Published in Cavan, county Cavan

June 1, 1849


May 24, at Gaultier Cottage, county of Waterford, the Countess of HUNTINGDALE, of a son.

On the 27th, at No. 1, Kildare-lace, the Lad ROSSMORE, of a daughter.

On rteh 30th, at 10, Marrion-square, North, the Viscountess MASSERENE and FERRARD, of a son.

On the 29th, at Black-Castle, the lady of Thomas ROTHWELL, Esq., of a son.


May 28, by special license, Ulysses, son of Captain BURKE, of Annadown House, to Annette FRENCH, daughter of James French, Esq., of Rock Law, county Galway.

May 29, in St. George's Church, Georges GRAHAM, Esq., to Jane, youngest daughter of Edward TISDALL, Esq., of Rathcoele (sp?) House, county Dublin.


May 28, at Ballysheen, county Clare, George WALTON, Esq.

May 29, at Summer-hill, Dublin, John O. HIGGINBOTHAM, Esq., son of the late John Higgenbotham, Esq., Belle Vue, county of Kildare.

WILLIAM MITCHEL. - The following appears in the New York Tribune of the 14th ult: - "Wm. H. Mitchel, brother of the Irish patriot and exile, John Mitchel, has been appointed by Secretary Ewing a clerk in the home department at Washington, and has left the city to enter upon the duties of his office."

June 8, 1849


In this town on Tuesday last, the lady of James FAY, Esq., of a son.

At Kells, county Meath, the lady of the Rev. W. A. KEMPSTON, of a daughter.

At Blackhall, county Kildare, Lady DANCER (sp?) of a daughter.

At Bradford, Yorkshire, the wife of Mr. John TAYLOR, of three girls.


On the 6th instant, at Cootehill, Philip O'DONNELL, Esq., Provincial Bank of Ireland, Cavan, to Marian, daughter of John MACFADIN, Esq., M.D.

At Workington, Cumberland, Henry ACHESON, Esq., of Abbey-street, Dublin, to Anne, eldest daughter of the late Richard SPEAR, Esq., of Marypost, Cumberland.


In this town, on Monday last, of consumption, Anne, youngest daughter of Thomas FLEMING, Esq., barrister-at-law, Castlecosby, in the county of Cavan, aged 45 years.

On Wednesday last, in this town, Mr. Richard REILLY, aged 45 years.

Her Majesty, by letters patent, has granted the dignity of a Marquis of Great Britain and Ireland to the Earl of DALHOUSIE, Governor-General of India; and the dignity of a Viscount to Lieutenant-General Baron GOUGH.

On Sunday, James McLONAN, a private in the 48th Regiment, shot himself at the Royal Barrack, Dublin. The only cause that could be assigned for the horrible act was the deceased got married without the consent of his commanding officer, which is a breach of military law.

BURGLARIES IN NAVAN. - The Navan public bakery, Trimgate-street, was entered on the night of Saturday, or morning of Sunday last, and about 3£ 10s. taken, all the money that the clerk left in the shop, he having, as usual, taken the remainder away at bed hour. The thieves entered by the bread-room window at the rere (sic.) having first removed the sash, then cut the lattice, and next found out the centre iron bar, which they removed. They then cleverly pressed back the lock of the shop-door, which they entered. The burglars must have been well acquainted with the premises, and experienced "cracksmen," from the business-like manner in which they conducted the adventure. - bid.

INCREASE OF POVERTY. - We are going on swimmingly here with the production of beggars, and promise fair in a short time to rival even the most flourishing of the Mayo unions. Four poorhouses are already occupied, and a fifth is about to be added, to supply the increasing demand. We have in or about 2,000 beggars, in a town whose population little exceeds 4,000. Hurrah for Ireland! - Ibid.

MEATH ARCHERS. The Toxopholites will hold a meeting in the ensuing month - Aclare Lodge will probably by the place selected. Mr. Thos. RADCLIFFE has been appointed secretary instead of Mr. GERRARD, who has resigned.

