Published in Cavan, county Cavan

December 7, 1849


November 27, at Oatlands, in the county of Meath, the lady of G. A. POLLOCK, Esq., of a daughter.

At Oakley Park, county Meath, the lady of George BOMFORD, Esq., of a daughter.


On the 29th ultimo, Francis M'CABE, Esq., of Cavan to Mary Anne, daughter of the late Thomas MOORE, Esq., of James-st., Dublin.

In this town, on Wednesday last, Mr. John DONNELLY, merchant, Belturbet, to Catherine, second daughter of Mr. John BRADY, merchant, Cavan.

In Dundalk, Miss WHITE, eldest daughter of Mr. James White, to Mr. Charles MOORE, Dublin.


November 30, at Castledawson, county Dublin, Sophia, wife of Edward LITTON, Esq., Master in Chancery.

On Tuesday last, in this town, the infant son of Mr. Charles MAGUIRE, Pawnbroker.

On the 6th Nov., a few days after landing in New York, Mr. Richard BARRON, late of John-street, Drogheda.

George PETRIE, Esq., LL.D., has been elected an honorary member of the Royal Society of Antiquarians, Copenhagen, and also of the Royal Seciety (sic) of Antiquities, Scotland. No Irishman has received the latter honour since the time of Dr. LEDWICH, of antiquarian celebrity in Ireland.

CARRICKMACROSS UNION. - The Board met at their usual hour, - Charles M'MAHON, Esq., in the chair. A long discussion took place about the emigration of 24 girls to Australia. After some other business was transacted the board adjourned.

MOTION AND MOMENTUM EXPLAINED. - A pleasant fracas took place the other evening n Mr. ________'s* shop in this town, which manifestly proves the 'march of intellect' is truly astonishing. A schoolmaster, in order to exhibit his deep-read knowledge in mechanics, was getting over the commonplace definitions of Motion - when relative, absolute, &c. &c.; and, from all appearance, was giving general satisfaction to his audience, when, lo and behold! a roving fellow just entered, who had been sipping a little of the mountain-dew in the neighbouring dram-shop, and made a bet with the man of the ratan, that he would prove those subjects better himself in two minutes than his antagonist would in forty-eight hours. The spectators stood breathless and anxious to have the proof. The rover up with his clenched fist and knocked the schoolmaster down, and when the affrighted, schoolmaster again obtained his perpendicularity, explained - the position your pate occupied from the ti!

me my fist came into contact with it, until it reached its intended destination, you must understand, is motion, or change of place; and this, said he, raising his fist a second time, is the momentum. The whole audience decided in favour of the rover, and declared he totally vanquished the schoolmaster, who must take another peep into Newton's Principia.

*This is how it actually appeared in the paper.

December 21, 1849


December 16, at Newtown Gore, county Leitrim, the lady of the Rev. William Jas. SLACKE, of a daughter.

December 13, at Ardbraccan House, county of Meath, the lady of Hugh PALLISER-HICKMAN, Esq., of a son.

At Fitzwilliam-place, Dublin, the lady of Thomas E. BROWNE, Esq, of Augbentain, county Tyrone, of a son.

At Omach, county Tyrone, the lady of N. M. MONTGOMERY, Esq., Managaer of the Ulster Bank, of a daughter.


December 15, at St. Mary's-in-the-Castle, Hastings, Samuel MOORE, Esq., of Moyne-hall, county of Cavan, to Louisa, daughter of the Late Thomas NESBITT, R.N.

December 18, in St. George's church, J. J. BURROWS, Esq., of Gloucester-street, to Henrietta, youngest daughter of the late James SINCLAIR MOORE of Morebrook, in the county Armagh, Esq.

December 15, in Carrick-on-Shannon church, by the Rev. Richard S. CLIFFORD, the Rev. R. N. STANDISH, eldest son of Richard Standish, Esq., of Glinn Lodge, county of Limerick, to Eliza, youngest daughter of Captain C. COX, J.P., Carrick-on-Shannon, county of Leitrim.

In Armagh, on Friday last, Mr. Nathaniel GREACEN (sp?), of Market-street, to Eleanor, eldest daughter of Mr. John HENRY, of Scotch-street.

