIPS, rescue, no bill.

Wm. SOUTH, larceny of a quilt, one month's hard labour.

Francis TULLY, Margaret SMITH, larceny from Cavan Workhouse, 6 months' hard labour each.

Margaret CUNNINGHAM, larceny in Cavan jail, 7 years' transportation.

October 26, 1849


On yesterday an inquest was held before Thos. BERRY, Esq., Coroner, in the town of Deramfield, parish of Drumlace, on view of the body of Thos. BURNS, aged about 15, who was found dead the day previous, in a ditch, in the townland of Corglass.

It appeared in evidence, that the deceased left his father's house on Tuesday last with the intent of going to the Belturbet Dispensary for some medicine, being then and for some time previous labouring under dysentery. Nothing further was known of him till yesterday when he was found lying in the ditch, by a few men who were passing the way, with a can of potatoes scattered around him, which it is supposed he had collected on Tuesday, and with which he was apparently making his way home. He and the rest of his family had suffered very considerable privations for some time back, but made no application for relief to the Relieving Officer.

Dr. KENNY, having made a post mortem examination deposed that he found no marks of violence on his body, but that it appeared greatly emaciated. He was of opinion that deceased came to his death from want and exposure to the cold. The jury unanimously returned the following verdict: - "We find that the deceased Thomas Burns came to his death by want and exposure to the cold; and we beg to add that there can be no blame attached to the relieving-officer, deceased not having applied to him for relief."


An inquest was held in the vicinity of Farnham, on Wednesday last, by John M'FADIN, Esq., Coroner, on the body of a young man named Patt M'AVINNIA, a tailor, who resided at Drumealis, near this town.

It appeared on evidence that deceased had been at the market of Cavan on the previous day, and that he partook too freely of the "mountain dew" (which was no novelty to him,) to warrant his returning home on foot; he was therefore placed on an ass's cart the property of a man in the parish of Denn, and the animal was started in the direction of his own house, but not being capable of knowing where to stop, deceased allowed the ass to pass by his domicile and wander to Farnham, where he was found on the side of the road. It is supposed that he fell from the cart in attempting to stop its progress, when the wheel seemed to have passed within two inches of his head. No marks of violence were found on his body.

M'Avinnia was rather a peculiar looking person, he stood about five feet four inches when standing upright on one leg, when walking he scarcely measured four feet, in consequence of one of his legs being so much shorter than the other, having a stout body, and a head of considerable dimensions.

The jury returned a verdict of "Death from Congestion of the Brain, caused by Inebriety."


At Brasfort Cottage,a Cavan, on the 19th instant, the lady of W. H. NEWELL, Esq., of a daughter.

Oct. 14, at Greyabbey, Lady Charlotte MONTGOMERY, of a daughter.

At Swanmunt, co. Donegal, the lady of Hamilton PORTER, Esq., of a daughter.


On Monday last, in the church of this town, Mr. William REILLY, of Mountnugent, to Phoebe, daughter of Mr. Thomas THOMPSON, Cavan.

Oct. 12th, in Swanlinbar church, Robert BRADY, Esq, of Monaghan, to Mary, younst (sic) daughter of Andrew MOFFITT, Esq., of Clonturkhill, near Swanlinbar.

Oct. 15, William, third son of Edward HAYES, Esq, of Kingsport, to Kate, second daughter of Valentine BOURKE, Esq., of Dublin.


On the 27th Oct., after a lingering illness, Captain Nathaniel LOW, paymaster of the Rosscommom Militia.

Oct. 21, Lieutenant George BURY, R.N., of Newtown House, county Kildare, in the 59th year of his age.

Oct. 21, at Athlone, after a short illness, Charles H. DILLON, Esq.

TRIAL OF THE MANNINGS. - The witnesses in this case were called before the Grand Jury on Tuesday morning. Mr. Seargeant (sic) Wilkins, who is retained for Manning, got his brief same night, and Mr. CLARKSON, who is to defend the female prisoner, has been furnished with his brief by Mr. SOLOMONS. There is no doubt that the trial will take place on Thursday (yesterday) morning. The Under Sheriffs are overwhelmed with application for cards of admission to the court. The Lord Baron and Mr. Justice CRESSWELL are the judges who are to preside at the trial.

OUTRAGE OF A CLERGYMAN. - On Sunday night last, the Rev. John BLEEKLEY (BLECKLEY?), Minister of the first Presbyterian congregation of Monaghan, was returning from Keady, where he had been officiating for a brother clergyman, and when crossing the "Man of War Hill," four ruffians seized his horse, and cut the reins of his harness. Mr. B. descended from his gig, when the fellows demanded his money, and on his remonstrating with them, two of them seized his top coat which he had thrown round him cloakwise, and dragged it off his shoulder, another snatched his whip, and the party then endeavoured to get the rev. gentleman off his feet, but hearing a noise they decamped with the coat and whip. Some persons soon came up, and the inhabitants of the neighbourhood, indignant at such an outrage upon a gentleman so universally beloved, scoured the country in every direction, but without success. An affair of this kind is a novelty in this part of the country, and we do !not notice it for the purpose of shewing (sic) that the country is at all disturbed, but that the identification of the coat may lead to the apprehension of the ruffians. - Northern Standard."

DROGHEDA MECHANICS' INSTITUTION. - William K. SULLAVIN, Esq., Chemist to the Museum of Irish industry and the Royal Agricultural Society of Ireland, delivered the first of a course of twelve lectures on Chemical Geology in the Hall of the Mechanics' Institute, on Tuesday evening last. - Argus.

R. Andrews, Esq., L.L.D., Assistant-Barrister for Lough has been appointed to the chairmanship of the County Carlow, vacant by the removal of Henry HUTTON, Esq., to the County Roscommon.

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