June 15, 1849



A list of Applications received by the Clerk of the Peace from persons seeking Excise Licenses, for sale of Beer, Spirits, &c. by Retail, within said county, to be heard and enquired into at BAILIEBOROUGH, on MONDAY, the 18th day of JUNE instant, immediately after the Grand Jury is sworn:-

No.   Name   Residence
1   M'CANN, Felix   Virginia
2   O'CONNELL, Margaret   Cootehill

Cavan, 1st June 1849.


A list of Applications for a similar purpose, to be heard and enquired into at CAVAN, on MONDAY, the 25th day of JUNE instant, immediately after the Grand Jury is sworn:-

No.   Name   Residence    
1   BRADY, Anne   Ballyjamesduff    
2   BAXTER, John   Ballinagh    
3   COPELAND   Robert   Blacklion
4   FEE, Stephen   Swanlimbar    
5   FLANIGAN, Terence   Maugheracunny    
6.   GILCHREEST, James   Ballyjamesduff    
7   GAFFNEY, Bernard   do.    
8   KENNEDY, Bernard   Cavan    
9   KELLY, John   Miltown    
10   KENNY, Michael H.   Cavan    
11   M'GUINESS, William   do.    
12   PHILLLIPS, Thomas   Belturbet    
13   REILLY, James, junior,   CAVAN    
14   SMITH, Phill   do.    
15   SHANNON, John   Ballyconnell    
16   Thompson   Edward   Belturbet


The members of this committee assembled on Monday, for the first time. Present Messrs. Jas. FAY, Edward KENNEDY, Francis M'CABE, Z. Wallace. The other members were unavoidably absent. Mr. Fay was appointed chairman, Mr. Kennedy, treasurer, and Mr. Wallace, secretary. After framing rules for their guidance and settling other preliminaries, the committee adjourned to Thursday.

On Thursday the committee re-assembled, when a number of subscriptions were handed in. The committee then went round the town, to canvass, and met with great success so far as they went. The following is are (sic) turn of the subscriptions received.

(Note: I am unable to put all the amounts in because of a "fold" in the newspaper prior to microfilming, so have elected to list the names only.)

Mrs. James FAY (to be renewed monthly for three months)
Mr. Fay's children:
Master John FAY
" Thos. FAY
" Patk. Fay
Miss Anne Fay
" Mary Fay
" Susan Fay
" Kate Fay
Mr. Edward KENNEDY
Mr. Kennedy's children:
Master James Kennedy
" Michael Kennedy (per Mr. M'Cabe)
" Hugh Kennedy'" John Kennedy
" Thos. Kennedy
" Edwd. Kennedy
Mr. Patrick FAY (to be renewed monthly for three months)
Mr. John M'DOWELL, Liverpool, (per Mr. WALLACE)
A friend (per Mr. Fay)
P.C.A. )per Mr. Wallace
A Friend (per Mr. Wallace
Mr. Francis M'CABE
Mr. Alexander ARMSTRONG
Mr. Edward DOBBIN
Dr. Thos. O'CONNOR
Mr. John SMITH
Mr. Patt M'MAHON
Mr. John SMITH, jun.
Mr. Blayney GRIER
Mr. Charles MAGUIRE (pawnbroker)
Mrs. Thomas BROWNE
Mr. P. Walsh
Mr. James REILLY (hotel)
Mr. Mathew LOUGH
Mr. James MONTGOINER (sp?)
Mrs. Catherine BRADY
Mr. Patt SMITH
Mr. Edward SMITH
Mr. Arthur ELLIS
Mr. Corneilus PHILLIPS
Mr. James M'GAURAN
Mr. James O'BRIEN
Mrs. William HAGUE, jun.
Mr. John REILLY (crane)
Mr. James REILLY, (baker)
Mr. Thomas HINDS
Mr. James SMITH, (auctioneer)
Mr. John BRADY
Mrs. Phil SMITH
Mrs. Richard REILLY
Mr. John KING
Mr. Michael REILLY
Mr. Francis CARROLL
Mrs. Smith (seamstress)
Mrs. MAGUIRE do.
Mr. Thomas DARBY
Mr. Charles MAGUIRE, (Publican)
Mr. Peter LYNCH
Mr. Bell, (watchmaker)
A Sinner
Mrs. William JOHNSTON
Mr. John PRIOR
Mr. Peter BRADY
Mr. James PARKER
Mr. Stephen BRADY
James KITCHUSON (sp?)
Dougald M'PHALE
Mrs. Bernard REILLY