In the Presbyterian Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Dr. COOKE, L.L.D., Hugh CURRIE, Simpson, Ballynafeigh, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Alexander GRAHAM, Falis. They are both deaf and dumb and received their education together, under Mr. MARTIN, in the Ulster Institution for the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind.


At Maguire's-bridge, the residence of his brother, Mr. Jardine ARMSTRONG, of Innishmore, after a tedious and painful illness.

At the resident of his brother, Ballyshannon, Mr. Thomas WOOD, Enniskillen, merchant.

December 18, John BRISCOE, of summer-hill, aged 45 years.

December 17, at New Brighton, Menkstown, Edmund Robert BALL, Solicitor.

We are happy to hear that Mr. Michael FREEHIL, teacher of Killegorman National School, near Killeshandra, in this county, has been promoted to the first division of first-class National School teachers, at a salary of £30. per annum; and that he has received also, as marks of the Commissioners' approbation, Lord Morpeth's premium and two first-class premiums in succession for the order, cleanliness, and improvement observable in his pupils and School-house.

APPALLING LOSS OF LIFE.- On Wednesday evening, at 5 o'clock, intelligence reached the town of Kilrush that forty-nine persons, most of whom were paupers who had been seeking out-door relief, were drowned while crossing the ferry on their return to Moyarta.

INQUEST. - On Tuesday last an inquest was held in the Town-Hall, Enniskillen, on the body of a man from the country, who died during the preceding night in the Market-house. It was suspected that his death was in consequence of starvation; but his wife, who was examined, declared that he had been in ill health for some time - that he had been on more than one occasion in the Infirmary, and that the Doctor in Cavan told her his disease was a cat's hair in his stomach that had turned into a horse worm! A piece of bread was found in the pocket of deceased. Dr. Ball who visited the man several times before he died, and is of opinion that death was caused by inanition, was not summoned to the inquest. The verdict was "natural death." - Impartial Reporter.

COUNTY MONAGHAN. - A requisition numerously signed by the nobility and gentry of this county, has been presented to the High Sheriff, Lieutenant-Colonel PORTER, ________ him to convene a meeting of his Bailiwick, in order that the inhabitants of this important county, may have an opportunity of expressing publicly their opinions upon the ruinous policy of free trade, and of petitioning her Majesty for the restoration of a suitable protective duty on foreign produce. We trust that the High Sheriff will appoint such a day and that the people may have due notice of the meeting and be prepared to give utterance to their sentiments. At least one day of our publication should intervene between the notice and the day of meeting. - Northern Standard.

CORONER'S INQUEST. - An inquest was held by John MACFADDIN, Esq., on the body of a woman named Alice CONAGHTY, of the parish of Drung, on Thursday the 13th instant.

It appears that deceased left her dwelling on the previous night, and could not be found until she was discovered in the river of Ballynacargy (sp?) on the following morning, about 4 miles distant from her own house.

Dr. ATKIN, having examined the body, and finding no marks of violence, was of opinion that deceased came by her death from accidental drowning, and a verdict was given in accordance. It was stated that deceased was subject to unsoundness of mind at intervals.

THE IRISH ALLIANCE. - Pursuant to announcement, a meeting of this body was held on Wednesday night, in the Music Hall, Dublin. The chair was taken by Martin BURKE, Esq., T.C. There were a great many ladies in the front ad side-boxes, and the body of the house was densely thronged. Upwards of 100 members were enrolled. Mr. STRITCH, Mr. LEYNE, Mr. DUFFY, and others addressed the meeting. The two former castigated John O'CONNELL for his assumption and ignorance.

December 28, 1849


This very rev. divine, whose death is announced in our obituary this week, has been suddenly taken from amongst us by that devastator of the Irish clerical and medical bodies - typhus fever, which he caught at the poor house in the discharge of his duty to the most bereaved portion of his flock. To many of our readers, to whom he was known, this sketch will not probably be unacceptable.

The Rev. Farrell SHERIDAN was of the ancient family of that name in county of Cavan - one of whom was the tutor, and afterwards the companion of the unfortunate, Charles Edward, in his descent upon Scotland, in 1745; after the defeat of the latter at Culloden, and his subsequent romantic adventures in the Highlands, all the energies of great Britain were exerted to have him taken, dead or alive; £10,000 reward was put upon his head; his intention was supposed to be, to endeavour to escape to France; and he was for several weeks missing, but it was known to be impossible for him to have made his way through the British cruisers, on the look-out for him along the entire coast. It is a tradition amongst the Jacobite families of this country, that the prince accompanied by Sheridan, landed on the northwestern coat of Ireland, whence in the disguise of a pedlar, he made his way to the neighbourhood of Kilnaleck in this county, where he was concealed until the first heat of pursuit abated. Upon one occasion he was nearly taken; informations was given at Cavan, that a person answering his description lurked in the neighbourhood; he was made aware of this in sufficient time to make his escape, and was eventually conducted back into France.

Approaching nearer to our own times, Doctor Edward SHERIDAN, a member of the same family, and an eminent M.D., in Dublin, was amongst the most active in his exertions to remove the civil disabilities of his countrymen during the Duke of Richmond's administration; he was indicted by Mr. SAURIN, ex-officio, and found guilty of a violation of the convention act, in taking the chair at a meeting of the Catholic board.

The Rev. Farrell Sheridan, the subject of this article, was educated at Maynooth, where he was ordained in the year 1817, and was immediately appointed to the curacy of Granard, under his uncle, the then parish priest. Typhus fever consequent upon the famine of the preceding year then raged through the entire country; its ravages were to a great extent unchecked, owing to the want of proper medical attendance, there being then no system of dispensing relief established through the country as at present. Upon his uncle's death he was appointed to succeed him at the request of a number of the parishioners of Granard, to whom his unassuming piety had early endeared him. The town was then without a Catholic chapel; one of his early acts was to set upon foot a subscription for the purchase of a building, then occupied by dissenters, and which is still used for Catholic worship; he subsequently established a parochial burial ground - the same in which his remains now lie.!

As a minister of religion he was zealous in the work of his heavenly master, but his zeal never betrayed him into any act, inconsistent with the purest charity to all mankind; it was a favourite saying of his, that christianity was a religion of love, that if a small portion of the labour expended in endeavouring to make men differ, were given to preach "peace and good will," religion would cease to be outraged by many of the acts done in its name; this feeling however, did not prevent him from instructing his flock upon the nature of their civil rights, and in their struggle for Catholic emancipation, which followed, he was ever found in his place. The latest public event in which he took part, was consequent on the publication of the evidence taken before Parliament upon the state of the poor in Ireland in 1847-8. A Mr.LAING, then an officer of the Commissioners, was stationed in the Granard district. A letter from him to them appeared in the printed evidence, in whic!

h he stated that the Catholic clergy of that part of the country were to a man, disaffected, and were in the habit of preaching sedition from their altars. Mr. Sheridan at once assembled the clergy of Deanery, submitted the obnoxious statement to them, and having, as he expected, obtained a formal denial from each of them of having used any language to justify such an imputation, he forwarded a remonstrance to the Commissioners, and challenged inquiry. At first they alleged the letter was a private communication not intended for publication, but the inquiry having been granted, Mr. Laing was unable to substantiate his statements, he was, in consequence, compelled to contradict his original letter, and was removed from Granard, the parties not pressing for any further punishment. At an early period of his ministry he was appointed one of the vicars-general of the diocese.

Mr. Sheridan took the care of the poor house upon himself, and attended them diligently during the prevalence of fever which had already carried off one of the vice-guardians.

Mr. Sheridan himself was also fated to finish his earthly career, in the same manner. When he was first attacked he lost no time in preparing for a better world; he called at once for a clergyman, feeling assured that his end approached. He departed this life on the 19th instant, in the 57th year of his age, and 33rd of his ministry, to reap the reward of a well spent life - and confident expectation of the reward promised by the Saviour, "well done though good and faithful servant, because thou hast been faithful over few things I will place thee over many, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.