The late hour at which we got the returns precludes us from giving a detailed account to-day. Subscriptions may be forwarded to any member of the committee. The secretary will attend to all communications forwarded to his address, "Anglo-Celt office, Cavan."

CAVAN CHURCH. - The Rev. Charles LESLIE will preach in the Church of this town on Sunday next, in aid of the Distressed Curates' Fund.


Name   £   s.   d.
Marquis of Headfort   5   0   0
Rev. H. HUNT, Virgnia   2   0   0
Rev. H. W. WINDER   0   5   0
Rev. S. MARTIN   0   10   0
Rev.A. CAFFREY   0   10   0
Rev. H. O'NEILL   0   10   0
Rev. W. PEYTON   0   7   6
Henry SARGENT, Esq.   5   10   0
Ralph HARMON, Esq.   1   0   0
H. T. RATHBORNE   5   10   0
Richard SCOTT   1   0   0
Mrs. C. H. SARGENT   2   0   0
Chas. MORTIMER, Esq.   0   5   0
J. M. ATKIN, M.D.   0   10   0
LeeM'KINSTRY, Esq.   0   5   0
Mrs. FOLLIOTT 0   10   0    
Richard CLARKE, Esq.   1   0   0
Jas. JAMIESON, Esq.   0   10   0
Davaid KELLET, Esq.   1   0   0
D. KELLET, Virginia   1   0   0
Robt. KELLETT, Esq.   0   5   0
Arthur M'MAHON   0   2   6
Alexander STRONG   0   5   0
Thomas O'REILLY   0   5   0
Thomas LYNCH   0   5   0
James BOWLES   0   2   6
Charles BROWNE   0   5   0
John DAVIS   0   2   6
W. G.,   1   0   0
Rev W. C.,   0   2   6
Terence CARROLL   0   2   6
Dr. L.,   0   2   6
J. R.   0   2   6
James SMITH   0   10   0
Phill BRADY   0   1   6
F. M'CABE, Cavan   0   10   0
P. M'CANN   0   5   0
John BRADY   0   1   6
P. GALLAGHER   0   5   0
W. TOOLE   0   2   6
J. M'GAURAN   0   2   6

June 22, 1849


The following is a list of subscribers to the fund for the relief of the poor of the West and South of Ireland, forwarded to the General Relief Committee, Dublin; Cootehill,l June 18, 1849:-

Name       £   s.   d.
J. C. WRIGHT, Esq., Vice-Guardian       1   0   0
Wm. WOODS, Esq., Vice Guardian       1   0   0
Thomas FAY       1   0   0
Patrick HO(RAN, Esq.       1   1   0
Doctor HORAN, Esq.       1   0   0
J. W. FORTESCUE, Esq.       0   10   0
H. W. CARNEY, Esq.       0   10   0
J. CAMPBELL Esq.       0   10   0
Mr. John SHERA (sp?)       0   10   0
Mr. Alex. M'CABE       0   10   0
Mr. Patk. CARROLAN       0   10   0
Mr. Peter GARTLAN       0   7   0
Mr. M M'CUDDEN       0   7   0
A "Friend."       0   6   0
Mr. Peter MORGAN       0   5   0
Mr, Edwd. M'NULTY       0   5   0
Mrs. Eleanor M'CABE       0   5   0
Mr. Dennisw SENNEN       0   5   0
Mr. Benj. WILSON       0   2   6
Mr. J. HIGINBOTHAM       0   2   6
Mr. Bernard BRADY       0   2   6
Mr. Peter MURPHY       0   2   6
Mr. James WOODS       0   2   6
Mr. Edwd. MURPHY       0   2   6
Mrs. Phillip BYRNE       0   2   6
Mr. John M'GAHAN       0   2   6
Mr. John M'NALLY       0   2   6
Mr. ____ PRIOR       0   2   6
Mr. Patk. CRAMMY       0   2   6
Mrs. Anna McCANN       0   2   6
A "Friend," 0       1   0  