The board of Guardians of the above Union will on TUESDAY the 8th of JANUARY next, receive proposals from competent MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS for VACCINATION, for one year at the rate of one Shilling for each Successful case, for the Several Districts, as under - each District comprising the following Electoral Divisions:-

  1. CAVAN - Cavan, Butlersbridge, and Ballyhaise.
  2. BELTURBET - Belturbet, Redhills, Drumlane, and Kilconny.
  3. CROSSDONEY - Crossdoney, Killykeen, Ballintample and Denn.
  4. ARVAGH - Aravagth, Derryland, and Killishandra.
  5. BALLYCONNEL - Ballyconnell, and Kildallan.
  6. BALLYMACHUGH - Ballymachugh, Kill, and Kilnaleck
  7. STRADONE - Stradone, Killycrone, Cross-Keys, and New Inn.

(By order,)
BLAYNEY Clerk of the Union.
Board-Room, Dec. 27, 1849.

Mr. M'CANN's mills, at Waterford, were accidentally burned a few nights since. A short time previously, Mr. M'Cann himself, who resides at Drogheda, went down to examine them; he found them ensured for £2,000 only; but seeing the value within considerably exceeded that sum, he wrote to Dublin to have them insured at once for £4,000. The additional risk was offered to the Patriotic Assurance Company, who were referred to the National for the specifications, and on which they had accepted the former insurance for £2,000. These proving satisfactory, the policy was signed and premium paid the same day. Upon that night the fire took place. Had it not been for the promptness of Mr. M'Cann, he would have had to bear the loss himself.

Private letters from Rome state that Doctor CULLEN, President of the Irish College there, is likely to be Roman Catholic Primate, in place of the late Doctor CRAWLEY.

MILITARY LAW. - Assistant-Surgeon DOUGLAS, of the 26th (Cameronian) Regiment, has been acquitted of all of the charges brought against him in his recent court-martial. He has been in arrest from the 11th of September to the 19th December; the court-martial terminated its proceedings on the 2d of November, and, consequently, the assistant-surgeon had been seven weeks in arrest before the trial was over, and has been seven more weeks in arrest since his acquittal! Oh, blessed prerogative of military law! - United Service Gazette.


On the 20th inst., at Anglesey Barracks, Portsmouth, the Lady of W. W. BOND, Esq., 4th of Kings Own of twin daughters.

December 26, at No. 10, Merrion-square, South, the lady of C. JOHNSTONE, Esq., of a daughter.

December 24, at S. Brandon's, Clonfest, the lady of the Rev. CX. H. Gould BUTSON, of a son.


October 12, at Lahore, John S. FRITH, Esq., Bengal Artillery, to Rose BRISTOW, daughter of the late Hill WILSON, Esq., Carricksfergus.

December 20, at Clifton, in Nottinghamshire, Fleetwood WILSON, Esq..; late of the 8th Hussars, and of Knowle-hall, in the county of Warwick, to Harriette HORATIO, youngest daughter of the late Capt. Charles Montagu WALKER, R.N.


December 24, at Belturbet, Mrs. DONNELLY, wife of Mr. John Donnelly of that town.

At Granard, of Typhis Fever, the Very Rev. Farrell Sheridan, P.P.

In Galway a few days since of a lingering illness, which he bore with Christian patience, the Very Rev. Doctor KIRWAN, P.P. of Outerard and Vicar-General of Galway. Doctor Kirwan is sincerely regretted by his numerous friends and acquaintances. He was president of the Queen's College, Galway.

THE BLACKWOOD PROPERTY. - A correspondent furnished us with the following gratifying intelligence: - "The lands of the Blackwood estate situate in this county, have for a long period been in chancery, and the occupants thereof owing to the universal spread of misfortune over our country have been suffering the severest miseries. Though honest and industrious, they could never find their money bags sufficiently well filled to pay up all their rents. In vain they made repeated appeals to the courts for a reduction commensurate with their increasing poverty; but as honest men will ever find a friend in sorrow, their cause was at length taken up, and advocated by Joseph LYNCH, Esq., Roebuck, their agent. He strove and strove, and finally succeeded. And now what is the result? The complete washing away of an immense arrear of £15,000, and the salutary reduction of 20l. per cent in the standing rents. Well what does such a man deserve? Certainly more than can be rendered here. His name is blessed, and his person beloved and respected."

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