Mr. John DUNN       0   1   0
A "Friend,"       0   1   0
Mr. Edwd. DEMPSEY       0   1   0
Mr. Patrick FAY       0   1   0
A "Friend,"       0   1   0
Mrs. WOODS       0   1   0
         £12   0   0


W. H. CURRAN, Esq., held a court at Cavan on this day for the relief of insolvent debtors. There were but ten petitioners, and none of their cases presented any features of a particular interest.

Anne FOY, a tenant on the Blackwood BRADYH property, was opposed by Mr. POWER, barrister-at-law, on behalf of the receiver, Joseph LYNCH, Esq. The grounds of opposition were shortly as follows:- The petitioner held a farm on the above-named property, the rent of which she allowed to run into arrear for five years; when called upon for rent, instead of paying, she declared herself insolvent; and filed a schedule, which Mr. Power contended was fraudulent.

It appears the insolvent's husband died in last October, leaving behind him a large amount of assets, sufficient to discharge six times the sum due for rent, also the lease of his farm. The farm was then well stocked, and is so at present. Shortly after Foy's death, his widow (the petitioner) lodged £21 in the Ulster Bank at Cootehill in her own name, which money was withdrawn from the bank some time in the last month. The receiver offered to take the rent by instalments, on any way it would be paid, but his proposition was rejected; notwithstanding which, petitioner put in a proposal for another farm of nine acres, or thereabouts, adjoining her own, and offered to pay down a half year's rent in advance.

In explanation, insolvent stated to the court that the assets left by her husband, including the farm, were bequeathed to her children, with whom she resided up to the date of her arrest, with the exception of two cows given to her. The money she had lodged in the bank belonged to one of her daughters (unmarried), who is also called Anne Foy. The bank-book was handed over by insolvent to this daughter, who drew the money from the bank. Some time ago her house was broken into and robbed of a sum of money, the lease of the farm, some meal, and other articles, which goods insolvent has not since recovered.

The Court, in pronouncing judgment, said the case was full of suspicion in his mind - in fact, he considered it a mere juggle to keep the property and deprive the landlord of his lawful rights. The £21, he was of opinion, belonged to insolvent; the daughter nw had it, and she could really, if she wished, make up the rent due and liberate her mother from prison. His Lordship then remanded the insolvent to gaol for six months from the date of her vesting order.

Mr. PALLAS offered to accept one year's rent on account, and to take the balance as it could be conveniently paid.

Patrick CALLAGHAN was the next called. He is also a tenant on the Blackwood estate. He refused to pay any portion of the rent when demanded of him and was arrested. The bailiffs then applied under order of the court for his cattle , which the latter refused to surrender. In the subsequent part of the same day he sent for the bailiff to tender him possession, but the latter refused to wait upon him. Since than the Earl of Lanesborough's agent has distrained the cattle for rent become due since the Blackwood property was surrendered to the head landlord. Some witnesses were sworn, by whose evidence, on cross-examination, it appeared that intimation was conveyed to the Earl of Lanesborough by the person who filled his schedule to distrain the cattle, and that the cattle are now in safe keeping and have not been sold to liquidate insolvents debts.

His lordship condemned the bailiff strongly for not going to take possession of the cattle asked for. He also pronounced this to be another fraudulent case, and remanded him for six months from the date of his vesting order.

James KELLY opposed by Mr. Power. Insolvent's debts were set forth in his schedule as being exclusively for rents.

On a full inquiry into the case, petitioner was remanded for three months from the date of his vesting order.

Margaret LEARY - unopposed. Discharged.

Owen CLARKE, opposed by Mr. John ARMSTRONG, on behalf of R. M. HASSARD, Esq. and Henrietta his wife. Insolvent had not surrendered his holding.

Ordered to give up possession in a week.

Patrick SMITH, opposed by Mr. John ARMSTRONG, on behalf of Andrew NIXON, Esq., and Elizabeth his wife. The insolvent's schedule being informal, his case was postponed. Mr. Armstrong applied to have Mr. Nixon appointed assignee. The court having learned that Mr. Nixon had taken an action against insolvent in the superior courts on ____ of a £9 bill, refused. Mr. Armstrong's application, and severely reprehended Mr. Nixon for mounting up costs.

Anne GAFFNEY was opposed by Mr. John Armstrong for Mr. J. Fay and others. He insolvent's husband, who had been a shopkeeper, died in October, 1848, leaving property worth £500.; she carried on business on her own account since and a few days before she failed, she got £9. worth of tobacco from Mr. Fay on credit. She was arrested at the suit (sic) of a friend. Her schedule commenced so far back as 1847; during the lifetime of her husband, and at his decease she stated the assets to be only worth £6.

The court remanded petitioner to the next commission, and ordered her to amend her schedule and file a special balance sheet, commencing at the time of her husband's death.

John SMITH and Patrick KEOGH - discharged unopposed. Adjourned.


These sessions commenced on Monday the 18th of June instant. At 10 o'clock, P.M. MURPHY, Esq., Q.C., Assistant-Barrister, entered court.

Magistrates present - Very Rev. Samuel ADAMS, John E. VERNON, Esq., Charles James ADAMS, Esq., Andrew NIXON, Esq., Charles MORTIMER, Esq., J. WILCOCKS, Esq., and Rev. Frederick FITZPATRICK.

Civil bill entries, 600; ejectment entries, 173; replevin entries, 3; legacy entry, 1; appeals to convictions, 1; applications for Spirit Licenses, 2.

Grand Jury - 1 Cartney JAMES, 2 Robert TAYLOR, 3 Robert SMALL, 4 Moses COX, 5 Henry GIBSON, 6 John RUSK, 7 John JOHNSTON, 8 David M'CULLAGH, 9 W. WAUHOP, 10 Joseph O'REILLY, 11 T. HALL, 12 J. M'CULLAGH, 13 Edward BOOKER, 14 Thomas RANSTON, 15 George GILMER, 16 William ENGLISH, 17 Edward MOORE.

After the jury had been sworn, the Barrister addressed them to the following effect:- Gentlemen of the grand jury, I am sorry to inform you that the calendar at the present sessions is very heavy, there being no less than 120 cases on it, the principal portion of which is for small thefts; however, little or no difficulty will be experienced by you in the disposal of the bills; and as soon as you shall have disposed of them I will discharge y ou from further attendance, as this is the fair day of Bailieborough.

The jury then retired to consider the bills sent before them by the clerk of the peace.

The Bench then proceeded to dispose of applications for spirit licenses; and as a further proof of either the poverty or morality of the inhabitants of this very populous division of the county, there were only two applicants (one of them a transfer) which were granted.

ROBBERY. - Last night, or early this morning, some person or persons unknown committed a most daring robbery from the shop of Mr SMITH, onfectioner, Main-street, Cavan, by forcing open the window-shutter, breaking the window, so as to give ample room for a hand, and taking with them all the dainties (sp?) they could reach.

On Thursday, the man HAMILTON was transported for seven years for firing at the Queen.

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